Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Pandora and Idunn have taken Neon as their own Little. What will the day hold for them?

“Okay baby boy, let’s get you out of the yucky diaper.” Pandora said as she unfastened my onesie and my cloth diaper. I guess she had a thing for thickness because I was wearing three diapers under the cloth one. I did manage to almost soak through the second layer though. She rolled up the diapers with ease, throwing them in the pail next to table, and proceeded to wipe me down.

I winced in surprise as I felt the cold wipe in my privates. Pandora cooes at me and tried to calm me down from my embarrassment, as I put my hands over my face. I’ve never felt so vulnerable and helpless in my whole life.

”Shhh you’re okay honey. Mommy’s almost done. You’re being such a good boy for me, yes you are, oh yes you are.” Gosh did she had be so pretty when she baby talks to me? I know she can tell I’m blushing as I slowly let my hands down.

”There’s my handsome baby. Come on you, let’s get you into the bath.” I didn’t even have a chance to protest as she stuck my yellow pacifier laying on the side in my mouth. I should fight back, say something that will get here to listen. But with how weak I feel now, and how easily she’s carrying me, I won’t stand a chance.

Pandora sets me down as we enter the bathroom. She runs the water in the tub and pours in some soap before starting to undress in front of me. I start to whimper when I see her breast pop out of her shirt. I’m even more nervous because I have nothing to cover myself with. Bare naked in front of a stranger that kicked my butt not too long ago? What is happening to my life? 

Wow she really is a goddess. The way her jeans just slide off her is making me hard, but I don’t even care. At least until she points it out.

”Awwww you look like you could use some attention, Little One. Come join Mommy in the tub.” She slowly made her way inside, beckoning me to join her. I slowly walked over and sat on the opposite side of the circle. I went to grab the soap and wash cloth, but Pandora simply took my hand and pulled me into her. My back was on her chest and she was sitting on the inside short stool. She made me feel even smaller as she moved her thigh between my legs, almost making me bounce.

”Let Mommy get clean first and then I’ll take care of you baby.” She took the soap and started rubbing herself all over. I turned around to face her and watch. The way her black hair practically glistened in the bathroom lights was like looking at the stars at night. I noticed quickly that I was getting hard and that I really need the release. Remembering the rules, I let a small whine and let out a small whine to get her attention.

”Yes baby boy?” The way her eyes looked at me make melt into a puddle. She takes out  y binkie and sets it to the side of the tub.

”Umm M-Mommy...can I ummm...ummm” I couldn’t find the right words. Her whole presence was shattering my confidence and making me choke on my own breath. Seeing my frustration, she smiled and rinsed herself off.

”Come to Mommy sweetheart. I’ll take care of  that little stiffie.” Pulling me know gently, my face comes into direct contact with her right breast. She takes another cloth and some more soap before she begins washing me down.

Every touch makes me grip onto her just a little more. When I look up to her, she just smiles and kisses me on the nose. I blush and hide away into her breasts. Then I feel her hand go to my privates. I almost jump out, but she Pandora manages to hold me down by my wrapped in hers.

”Shhhh just relax and let Mommy handle this.” Doing exactly as promise, she begins stroking me and making me moan. I was already so close without her and now she was getting me there all over again. I never had a hand job like this before!

“Mmmm....Mommy...I wanna....cumm...Pwease.” My own body betraying me as I grind on her thigh.

”Go on baby, make cummies for Mommy.” I didn’t waste anytime as she gave me permission. With a final tug, Mommy was milking me for everything I had. I felt so relaxed ans soothed that I just collapsed on her. She kisses my forehead and lifts me out the tub with her. Back to the nursery, she sets down and towel on the new rocking chair. I guess Mommy and Mama wanted to add something new to the nursery. Mommy sets me down to dry me off but leaves me naked just like her and then cradles me into her lap.

”Let’s get you your first feed of the day baby boy.” Mommy let’s her big boobie hit my lips. She squeezes her boobie just a bit to let me see a small drop of milk come out. Catching it on her finger, Mommy opens my mouth and swirls it around my tongue. 

My whole body betrays me again as I latch onto her. Mommy’s milk is so warm and filling and sweet. I close my eyes, still suckling, listening to the sound of her heartbeat and the sound of her voice.

”You know baby boy, I never had a child of my own. When I was born from the forbidden box that sealed the seven deadly sins, I was a woman who knew very little about children. It was the god, Hephaestus, my father who gave me that knowledge. He told me how parents will go to any length to protect their children.”

Wait I heard this story before. Could this be THAT Pandora. How was she here though?! Oh how I wish I had more strength and that she didn’t taste so good.

”In the end, Kratos would come to slay all the gods of Olympus, using me to open the box. I drifted in the void for many, many years and I found that I was alone. However, the power of all the Olympians and other gods courses my veins. It took time to learn that it was my sacrifice that granted me this power.” 

“I met two others that would share my fate, one of them you already met. We made our way across the void to find ourselves wanting a new purpose. And when we heard mortals whisper the name ‘Neon’, our job became to make sure you would become a hero and not a god.”

Mommy pulled away from me, only to switch me to the other side. Mommy tells such great stories. I wonder if Mama tells good stories too.

”We want to you be ready for anything my sweet one. But we also are here to teach to accept all sides of yourself. We sensed your pain and responded in kind.” 

I didn’t realize how much Mommy and Mama had been through when they came looking for me. I can’t imagine being alone for that long. Only meeting two strangers and finding someone to care of for the rest of their lives? Wait a minute?! Two strangers?! Mommy let me detach when she burped me and saw my confused looked on her face.

”Mommy, who is the other person you met? Is she not here?” Mommy took a minute to reply.

”She’s waiting for us to come to her. You’ll have to face her just like you faced Mommy. But that will come later sweetheart, for now we need to get you dressed.” 

As Mommy carried me over to the changing table, I can’t help my quiver at the thought of taking on another goddess. Mommy was already so much stronger than me. This other goddess was probably just as stronger, if not stronger. 

I laid limp and still as Mommy handled me with such ease. I didn’t even have to lift a muscle as she lotions me and powders under three blue teddy bear diapers and two thick stuffers in the first one. Mommy pulls out a green onesie with “Mommy’s Little Stinker” on it and dresses me quickly. Mommy then throws on her shirt and jeans she had from early. Only now do I notice that she’s not wearing a bra. 

Mommy rubs the front of my diapies and makes me giggle from the love pats. She  carries and I rest my head on her shoulder.

”You’re such a cutie. I can’t wait for you to be even smaller.” That’s crazy, I was already feeling really small anyways. How much smaller could I possibly get? Mmmm I smell yummy good food! I wonder what Mama made for breakfast?



End Chapter 3

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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