From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 31
Chapter 31 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 1 – Preparations & Arriving in Tokyo)

Chapter Description: Chapter 31: After racing in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition: Remix, I have a desire to visit Tokyo for real. I always wanted to visit another country, and Tokyo, Japan seems like a good choice. Time for a World Trip!

Date: Tuesday 07-Jun-22 12:00 (Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 12:00 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I yawn and my eyes snap open seconds later. I sit up in my crib whilst my Pampers crinkle and my purple T-shirt flutters. I dart my eyes around my bedroom and rub my chin as I stand up in my crib. I rub my eyes and waddle over to the right-hand crib bars so I can flip the junction point.

Once my crib bars fall to the ground, I jump onto the cool tile floor and waddle into the hallway. “I wonder where Brian is?” I stop at the empty kitchen and rub my chin, “Not in here…” I waddle over to my gaming station and crawl into my gaming chair. “Hmm…” I open PCSX2 and proceed to open Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix’s Tokyo Challenge.

I smile as my Cadillac Sixteen speeds through the streets of Tokyo and I smile as I stick my tongue out while drifting through the city, “I kinda wanna visit Tokyo at some point.” I giggle and swing my legs as my Cadillac Sixteen spins across the red checkpoint of Ginza Circuit. “This game is so much fun.”

I jump out of my chair and waddle toward the kitchen to grab a baby bottle of fruit punch. I shut the fridge and waddle out of the kitchen while draining the bottle, oblivious to the hissing carrying the bottle I had before my nap out of my body. I smile around the bottle as it empties and my Pampers Cruisers’ wetness indicator shifts at the top from green to yellow-green while remaining green from the middle downward.

I pull the empty bottle from my lips and toss it toward the sink, “Ahhhh…Now to see where Brian is.” I waddle down the hallway toward his bedroom and spot his door slightly cracked open. I push the door and smile when I spot Brian sitting in the middle of his bed with his laptop in his lap, “BRIAN!”

I waddle-run toward the foot of his bed and giggle as I rest my hands atop the footboard of his bed, “Brian whatcha doing?”

Brian shuts his laptop and sets it on his bed. He turns and finds me waddling over to the left-hand side of his bed, “Hey, Little Bro.” Brian lifts me into his arms and sets me down to his right, “I was just looking up places we could go on vacation.”

I jump to my feet and bounce up and down whilst my Pampers crinkle, “I was thinking the same thing, Brian!”

Brian chuckles as he watches me bounce up and down, “I see we think alike.” Brian catches me in the middle of my fifth jump and hugs me close whilst patting my padded bottom, “So,” Brian brings me out of the hug and sets me in his lap, “where did you want to go?”

I poke Brian’s nose, “Tokyo! Do you have a suitcase and diaper bag packed for our trip?”

Brian ruffles my hair, “I keep a suitcase packed with clean clothes and a spare diaper bag with enough diapers for three weeks for a certain toddler in my closet. Speaking of trips,” Brian picks up his laptop and sits up in bed with it in his lap, “I was thinking of taking you to London. I thought that would be cool.”

My eyes widen, “We could do a world trip out of it! One week in Tokyo and one week in London!” I jump up and hop off Brian’s bed. I giggle as I spin and face Brian with an ear-to-ear grin, “Where do you wanna go first?”

Brian taps away at his computer, “Well there’s a flight leaving later this evening for Tokyo. Then a week later we can head out in the morning from Tokyo to London. I’m already planning out each vacation trip.” Brian smiles as he clicks BOOK and the tickets and itinerary for each trip prints to his printer sitting on the desk to the right of his bed.

I waddle over to the printer table and pick up the itinerary, “YAY!” I turn and find Brian pulling out a green suitcase and a purple diaper bag with puppies decorating it. “Neato, Brian.” I waddle over to him and wrap my arms around his waist, “So when are we leaving?” I smile toward him and giggle when he ruffles my hair.

Brian glances to his computer and spots the time: 14:56. “The plane leaves at 4:30.” Brian pulls his phone from his pocket and calls an Uber. “And now,” Brian zips up his suitcase and lifts it onto his shoulders, “can you help me, Baby Bro?”

“Acourse.” I grab my diaper bag and waddle into the hallway, “Hee…it’s really light." I swing my diaper bag over my shoulder and waddle toward the apartment door, “I can’t reach, Brian.”

Brian stops at the apartment door moments later and turns the knob, allowing us to see the apartment complex hallway, “There we are. Our Uber’s waiting for us. Let’s head to the elevator.”

“YAY!” I waddle-run down the hallway toward the right-hand elevators whilst my Pampers crinkle throughout my happy journey. “WORLD TRIP! WORLD TRIP! WORLD TRIP!”

