From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 24
Chapter 24 (New Year Shopping & Thankful Toddlers)

Chapter Description: Chapter 24: New Year’s has arrived. Now Mommy wants to take me out shopping. Can’t wait to see what cute outfits she picks for me.

Date: Saturday 01-Jan-22 09:11 (Saturday, January 1, 2021, 9:11 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I yawn and sit up in my crib. I rub the sleepiness from my eyes and glance down to the outfit I’m wearing: a green T-shirt, Pampers Cruisers diaper, and a white sash with BABY NEW YEAR on it. I giggle as I stand in my crib and waddle over to the right-side bars, “I wonder where Brian is?”

Brian smiles as he enters my bedroom whilst his green T-shirt and blue jeans hug his body. “Good morning, Baby New Year.” Brian walks over to my crib and lifts me into his arms. “Dad’s still asleep, but Mom wanted to take you out clothes shopping.”

I rub my eyes and smile toward Brian as he carries me into the hallway, “She does? Where is she?” I train my eyes toward Brian seconds after he sets me on my feet. My ears flicker when I hear Mommy’s giggles and I turn toward the living room to see Mommy waving whilst her own red T-shirt flutters with her happy movements, “MOMMY!”

I waddle-run toward Mommy and smile when I rest a foot away from her. I smile as I scan her dark blue jeans and red tennis shoes. I giggle as I train my eyes to her adjusting her glasses, “Good morning, Mommy!”

Sarah smiles as she rises from the couch and kneels to ruffle my hair, “Good morning, Little Boy. Did you sleep well? Happy New Year.”

I giggle and nod, “Uh huh! I can’t wait to go shopping with you, Mommy!” I turn toward her right side and giggle as Daddy snores beside her while sitting up on the couch, “Does Daddy always fall asleep anywhere?”

Sarah swings my diaper bag over her shoulder and lifts me into her arms, “He can sometimes. Come on, let’s head out.”

I smile toward Mommy and kiss her cheek as she carries me out of the apartment, “Mommy?”

Sarah smiles as she stops inside the elevator, “Yes, Little Stacey?” She rubs my back as the elevator begins its descent.

I snuggle close to Mommy as the elevator opens to reveal the lobby of the apartment complex, “What kinda car do you have? Daddy has a Nissan Skyline, Brian has his Honda Odyssey, what about you?”

Sarah pats my padded bottom and exits the apartment complex, “You’ll see, sweetie.” She looks both ways and crosses the street to the parking lot. She stops beside her husband’s Skyline and boops my nose as she sets me on my feet in front of her purple Nissan 350Z, “Here we are.”

I yawn again and open my eyes to scan the sports car, “AWESOME, MOMMY!” I open the passenger’s door and giggle at the booster seat she’s set up for me, “Thankies, Mommy!” I crawl into the booster seat and swing my legs. I glance down to my bare feet while Mommy sets my diaper bag on the passenger’s side floor, “Mommy?”

Sarah ruffles my hair, “Yes, Stacey?” and walks over to the driver’s side to hop into the car. She starts the throaty V6 and begins cruising out of the parking lot.

I giggle as the apartment complex and other small businesses slowly pass us by, “I don’t need shoes, Mommy?” I reach into my diaper bag and pull out a baby bottle of lemonade. I smile around the bottle as I begin draining the delicious treat.

Sarah shakes her head as she makes a right turn, “Nope. They’ll just get in the way of our shopping.”

I nod at Mommy’s affirmation, “Okay, Mommy!”. I continue swinging my legs and drain my bottle while my Pampers crinkle, “This is gonna be fun.”


Date: Saturday 01-Jan-22 09:28 (Saturday, January 1, 2021, 9:28 AM)

Location: Old Navy, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I smile when Mommy sets me on my feet inside Old Navy and takes my Baby New Year sash off me, “I haven’t been here in a looong time!” I dart my eyes to my left and find racks of boy’s clothes ranging from costumes and T-shirts to shorts and jeans. Behind those racks rest several open fitting rooms. I turn to my right and find several racks of girl’s clothes and fitting rooms on the right of the store.

I blink twice and wave at the cashiers at their stations sitting in the middle of both sides ringing out a mom on the left and an older brother with his diaper-clad baby sister on the right. I giggle as I waddle toward the left-hand racks and smile at the different costumes, “MOMMY! MOMMY! I found one I want already!”

