From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

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Chapter 34
Chapter 34 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 4 – Friendships and Exploring The City)

Chapter Description: Chapter 34: Morning has arrived. Gonna see if Chiyo-chan is up so we can go exploring. Seems like she has the same idea. Time to go to the playground and see what we can uncover about ourselves and the wonders of the area.

Date: Saturday 11-Jun-22 06:30 (Saturday, June 11, 2022, 6:30 AM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

My eyes snap open and I sit up on my futon. I smile as I dart my eyes around my guest room whilst my purple T-shirt flutters and my Pampers Cruisers diaper crinkles as I shift in my seated position. I turn to my right and find Brian fast asleep, “I guess Brian’s still tired from the festival last night. It was really fun!”

I jump up from my futon and waddle toward the sliding door whilst my Pampers Cruisers’ wetness indicator shifts from yellow-green at the top to yellow while remaining yellow green from the middle downward. “I wonder if Chiyo-chan is up.” I slide the door open and waddle across the hallway to find Aiko-san’s bedroom door open, but her room is empty.

“I wonder if Aiko-san is up already.” I waddle back into my guest room and pick up my phone so I can double tap the screen. I giggle when I scan the time…


Date: Saturday 11-Jun-22 06:36 (Saturday, June 11, 2022, 6:36 AM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

“It still surprises me how fast time flies.” I set my phone back down and turn to waddle into the hallway. When I reach Chiyo’s room, I tap on the door, “Chiyo-chan? Are you up?”

Aiko smiles as she tapes a fresh Pampers Baby Dry diaper around her daughter’s waist, “Sounds like your friend is up, Chiyo-chan.”

“YAY!” Chiyo giggles as she stands up on the changing table and wiggles her diapered bottom, “STACEY-KUN! I’M UP!” She jumps down from the changing table and waddles over to the door whilst her blue T-shirt adorned with a dragon in the center flutters, doing nothing to hide the Pampers Baby Dry diaper hugging her waist.

Chiyo opens the door and smiles at me, “Good morning, Stacey-kun!”

I giggle and wrap my arms around Chiyo, “Good morning, Chiyo-chan!”

Chiyo smiles as she breaks free of the hug and darts her eyes up and down, “You need changies.” Chiyo turns to her mommy and pushes me toward her, “Mommy, Stacey-kun needs changies! He’s wet.”

I giggle and rub the back of my head, “Chiyo-chaaan…”

Aiko kneels in front of me and boops my nose, “Nothing to worry about, Stacey-kun, that’s what they’re for after all.” She scoops me into her arms and lays me down on Chiyo-chan’s changing table, “I’ll have you changed in a jiffy.” Aiko unfastens my wet diaper and lifts my legs to slide it away.

“Okay.” I turn to Chiyo as she waddles over to the changing table and rests her hands on the stepladder rising toward the top, “Chiyo-chan? Whatcha wanna do today?” I giggle when the ice-cold baby wipes contact my skin, “COLD! Heee…”

Aiko chuckles as she finishes getting me dry and lowers my legs so she can toss the wipes into my old diaper, “All done, now just gotta get the powder.” She grabs the baby powder and lifts my legs with her left hand so she can powder my uplifted bottom with her right hand.

Chiyo giggles as she ascends the stepladder and sits down beside my head, “Well, Stacey-kun, maybe we could go back to the park. There’s a playground there that’s got lots of cool stuff!”

My eyes widen at Chiyo as I’m lowered onto a fresh Pampers Baby Dry diaper and the Sesame Street character decorated shell is brought up to my belly, “Really? Like what?”

Chiyo boops my nose, “They’ve got a rock-climbing wall, they’ve got slides and swings, and they’ve got a huge sandbox.” Chiyo turns to her mommy, “Mommy, can Stacey and I go to the park today and go exploring?”

Aiko nods as she secures the right-hand diaper tape, “Of course, I let Brian know.” Aiko secures the left-hand diaper tape and pats my diaper, “All dry, Stacinator.”

I sit up and turn to Chiyo, “Let’s go now!”

Chiyo scoots back and stands up, “Yeah!” She jumps down from the changing table and waddles toward her door. She spins on her feet and smiles toward me, “Come on, Crinklebutt Stacey-chan!”

