Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021

Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Chapter Description: Neon, has been transformed into Nanny Ma’ats helpless diaper princess, Marcy. How will Pandora and Idunn save their little girl?

Nanny takes me out the bouncer and holds me with my diapie sagging with poopies. She mushes it around bottom causing me to squirm and wiggle.

”Aww does Marcy not like her stinkie diaper? Does the baby want out? Can you ask nicely for Nanny to change you?” Her smile almost seems genuine, but I know the spanking she will give will do me in for sure if I don’t ask.

”Nanny change diapie pwease?” I start sucking my thumb immediately after, maiy for comfort but also to stall for time.

”There’s a good girl! Such a cutie pie you are.” Nanny takes me to the changing table and begins making me all clean again. She grabs another bottle from her pocket and I instantly grab it in hunger.

From the corner of my eye, I can see Mommy and Mama taking care of the maids. They are knocked out quietly and quickly, stashed behind the giant array of toys. Hehe it’s funny seeing Mommy and Mama fight together.

”All done baby girl! And now for Nanny’s final surprise!” I barely have time to look back at Nanny when a pink light blinds me. 

As soon as it’s gone, something feels off. Everything look bigger and farther away. The toys now looked even more giant than before. The changing table looked much bigger than a second ago. As if sensing my confusion, Nanny holds up a mirror and my new form is revealed.

All the womanly curves and assets that I just had have been replaced with chub and baby fat. My fingers and toes still trapped in booties and mittens have shrunk. My dress is still short, showing off my thick diapies, not just much smaller to fit my new size. Now I was the real baby girl Nanny wanted at 8 months old. This was her plan all along!

”Tah ma bac, nah widdo babee!” I tried to say ‘Turn me back, I’m not a little baby’ but my words were hard to form. My head feels all fuzzy and I can’t think straight. I can’t think straight. I’m scared! I wan Mommy! I wan Mama!

”Awwww I’m sorry baby girl. Nanny should have warned you that drinking all those bottles allowed me to turn you into a little baby girl.”

I cried and wailed for help. I wanna get away and get back to Mommy and Mama.

“It will be over soon. The magic of those bottles is starting to empty your little head. I can stop it of course but you have to stop crying sweetie.”

I sniffle at the offer to keep my thinks in my head. I don wanna be dumb baby.

Nanny picks me up and takes me to the same chair where she spanked me. She comforts and coos me to keep me calm.

Then Nanny sits me up in her lap. With a snap of her fingers, her big boobies burst out for me to come head first with them.

“Good girl. It’s simple really. All you have to do is drink Nanny’s milkie and you’ll be right as rain. But if you do, you’ll have to stay a girl forever. No magic can break that I’m afraid. Not even your Mommy and Mama.”

So no matter what I was sunk! If I drink Nanny’s milkie, I will keep my big thinks, and can be a big girl again. But then no more big boi again.

If I don’t drink milkies, then I lose all big thinks and big boi things. With a small whimper I grab hold of Nanny and start sucking her exposed right nipple. Milkies flow into my mouth, filling my empty tum tum.

”There’s a good girl, I knew you would try to hold on to some part of the old you. Let’s see how the dragon hero fairs being a dragon princess!”

I hope Mommy and Mama can forgive me sucking on Nanny’s boobies. I couldn’t lose my big thinks to Nanny. Please save me Mommy. I want Mama now please.

“Give. Me. Back. My. Baby. Now.” I hear Mommy’s voice and I get pulled away from the nipple by Mama. When I look up, Mommy has a Vorpal sword to Nanny’s neck. Now Nanny was in trouble hehe.

“You know you can’t kill me Pandora. It would upset the balance.”

”I don’t care about some stupid balance! Ma’at, you crossed a line and you cursed the one person you were meant to take care of.”

Wait a minute so Ma’at is actually supposed to take care of me too? But why would she curse me to be a girl then? It doesn’t make sense.

”I have an idea of why she did this.” Mama says and both Nanny and Mommy look surprised. I knew Mama would figure it out, she’s pretty and smart!

”Ma’at, Pandora and I know what it’s like to no longer be worshipped or praised. Mortals have moved on without us. You saw this as an upset to the order you established thousands of years ago. So now you punish them by heeding to the desires of one.”

So Nanny was just following my desires. I never really wanted to hurt people, but then again these are all bad people here. So Nanny just wanted to show me no one here is really getting hurt? Then she gave me the gift of being someone new. 

I always hated to admit that I wanted to be a girl. But Nanny saw through all of my walls and tore them down the only way she knew how. I guess I should have listened to her when I barged in. I hope she’s not too upset.

”So you transformed Marquis because that’s what she wanted?” Mommy lowers her sword and then helps Nanny up. She looks so sad now. I should give her a hug and let her know that it’s okay. I reach out to her while Mama still holds me.

”Awww I think some wants her Nanny.” Mama gets me so well. She carries me over to Nanny and I practically jump into her arms. She returns with an even bigger hug and some happy tears. 

”How can you be so forgiving after everything I’ve done to you, little one?” Nanny lifts me up, face to face with her I can see how much it actually hurt her to see me in pain. I had to let her know that it’s okay. 

I just have to focus. Focus on being big girl, I can be a big baby girl for Mommy, Mama, and Nanny because I know they love me.