Sarah smiles as she walks over to me and scans the lion onesie with a furry lion mane hood, “That’s adorable, Stacey.” She chuckles as she catches the outfit and follows me to another rack of sea-faring clothes. Yeah, I think Stacey’s gonna like this.


Date: Saturday 01-Jan-22 10:32 (Saturday, January 1, 2021, 10:32 AM)

Location: Old Navy, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I rest my hands on my hips as I scan the outfits before me in the fitting room: a golden lion onesie with a tail, a white and blue sailor T-shirt with a matching sailor hat, and a purple T-shirt. “This is so cool, Mommy!” I turn toward her with a wide smile, “I want all these, Mommy!”

Sarah giggles at the cute outfits, “Why don’t you try them on first, Silly. Make sure they’re in your size and they fit.”

“Okay, Mommy!” I slide out of my green T-shirt and grab the lion onesie off the hanger. I unbutton the snaps and slide into the warm outfit. I turn toward the mirror and raise my arms at my reflection, “RAWR!”

Sarah withholds a giggle at the adorable sight and snaps a photo with her smartphone, “Alright,” She walks over and kneels to button the snaps, “How does it fit?”

I waddle around the fitting room whilst my Pampers crinkle beneath the lion onesie and I giggle as I stop in front of Mommy a full five minutes later. “I love it. It fits great! Heee…”

Sarah ruffles my hair, “Good job, Baby.” and kneels to unbutton the lion onesie. After sliding the onesie off me, she folds it and sets it on the bench across from the mirror. “Now to try the sailor…” Her right eyebrow rises in confusion, “suit?” She turns to me, “Sweetie, where are the shorts to the sailor suit?”

I cross my arms and pout, “No pants. Shirts and Pampers always. Pants just get in the way.” I uncross my arms and my pout fades seconds later. I giggle when Mommy tickles my armpit, “MOMMY!” I backpedal toward the mirror and smile toward her, “Lemme try on the sailor suit next.”

Sarah ruffles my hair and steps to the left to allow me access to the sailor outfit.

I smile as I waddle over to the sailor suit and pull the shirt over my head. Seconds after threading my arms through, I glance down and see that the shirt is higher than most of my shirts that leave my belly button visible. “Mommy?”

Sarah giggles as she pokes my belly, “Not just your belly button, sweetie, your whole tum tum is showing. I think you need a bigger size.” She helps me out of the shirt and scans the size on the collar: 3T. “Yeah, you’re a 4T, Stacey. Stay here, Mommy will be right back.” Sarah rushes toward the rack where I found the sailor outfits.

I giggle as I sit down on the bench with a crinkle and turn toward my diaper bag to grab another baby bottle of lemonade along with a small bag of MADEGOOD Chocolate Granola. I swing my legs and munch on the granola. This is the bestest! Being a toddler and shopping for cute clothes with Mommy.

I ball up my empty granola bag and toss it on the floor. I drive my bottle toward my lips and smile around it as I drain my third bottle of the morning. When I pull the bottle from my lips, I turn to the door to find Mommy walking in with a bigger sailor shirt. “Yay!” I waddle over to Mommy whilst dropping my empty bottle on the floor.

Sarah chuckles as she slides the new sailor shirt over my head, “Can you thread your arms through, Baby?”

I giggle and pop my arms through the sleeves. I glance down and see my belly button and Pampers Cruisers diaper being given full view, “Yesh!” I wrap my arms around Mommy’s waist and giggle whilst hissing carries the two bottles I had earlier from my body. I smile toward Mommy as I break free of the hug, oblivious to my Pampers’ yellow-green wetness indicator.

“Mommy…ummm…” I turn toward my lion onesie and giggle. I turn back to the sailor outfit I’m wearing and put the sailor hat atop my head, “Heee…can I wear the sailor outfit home, Mommy?”

Sarah ruffles my hair, “Sure, sweetie.” and kneels to slide a finger into the cuff of my Pampers. “You’re wet though, Little Sailor. I think you need a diaper change.” Sarah walks over to my diaper bag and grabs a changing mat, wipes, baby powder, and a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper.

I giggle as I watch Mommy lay the changing mat down in the center of the fitting room and lay the changing supplies out to the right of the mat. I waddle over to the changing mat whilst hissing carries my last bottle out of my body. I set my sailor hat next to the head of the changing mat and lie down while smiling toward Mommy, “Mommy?”