Brian smiles as he fast walks after me. Stacey seems really happy. I’m glad we’re going on this trip.


Date: Tuesday 07-Jun-22 15:30 (Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 3:15 PM)

Location: Lambert International Airport, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America

I smile wide as I waddle through the entrance of Terminal 1 and dart my eyes around the vast area of gray carpeting and seats to my right while the check-in desk rests to our left. Beyond the terminal is a vast hallway leading to other terminal areas that I can just make out beyond Terminal 2 a few yards out.

I train my smile toward Brian and giggle as I wiggle my toes within my purple crocs, “So when is our plane coming?”

Brian checks his phone and nods, “The plane boarding starts at 4 PM, the plane is set to arrive earlier than scheduled. So,” Brian kneels down to me and pats my diapered bottom. “I think that gives us enough time to get your diaper changed before we have to head to Terminal 5.”

I dart my eyes around Terminal 1 and blink twice at the family restrooms resting in between the vast space between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, “Okay.” I turn to Brian, “What about our luggage?”

Brian chuckles as he hands the luggage to the baggage claim agent and retains my diaper bag over his shoulder, “The baggage claim will handle it from here. What do you think of your crocs? I got them just for our trip.”

I glance down to my crocs and giggle as I grab Brian’s hand and follow him to the family restrooms, “I think they’re neat. Purple’s my favorite color.”

Brian smiles, “I’m glad you like them. I figured you could have a different type of shoe for vacations other than tennis.” Brian hums as he enters in the family restroom and stops in front of the changing table. He opens the changing table and sets my diaper bag on the right hand side. “Alrighty, Stacinator.”

Brian lifts me into the air, “Up you get.” and lays me down on the changing table. Brian unfastens my wet Pampers and lifts my legs to slide it away. He grabs some baby wipes and begins working on getting me dry whilst tossing the used wipes into my old diaper, “So, what do you wanna do first when we get to Tokyo?”

I rub my chin as Brian tosses the last wipe into my old diaper and lowers my legs so he can roll the old diaper into a ball, “I dunno yet.” I giggle as Brian begins powdering my uplifted bottom and I smile at the scent of the baby powder wafting toward my nose, “I do wanna see the cherry blossoms and I also wanna see a traditional Japanese Inn too.”

Brian nods as he slides the new diaper under me and brings the green circle decorated shell up to my belly, “I think the inn we’re staying in is in traditional Japanese style.” Brian secures the new diaper snug around my waist and sets me on my feet with a loving pat to my freshly diapered bottom, “All dry.”

I shake my diapered bottom while Brian walks over to the sinks to wash his hands, “All dry. All dry.” I giggle as I stop dancing and waddle over to Brian while he returns my supplies to my diaper bag. Once my diaper bag is over his shoulder, I tug on his shirt, “Can you carry me, Brian?”

Brian lifts me onto his shoulders and holds onto my legs, “Here we are.” He strolls out of the family restroom and within a few minutes we’re standing before Terminal 5’s boarding area, “That didn’t take long.”

I smile down at Brian and boop his nose, “I can’t wait to see Tokyo!”

Brian walks through the boarding area door onto the plane, “I can’t wait either.” He stops at the first row in First Class and sets me down in the child booster seat in the middle. Once I’m buckled in, he sits down in the window seat and sets my diaper bag at my feet, “And here we go.”

I swing my legs as I watch the plane taxi on the runway, “I’m so excited.”

Brian ruffles my hair and nods as the plane speeds up, “I am as well.”


Date: Wednesday 08-Jun-22 7:00 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 7:00 AM)

Location: Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan

I yawn and rub the sleep from my eyes. I blink twice at the Japanese banners on the airport walls along with the concession stands sporting Japanese and English writing, “We’re in Japan, Brian?”

Brian nods as he pushes the stroller toward the baggage claim, “Yep, now we’re just heading to get our luggage. Then we can head to the inn.”

I jump up the stroller and crane my neck back, “Inn?”

“Yep.” Brian stops behind a mother and her toddler daughter at the baggage claim and watches as the bags circulate through the conveyer belt. “It’s the Yokohama Family Inn.”

“Awesome!” I pump my right fist as Brian grabs his suitcase and swings it over his shoulder. I dart my eyes across the stroller I’m in and rub my chin, “Brian?”

“Yeah?” Brian stops at the exit of the airport and darts his eyes across the Nissan Skylines and Mitsubishi GTOs that await their passengers. He smiles when the purple Skyline pulls in front of the other cars and the driver places Brian’s name on the hood moments after stepping out. “Thank you.”

The driver smiles, “No problem, Brian. Welcome to Japan.” and helps Brian put his suitcase in the trunk. “I’ve got a car seat for the little one. My daughter’s his size.”

