From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 21
Chapter 21 (Father & Son Tales – A Toddler’s List & A Daddy’s Love)

Chapter Description: After a game of Fallout 4, I remember how much fun I had with Daddy yesterday. Good thing fun times with Daddy are just a call away.

Date: Tuesday 28-Dec-21 13:42 (Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 1:42 PM)
Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America
       I giggle as I scoot back from my Acer gaming setup and swing my legs allowing my long-sleeve purple T-shirt to flutter and my Pampers Cruisers diaper to crinkle beneath my blue jeans. I wonder if Daddy’s gonna come over?  I turn to my Samsung Galaxy S21 and enter my pin to unlock the phone.
       I swing my legs while my Acer’s Windows 11 Desktop appears, and I dial Daddy as the first of three contacts in my favorites list. I smile as I press the speakerphone button while the phone rings.
       Brian peeks into my bedroom doorway whilst his green sweater flutters and his blue jeans hug his lower body, “Hey, Stacinator.”
       I spin around to Brian causing my T-shirt to flutter and expose both my belly and the crinkly waistband of my Pampers, “Hey Brian. I’m about to call Daddy. What are you doing?”
       Brian ruffles my hair, “I was going to head out with my friends and go bowling. I was wondering if you wanted to come, but since Dad’s probably going to come over…”
       I hold my right hand in the air, cutting Brian off as Daddy’s voice echoes out of my phone…
       Brendan: Hello? Stacey? How’s my little boy doing?”
       I giggle as I turn to my phone, “I’m doing great, Daddy! I was wondering…Brian wants to go bowling with his friends and well, I don’t wanna spoil his fun. I…I was gonna call either way. I wanna spend more time with you. Yesterday was lotsa fun!”
       Brendan: I’d like that, Stacey. Is Brian gone yet?
       Brian shakes his head, “No, Dad. I can wait for you to get here and then I’ll head out.”
       Brendan: That’s cool. I’ll be over in five minutes.
       I smile at Daddy’s affirmation, “Yay! I’ll be waiting for you!” and end the call.
       Brian ruffles my hair, “I’m glad you and Dad are getting along so well.”
       I giggle at Brian’s hair ruffle, “Yeah. I never had a real daddy when I was a child the first time around, so I’m taking full advantage of this.” I smile toward Brian and he walks out of my bedroom, “Who’s at the door?”
       Brian chuckles as he opens the door to reveal his father wearing a blue long-sleeve T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. “Hey, Dad. That was quick I…”
       I waddle-run out of my bedroom, “DADDY!” cutting Brian off as I stop in front of Daddy and wrap my arms around his waist. “DADDY YOU’RE HERE!” I smile toward him and giggle.
       Brendan nods as he lifts me into his arms for a strong hug while he enters Brian’s apartment, “Yep I am.” He turns to Brian whilst patting my bottom, “I can take it from here, Brian. Go have fun.”
       Brian nods and slips his tennis shoes on at the door, “Alright.” He hums a gentle tune as he heads through the door and down the hallway to the elevators.
       I giggle as Daddy carries me across the apartment and sets me on my feet in front of the living room TV. “I’m so happy!” I yank my jeans down and kick them off to allow my Pampers full view and give my legs breathing room. I smile toward Daddy and waddle over to him seconds after he sits on the couch.
       “Daddy?” I rest my hands on his knees and smile, “So I called cause I wanted to spend time with you. What were you doing before this?”
       Brendan ruffles my hair and lifts me into the air, “Well…” He sets me on his knee and gives me a gentle bounce, “I was talking with your mommy, and I was thinking that we could alternate babysitting you on days that Brian has to work. Since he works normally on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday depending on the director, Mommy and I can alternate babysitting you on those days.”
       I giggle as I bounce on Daddy’s knee. I smile toward him as the bouncing sends happy energy through me, “I…eeee…eeee…eee…I think that’s…eeee…eeee…eeee…I think that’s great! Heee…eee…eee..eee.” This is the best! I’m so happy that I get to spend another day with Daddy! I’m so happy! I get to have all the experiences as a tot with a loving daddy and it’s AWESOME!
       Brendan chuckles as he stops bouncing me and stands me up in his lap, “Okay, so what’s on your list then?” Brendan kisses my forehead and sits me down in his lap, “What would you like to do with Daddy today?”
       I crawl out of Daddy’s lap and sit down to his right with a smile, “Well, I made a list!” I waddle out of the living room and head to my bedroom. I giggle and smile as I open my Documents folder and select Father & Son Ideas.docx. I smile as I scan the crossed off list:

Father & Son Ideas
✅Ice Cream
🟢Playing Baseball
🟢Bedtime Story

       I giggle and turn toward the printer resting behind my laptop that’s printing the list. With the list in hand, I waddle-run back to Daddy and set the list down to his right. “THERE!” I crawl into his lap and when I turn to grab the list, he scoops it up. “Hey!”
       Brendan smiles as he scans the list and ruffles my hair, “So you kept a list of things that you wanted to do with Daddy?”
       I nod and train my teary eyes on him, “I…I made a list cause…cause I never got to experience them the first time around.” I sniff and my eyes fall to the floor so I can wipe my tears, “Sowwy. I…I kinda got choked up.”
       Brendan stands me in his lap and turns me so he can raspberry my belly, “It’s okay. Daddy will make you happy. It’s Daddy’s job after all.”
       I giggle as Daddy raspberries my belly again and sets me on my feet, “Thankies. Heee…” I glance down to my bare feet and wiggle my toes, “I forgot my shoes.” I waddle into my bedroom and stop in front of my toy chest to grab my black tennis shoes with a white stripe around the bottom. I pull the black socks from within each shoe and slide them over my feet. “Daddy?” I pick up my shoes and waddle into the living room.
       Brendan smiles when he sees me waddling over holding the shoes, “Yes, Stacey?”
       I set the shoes at Daddy’s feet and slide onto my padded bottom, “Can you tie my shoes for me, Daddy?”
       Brendan nods and sits down on the floor in front of me, “Sure, I’d love to tie my little boy’s shoes.” Brendan pats his lap, “Shoe please?” Brendan chuckles when I set my shoe in his lap, “I mean foot.”
       I set my right foot in his lap, “Daddy?”
       Brendan runs his index finger along my sock covered foot with a smile, “Yes?”
       I giggle as Daddy’s foot tickling energy surges through my body, “DADDY NOOOO!”
       Brendan slides my shoe over my right foot, “Sorry. Daddy can’t help it.” He hums as he ties the shoe with a double knot. “Alrighty.” Brendan ruffles my hair and notices my big smile, “What?”
       I giggle and set my left foot in Daddy’s lap, “I should have added this to my list. Getting shoes tied by daddy. That, and being carried on your shoulders.”
       Brendan slides my shoe onto my left foot, “Well, you can print out a new list after I finish tying your shoes.” He smiles as he double knots the shoe and lifts me to my feet with a loving pat to my padded bottom. “There.”
       I giggle and waddle toward Daddy so I can wrap my arms around his neck, “I love you, Daddy!”
       Brendan smiles and returns my hug whilst patting my padded bottom, “Daddy loves you too. Now,” Brendan releases me from the hug and scoots back so he can stand up. “What did you want to do first?”
       “Let me think…” I rub my chin and tap my right foot, “OH!” I waddle-run toward my bedroom and open my Father & Son Ideas document. I smile as I add two checks and print out the list again. I grab the list off the printer and hold it high above my head as I waddle-run toward the living room where Daddy is waiting, “HERE’S THE LIST, DADDY!”
       Brendan chuckles as he takes the list and watches me bounce from one foot to the other. He scans the list…
Father & Son Ideas
✅Ice Cream
✅Playing Baseball
✅Shoes Tied By Daddy
🟢Carried On Shoulders
🟢Bedtime Story

       He folds up the list and slides it into his pocket. Brendan kneels in front of me and pokes my belly, “Well, have you had lunch yet today?”
       My belly growls and I glance down to poke my belly button, “Heee…I did but I guess I’m hungry again.” I smile toward Daddy and poke his nose, “Maybe we could go to Forest Park and have some food from the Boathouse. Then…then we could sit under the trees and listen to the bands play.”
       Brendan nods, “That’s a good idea, Stacey.” and walks toward my bedroom to grab my diaper bag. He grabs my folded up purple blanket sitting on my crib bars and slides that into my diaper bag. He turns to my doorway and finds me standing there smiling wide. “Are you ready, Little Boy?”
       I giggle and waddle over to Daddy to wrap my arms around his waist, “Yush!”
       Brendan scoops me into his arms and sets me on his shoulders, “Well…” He holds onto my legs and squats a little so he can walk through the doorway without me hitting my head, “Let’s head out.”
       I smile wide as Daddy carries me out of the apartment complex on his shoulders. I dart my eyes around the area as daddy stops at the crosswalk between the apartment complex and the parking lot. I wave at a teenage girl and giggle when her compliment of “aww, you’re a cutie” reaches my ears.
       Brendan smiles as he crosses to the parking lot, “Someone is a popular toddler.”
       I giggle as Daddy stops in front of his car and sets me in my car seat, “I know, Daddy. I’m glad I’m a toddler.” I swing my legs as Daddy secures my five-point harness and shuts the passenger door. I continue to swing my legs while he sets my diaper bag on the seat on my left and hop in the driver’s seat. “I’m happy, Daddy.”
       Brendan smiles at me via the rear-view mirror and begins the drive toward Forest Park, “I’m glad, Stacey.”
Date: Tuesday 28-Dec-21 15:00 (Tuesday, December 28, 2021, 3:00 PM)
Location: Grasslands of Forest Park Boathouse, Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America, Planet Earth
       I giggle and smile toward Daddy while we sit on my blankie whilst the band’s gentle jazz music echoes around the boathouse area. I dart my eyes across the boathouse across the street from us and turn to Daddy, so I poke his nose, “This was lots of fun, Daddy!”
       Brendan turns to me and smiles, “I’m glad you liked it, Stacey.” Brendan chuckles as he takes the full force of my weight when I tacklehug him, “Silly Little Boy you are.” Brendan smiles as he returns my hug and pats my padded bottom, “Daddy’s happy that you’re happy though.”
       I smile as I snuggle close to Daddy, enjoying his warm hug and the gentle jazz music echoing across the park. This is the bestest! I’m so happy right now. Nothing could make this day better at all.



End Chapter 21

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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