Sarah unfastens my wet diaper and lifts my legs to slide it away, “Yes, Baby?”

I puff my lips out in a pout as Mommy works on getting me dry, “Notta baby.”

Sarah giggles as she lowers my legs so she can roll my old diaper into a ball and tape it shut. “Well,” She grabs the baby powder and lifts my legs with her left hand so she can powder my uplifted bottom with her right hand, “the diaper I’m changing says different, sweetie.”

I giggle as the sweet smell of talc wafts toward my nose, “But…but I’m notta baby, Mommy! I’m a toddler. I’m four years old!”

Sarah nods as she sets the powder down and grabs the fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper to flick open, “I know, sweetie. It’s just what Mommies do. They call their toddlers and little ones babies, because no matter how old they are…” Sarah slides the fresh diaper under my bottom and brings the multicolored circle shell up to my belly, “They’ll always be our babies.”

I smile toward Mommy as she secures the new diaper snug around my waist and she pats the fresh diaper, “That makes sense.” I giggle and when I hear crinkling, I glance down to find my legs kicking and my diaper crinkling in response.

Sarah giggles and kisses my forehead, “I guess one little toddler is happy to be dry huh?” She turns to my diaper bag and grabs the Germ-X so she can sanitize her hands. Once her hands are dry, she slides the Germ-X back inside.

I stop kicking my legs and smile toward Mommy, “Uh huh! That always happens.” I sit up on the changing mat and set my sailor hat back on my head. I return my attention to Mommy and watch as she puts up the baby wipes and powder. “Brian told me it’s cause I’m a toddler and toddlers are always happy little kiddoes, especially when in dry diapeys.”

Sarah ruffles my hair and lifts me into her arms, “That’s true, Stacey.” She stands me up on the bench so she can fold up the changing mat and put it in my diaper bag. “Alrighty.” She turns to me and chuckles at me hugging the folded lion onesie, “I guess you don’t want the purple T-shirt?”

I shake my head as I watch Mommy sanitize her hands with instant foaming soap and hand sanitizer, “I thought it had designs on it like the other ones I saw, but it don’t so I no wan it.”

Sarah ruffles my hair and swings my diaper bag over her shoulder, “That’s fine by me, Stacey.” She kneels and pokes my belly, “Want Mommy to carry you?”

I raise my arms and flex my hands which results in my lion onesie falling onto the floor, “Yush pwease!”

Sarah mentally dawws at my baby talk and lifts me and my lion onesie into her arms. She rests me against her chest and tosses my lion onesie over my closed diaper bag. She pats my diapered bottom as she exits the fitting room and heads toward the register.

The register woman smiles at how adorable I look, “Well aren’t you cute?”

I giggle as Mommy sets me on the counter and I smile toward the register woman, “Thankies. Mommy always tells me I’m cute. That’s why she wanted to buy me some cute outfits to make me even cuter!”

I turn to Mommy with a big baby tooth filled smile, “Wight, Mommy? Isn’t dat why yoos bought aww dese outfits?” I begin suckling my thumb as I await her response.

Sarah can’t help but kiss my forehead at my adorableness and baby talk. Stacey’s trying to kill me with his cuteness. “That’s right, sweetie. Don’t suck your thumb though.” She gently pulls my thumb from my mouth and reaches in my diaper bag for a purple pacifier with a lion head on the bell. She smiles as she slides the pacifier into my mouth, “Dawww…you’re so precious!”

I smile around the pacifier as I suckle and enjoy the delicious grape flavor while the register woman checks out the outfits Mommy and I picked out. I turn toward her as the cash register dings, “So, ow much ish it?”

The register woman mentally dawws at how adorable I look, “$150 for your Mommy.”

I blink twice as I register the price and turn to Mommy while I continue sucking my paci. Wow, children’s clothes are more expensive than adult clothes by a mile. At least…at least I won’t grow and Mommy won’t have to keep buying stuffs for me. Well, she might buy more cute outfits anyway, but still…

I rub my eyes as the register counter gets further away and I find myself resting against Mommy’s chest. I rest my head over her shoulder and suckle my paci as she carries me out of Old Navy, “Mommy?”

Sarah pats my diapered bottom as she slowly walks through the parking lot in search of her Nissan 350Z, “Yes, My Adorable Little Boy?”

I smile around the pacifier and snuggle into Mommy’s hold, “I wuv yoos!”