I giggle as I stand up on the changing table and wiggle my diapered bottom, “I’m coming.” I jump off the changing table and waddle over to Chiyo, “I’m ready, Chiyo-chan.”

Aiko zips up Chiyo’s blue backpack and walks over to us, “Chiyo-chan, here’s your backpack. It’s got twenty Pampers Baby Dry diapers, that should be enough between you two tots, it also has two bottles of baby powder, two boxes of baby wipes, six baby bottles of lemonade, and six bottles of orange soda.”

Aiko kneels to us and boops our noses with her damp, sanitized hands, “Chiyo-chan, Stacey-kun, have fun.” She turns to Chiyo-chan, “You know where all the caregivers in the park are? The caregiver stations?”

Chiyo-chan nods, “Yes, Mommy. I go there for changies ‘member?”

Aiko chuckles as she gently pushes Chiyo and I onto our bottoms, “Ah, so that’s why you’re not soaked when you get home from a day out exploring.”

Chiyo-chan giggles and pokes her Mommy’s nose, “Yeppers.”

“Caregiver Stations?” I tap Chiyo’s shoulder while Aiko slides purple crocs on mine and Chiyo’s feet, “What are those?” I jump to my feet and turn to Chiyo, “I’ve never heard of those before.”

Chiyo jumps to her feet and wiggles her toes in her crocs as she waddles into the hallway. She smiles as she turns to me, “Come on!”

I waddle-run into the hallway and grab Chiyo’s hand, “Okay.” I waddle alongside her toward the front yard and dart my eyes around the neighborhood seconds after we reach the sidewalk, “So, what are Caregiver Stations?”

Chiyo turns left and waddles alongside me down the sidewalk, “They’re these blue rectangular buildings with a sign that has a baby and a bottle on them. They have two caretakers at a minimum at all times. They help change kiddos and feed kiddos if they’re hungry, and they also provide emergency services if needed. They’re scattered all across the park. The playground has one right when you enter.”

“Oh…I understand now.” I dart my eyes around the classic Japanese style roofed houses that we’re passing by, “This neighborhood is really cool, Chiyo-chan. It’s got that classic Japanese styling, and I really like it.”

Chiyo smiles as we stop at an intersection with a directional sign, “I know. I love it too. See that sign, Stacey?”

I dart my eyes to the sign in the middle of the road and smile at the directional arrows pointing to each location: ß Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park | à Koto City Business District | ⬆️ Koto City Kindergarten. “Wow…that’s useful.”

Chiyo nods, “Yeppers, makes it easier for kiddos like us to find where we’re going. And we’re going to the park!” Chiyo swings my arm and smiles as we waddle down the sidewalk to the left.

I smile as Chiyo swings my arm while we waddle down the sidewalk. I giggle as we pass two teenage girls and their comments of “Aww they’re cute.”, “So adorable.” reach my ears.

Chiyo giggles as we keep walking, “Looks like we’re popular. Most kiddos like us would be popular with teen girls though. They love being able to be a Big Sister to kids like us. Our cuteness is too powerful for them!”

I giggle and boop Chiyo’s nose, “Yeah, Chiyo-chan. I also noticed they didn’t say nothing about us just being in shirts and Pampers either. They just said we were cute.”

Chiyo nods as she stops at the intersection to let the car pass through the road, “That’s cause we’re toddlers, Stacey. Ages 2-6 here are toddlers and we’re small and cute. Kids 7 through 12 don’t like showing off their cute Pampers so they wear shorts over them. And teens well…they have to show off an air of big brother/big sister so they don’t show them either. Unless at home, home is different.”

“I see.” I waddle alongside Chiyo down the sidewalk and dart my eyes across the neighborhood, “It’s really peaceful too.”

Chiyo smiles when she sees the entrance sign for the park, “We’re close.” She releases my hand and turns to me, “Race ya!” She points to the golden arched entrance sign in the distance and turns to waddle-run down the sidewalk.

“HEY!” I waddle-run after Chiyo and giggle as the wind rushes through my hair whilst my purple T-shirt flutters, “I’M GONNA GET CHU!”


