From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 29
Chapter 29 (Birthday Celebrations In My New World)

Chapter Description: Chapter 29: It’s my birthday! My first birthday as a toddler in this parallel world. Brian and his family always know how to make me happy.

Date: Tuesday 25-Jan-22 10:04 (Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 10:04 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I giggle as I avert my eyes from my computer’s clock in the lower right hand corner. I squirm in my computer chair allowing my green sweater to flutter and my Pampers Cruisers diaper to crinkle. I glance to my left of my laptop and grab my third baby bottle of lemonade. I drive the bottle to my lips and begin suckling while watching Fallout 4 load through Steam. “I’m so happy.”

I blink twice at the date showing on the clock – Tue Jan 25 09:08 – and set my bottle on the desk. “It’s my birthday...well it would be in my old world at least.” I rest my hands atop my keyboard as I begin exploring Fallout 4’s Nuka Cola DLC with my Automatic Plasma Rifle, gooifying every Raider I set my sights on.

I wonder if Brian has anything planned for my birthday. It’s been eight days since he started working from home and not much has changed really. Sometimes I go to his room and find that he’s in the middle of working on some document and other times I’ve walked in on him having a virtual meeting.

I giggle at another raider’s scream as he turns to goo from my Plasma Rifle while the other’s bullets bounce off my Power Armor, “I just love how powerful Fallout 4’s Power Armor is. It’s just AWESOME!”


Brian smiles as he finishes recording the last employee’s time sheet for the prior two weeks and clicks FINALIZE. “There all done.” He darts his eyes across the work computer setup on his desk in front of his bed and chuckles at the picture of me hugging his leg resting atop the right-hand monitor. It’s all for my baby brother. I love my job and I’m glad the director is letting me work from home. At least today is a slow day.


I sigh and open the pause menu right as another raider falls to the ground. “This game is lots of fun.” Once the desktop interface of Pop!_OS appears before me, I jump down from my chair whilst hissing echoes around me. I glance down before taking a step and giggle at the five empty baby bottles scattered around my gaming area.

“I can’t believe how much I drink during these gaming sessions.” I squat and pick up the bottles until my arms are full. I stand up and waddle into the hallway, oblivious to the hissing noise ramping up and slowly changing my Pampers’ wetness indicator from green to yellow-green. “I wonder if Brian’s done working yet.”

I stop in the kitchen and set the bottles atop my stepladder resting in front of the sink while the hissing dies down. My belly growls as I step up the ladder, “I’m hungry.” and I pick up one bottle after another to set in the sink. Once my stepladder is empty, I glance down to my Pampers Cruisers diaper and notice the wetness indicator is yellow at the very top and slowly transforms to yellow-green as I trace it.

I giggle as my Pampers crinkle, and I waddle toward Brian’s shut bedroom door. I tilt my head to the right, “Oh yeah…” I giggle as I remember the last time he didn’t close the door and I waddled in on him talking with the director. The director commented how adorable I looked in my usual outfit: a purple shirt and Pampers Cruisers diaper. I remember waving and crawling into Brian’s lap to kiss his cheek and ask for a diapey change.

I giggle and smile as the memory continues to play. Then the director told Brian I needed a change and that he would call him back once he was done taking care of his baby brother. The director even commented Brian about how good of an employee and big brother he was.

I smile as I knock on Brian’s door. Then Brian resolved to keep his door shut so I wouldn’t interrupt his meetings. “Brian...Briiian…”

Brian locks his work computer and turns toward the door, “I’m coming, Stacey.” He walks over to the door and opens it, “Hey.” He kneels and ruffles my hair, “How are you doing? Having fun with your games?”

I smile and poke Brian’s nose, “Uh huh! I’m having lotsa fun.” I giggle and smile as I watch Brian disappear into the hallway, “Where you going, Brian?”

I waddle into the hallway and dart my eyes around the empty living room and hallway, “Brian?” I waddle toward the kitchen entrance and notice the entire room is dark, “Brian? Where...where’d you go?”