Brian nods as he pushes my stroller toward the left side of the car and opens the passenger door, “Thank you, Akira.” Brian lifts me out of the stroller and sets me in the blue and red striped car seat. He smiles as he secures me with the five point harness and scoots over to sit down to my right.

He ruffles my hair and smiles while the driver returns my stroller to the rental corral, “We’re off to the Inn.”

“YAY!” I swing my legs and giggle while the driver shuts the passenger door and hops into the driver’s seat. I smile as I watch the airport slowly fade from view.


Date: Wednesday 08-Jun-22 8:00 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 8:00 AM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

My eyes widen at the ocean of rocks surrounding the sidewalk of the rectangular house we’ve stopped in front of. Once the driver opens the passenger door, I squirm and kick my legs, anxious to get out and explore. “Brian! Brian! Let me out!”

Brian chuckles as he unbuckles and slides out of the car, “Calm down, Baby Brother.” He turns and unbuckles me from the car seat, “There we go.”

“YAY!” I jump out the car and waddle onto the sidewalk to scan the ocean of rocks to my left and right, “This is so cool!” I spin toward the left-hand side and spot a giant koi pond, “WOW!” I waddle over to the pond and kneel to scan the giant koi swimming inside, "So cool!"

A black straight-haired, almond skinned woman wearing a blue and red yukata strolls through the sliding door and smiles as she watches me enjoy the koi pond, “Good morning. My name is Aiko Yokohama and this is my home, the Yokohama Family Inn.”

Brian smiles as he stops in front of Aiko with his suitcase, “Good morning, Aiko. I’m Brian. And the adorable baby boy over by the pond is my baby brother Stacey.”

Aiko bows and smiles as she returns to her normal height, “Good to meet you both.” She walks over to me and kneels beside me, “Hello Stacey.”

I turn to Aiko and smile while pointing to one of the orange and black striped koi fish, “These fish look so cool! They’re HUUUGE! I love how beautiful your house looks.”

Aiko ruffles my hair, “Thank you, sweetie. You’ll love the inside just as much.” She rises to her full height and smiles as she turns toward the open sliding door, “Follow me.”

I waddle alongside Aiko and smile toward her while Brian follows close behind, “I always wanted to visit Japan. I’m so happy.”

Aiko nods and stops inside a vast wooden floor, paper-like walled interior. This is the main hall. The first door to the left is you and your older brother’s room, my room is across from yours. There’s a bath house in the backyard to the right. You can’t miss it, it’s a giant wooden building with a tub sign on the doors.”

Aiko kneels down to me and smiles as she scans me, “So Stacey, what would you like to see first?”

I giggle and boop Aiko’s nose, “I wanna see the rooms first.”

“Alrighty then,” Aiko opens the left hand door to our guest room. “Here’s your room.”

My eyes widen as I waddle through the door and notice the mattresses with thick blankets and pillows resting against rectangular cut out wooden flooring. I stop in the center of the bedroom and dart my eyes around the white paper-like walls and notice wooden sliding doors at the end of the room. I waddle over to the wall and poke the sliding door, “Mrs. Aiko, what’s behind this door? Why are the beds on the floor?”

Aiko walks over to me and pushes the sliding door to reveal a table in the center of the room with two chairs sitting opposite the table. In front of the table rests a window that looks out on the front yard of the inn. “This is a small sitting room. And the beds here in Japan with that styling are called futons. It’s nice isn’t it?”

I smile toward her and nod, “Uh huh!” I yawn and rub my eyes, “I’m kinda sleepy though. I wanna explore more, but…”

Aiko ruffles my hair, “I know, that’s just jet lag.”

Brian walks over to me and ruffles my hair, “You can explore more after a nap.” Brian walks over to the left-hand futon and sets my diaper bag next to it. He walks over to the right-hand futon and lays his suitcase down next to it. He turns to Aiko and smiles, “Thank you for letting us stay for the week.”

Aiko smiles, “It’s no problem.” She bows, “I’ll have breakfast ready for you when you’re rested. Just let me know.” She returns to her full height and into the hallway, shutting the sliding door behind her.

Brian smiles as he sits on his futon, “This is going to be a nice vacation.” He turns to me, “Don’tcha think Stacey?”

I yawn and lie on my back atop my futon and smile toward the dragon embroidered in the ceiling, “Yeah. This is gonna rock.” I yawn again and rub my eyes. “Nappy time.” My eyes droop closed and I turn toward Brian with a smile.

Brian lies down on his futon and ruffles my hair, “Have a good nap, Stacey.” Soon he’s following his baby brother into dreamland. 



End Chapter 31

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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