Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

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Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Chapter Description: His training complete, his powers realized, Neon is ready to take the fight to Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of order. How will he fair against her?

I’m finally here. After three months of training and care under Pandora and Idunn, I’m finally ready to track down and find Ma’at. When Pandora and Idunn became my Mommy and Mama respectively, I didn’t think things could get better. They are everything I could ever as for in caregivers. Sweet, funny, kind, but also strict, honest, and dominating. They taught how to except my Little Space. Mama even regresses to baby size everyday after work to really let me get in the right mind set.

Mommy is the one who focuses on my training and understanding my powers. The best way to explain is that my powers of Ionic manipulation actually allow me access different realities to make spells, weapons or items that I have seen or heard. She tells me to only focus on what feels right for me and not to push that limit. Mommy even taught me how since I love dragons so much, that my body can mimic their abilities using a technique called Enchant Draconian. In the form of invisible tattooed scales all over my body, it allows to be practically invincible as long as I keep focused and even lets me access eight different elements; fire, water, earth, air, thunder, lightning, shadow, and light. 

I learned that the weapons I make inside my mind are also a reflection of my dragon desires. As it turns out, they are made of Draconium, a lost substance from another world where dragons roamed free. When they are used for weapons, the unleash properties similar to that of the original weapon. Mommy tells me not to use one weapon for more than a few minutes, because that will exhaust my energy quickly. 

All in all, it was a lot to take in. There was also the fact that training was everyday, no breaks. Luckily work had been steady, so I didn’t stress too much. Mama and Mommy even joined me at work as my assistants. One to keep an eye on me and two because they love to baby me during lunch breaks.  Then again Mama, always regresses me after training anyways, so I’m more relaxed then ever. 

Now onto Ma’at and what she’s been up to. Apparently, Mommy and Mama were able to track her through a connection that only they as goddesses share. They kept their presence concealed and found her just two weeks before the end of my training. When they showed me the picture they took of her, she was just as tall as Mommy and Mama, dressed in the same goddess outfit of blue and gold, long brown hair with red highlights, light tan skin, thick waist, and a huge bosom. However in the picture she was not alone.

Behind her, she was dragging along two men, on the ground. Mommy told me she, dragged them through a strange pink portal and disappeared. After much preparation, we decided to wait for Ma’at until she came back to the same spot, an abandoned nursery school they have been shut down years ago. Mommy and Mama will keep the portal open while I go to confront Ma’at.

”Alright she’s almost here. You ready sweetheart?” Pandora asks me as she prepares an enchantment.

”Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.” I replied, focusing my energy. “So do we know anything about the people she’s taking?”

”They are very bad people to say the least.” Idunn replied on the lookout. “Some of them were given life sentences in prison, others got away scot free. It appears that some of them were homeless as well. Ma’at is a goddess of order, so she be feeling she’s doing something right.”

”Well let’s hope you’re right Love. Here she comes get ready!” Pandora says as we all duck for cover, there below us I can see Ma’at. Strutting across the alleyway, dragging along ten more men, throwing them into the pink portal. As long the last one makes it in and Ma’at steps through, Pandora and Idunn make their move. Their enchantment begins as the meditate and I fly my way down quickly, rushing head first into the unknown.

I land hard on the white hard ground, and take two Secede swords in hand. I turn all around ready to face Ma’at, but she’s no where to be found. Instead, all I see is a babies dream nursery. Huge cribs, play-mats, toys , changing tables, decorated, with pastel pink, yellow, and blue. Scattered throughout the room were babies, some of them full grown adult babies, others were tiny infants, no more than a year old. However, all the babies here were girls, no a single boy in sight. They were being taken care of by maids, dressed in black and white, and had the same shape and figure of an Amazon women.

“Please no I’ll change I promise.” I heard from the far end of the room. I quickly hid behind the huge teddy bear to avoid conflict for the moment. The voice was one of the men that Ma’at had dragged in. She came forward laughing and giggling, pulling him over to a giant wheel and strapped him in to the point where he couldn’t move. What was she planning to do with him? 

“Oh you will change alright, and soon you’ll be needing a change everyday.” Ma’at said with a smirk. She then uttered some words in Egyptian and could see the mans eyes go blank in confusion. Then his body and clothes to transform.

Ma’at stripped him bare naked. The mans blonde grew longer and were tied into pigtails. His body crunched and shrunk, making him just under 5 ft. His body hair was completely erased and his features grew more feminine. Toe nails and finger nails grew longer, painted pink. His cock was shrinking inside of him and formed a hairless pink vagina. Finally his chest expanded and formed two B cup breasts. She look completely content as Ma’at unstrapped her and later her on a change mat with changing supplies on her side. I already knew what was about to happen next. 

The clothes on the floor morphed as well. The green plaid shirt had morphed into a pastel pink short dress and flew right onto the  new girl. Ma’at lifted her legs with ease, lotion in hand and powdering her. The boxers morphed next into a thick white diaper and Ma’at taped the baby girl into it, while humming a melody. The blue jeans were transformed into a thick pastel blue cloth diaper cover and placed onto the girl. The white socks grew longer and turned pastel yellow. To her side, Ma’at called over one of the maids, who bright over a pink pacifier with a clip. As soon as the clip was on and the pacifier was in the baby girls mouth, I knew Ma’at was victorious.

“So she’s been kidnapping people and turning them into babies?” I though to myself, hiding back into the toys. “But where did she get the maids from? How long does she plan on keeping them here?”

“You know it’s rude to break in and hide in someone’s private space! Come one out so I see you.” I heard Ma’at yell from where the girl just was.

How the hell did she know I was here? Damnit she must heard me come in after all. Fine I guess I have no choice then. Slowly, I sheath my swords away and step out from the toy area. Ma’at and I stare each other down, and she takes a few steps to get closer. She’s a lot more intimidating than I was expecting. I can feel her pressuring me back almost, still I stand tall and get in a fight stance.

”So you’re the one that’s been with Pandora and Idunn all this time. I am impressed you made it in here. Welcome to my nursery Neon.” She smiles and laughs. “Oh you’re just too cute for words. Oh but where are my manners, my name is Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of order.” 

I gulp swallowing my tension and nerves to give her no room to see my weakness. “Listen Ma’at, you may be a goddess and all but kidnapping is still illegal. You can just take people away and expect there to be no consequences.”

Ma’at laughs at my response, not even bothering to take me seriously for a moment. “You silly little thing, I’m only taking charge of those who have stepped outside of order.”

”What does that mean exactly?” Ma’at then summons a table for us to sit at. I sit at the far end and glare as she takes her seat.

“I am doing what you do, only I’m taking my own spin on things.” Two maids brought over cups of tea for us. I was hesitant to drink mine, but something told me Ma’at would retaliate if I didn’t. I sipped my tea as she continued.

“I’m sure you having many questions darling. You may ask many as you like.” Ma’at said confidently. I could tell by her demeanor that she felt herself to be in full control of the situation. How wrong or right is she on that notion?




End Chapter 6

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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