I backpedal and whimper as I scan the dark kitchen, “I...I don’t like the dark.” I sniff when my back collides with a soft body. I crane my neck upward and smile at Mommy towering over me wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes, “Mommy? What are you doing here? When did you get here?”

Sarah chuckles and kneels to ruffle my hair, “Mommy, Denis, and Daddy got here while you were gaming.” She turns me toward the dark kitchen and delivers a playful swat to my diapered bottom, “Go on through. Mommy will be right here.”

I swallow the lump in my throat and whimper, “Bu...bu I dun like dark, Mommy.”

Sarah inches over to me and holds my hand, “Mommy’s right here.”

I swallow again as I inch into the dark room and turn to my right. My eyes widen when the lights suddenly flood the room and reveal Brian, Daddy, and Denis standing around the dining room table. I blink twice at an open clear plastic container sitting in the center of the table, which can be nothing other than a cake. I can’t help but notice the giant, purple number 4 candle inching above the box.

Denis smiles as he holds a green box with a red bow, “Happy Birthday!”

Brendan waves at me, “Happy Birthday!”

Brian walks over and kneels to kiss my forehead, “Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!”

I smile as I dart my eyes between Brian, Mommy, Denis, and Daddy, “Really? guys…” Happy tears swim in my eyes as I wrap my arms around Brian, “Thankies lots!”

Brian hugs me close and pats my diapered bottom, “You’re welcome, Stacinator.” He rises and turns me so I can rest against his chest as he walks toward the dining room table.

I giggle and kick my legs when I see the giant rectangular cake decorated with milk chocolate icing and purple icing that spells out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY! “This is so cool!” I glance down to the table as Brian sets me on my feet to the right of my cake. I smile toward Brian, Denis, Daddy, and Mommy, “I’m so happy!”

Brian ruffles my hair, “I know. I called my folks before I started work and asked them to come by and help celebrate your birthday.”

I smile at the cake and lick my lips. I inhale and blow out the tiny flame atop the number four.

Denis smiles and walks over to ruffle my hair, “Did you make a wish?”

I turn my smile toward Denis, “Uh huh! It already came true though.” and turn back to the cake. I pick up the number four candle and set it down to the right of the cake. I giggle as I inch toward the cake only to be picked up by Denis and held a few feet above my prize, “Denis...HEY!”

Denis chuckles as he turns me to face him while holding me out at arm’s length, “I know you were about to dive headfirst into that cake.” Denis turns to our mom and gives her a wink.

Sarah smiles as she enters the living room and returns with a small, circular, chocolate cake, “You can dive face first into this one, Silly.” Sarah sets the cake in front of my booster seat and takes me from Denis. She walks back over to my booster seat and stands me up next to the left side of my cake.

“YAY!” I sit down and swing my legs as I scan the miniature cake, “So cool! Two cakes!” I dart my eyes up and down the cake and notice a seam between the two layers. I lick my lips as I pick up one of the layers, “CAKE!” and smash it against my face as I begin eating the giant slice.

Brian chuckles as he watches me remove the giant cake round from my face, “So adorable.” Brian turns to our mom while I continue eating with a giant cake filled smile, “Get my phone please? I forgot it.”

Sarah chuckles as she rushes to Brian’s room to grab his phone and returns to snap a couple pictures of me enjoying my cake with a chocolate cake covered face. “You’re so cute, Stacey.”

I turn to Mommy right as she snaps the picture of me wearing cake on my face while the crumbs dribble onto both my shirt and Pampers. “I know I’m cute, Mommy!” I turn toward the second layer of my mini cake and lick the chocolate cake off my fingers, leaving chocolate residue on my hands. “YUMMY!”

I grab a handful of the last layer and drive it toward my mouth, “SO GOOD!”

Denis chuckles as he watches me enjoy my miniature cake, “He’s sure having fun.”

Brendan nods as he cuts a slice of the larger cake to reveal the chocolate within, “Yep, like most toddlers on their birthday. I’m glad we could celebrate it.”

