From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

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Chapter 25
Chapter 25 (Mommy & Son Experiences – Breakfast, Games, & Hot Cocoa)

Chapter Description: Chapter 25: New Year’s means new work schedule for Brian. Mommy’s here though. So…time for Mommy/Son bonding time over the Winter that has gripped the city.

Date: Tuesday 04-Jan-22 06:40 (Tuesday, January 4, 2022, 6:40 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

My eyes snap open and I kick my legs allowing my purple blanket to fly toward the foot of my crib and reveal my purple T-shirt and Pampers Cruisers diaper hugging my waist. I sit up in my crib and glance down to my diaper. I giggle as I trace the multicolored circles and run my finger down the yellow-green wetness indicator whilst my diaper crinkles.

“I’m so glad I’m a toddler. New year in my parallel world, no more adult worries, no more jobs, no more responsibilities.” I rub my eyes and turn toward my open door. I blink twice when I don’t see Brian walking past my bedroom toward the kitchen, “Where’s Brian?”

Sarah smiles as she walks toward my bedroom whilst her red dress sweeps the floor. When she stops at my door, she waves and kneels with her arms open wide, “Good morning, Baby.”

“MOMMY!” I backpedal toward my left hand crib bars and waddle-run toward the right hand ones while jumping. “WEEEEEEEE!” My happy squeals echo across my bedroom as I fly over my crib bars and land on my feet a few feet away from my crib. I giggle as I turn toward Mommy and waddle over to wrap my arms around her neck, “MOMMY’S HERE!”

Sarah giggles as she returns my hug whilst patting my padded bottom, “Yep, Mommy’s here.” Sarah rises and carries me over to my changing table to lay me down. She pokes my belly and unfastens my wet diaper, “First thing’s first, Baby. Mommy needs to change your Pampers.” She lifts my legs and slides the diaper away with her left hand and grabs some Pampers Complete Baby wipes with her right hand.

I giggle and kick my legs while Mommy begins working on getting me dry whilst tossing the wipes in my old diaper, “So, what are we gonna do today, Mommy? And…and where’s Brian? Normally he sees me off in the morning.”

Sarah chuckles as she lowers my legs so she can toss the last wipe inside, “Well you were snoring, Baby. Brian didn’t want to wake you up.” Sarah rolls my old diaper into a taped ball and tosses it in the diaper pail, “No one wants a cranky baby.”

I giggle and boop Mommy’s nose as she lifts my legs with her left hand and powders my uplifted bottom with her right hand, “Yeah, that’s true.” I turn toward my toy chest while Mommy slides a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper under my bottom, “Does Brian have to work today, Mommy?”

Sarah brings the multicolored circle shell up to my belly, “Yeah, New Year means new schedules.” Sarah fastens the left tape of my diaper and pokes my belly, “Brian works Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday with alternating Saturday and Sunday.” Sarah fastens the right tape of my diaper, “Monday through Wednesday he works 9AM to 5PM, Saturday he works 9AM to 5PM and on Sunday he works 9AM to 1PM.”

Sarah lifts me into her arms for a loving hug and a couple freshly diapered bottom pats, “You’re not upset?”

I shake my head and rest it over Mommy’s shoulder as she walks toward the bathroom, “Nuu…I kinda wish he didn’t have to work alternating Saturdays and Sundays though.” I sigh as Mommy sets me on my feet in front of the sink and she washes her hands. I glance down to the white tile floor of the bathroom and stomp my foot, “Well, at least he loves his job.”

I smile toward Mommy when she flicks warm water at me, “MOMMY!”

Sarah kneels and ruffles my hair, “Yes, Baby Boy?”

I wrap my arms around Mommy’s neck and kiss her cheek, “I love you, Mommy!”

Sarah hugs me close and rises to her full five-foot height, “Mommy loves you too.” She chuckles when she steps into the hallway between the living room and kitchen and hears my belly growl, “I think my baby boy is hungry.”

I giggle as Mommy holds me out at arm’s length and I kick my legs, “Yush.” I smile when Mommy hugs me close and pats my bottom while carrying me toward the kitchen, “Mommy what are we having for breakfast?”

Sarah sets me in my booster seat at the dining room table and walks over to the fridge, “What would my baby boy like?”

I lick my lips and swing my legs, “Sausage links and waffles, Mommy!” I giggle and smile as I watch Mommy go between the stove and the toaster preparing the sausage links and waffles. I’m so happy. Even though Brian has to work, I still have his Mommy and Daddy to shower me with love and kisses. I wonder what…I KNOW!


Date: Tuesday 04-Jan-22 07:06 (Tuesday, January 4, 2022, 7:06 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I giggle and swing my legs as Mommy sets my plate of sausage links and waffles in front of me. I smile toward her seconds after she begins cutting up my waffle, “Mommy you don’t have to.”

Sarah ruffles my hair, “As your mommy I want to. I want my baby boy to just enjoy being a toddler and I want to see his smiling face.” Sarah smiles at the smaller rectangular slices of waffle and cuts up a piece of sausage link for each rectangle of waffle. “Alrighty.” She spears a piece of waffle and sausage covered in maple syrup and drives it around my mouth.