Date: Saturday 11-Jun-22 07:31 (Saturday, June 11, 2022, 7:31 AM)

Location: Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan

I sigh as I reach the entrance of the park with Chiyo knelt beside me. I turn toward her with a smile as I rise to my full height and catch my breath, “Ahhhhh…that was fun!”

Chiyo turns to me and pats my shoulder, “Yeah!” She slides her backpack off and unzips it, “Wanna drink?”

“Yes please?” I smile as I watch Chiyo reach into her backpack and pull out two baby bottles: one with orange soda and the other with lemonade. “Thankies, Chiyo-chan!” I take the bottle of orange soda and suckle it to half. I pull the bottle from my lips, “Ahhhh…” and smile toward Chiyo as she zips her bag and slides it back over her shoulder. “So, where’s the playground?”

Chiyo drains her bottle to half and turns to me with a smile, “Follow me, it’s just down the red brick path to our left. Remember we went straight when we came last time?”

“Uh huh!” I waddle alongside Chiyo on the red brick path, “I remember that.” Within minutes of following the path the trees break to reveal a giant playground. To our left rests that giant blue rectangular building with twin doors and painted rainbow windows. Above the door rests the circular sign with a baby and a bottle. “So that’s the Caregiver Station, Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo nods, “Uh huh! They have everything a kiddo needs if that need arises.” She boops my nose and turns me to my right, “Look it!”

My eyes widen as I scan the playground before me. To my left rests a volleyball court, after the volleyball court is approximately 30 feet of low-cut grass. Resting in the center is a swing set and five slides. A few yards in front of the swing set and slides rests a sandbox, and to the left of the sandbox is a jungle gym.

Behind the swing set and slides resides a giant rock-climbing wall. I giggle when I spot a green haired toddler boy wearing a blue T-shirt, Pampers Cruisers diaper, and tennis shoes stopping in the middle of the what seems to be a 20-foot-tall rocking climbing wall to drain his bottle and clip it back on his shirt to continue climbing, “Wow.”

I dart my eyes around the playground and notice that the volleyball court is occupied by six toddlers, three boys, three girls. The boys are wearing blue T-shirts, Pampers Cruisers diapers, and white tennis shoes, while the girls are wearing green T-shirts, Pampers Baby Dry diapers, and green crocs. “They seem to be deep in their game.”

I turn toward the swing set and find it empty, the same can be said for the slide and sandbox. “I forgot to bring my bucket and shovel for the sandbox.” I turn to Chiyo, “Did you pack one, Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo slides her backpack off, “Mommy didn’t say she packed them.” She unzips her backpack and darts her eyes through the contents, “OH YEAH! I ‘member now! I packed them yesterday cause I wanted to go to the park with you today. I forgot they were in here.” Chiyo pulls the two buckets and shovels out of her backpack and sets them in front of me, “TADA!”

“YES!” I grab one of the play tool pairs and waddle over to the empty sandbox, “Let’s make a sand castle city!”

Chiyo giggles and zips up her backpack, “Okay.” She slides the backpack onto her shoulders and picks up her play tools, “I’m coming!” She waddle-runs over to the sandbox and slides her backpack off so she can set it down to her right. Chiyo smiles as she drives her bucket through the sand.

I smile as I repeat the same gestures and begin unearthing upside-down bucket shaped structures. I turn to Chiyo-chan and my eyes widen at the house shaped sand structure she’s building, “WOW! How’d you do that?”

Chiyo smiles at me, “I just have that ability. I bet you do too.”

I giggle and smile as I scan my bucket shaped structures. I did create this world via that website. I never went into my powers or anything though. However, since I created this world, I should be able to manipulate my abilities as such. I squint my eyes as I stare at my sand structure and maneuver my hands around it.

My eyes widen as the upside sand structures take the shape of the Tokyo Tower and my Saleen SR from Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix, “OH COOL!” I exhale and smile at my construction. I can’t believe I was able to do that. So…so that’s my power. I can take into something, I have no idea what it is, but I can make this stuff.

I dart my eyes around the area and notice the toddlers still playing volleyball, oblivious to what we’re doing. I turn to Chiyo and giggle, “I guess we both have an ability to manipulate sand.”

Chiyo giggles and boops my nose, “I have many abilities. Wanna see?”