Brian nods as his phone goes off, “Yep. It’s awesome.” He pulls his phone from his pocket and notices the time…


Date: Tuesday 25-Jan-22 11:00 (Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 11:00 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

“I gotta get back to work. Got some patrons needing help with returning books.”

I turn from my stuffing my face with cake, “’re going into the library? But...but…”

Brian walks over and kneels to ruffle my hair, “I’m still working from home. My co-worker just needs me to confirm that her check-outs are registering in the library database. It can be finicky.” Brian boops my nose and chuckles at chocolate cake returning on his finger.

Brian licks the chocolate cake off his finger and smiles at me, “I’ll be done before 1PM. I’ll be back before you know it.” Brian ruffles my hair and smiles, “Hey, you didn’t get any chocolate in your hair this time, good job.”

I giggle and smile at Brian, “Thankies, Big Brother!” I swing my legs as I watch him head toward his bedroom. I turn back to my cake and notice the presents sitting on the floor, “PRESENTS!” I jump down from my booster seat and waddle toward the presents, only for Denis to pick them up. “HEY!”

Denis chuckles as he carries the three green boxed presents over to the couch and sets them on the living room table, “Don’t worry, Stacey. Just putting them where they aren’t in the way. Do you want to open presents now or wait for Brian to get off work?”

I waddle over to Denis and wrap my arms around his leg, “Hee…” I smile toward him, “I can wait for Brian.” I turn toward Mommy and Daddy right as they enter the living room and sit on the couch, “Can we all play a game until he gets off?”

Denis smiles and kneels to boop my nose, “I can’t say no to the birthday boy.”

Brendan nods, “Nor can I.”

Sarah reaches forward and lifts me into her arms. She stands me up in her lap and turns me to face her, “So, how old is the birthday boy?”

I giggle and hold up four fingers on my right hand, “I’m four, Mommy! I’m forever a Pampers Tot!”

Sarah giggles as she pats my diapered bottom while Denis pulls out UNO, one of my favorite games, and begins setting it up on the table, “That’s right, Stacey.” She sets me down on the right side of the table and pats my diapered bottom again, “Let’s play.”

“Yeah!” I scan my UNO hand and dart my eyes between Denis, Mommy, and Daddy, “This is the bestest birthday ever!


Date: Tuesday 25-Jan-22 13:00 (Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 1:00 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

Brendan smiles as he lays down his last UNO card, “UNO OUT!”

I giggle and clap my hands, causing me to drop my two UNO cards: a red seven and a blue two, “Nice job, Daddy!”

Denis nods, “Good work, Dad.”

Sarah smiles as she picks up all the cards, “Yeah, that was a good game.” She shuts the pencil case and turns to find me smiling at her while holding out my hands.

“Mommy, I can do it!” I take the UNO card box and waddle over to the left most couch pillow. I kneel in front of the pillow and slide the UNO card box under it, “There.”

Brian chuckles when he sees my head pop up above the couch, “That’s not where they go, Silly.”

“BRIAN!” I waddle-run over to him and wrap my arms around his right leg. I smile toward him and giggle as he ruffles my hair, “You’re off work now?”

Brian nods and lifts me into his arms, “Yep.” He walks into the living room while patting my diapered bottom and sits down on the couch in front of the presents, “Alrighty,” He sets me on my feet, “let’s open your presents.”

I scan the boxes, all matching green with red bows. “Hee...everyone used the same wrapping stuffs.” I waddle over to the left most box and pull the bow, “Hmm…” I pull the top off and smile at the brown teddy bear inside, “TEDDY!” I turn to Denis, Mommy, Daddy, and Brian with wide eyes as I hug the teddy bear close, “Who gots me dis one?”

Sarah smiles at my adorable toddler talk and boops my nose, “I did, sweetie. Mommy saw you eyeing them when we were in the store last week so...I figured you having one as a birthday present fits.” She darts her eyes after me as I waddle-run out of the living room, “Where are you going?”