I giggle as the sweet smell of syrup fills my nose, “So good!” which allows Mommy to drive the fork to my open mouth. I close my mouth around the fork and smile at the deliciousness as Mommy pulls the fork free. I swing my legs and munch on the delicious waffle and sausage, “SO GOOD, MOMMY!”

Sarah smiles and ruffles my hair, “Good. Glad you like it, Baby.” She chuckles when I pick up some of the waffle-sausage link covered in syrup and drive it toward my mouth. “Oh Stacey…” She walks into the living room to grab the baby wipes off the table and rushes back into the kitchen to set them in front of me, “Silly Baby is all messy.”

I giggle and smile toward Mommy despite my hands and face being all sticky and covered in syrup as I grab another helping of the food, “IT’S SO GOOD!”

Sarah gently holds my hands and cleans them with the baby wipe, “Mommy knows, but baby needs to either use utensils or let me feed you. I don’t want you to get syrup in your hair, sweetie.”

I giggle as Mommy tosses the baby wipe in the trash, “But Mommy, then I’d be extra sweet right?”

Sarah chuckles at my toddler mindset and kisses my forehead, “Yes, Baby. You’d be so sweet you’d need a bath.”

My giggles stop instantly and I cross my arms, “No bath.”

Sarah boops my nose and wipes my chin and cheeks with another baby wipe, “Then no more eating with your hands unless it’s chicken tenders, burgers, fries, or other finger foods okay?”

I giggle when Mommy boops my nose again, “Okay, Mommy!” I glance down to my plate and when I pick up my fork, it slips through my fingers, “Mommy…I can’t.” I try to pick up the fork again and it crashes on the table, “I can’t do it!” I slam my fist on the table and kick my legs as a tantrum begins to take hold.

Sarah lifts me out of my booster seat and hugs me close whilst patting my bottom and rubbing my back, “It’s alright Stacey, your hands are just wet from the baby wipes that’s all.” Sarah brings me out of the hug five minutes later and kisses my forehead, “Better?”

I sniff and nod, “Yush.” I crane my neck toward the plate and glance down to the floor, “Not hungry anymore.”

Sarah scans my half empty plate, “Are you sure, sweetie?” and sets me on my feet. “You only ate half.”

I waddle toward the balcony and watch the neighborhood below, “Yeah.” I belch and giggle as I waddle toward my bedroom and kneel in front of my open toy chest. I smile when I spot my deck of UNO cards in a green pencil box. I pull the cards from the box and waddle-run back to Mommy who’s washing the dishes, “Mommy?”

Sarah turns to me and smiles at the UNO cards, “You want to play a game?”

I nod and smile toward Mommy, “Uh huh!”

Sarah turns back to the dishes, “Just let Mommy finish this then we’ll play.”

“Okay, Mommy.” I waddle into the living room and sit down in front of the TV with my Samsung Galaxy S21. I clap my bare feet together as I begin playing Bejeweled while I wait for Mommy.


Date: Tuesday 04-Jan-22 07:25 (Tuesday, January 4, 2022, 7:25 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

Sarah smiles when she enters the living room and sees me focused deep on my game while six baby bottles surround me. Guess my little boy got hyper focused on his game. Sarah kneels behind me and notices my Classic Score of 600,000. Wow…he really is good at this. Sarah slides a finger into the cuff of my diaper and pats my bottom. A little damp, but he’ll hold up.

Sarah sits down on the couch and lifts her purse from the floor to sift through for books to read to me later.

My eyes widen at the GAME OVER screen and I jump to my feet, “Darn.” I waddle back to my bedroom to set my phone next to my computer and waddle into the living room, “Mommy?”

Sarah shuts her purse and smiles toward me, “Yes, Baby?”

I waddle over to Mommy and rest my hands on her knees, “I wanna play UNO. Wanna play?” I turn to pick my UNO cards off the floor. I turn back to Mommy with a smile as I hold the deck close to my chest.

Sarah ruffles my hair, “Sure, sweetie.” and lifts me into the air to set me down on the couch across from her. She takes the cards from me and scoots back a little so there’s space between us to lay the cards down. She shuffles the deck and deals out seven cards for each of us. Sarah smiles as she sets the remaining deck on the left and sets a green seven to the right of the deck.

I giggle and smile as I set a red seven, “This is gonna be fun.”

Sarah giggles as she sets a red skip down, followed by a wild draw four. “Yep.”

I wag my tongue at Mommy as I draw four cards. “I wonder how Imma win.


Date: Tuesday 04-Jan-22 10:25 (Tuesday, January 4, 2022, 10:25 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I swallow the lump in my throat at my hand of seven cards while Mommy has no cards at all, “Wow.” I toss my sevens and nines on top of the deck and waddle over to the TV, “I can’t believe it.”

Sarah gathers up the cards and sets them inside the pencil box, “Well we can’t win them all, Stacey.”

“Yeah…” I turn toward the balcony and waddle over to the door. I smile when I see snow lightly falling, “MOMMY! LOOK IT! SNOW!”