I jump to my feet, “Sure! I got something to tell you too.” I waddle after Chiyo and spot trees ahead of us, “Where are we going?”

Chiyo giggles as she stops at the trees, out of sight of the toddlers and the playground, and turns to me, “Right here. Now what did you wanna tell me?”

I swallow the lump in my throat and inhale, “Well…”


Chiyo’s eyes widen as she slides onto her diapered bottom, “Wow…”

I giggle and ruffle Chiyo’s hair, “Yeah, I created this entire dimension. Yeah, I used to be a 28-year-old adult. Yeah, I went to a website that had a connection to The Large Hydron Collider which allowed me to enter a dimension and control it wholly myself. I’ve never left Earth, so as far as I know there are other toddler civilizations out there among the stars, but this society hasn’t reached the point of being able to do proper space travel like those societies.”

I bow my head and press my index fingers together, “Do you still like me, Chiyo-chan? You don’t think I’m crazy do you?”

Chiyo giggles and kisses my cheek, “I think you’re awesome! I showed you that I could make those cool sand sculptures and then you were able to do it immediately. It took me a whole year to master that stuff. Plus the fact that you created this whole world, this entire universe dimension is AWESOME!”

I blink twice and raise my eyes to my friend, “Wait…so you’ve been sand castle building since you were two? She took me being the creator of this dimension in stride too. I’m glad I have Chiyo-chan as a friend.

Chiyo nods and boops my nose, “Yeppers. So, what else did you wanna tell me?”

I boop Chiyo’s nose and smile when she giggles, “Well I don’t age. Me, Brian, our Mommy, Daddy, and Brian’s big brother. None of us age. It’s cause of how I made this dimension. You guys don’t age either…or rather stop aging after a certain point and can decide if you wanna stay a certain age.”

Chiyo’s eyes widen, “Really?!”

I giggle and hug Chiyo, “Yeppers!” I release her from the hug and waddle toward the playground, “I bet you wanna stay three forever and for your Mommy to stay her age forever. The max age adults can be in this dimension is 30 anyways. You need all the energy to keep up with us fast tykes after all.”

I stop at the sand structures we built and turn to Chiyo as she sits down and slides her backpack off, “So…you already made that choice didn’t you?”

Chiyo nods and bows her head, “When I had my third birthday my wish was to be this little forever and for my mommy to always be there to care for me. For both of us to always be happy.” Chiyo smiles at me despite the tears inching down her face, “Cause…cause we only always had each other. And…and…”

I wrap my arms around Chiyo and kiss her cheek, “That’s all it takes.” I break free of the hug and smile at her as she wipes her tears, “I’m glad we know this now. It’s our secret. Rather a family secret between our families.”

Chiyo sniffs and nods, “Yeah.”

I jump to my feet and waddle over to the slides, “Come on, let’s play more!”

Chiyo jumps up and waddles over to the slide to the right of mine, “Yeah!” She climbs the ladder and sits on the top. She turns to me with a smile, “First one down gets tickled.”

“You’re on!” I giggle as we push off and slide down at the same time, “WEEEEEEEEEEE!” My giggles echo across the playground as I reach the bottom of the slide and turn to see Chiyo waddling over to me, “Hey, Chiyo-chan!”

Chiyo lifts me to my feet and tickles my sides, “HA! HA! HAAAAAAA GOTCHA!”

“WAAAA! HA! HA! HA!” I squirm and stomp my feet as Chiyo’s tickling energy surges through me, “STAAAAHP! CHIYO-CHAN! HA! HA! HAAAAAAA!”


Date: Saturday 11-Jun-22 11:28 (Saturday, June 11, 2022, 11:28 AM)

Location: Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan

I smile toward Chiyo as we set our third empty baby bottles back in her backpack, “This is lots of fun!”  I glance down to my Pampers and giggle at the yellow-green wetness indicator right as my belly growls. “I think I need changies.”

I crawl over to Chiyo and poke her Pampers Baby Dry diaper, “Do you need changies, Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo giggles as she lifts her shirt and glances down to her Pampers Baby Dry diaper. She giggles at the yellow wetness indicator and lowers her shirt as she jumps to her feet, “I guess we both need changies.” Her belly growls and she giggles, “And food.”