Sarah smiles as she stops in front of her car and unlocks the passenger side door. She sets me on my feet and sets both my diaper bag and the plastic bag containing my lion onesie on the floor, “I love you too, Stacey.”

I giggle and when I inadvertently spit out the pacifier, I notice it lands on my shirt, “How the?” I tilt my head as Mommy lifts me into my booster seat and buckles me in, “Mommy?”

Sarah smiles at me and boops my nose as she sees me scanning the purple lanyard adorned with baby bottles and alphabet blocks, “That’s something that’ll prevent you from losing your paci. Mommy did that for all the pacis I carry with me.”

“Oh…” I scan the pacifier then turn to Mommy as she shuts the passenger door. I rub my eyes as I watch her enter the driver’s seat and begin the slow cruise back home. I take off my pacifier lanyard and set the pacifier in my diaper bag. I pull out another baby bottle of lemonade along with my phone and begin playing Bejeweled with my right hand while holding my bottle with my left.

Sarah smiles at via the rear-view mirror at my adorable multitasking. Yeah, Stacey is the cutest little toddler in the world. I’m glad I’m his Mommy. Our family got a wondrous adorable little addition this past year and I’m looking forward to another year of cuteness with him.


Date: Saturday 01-Jan-22 11:17 (Saturday, January 1, 2021, 11:17 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

Sarah smiles as she opens the apartment door for me, “And we’re home.”

I smile as I step through the door and take my hat off to wave at it at Brian and Daddy who are sitting on the couch, “BRIAN! DADDY! LOOK IT!”

Brian turns to the front door and smiles as he watches me waddle over to him, “That’s a cute outfit, Stacey. I see you and Mom got some nice outfits huh?”

Brendan chuckles, “Adorable, Stacey. So, when do you set sail?”

I glare at Daddy and waddle over to him so I can crawl into his lap. “Daddy…” I stand in his lap and boop his nose, “No silly Daddy jokes!”

Brendan ruffles my hair and kisses my forehead, “Daddy can’t resist. You do look cute though, Little Buddy.”

“Thankies, Daddy!” I giggle as I dart my eyes between him and Brian, “Mommy also got me a lion onesie. I wanted to wear the sailor outfit home though.” I jump out of Daddy’s lap with a yawn and rub my eyes, “I’ll change into that one at nap time.”

Brendan rises from the couch and kneels to ruffle my hair, “I think you’re sleepy now, Sport.”

I cross my arms, “Nu uh…” and wrap my arms around Daddy. I giggle as I climb onto his back before he can stand up, “HORSIE RIDE!”

Brendan chuckles as he lets out a neigh and walks across the living room on all fours.

Brian chuckles at the adorable scene before him, “Mom, you gotta see this.”

Sarah leaves my bedroom and takes out her phone to record the adorable scene of my sailor self, riding Daddy Horse, “A sailor riding a horsie? This is super cute.” Sarah snaps a photo and walks over to sit next to her son, “Stacey’s the best thing that happened to our family isn’t he?”

Brian nods as he watches Daddy buck and flip onto his back to catch me his arms while my giggles echo across the apartment. “Yeah, he’s an adorable little kiddo.” Brian rises from the couch and walks over to scoop me into his arms, “I love you, Stacey. Happy New Year!”

I giggle as I scan Brian while he holds me out at arm’s length, “I love you too, Brian.” When he sets me on my feet, I hug his legs, “Happy New Year, Brian!” I break free of the hug and waddle over to Daddy who’s rising to his feet, “I love you, Daddy!” I wrap my arms around his waist, “Happy New Year!”

Brendan smiles down at me and kneels to pull me into a warm hug whilst patting my diapered bottom, “Daddy loves you too. Happy New Year!” Brendan releases me from the hug and turns me toward Mommy with a loving swat to my diapered bottom.

I giggle as I waddle over to Mommy and rest my hands on her knees, “I love you, Mommy!” I raise my arms and flex my hands, “New Year’s Huggies?”

Sarah lifts me into her lap and hugs me close whilst patting my diapered bottom, “Mommy loves you too, Stacey. Happy New Year.”

I smile at the love being given me by my new family. A New Year in my new parallel world. I’m so happy. Another year as a toddler, more adorable moments with Brian, Mommy, and Daddy to be had. This is the bestest day ever! Nothing like starting the year with happiness and family that love and care about me.



End Chapter 24

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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