Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021

A secret ABDL superhero that is virtually invincible and unstoppable faces off against two goddesses. How will they flip his world upside down?

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: A secret ABDL superhero faces off against two goddesses. How will they turn his world upside down?

There aren’t many things I like really. I’m a loner, so I have very closed mindset and very low tolerance for people. To be fair, people don’t make it easy for me to be patient. I guess that’s the life of being me. 

I guess my parents could have picked a worse name than Marquis Tobias Clark. I could have been stuck with two last names, or so my mom use to tell me. I don’t really talk or see my parents anymore. After them not being married to begin with, the little step siblings from different sides of the family over the years, being the shining older brother, representing myself as strong black male, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just became more and more distant until I didn’t bother calling or seeing except for holidays and birthdays.

So after I graduated college, I went straight to work for waste water treatment in Salisbury, Maryland. A nice paying job and right up my ally because I always wanted to do something positive to the environment. I was doing pretty good for myself. I even got my own apartment and was promoted to a chair member of Water Works Inc in just four years.

The only bad part about it though, I’m always responsible for someone messing up. Doing the grunt work and doing my own side project is such a hassle. Especially when it’s supposed to help people everywhere actually have clean air and water. The idea behind my machine is to use a ionic particle accelerator to convert toxins and waste into clean fuel and energy. Even plastic would be able to be broken down. I called it my Ionic Converter Engine, I.C.E. for short.

I must have really pissed God off because while I was working on it in the treatment plants basement, it started to storm really bad. I tried to stop the experiment but it wouldn’t work for some reason. Not even the emergency shut down was working. The last I saw was bright flash of green pulsating rays.

While I was at the hospital, my family visited for the first time in who knows how long. But it was weird because while they were talking, I could like hear their real thoughts towards each other. I could see and smell my moms cookies before she got to my room. I would have been freaking out if I was even injured or didn’t realize how cool this all ways. I always wondered what it be like to be super.

I was a full on walking ionic generator. Every single theory about alchemy and energy transfer I could easily test. It took some time to master my abilities and even more time to center my focus. Then I thought about how my first set of powers were enhanced senses and elemental in nature. The closest thing, in my opinion, were all the dragons I learned about growing up. So I centered my focused on anything dragon related or dragon based. It helps that I’m a huge nerd for comics and fandom. The public then came to know me as two different people. 

Marquis Tobias Clark, CEO of Water Works Inc., Inventor of the I.C.E and Neon D. Colossus, the dragon hero of blades. My outfit is pretty sturdy and resembles that of blue and gold knight. Had to make a bit slimmer, knife and bullet resistant so that I could use all my senses and abilities. Instead of a helmet, I wear special goggles designed to adjust for my acute vision.

Now I’m facing a more challenging problem: keeping my ABDL/Age Regressor side out of the public eye. Luckily I move so quickly that people don’t hear the crinkles in my outfit. To be extra cautious, I try to scare crooks before I end up kicking ass. I also don’t do any public interviews or attend any public ABDL events. 

I keep a pretty low profile, deciding that a three and a half floor town house near my job was the best plan of action. The kitchen has grey tiled floors and the walls are cream white. The dining table is wooden with comfy brown leather chairs around it. Living room is carpeted with one long tan couch and two matching arm couches on the opposite side of the room. The tv in there is my favorite. 

My bed room on the top floor and the first guest room in middle floor both are designed the same. Light blue wall paint, one dresser with a mirror near the window, a walk in closet, and tv for watching in bed. My room does have tons of posters from my favorite animated movies and shows, comics, and anime. There are three bathrooms. There’s a shower and full bath tub in each. The guest room bathroom is actually connected to my nursery.

My nursery was actually my favorite room to decorate. Bright neon green walls, littered with cartoon baby animals wearing diapers. I decided to build my own crib and changing table so it could fit my comfortable. I’m pretty lean to say the least, but I love my space. The crib was king sized bedding with surrounding light oak bars that I sanded down. The white oak changing table was easy enough for me to jump on. My closet was full of onesies and frilly dresses, with being able to change my gender to a female version of myself, it makes me even happier. All my stuffie friends are derived from some show or another. The four tall blue shelves are stocked with extra stuffers, disposable and cloth diapers from all my favorite ABDL shops.

Deciding to live alone was the best way to go. I couldn’t risk someone getting hurt because they knew I would be fight bad guys almost everyday. Even while I’m chasing a car to a hidden drug smuggling location, I still manage to scare the guys as I purposefully miss throwing swords.

”You’ll never get our stash! Step on it man!” The goon from the passenger side screams as he shoots at me. As the make their way down and old alley way, I decide to take to the air.

I see several cars parked around this old warehouse house and the lights are all on, so this must be the place. People just get dumber with fear I guess. I take to the roof and see through the skylight window. Drugs and money every where, with about three dozen men patrolling, counting, and measuring. I left the local police a trail to find as I was giving chase. Then I hear the two goons from the truck I chased here panicking about me. 

The boss, dressed in some checkered black and grey suit, looked like he was about to blow as he stood up.