“Yeah.” I waddle toward the Caregiver Station with Chiyo waddling close behind me.


Date: Saturday 11-Jun-22 11:28 (Saturday, June 11, 2022, 11:28 AM)

Location: Caregiver Station #1, Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan

I pull open the door and dart my eyes around the room. At the back of the room rests twin changing tables and a door to what appears to be an exam room. Against the left wall I spot one cream colored male and one tan, cream skinned female both wearing baby blue aprons with the Caretaker Center logo in the upper right.

In front of the caregivers is a white table with a baby blue cloth. I lick my lips at the plates of bananas and chocolate chip cookies. I turn to Chiyo, “Chiyo-chan they got cookies.  Where’d they get them?”

The female caregiver walks over and kneels in front of us, “Hello, Little Ones. I am Nanoyaru Hikaru.” She turns toward the male caregiver who’s setting more treat plates out on the table from what I can tell is a kitchen counter amongst a kitchen island. “The caregiver preparing the snacks for the little ones that get hungry is my brother Nanoyaru Sachihiro.”

Hikaru ruffles my hair, “You can call me Hikaru-neesan and my brother Sachihiro-niichan if you need one of us. And as I can tell,” She pats my diapered bottom and turns to Chiyo to scan her diaper’s wetness indicator, “you both need diaper changes, correct?”

“Uh huh!” I boop Hikaru’s nose and raise my arms, “Can you change us please?”

Hikaru ruffles my hair, “Of course. What’s your name, Little One?”

I smile as Hikaru lifts me into her arms, “I’m Stacey Ayodele. I’m visiting from The States.”

Hikaru walks over to the changing table and lays me down, “Nice to meet you, Stacey.” She reaches under the changing table for a fresh Pampers Baby Dry diaper, wipes, and baby powder to set at my feet. She unfastens my wet diaper and lifts me up to slide it away. “How are you enjoying your visit?”

I giggle while Hikaru gets me dry, “I’m loving it.” I turn to Chiyo as she waddles over to us and grabs ahold of Hikaru’s apron. “Chiyo-chan is my bestest friend!”

Hikaru smiles as she lowers my legs so she can roll my old diaper into a ball and toss it into the diaper pail, “I see. I’m glad you’re making friends, Stacey.” She grabs the baby powder and lifts my legs with her left hand so she can powder my uplifted bottom with her right hand, “I’m sure that you and Chiyo will have lots of fun.”

I smile toward Hikaru as she slides the fresh Pampers under me and brings the Sesame Street character decorated shell up to my belly, “Thankies.” I glance down to the diaper as it’s taped snug around my waist and I kick my legs whilst the fresh diaper crinkles, “Thankies for the change.”

Hikaru pats my diaper and lifts me into the air, “You’re welcome, Stacey.” Once my feet stop kicking, she sets me on my feet and turns me toward Sachihiro with a loving pat on my diapered bottom, “Go and get something to eat before you leave.”

I smile toward Hikaru, “Okay.” and waddle-run toward Sachihiro while Hikaru lifts Chiyo onto the changing table. I smile at Sachihiro as he presents me with the plate, “Thankies, Sachihiro-niichan!”

Sachihiro smiles and ruffles my hair whilst his dark brown eyes watch over me as I eat the sliced banana, “You’re welcome, Stacey-kun.” He turns toward Chiyo as she waddles over to the table and hugs me from behind, “Hello, Chiyo-chan, nice to see you again.”

I dart my eyes between Sachihiro and Chiyo, “You know each other?”

Chiyo giggles and nods, “Uh huh! Sachihiro-niichan has been a caregiver at this park every time I’ve visited for the past year.” Chiyo noms one of the banana slices and bites her cookie in half, “Sometimes he and his sister switch caregiver stations with other caregivers.”

“Oh…” I finish off my banana slices and devour my chocolate chip cookie, oblivious to the mess my face has become, “That was good.” I turn to Sachihiro with a smile, “Thankies!”

Sachihiro chuckles as he grabs a baby wipe and walks over to clean my face, “You’re welcome, Stacey-kun. Such a messy eater.”

I giggle as the baby wipe sails across my face, “Thankies Sachihiro-niichan!”

