Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021

Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Chapter Description: Neon is an actual baby now! How will the goddesses treat their new bundle of joy?

As much as I try not to, I can’t help but think of Pandora as Mommy and Idunn as Mama. I think I’m slowly getting use to them being here. Not like I have much choice, especially since Mama turned me back into an actual baby. Well at least she let me keep my thoughts and I’m not drooling over myself. But I guess my binkie is helping with that. Mama clipped it to my shirt so I wouldn’t lose it. Mama carries me upstairs and we see Mommy reorganizing my nursery.

Everything except for the the crib and the changing table looked like it was changed to better fit my new size. Mommy must have new Mama would do this and was making my diapies really small so they could fit me. Speaking of diapies, I usually want out of my yucky diapies right away. But I don’t mind the mushie feeling too much. It’s mainly the smelly at this point. Mommy smiles when she sees Mama and I walk through the door.

”Looks a certain little boy is a poopy pants?” Mommy takes me from Mama, lifting me high in air as she sniffs me. “Ooooo yup, that’s a very poopy diapie. Are you ready to get changed honey? Does the baby need his diapie changed?” Mommy so funny and her smile makes me smile too. Mama follows us over to the changing table and helps Mommy change me.

”Oh you’re such a good boy! Look what I have baby boy, it’s your favorite rattle doggie toy!” Mama finds the brown doggie with colored spots and shakes it all around. I call him Spots. He was the first toy I got when I started to wearing diapies 24/7 years ago. I can feel Mommy making me clean again, but I’m more interested in Mama playing with me and Spots. A few minutes later, my onesie is snapped back up and Mommy tickles my belly, making me a giggling mess.

”I was thinking we should get out the house.” Mama said as she packed my diaper bag. Mama and Mommy really know their way around the house. They must be really smart and strong. “Take a stroll around the neighbor hood, a little shopping, have some lunch, and then come back here.”

”I like that idea, I wonder what human malls are like. I hear they can be quite exciting. And if you’re a good boy today, Mommy will get you an extra special treat!” I was so excited and jumped up and down in Mommies arms to show it. Mama smiled and took me from Mommy as she got the diaper bag.

”Okay then, first things first baby boy. Mommy and I don’t know how to drive, so we are gonna have to copy that knowledge from you. Don’t worry we promise it won’t hurt.” That actually makes sense. Mama and Mommy have technically never seen or know how cars work. I figure if I just keep thinking about what learned from driving, they should get it to.

It takes a few minutes as Mama and Mommy gently stroke my forehead and neck. I can feel them looking into my memories of all my driving experiences. Everything I’ve seen or done, their seeing too, like watching a playback movie. I feels so sleepy, yawning and barely keeping my eyes open.

”Awww, such a sleepy boy. You can take a little nap sweetheart. We’re all done now, so go ahead and rest those cute little eyes.” Mama gently strokes my back as we head for the door and Mommy grabs the keys. Mommy opens the car door for Mama and I’m still falling asleep in her arms. Since I don’t have a car seat, Mama is just going to have to hold me close. I don’t mind that though, Mamas so warm and soft and comfy. 

”There’s a good boy, just rest your eyes for a little bit and we’ll be at the mall before you know it.” Mama sticks my binkie in and I suckle softly as I drift off to sleep.

I smell something really good. Like something sweet and yummy came out the oven. So many noises though, lots of them talking and lots of people walking. I’m moving but I’m not walking, I hear wheels on the ground. Slowly opening my eyes, the brightness dims with Mamas shadow looming over me. I must be in a pram stroller, blankets swaddling me as I whimper wanting out to find the source of the yummy smell.

“Awwww well hello there my sweet baby. Did you enjoy your little nap. Look what Mommy got you.” Mama moves to the right of me to let Mommy through. In her hand is a brown paper bag with the label of cinnamon rolls on it. My favorite dessert ever! I get excited and start reaching for it, only for Mommy to hold it back. 

“Uh uh uh not yet sweet boy. We have to get some more things, then some lunch, and then you’ll have your treats.” Mommy is practically torturing making me wait for my dessert, but it beats waiting until dinner. Mommy gives me a kiss on the cheek and then we continue our trip through the mall. 

Even their both goddesses, you would never be able to tell the difference between them and a regular pair of women. Sure they were tall Amazons, but they laughed and had fun trying on dresses, shoes, and jewelry. I let them use my card since it really was nice of them to take care of me like this. God knows I’ve spent much more on all my Little Gear and supplies. 

Mama seems to love carrying me over pushing me in the pram. She shows me how the top part can be detached and put into the car as car seat. I guess these two really did think of everything. Of course they brought me some baby clothes too. I couldn’t help but blush as Mommy threw me outfit after outfit, commenting how cute I was. By the time we finally settled down for lunch and eating nuggies and fries, I was ready for another nap. At least I was before Mama brought out the cinnamon rolls. I quickly turned into a happily gurgling mess once she started feeding me.

”Not too much honey. I want you to have some milk before we head back home.” Mama really does plan to breast feed me here in the mall. I’m a little nervous about all the people that will be watching us. Maybe she will go find a family bathroom to feed me. Then again I’ve seen babies get breastfed into public a bunch of times. 