Sarah rises from the couch and walks over to the balcony. She smiles and ruffles my hair, “Yep, I guess it’s finally starting.” She pulls her phone from her pocket and chuckles at the temperature, “If you’re going outside, Stacey, it’s 25 degrees. Make sure you wear your pants. Mommy doesn’t want your legs getting cold.”

I turn to Mommy and giggle, “What about furry long socks, Mommy? I hate pants.”

Sarah rubs her chin, “Hmm…I didn’t think of that.” and kneels to poke my belly. “And where did you get them, Silly?”

I waddle toward my bedroom and open my changing table’s second drawer. I pull out the pair of knee high black furry socks and pull them up and over my knees. I giggle at the warmth and waddle-run back into the living room, “See, Mommy?”

Sarah chuckles at the socks and notices that they appear to be nothing but fur, “Wow…” She lifts me into the air and lays me down on the couch. She lifts my right foot into the air and finds the entire bottom of the foot is padded, “These are nice, Stacey.” Sarah stands me up in her lap and pats my padded bottom, “Well as long as you don’t stay out too long and wear a thick jacket or sweater, Mommy’s okay with it.”

She turns toward balcony, “It might take a while for the snow to build up though.” and turns back to me with a nose boop. “What would you like to do until then?”

I squirm in Mommy’s lap as I ponder my next decision. “Um…”

Sarah chuckles as she watches me squirm, “What’s up Mister Squirmy?”

I stop squirming and sigh as hissing echoes around me, carrying the five bottles I had during my Bejeweled game out of my body. I giggle and smile toward Mommy, “I need changies, Mommy.”

Sarah lays me down on the couch and grabs a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper, wipes, and powder from under the couch. “So that’s why you were squirmy.”

I giggle as Mommy lightly taps my head with the fresh Pampers. I blink twice and grab the Pampers so I can scan the planets and stars in a multitude of colors, “Neato. Pampers Cruisers have a new design.”

Sarah nods as she slides my socks off and folds them in on each other, “Yep, that’s a limited time design. I figured you’d like them.” She hums as she unfastens my wet diaper and lifts my legs to slide it away. “Would you like to make hot cocoa, Stacey?”

I giggle as the ice-cold baby wipes contact my skin and I smile, “Yeah!” I smile toward Mommy as she powders my uplifted bottom and slides the fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper under my bottom. I boop Mommy’s nose as she secures the new diaper snug around my waist and pats the new diaper, “Thankies for the changies, Mommy.”

Sarah kisses my forehead and heads toward the bathroom to wash her hands, “Once Mommy’s done, we’ll make the hot cocoa.”

I giggle and waddle-run toward the bathroom whilst my Pampers crinkle, “Hee…how do you make hot cocoa, Mommy?”

Sarah dries off her hands and opens the bathroom door, “That’s what Mommy is going to show you, Silly Baby.” Sarah turns me toward the kitchen and playfully swats my diapered bottom, “Go on, Stacey. Mommy’s right behind you.”

“YAY!” I giggle at Mommy’s diapered bottom pats and waddle into the kitchen. I’m so happy! I’m a diapered toddler, I’ve got a Mommy that loves me and doesn’t scream at me for using my diapeys, and…and we get to make hot cocoa together. This is the bestest!

I giggle as I stop in front of the stove and turn to Mommy who’s setting a pot atop the stove’s right front eye, “What next, Mommy?”

Sarah grabs a box of Mountain Blue Hot Cocoa mix from the top of the fridge. She opens the box and pours a packet into the pot. “First the cocoa mix.” She turns to the fridge and opens it. “Can you get the milk for Mommy?”

“Otay!” I waddle toward the fridge and pull the half carton of milk from the open door’s tray. I turn to Mommy with a big smile, “Now what?”

Mommy sets the 4-cup measuring cup on the counter, “Fill that up to the 3¼ cup mark, sweetie.”

I stick my tongue out as I watch the milk slowly pour to reach the 3¼ cup mark. I set the milk carton down and screw on the top. “Now what?”

Sarah pats my bottom and points toward the open fridge, “Put the milk back, Silly. Mommy’s got this.”

“Okay!” I set the milk back on the door and shut the fridge. I turn to Mommy and smile as I watch her slowly stir the milk and cocoa.


I giggle as Mommy presents me a warm cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows floating on the top of the sea of warm chocolate. I slide onto my padded bottom and bring the chocolate to my lips…

Sarah smiles as she watches me drink the hot chocolate, “Well…how is it?”

The heavenly hot chocolate soothes my soul and I smile wide as I shut my eyes while holding the mug in my tiny hands, “It’s so good, Mommy!” I sip more of the hot chocolate and continue smiling as the warm chocolate soothes me. “It’s the bestest!”

Sarah smiles as she pushes the warm pot toward the back of the stove and sits down across from me with her own hot cocoa, “Mommy’s glad we could make this together.”

I giggle and continue sipping the hot cocoa, “Yeah. Bestest time with Mommy. Hot cocoa and a loving Mommy. What more could a toddler want?”

“I dunno. What I do know, is…” Sarah ruffles my hair, “Mommy loves you, Stacey.”



End Chapter 25

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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