Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

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Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Chapter Description: Now that Neon has found Ma’at and her secrer nursery, what will his next move be?

I looked around at all the babies that scattered the room. All of the adult baby girls  were separated from the infant baby girls. The maids tended to them, feeding them, changing them, and playing games with them. So many thoughts and questions RA through my mind and Ma’at was just sipping tea at the end of this table waiting for me to speak up. With a deep sigh, we dove into it.

”I guess my first question is, what is this place exactly?” 

Ma’at smiled and set her tea down on the tiny plate.

”This entire place is a reconstruction of the nursery that was here some five years ago. I maintain this entire reality through my own magic. It’s quite simple if you know how it works. Tell me Neon, have ever attempted something like this before.”

“I have once, it was meadow of sorts. Flowers everywhere, but also all sorts treasures littered over the place, even weapons placed in circles.”

This was something Pandora taught me early in training, making my own reality by pure thought alone. I can maintain it for up to twenty minutes. By the looks of things, Ma’at can maintain this for much longer.

“That’s quite interesting, I expect nothing less from you Neon. Someone who frames himself in a dragons image. Your next question?”

The fact she knew about my dragon power suggested she knew more than she was letting one. Still I have to know more.

”Why are you kidnapping people?”

”You may call it ‘kidnapping’ but I am setting an example of these men. Showing them that their crimes will not go unpunished.”

”Some of them were already in prisons serving life sentences. How is this any better?”

My anger was about to get the best of me, until two maids gave me more tea with a smile. I had to keep my cool if I wanted to stay in control.

”The way I see it, society hardly misses the people I take away. Lost souls who have no family to go back to, no home to call their own. Besides, certain criminals are given different punishments in this space.”

Genuinely confused I asked, “What does that mean exactly?”

Ma’at gets up from her seat and walks over to one of the adult baby girls. The same girl from before who she had just transformed from a man.

”As you may have realized by your surroundings, I have a soft spot for girls. Those who I find are abusive, unfaithful, and/or manipulative are turned into adult baby girls. Those who are or act homeless, abandoned, and alone are turned into helpless baby girls, around 8 months old. Those who are criminally insane, on death row, or serving prison sentences that will take their lives, now serve as my maids.” 

I looked around and saw that the maids were completely still and looked dazed, content only in serving their charges and Ma’at.

”So what do you get out of this exactly?” I asked while sipping some tea for myself. Hate to say it, but these maids make a good earl grey.

”Basically, the happier my charges are here, the more it fuels to find more people like them. I’ve given them new purpose and made them realize that is the best for them. Tell me Neon, have you ever had any thoughts about being a girl?”

That had sent me over the edge. I erupted from the seat and fly back, summoning two Blue Rose swords. Shining in crystal blue, I cross them together.

”Blue Rose: Release Armament!” Instantly, walls of ice separates Ma’at and I from the rest of the room. The maids were shocked in their frozen states, but Ma’at remained calm and still, only getting up to repeat her question. 

“Well Neon, have you ever thought about being a girl before?”

I know she was just trying to get into my head, but I had never admitted something like this out loud. Not even Pandora and Idunn had brought this up. I was too afraid admitting to my desires. 

“Okay yes, I have thought about it before. But  what does that have to do with anything?” 

Then all of a sudden, claps her hands, sending ripples through the room. The ice walls shatter and now it’s just us in the room. She must have sent them somewhere else. 

“Oh it has everything to do with me. You see I’ve been watching you for longer than you realize. Once I thought about flat out killing these people, but then I realized that that would be too cruel. But still a lesson needed to taught. That’s when I saw you, the hero who fights all crime, but is secretly a baby on the inside.”

I rushed forward with blinding speed, only citing air as I reached Ma’at. She appeared behind me, and I blocked her strike with my blade, sending her back a few feet.

”I’ve been inside your mind before, and there was a lot of trauma from your past. From your dad abandoning you, your mom abusing you, and even your step dad cheating on your mom.”

My anger had reached new levels at this point. No one had dared brought up my past and for good reasons too. I switched blades and summoned the tri colored Photon Ray. Red, green and blue beams of light fluted the room as I took swing after swing.

”I am here for the same reason that Pandora and Idunn are here. To show you the ways to properly deal with people that cannot be saved and to help you be your true self that you hide from everyone.”

She jumps away from me as I swing again. This time though, my strike hits her side. I smirk and she notices that I managed to nip her enough to make her bleed.

”There’s no way I’m letting you turn me into one of your slaves. You don’t get to decide people’s fate. Let these people go back to their lives and we can figure something else out.”

An wicked smirk crosses her faces. In one step, she teleports behind me. I switch my sword to my dual Joyuese swords, slashing her away. Every attack I manage to connect, she connect her own to my sides, legs and arms. Soon she has me on the defensive, dodging and switching weapons in and out. I found myself pinned against the wall after she knocked my dual Excalibur’s out my hand.

”It seems like you respond to roughness. Very well then I will allow to expend your frustrations out on me this once.” In a flash of pink, she teleported back a few yards away from me. What was she playing at?

”What do you think you’re doing?”

”Let out all your frustrations and I will take them on. Then I will take care of you myself.”

”Fine then, you’re on!” I yelled to the top of my lungs, releasing my restraints. Crossing my arms, small golden portals appeared all around the room. Each contained a weapon I had seen or heard about, hundreds of them now scattered the space we were in. All of them aimed at Ma’at closing her, with no room to escape or evade.

”I’ll finish this now! Unleashing Full Armament! Babylon Lost Works!”

Clashes of weapons fill the room, firing like cannons. But I don’t let up, not for a second. I know I shouldn’t being using two big attacks like this, but she’s leaving me no choice. I summon my Soulcalibur and prepare my final attack.

”Dragon Sages Secret Art! Endless Void: Chaos Meteor Blade!” 

In a shining golden light, I point Soulcalibur to Ma’at and then the explosion sends even myself flying back. An implosion ensues and then only dust remains. 

I’m completely worn out now. Even though I know I’m victorious, it is short lived due to the fact I wasn’t able to capture Ma’at. What’s worse is that I don’t know where she sent those people. They couldn’t have gotten far, maybe they’re still in the building. Maybe I can search once my energy—

“Well done sweetness. Now it’s time for Nanny to take charge.”

I barely have time to react as I feel a hand on my shoulder. The next thing I see is only Ma’at who stands over me. My sight fades to black and I can only hope Pandora and Idunn find their own way in. I call out to them in a whisper.

”Mommy….Mama…save me…”



End Chapter 7

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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