Sachihiro smiles as he ruffles my hair and tosses the wipe in the trash, “You’re welcome, Stacey-kun.”

I turn to Chiyo and smile, “Ready to go back home? What time is it?” I turn to Sachihiro, “Sachihiro-niichan, what time is it?”

Sachihiro glances toward his watch and turns back to us…


Date: Saturday 11-Jun-22 11:54 (Saturday, June 11, 2022, 11:54 AM)

Location: Caregiver Station #1, Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan

“It’s almost 12PM.”

I yawn and rub my eyes, “We’ll never make it back home walking.”

Chiyo yawns and giggles, “Yeah…” She rubs her eyes and turns to Sachihiro, “You remember that creation portal thingy you showed me?”

Sachihiro nods, “Yeah, I can open a portal for each of you that leads to your bedroom at the Yokohama Family Inn. I can only open one portal for one room though.”

I blink twice at Sachihiro’s statements and turn to Chiyo with another yawn, “He can open portals to other places?”

Chiyo yawns and her eyes droop, “Uh huhs…the Nanoyaru Family are shamans. I remember Mommy telling me about the Age Shamans back in the Civil War days of America and she also told me about other shamans that were scattered across…” Chiyo yawns again and wobbles.

I turn to Sachihiro, “So…you can do that? What…what else?” I wobble as sleepiness begins to overtake me.

Sachihiro lifts Chiyo and I into his arms and a portal to Yokohama Family Inn appears behind him. Within the portal, an empty hallway leading to Chiyo’s and my rooms can be seen. “I can tell you after your nap. Hikaru, I’ll be back.”

Hikaru turns to her brother with a smile, “Alrighty. It’s pretty slow today.”

Sachihiro turns and steps through the portal.


Date: Saturday 11-Jun-22 12:02 (Saturday, June 11, 2022, 12:02 PM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

Sachihiro smiles as he steps onto the hallway floor and the portal behind him fades, “We’re back, Chiyo-chan, Stacey-kun.” He glances down into his arms and bounces the sleepy toddlers.

I yawn and rub my eyes as I smile toward Sachihiro, “That was neato, Sachihiro-niichan.”

Aiko smiles as she steps out of the kitchen and spots Sachihiro holding me and a sleepy Chiyo, “Hey Sachihiro-kun, I take it they’re sleepy tots after their day at the park huh?”

Sachihiro nods as he carries us into the Chiyo’s bedroom and lays us down in her crib, “Yeah, they had lots of fun and at the end they came to our Caretaker Station for changes and a snack. By the time they were finished they were sleepy. It is nap time for them anyway.”

Sachihiro turns to Aiko with a smile right as Brian steps beside her, “Hello, I’m Sachihiro-san. And you are?”

Brian waves at Sachihiro, “I’m Brian-san, Stacey-kun’s older brother.”

Sachihiro nods, “He’s a cute kid, you’re very lucky.”

Brian smiles and rubs the back of his head as he enters Chiyo’s bedroom and watches me nap while holding Chiyo’s hand, “They’re so precious. They had lots of fun and then got tuckered out.”

Sachihiro smiles as he watches us nap, “Yeah, they’re precious tots. Glad to see Chiyo with a friend now. Makes me happy to know she’s not lonely anymore.”

Brian nods, “Yeah, I’m glad Stacey gets to have more friends his own age. It’s nice.” Brian turns to Sachihiro and shakes his hand, “Thanks for watching over them.”

Sachihiro enjoys the handshake and breaks it seconds later, “You’re welcome, Brian-san. My sister Hikaru and I enjoyed having them.” He glances to his watch, “I’ve gotta go. See you later.” He walks into the hallway and a portal appears back to the Caregiver Station at the park. Within seconds of him stepping in, the portal vanishes.

Brian walks into the hallway and blinks twice at Sachihiro being gone, “Where’d he go?”

Aiko chuckles and pats Brian’s shoulder as she guides him out of Chiyo’s bedroom so Chiyo and I can nap in peace, “Have you heard of The African-American Age Shamans?”

Brian nods, “I have, Stacey and I learned about them.”

Aiko pats Brian’s shoulder, “There’s much we need to talk about shamans.”



End Chapter 34

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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