“You idiots led him here?! You were supposed to lose him in the alley.” The boss scolded them harshly, but in all fairness they did lose me. I just found them quicker. 

“We’re so sorry boss, but hey we still got a bit of leverage.” The goon that was shooting at me and his driver went to the truck and popped the trunk. Out they pulled two women, both gagged barefoot and extremely tall. I surprised they were even captured, let alone fit in that trunk. These two were like full grown Amazon women out of a comic book.

One of the had light cocoa skin and brown eyes like mine. Her was a beautiful long and black sheen. She was dressed in some light blue skinny jeans and a white crop top that barely contained her huge breasts.

The other lady was tall blonde with beautiful green eyes like emeralds. Her dress was a rainbow of tye dye colors, and from the way she was shifting, not wearing a bra just like her friend. 

“Damnit Neon, focus!” I told myself as the goons tied up the bound women to chairs in the middle of the room. The boss comes up and smiles at his two lackeys. 

”Well looks you boys did something right for a change. Hey Neon you out there, ya little brat?! Try any funny business and the tall bimbos will be splattered all over the floor!”

Ahh nothing pisses me off more than when I’m called a brat or when women are called crude names. I’ll save the boss for last, but first the hostages come first.

Quickly, I focus my energy and green rays from my hands take away the light in the warehouse. Now that everyone is scared and blind, I fly my way down and grab the women by the chairs, taking them back to the roof. Once their untied, I can’t help but stare at how beautiful they both are. Their skin practically shining in the moonlight. They stand so tall that I dare not approach the ground to stand. Gosh, I wish I was lucky enough to have even one of them.

”Thanks so much for saving us, Mr. Neon. Those goons held us at gun point and kidnapped us.” The cocoa skin one thanks me, shaking me from my day dream.

”Oh it’s no problem at all. And just Neon is fine. Would you ladies excuse me though? I have some unfinished business with the trash downstairs.”

The blonde gave a small laugh and giggle before nodding and replying.

”You go have fun sweetheart, and when you get back, we’ll give you our names.” She winked at me and I could feel my cheeks blush as I turned away. 

That’s never happened to me before either. My senses were practically brought down with a single wink? Man was I losing it tonight.

”Get it together you fool! Bad guys to beat!” I say to myself as I cut the lights back and land  hard in the middle of room. The ground shatters beneath me and I see everyone has their guns pointed at me. I laugh loudly as the dust settles.

”Evening gentlemen! I didn’t want to crash your party, but drugs are bad for kids, so I’m gonna have to ask you all to stand down-“ 

“Kill that freak!!” Yells the boss and they all start firing. Man that line never works, but a good shot in my opinion.

I decide to dual wield the sword Balmung to shatter then bullets. Then I switch over to the sword Gram. Next up is Laevatein and finally Hofund to shatter all the bullets into pieces on the ground around me. Ohhh the look their faces is just too good! God I need to start recording this stuff!

”Reload and fire!!” The boss yells, but I’m already busy taking these guys out. Hitting each one with a single slice of my blades, they fall down and pass out. I don’t kill people for personal and moral reasons, I just made sure they are injured and injured hard!

Hearing them scream makes it even better when the boss is standing there all alone and terrified. I waste no time and gut punch him with the blunt of Photon Ray. Just as he’s groaning beneath my feet, I hear the sirens approaching and do a double take making sure everyone is accounted for.

”Awww man, I was just starting to have fun. Well guess I should get going! Later fellas, remember to play nice with the other kids in prison!” I fly my way back to the roof just as the police make their way inside checking the area. As I celebrate my victory, I notice that I’m alone on the roof.

”Not bad, not bad at all, sweetheart.” I hear a voice and look up and the two women from before are floating high above me smiling. What the hell is going here?! Are they super too? Was this all just one big trap for me?! 

“What...the....actual...fuck knuckles is this?! Who the hell are you two?!” I notice that they are even dressed differently now. Instead of party clothes, they are covered in blue, platinum, and black armor plating with their faces on full display. It reminds of the All-Mother costumes in Marvel Comics. These two definitely pull it off better though. 

“Damnit Neon, focus for goodness sake!” I yell at myself.

“Is that any way to talk to a lady, young man. Where are your manners, hmmm?” The cocoa skin woman laughs and mocks me. If I wasn’t so chivalrous, I would use my swords to wipe that smile off her pretty face. Oh screw it, she’s still so damn pretty.

”Now now, I did promise that we would tell him who we are after all was said and done.” The blonde one stated and smiles at me. Jeez, if I was so pumped full of adrenaline, I would be regressing right now. She speaks again placing her hands on her chest.

”My name is Idunn, goddess of youth. It’s a pleasure to meet you Neon D. Colossus.”

”And my name is Pandora, goddess of calamity. So good to meet you face to face.”

Before I could even utter a word. Pandora snapped her fingers and we were pulled into what looked like a small black hole. I was sucked in, despite using all my flight and strength I was pulled into the darkness to who knows where.



End Chapter 1

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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