”Wow, so that’s what Marcy looks like huh? I’m impressed baby girl!” Mommy sounds excited and when I look down, I see that I’m big again. Still dressed in my baby clothes, but now I’m bigger! First things first, Nanny gets all the hugs

“I’m sorry for not listening Nanny. I promise to listen from now on and I’ll help you in whatever way you want.”

Nanny just silently hugs me and kisses me all over my cheeks. Mommy pats Nanny on the shoulder before kissing me too. Mama just stands in awe of the sight of us making up.

”Okay baby girl why don’t we let Nanny go and we can get you all ready for bed.”

I shook my head no and grabbed Nanny tighter. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet.

”Awww sweet girl, you’ll see me again. Nanny has a new plan for all the people here. When all is said and done, I’ll be with you real soon I promise.”

Now it was my turn to cry. Nanny opened a pink portal for us and through it I could see my living room. 

“I see Nanny soon, promise?” I asked looking through her with tears in my eyes. Kissing my tears away, she hands me off to Mommy and Mama.

”I promise sweet girl. Now you be a good girl and I’ll be in touch soon.”

I slowly wave bye bye to Nanny and through the portal we all go. The minute we are through and back in the living room, I turn around and see the pink flash. I hope to see Nanny again soon. How can someone I just met give me such feelings?

Mommy and Mama feel my distress and hold me close, silently crying and hoping Nanny will find a way back to me soon.

**2 years later**

I look out on the balcony, the evening stars are so pretty. I am surrounded by my toys and Marvel stuffies. Inside I can hear Mommy Pandora and Mama Idunn making dinner. I can smell my favorite Mac & Cheese, Fried Chicken, and Green Beans! I can’t wait to put it all in my tummy!

”Whats got you so jumpy little miss? Is your diapie wet or messy? Does baby girl have a present for me?”

I blush red, as Nanny Ma’at pulls out my the back of my diaper and finds her suspicions to be accurate. I was hoping she wouldn’t find out so that I could keep playing with my stuffies.

”Okay Marcy, lay down for me and then we can get you a feed before din-din.” As I lay down on the changing mat and Nanny goes to work, I gaze to the stars and think of all thats happened so far in the last two years.

I guess one of the major things is that I decided to stay as Marcy. I finally feel like myself and don’t ever wanna go back to being a man again. This wasn’t a big deal for the company or the rest of the world that knew me as Neon or Marquis.

Apparently when I can to accept that Marcy was my truth self, Mommy, Mama, and Nanny were able to cast a big enough spell that altered everyone’s perception of me. Basically meaning that everyone now only knew Marcy and that Neon was always the dragon princess. Mommy and Mama love me just the same and I know Nanny loves the new me too.

A few months after I first met Nanny, she came to us with an idea for all the people she captures. Nanny puts the maids to work and eventually opens up her own ABDL company called Little Wonders Emporium. 

It started with just hosting events during the holidays, providing a place for Littles to be free and Bigs to take a break. All the news and events posted is sent privately through a secure server that I invented. Nanny and I check the security daily to make sure prying eyes don’t get any information leaked.

Besides fighting crime, Nanny sends me on missions to gather up new maids. At first it felt wrong to hold people against their will, but as Nanny tells me: “They gave up their wills and rights the minute decided to act out of line.”

It doesn’t take much to falsify records when the person is sentences to death row and is transferred to another facility. The poor saps have no idea that the rest of their days will be either changing diapers or wearing them. Mommy and Mama got in on the action too. Mommy prefers the turning into adult babies and Mama loves seeing them become small babies. Nanny and I personally just love the hunt when we find fake Mommy and Daddy who take advantage of Littles. This way they can actually practice what they preach.

Little Wonders Emporium, LWE, grew so big that it has become a leader in the ABDL community. Nanny was able to influence other ABDL shops and stores to close so that she gained total order, something she always dreamed of. It wasn’t long before Nanny, Mommy, Mama, and I had to step into the spot light and become the leading family of sorts. I particularly didn’t want all the attention, mainly because I was worried that Water Works Inc would have to vote me of as CEO. Nothing a little mind altering can’t fix though. 

Nanny decided to come live with us when things settled down. She watches me whenever Mommy and Mama decide to have date night. I tried convincing Nanny to try going out on her own, but the last three dates she want on ending with her changing diapers. At least with me she knows I’ll behave a lot better than they did.

”Okay you two dinner is almost ready! I’ll pick out a movie for us to enjoy while we eat!” Mama calls from the kitchen as Nanny takes up my third diaper. It’s gotten to the point where I actually need to breast feed almost 4 times a day. Hence the need for extra padding during most of the day. It gets hard sometimes to move around, luckily I’m constantly being picked up and moved somewhere, regardless of me being baby or adult sized.

”Alright almost done out here!” Nanny unbuttons her top and rests my head on her breast. I close my eyes and suckle on her right nipple, filling my mouth with her sweet milkies.

“Awww you so happy baby girl! Don’t drink too much or you’ll spoil your dinner.”

I could care less about din-din with milk this good. I’m so lucky to have them all here. I never would have thought my life would change so much. But I have to say, thanks to these three goddesses, my life definitely changed for the better. Thank you Nanny Ma’at, Mama Idunn, and Mommy Pandora. I love you all so much.



End Chapter 9

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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