Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter Description: Neon finds himself being much more open in Little space than he intended. After learning more about Pandora’s back story, what secrets does Idunn hold?

As Mommy sets me in my wooden high chair and straps me in, she kisses my forehead before going to help Mama finish setting the plates. Mama looks like she already finished most of her food. She comes over to me and turns a chair towards me with a bowl of cream of wheat. I get super excited because it’s my favorite and I can tell they put cinnamon it. 

“Okay, okay baby boy, I know you must be super hungry huh?”

”Yes Mama, yummy yum!” I don’t care how Little I sound, food is food and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Mommy comes over to strap my favorite Sesame Street bib on before she starts eating a few eggs and some sausage. As Mama feeds me a spoonful after spoonful, I don’t even notice the mess I’m making on my mouth as I’m asking for more. Luckily Mama and the Bob catch most of it and I can lick up easier.

Once I’m all done, Mama wipes my face and let’s me out the high chair. She’s so strong like Mommy that she doesn’t even give me a chance to jump out. I’m easily carried over to living room and placed in my playpen. Mama sets a few toys in there with me and I look up to her as she starts speaking down to me.

“You stay here honey, and Mama will be right back. Play nicely and watch your shows.” Grabbing the remote off the tv stand, she turns on Ben 10 and leaves me to my thoughts and play time.

As time goes by, I replay the story that Pandora told me before about how she came to be. So it was actually Kratos that opened the box and not Pandora herself. Pandora was just the key to the miracle that was Hope inside the box. I know everyone out in the world has their own interpretations of who and what Pandora was. Now that I know she’s just looking for a purpose, I think it would be nice having her around.

But what does that mean for Idunn? From all the myths and legends I’ve read about Norse mythology, Idunn was painted as the goddess of youth, keeping the Aesir and Vanir gods young with her golden apples. But the strange thing is that there isn’t necessarily a story about her. Not where she comes from, who were her parents, or what happen to her during the events of Ragnarok. Maybe she can tell me later if I just ask?

That’s when I feel myself being lifted out of my playpen. Her soft fingers touching my arms and legs as cradles me on the couch, Idunn gives me a gold pacifier and I immediately start to suckle. Pandora comes by her side and gives her a long kiss on the lips. I’m a little surprised and they both chuckle when they see my face.

”Yes baby boy” Pandora went on to explain. “Mama and I are very much in love and together. We have been through the Void to get to you, and here in this world we can be together physically. Does that make sense honey?”

I nod in understanding and it makes me happy they had each other in some weird Void. I’m guessing it’s like a purgatory but for gods and goddesses. Pandora kisses my forehead making me smile and then kisses Idunn again before making her way upstairs.

”I’ll be right back my darlings, have fun baby boy.” Pandora says with a mischievous smile and leaves me alone with Idunn. Whenever I look at her, I feel so small and helpless, like she’s taking away my strength and resistance and replacing it with softness and comfort. She slowly lets down part of her dress and reveals her erect nipples. One little flick of her finger and a drop of milk leaks down her chest. Idunn removes my pacifier, with a long line of drool from it follows. I’m completely entranced and lost in her words.

”Does baby boy want some milkies? There just for you and it’s super yummy for good babies. This is what baby really wants doesn’t he? To come into Mamas arms and cuddle and then have some nice warm milk.”

I inch my mouth closer to her teat and let my impulses take control as I suckle softly. It’s just as warm as she describes and I can feel my strength coming back. When Pandora feeds my I was feeling pleasure and comfort, but when Idunn feeds me all I feel is full and comfort. As long as the comfort is there, I ignore everything else, even as I’m flooding my diapers. Idunn rubs my head and my legs, massaging and sending me into further bliss.

“You know sweetheart, Mama wasn’t really born a goddess. I was actually once mortal, just like you and everyone else. It was Odin, who granted me ownership and knowledge of the golden apples of youth when I had died as mortal. All I remember from that life was that I was a farmer girl and a natural healer. I was special even as a mortal for I understood the Yggdrasil better than anyone in my time.”

So Idunn was made a goddess Odin to keep the other gods young and powerful. I must really be super light weight to Idunn because she moves to her other breast so quickly. I could guess use to being this small.

”However my time as a goddess was short lived when Ragnorak began. When Thor and Jormungandr, the World Serpent, clashed it split the World Tree, sending many including myself to the Void. Naturally without my apples or my powers of youth, the gods of Aesir and Vanir were left to perish and I was left trapped. That is until Pandora and I found each other. She had been sent there at them end of her pantheon just like me and we bonded over our shared experiences over life and death. That’s when we decide this new life we lead would be dedicated to only mortal who was worthy. And that is you, my little baby.”

So it’s like I called them both here? It could have been any pair of goddesses, but Idunn and Pandora wanted to put their divinity into my service and for my benefit. That made me really happy and makes me feel even smaller. This must be what Mommy meant earlier. Mama feels even bigger than before now. I can feel my small feet and toes rubbing against her thigh, my small hands having a hard time finding a grip. Wait a minute, why does Mamas hand feel bigger. As I’m looking around, her face seems bigger and the room seems bigger too! I try to pull myself away, but Mama is too strong and I’m so hungry.

”Well looks like you figured out what Mama was doing. You feel you’re new little body honey. Being the only Norse goddess left, my powers are even stronger. You’re bonding to me just like any other baby would to their mama. And now you’re.... alll done. Awww you can’t be any older than about eight months now sweetie.”

I detach from Mamas nipple with a loud pop. I look down at myself and see that while I was feeding, Mama regressed me to an actual size baby! A snap of her fingers, and I’m able to see the full power of her enchantment. I look just like I did so many years ago. Baby fat on my legs, arms, cheeks, and tummy. My small bush of hair on my head feels just as soft as my own skin. All my arm and leg completely disappeared. My diapies and onesie had morphed to suit my new size. 

“A-goo...tabaaa gaaa....gooo mmmmm baaa...” of course I couldn’t talk, but I had feeling Mama understood what I was saying.

”My babbling baby boy! Awww such a cutie patootie you are!” Mama planted kisses all over my face, making me smile and giggle. Why was I so upset? Was it something Mama did? Right I was a big boy. She made me baby again. But it makes her happy, so I happy too. Hehe my diapie feels mushie....hehe like mushie mushie.

”Aww there’s my sweet baby boy! Come on let’s go change those messy icky diapies! I’m sure Mommy is going to love the knew you baby boy!”

 Hehe I hope we do something fun today! I wanna spends the whole day with Mommy and Mama forever!



End Chapter 4

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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