“I’ll go take this stuff to the car, My Love. You two just relax.” Mommy kisses us both a brief goodby as she takes the trash from lunch and heads out. Mama gently rocks me in her arms and the reaches in the pram to grab the soft blanket that was swaddling me during my nap. She covers me inside and let’s down her dress strap, exposing her tee tee.

I don’t even try to resist as Mama gently brings me in and I am happily sucking away. Everything just seems to be at peace when I’m nursing with Mama. All my worries are fading away. Even with my eyes closing, I can still tell Mama was smiling and looking down at me.

”Such a good baby, you’re such a good little baby. Does Mamas milk taste yummy? I bet it was better than that little treat huh? Yeah babies like you always love nursing better than eating anyways.”

Mama tee tee milk so yummy. Makes me so sleepy. I’ll just close my eyes for a second. Just a quick nap....

I blink a few times to adjust to the lights. I feel soft blankets underneath my back and I look up to see a mobile of spinning baby zoo animals. I turn my head from side to side realizing that I’m in my playpen. Everything feels so much bigger when I’m this small. I wonder where Mommy and Mama are right now? I don’t see them anywhere.

Wait did they leave me? Did they turn me back into a helpless baby only to leave me like this? What’s gonna happen to me? Who will take care of me? Who’s going to change my poopie diapies? 

I’m such a baby and I cry and wail loudly for someone, anyone to come find me. I don’t wanna be alone anymore. I don’t wanna be without Mommy or Mama!

”Awwww what’s wrong sweetheart? Did you wake up feeling fussy? Don’t worry Mommy’s got you. Uh oh, does baby need their diapie changed?” 

I open my eyes and my wails turn to sniffles. I reach up as much as my hands can manage and Mommy scoops me away. I don’t even wanna let her go as she sets me down on a changing mat outside my playpen. It’s my favorite mat because it has DC comic book characters on it. But Mommy’s my most favorite person. Well her and Mama are my favorite persons.

”Awwww baby, you have to be still. I have to change that yucky diaper. Hey Babe, can you come distract the baby for a bit.” In a few seconds, Mama walks into the room and gets on the floor near my head. She sticks my pacifier in and begins shaking my to rattle doggie. 

”Well hello there fussy pants. Can you be a good baby and let Mommy change you? There’s Mamas good baby. Almost done now. Aaaaand all better, now there’s one clean baby.” I look up and see Mommy as she rebuttons my onesie and picks me up and brings me in for a close hug.

”Well now that you’re all clean and done with your nap, what do you say to some nice nums-nums?” I clap and glee with excitement, pointing to the kitchen and Mommy laughing before kissing my cheeks.

My high chair had been altered to fit my new size as Mommy strapped me in. As she walked over to the counter, I noticed pots and pans in the kitchen sink past her. They must have eaten without me while I was napping. Mama confirms my suspensions as she goes to clean said dishes.

”Okay honey bunches, open wide for me.” Mommy sits in a chair and begins to to spoon feed me sweet potato baby food. This is one of my favorites because of its sweet and tangy taste on my tongue. Mommy can barely keep up with my eating as she gets another jar ready for me.

”Such a hungry little baby you are! Oh look at that cute smile, you’re such a good little eater.” I could get use to being praised over small things like eating. 

Once I’m done my second jar, Mama comes over and let’s me out to clean the tray of any remaining food I missed.

”Messy little baby, but don’t worry Mama still loves you.” As Mama kisses my forehead, I’m once again entranced by her big tee tees. I barely notice myself drooling and eyeing Mommy’s tee tees. I really want to nurse again now. Like every part of me wants to just drink tee tee milk again. I whine and pout, reaching for Mommy to help me. I start grasping at her shirt, not waiting for her to get ready.

”Awwww I guess someone really wants to nurse already. Okay baby, let’s go to the couch and let Mommy talk to you while your eating.” Mommy can do whatever she wants, as long as I’m getting fed, that’s all that matters.

Mommy gets comfy on the long couch, turning the tv to Disney Plus and playing Avengers Assemble. Normally I would love to watch my favorite show, but right now it’s just background noise. Once Mommy has me on her tee tee, I’m lost in my own little world. Safe and comforted as even Mama comes to join in with us.

”I think we made the right choice in coming here Love.” Mama says, kissing Mommy on her cheek. “And tomorrow we get to start his training.” Mommy kisses her back before switching me over to her other tee tee.

”That’s right sweet baby. Mama and I are gonna train to be even stronger. Don’t worry you’ll still be our little baby. You’ll just be an even stronger baby than before.”

Was it even possible for me to get stronger? I didn’t think it was, but Mommy seems convinced that it’s doable. 

“And soon you’ll be ready enough to take on a goddess like Mama and myself.” I almost stopped drinking when she said there was another goddess. Was she a good or bad goddess? Why didn’t she come with Mommy and Mama? I’m so confused and little scared to be honest. Mommy can feel my frustrations and settles me down, switching back to the other tee tee.

”She’s another goddess from a different pantheon. A woman who now is punishing mortals rather than letting them sort conflicts themselves. Little by little, she is taking criminals, runaways, and homeless people off the streets to do something we cannot see. Her name is Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of order.”



End Chapter 5

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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