I giggle as I stop in front of my door, “Imma put him in my crib, Mommy!” I push my door open and waddle over to crib to place the teddy bear to the right of my pillow. “Yesh!” I turn and waddle-run back into the living room to see the remaining two boxes, “Hmmm…”

I waddle over to the right-hand box and pull the bow, “I wonder…” I pull the top off the box and my eyes widen at the Halo Covenant themed Plasma Rifle Nerf Guns, “COOL!” I pick up one of the rifles and scan it while flipping it over in my hands. I hold it tight where the grip is and aim it at the wall, “So…” I pull the trigger and giggle when the gun lights up as though it’s firing plasma. My eyes widen as a bright blue Nerf dart flies out and hits the wall. “WOW!”

Denis chuckles and ruffles my hair, “Brian and I were out shopping and saw these for sale in the toy store. We each got you one.”

Brian nods, “That way you can play with either of us.”

I turn toward Brian and Denis whilst setting the Plasma Rifle Nerf Gun back in the box, “SO AWESOME!” I waddle-run toward Brian and wrap my arms around his leg, “Thankies, Brian!”

Brian kneels and pulls me into a warm hug whilst patting my padded bottom, “You’re welcome, Stacey. Happy Birthday.”

I giggle as I break free of the hug and turn to Denis whose knelt with his arms out. “DENIS!” I waddle-run toward him and wrap my arms around his neck. I smile as he returns my hug and pats my padded bottom, “Thankies, Denis.”

Denis smiles as he brings me out of the hug and boops my nose, “Happy Birthday, Stacey.” Denis walks back over to the couch and sits down.

I smile wide as I turn to the last gift, “So what’s this…” I pull the bow and pull the top off to reveal a Halo Covenant themed Carbine Nerf gun, “WOW!” I turn to Daddy, “You got this for me didn’t you, Daddy?”

Brendan ruffles my hair, “Yep. I guess Brian, Denis, and I thought alike. Now if you wanna play Nerf you have three weapons so you can play together.”

“Thankies lots, Daddy!” I waddle-run toward him and giggle as he walks over to the TV to kneel with his arms out. I smile when I reach him and wrap my arms around his neck, “Bestest birthday ever!”

Brendan smiles as he returns my hug and pats my padded bottom, “I’m glad we could give you the best birthday ever, Stacey.” Brendan pulls me out of the hug and turns me to face Sarah, Brian, and Denis. “So now that you’ve had your cake and saw your presents…”

Brian walks over and kneels to boop my nose, “What do you want to do?”

I glance toward the clock above the TV and yawn when I see the time,


Date: Tuesday 25-Jan-22 14:00 (Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 2:00 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

“I wanna nap.” I yawn again and rub my eyes, “It was a great party, now I wan nappy bye.”

Brian lifts me into his arms and rests me against his chest. He alternates between back rubs and padded bottom pats as he slowly walks toward my bedroom, “Today was fun huh?”

I yawn and rub my eyes as Brian lays me down on my changing table, “Yeppers.” I smile toward Brian as he unfastens my wet diaper and lifts my legs to slide it away, “Thanks for the awesome birthday party.”

Brian smiles toward me as he works on getting me dry whilst tossing the used wipes into my old diaper, “You’re welcome, Stacey.”  He lowers my legs so he can roll my wet diaper into a ball and tape it shut. “I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday.” He tosses the rolled up diaper into the diaper pail and grabs the baby powder with his left hand so he can begin powdering my uplifted bottom with his right hand.

I giggle as the sweet talc tickles my nose, “Yep, bestest birthday ever. Brian?”

Brian shuts the baby powder and grabs a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper to flick unfolded, “Yeah?” He slides the fresh diaper under me and lowers me onto the soft padding so he can bring the green circle decorated shell up to my belly. “What’s on your mind?”

I giggle and kick my legs as Brian secures the left wing’s tape at the diaper’s landing zone, “Will I always get birthday parties even though I don’t age?”

Brian chuckles as he brings the right wing toward the landing zone and secures the tape, “Of course, Baby Bro.” He lifts me to my feet atop the changing table and pats my freshly diapered bottom, “All dry.”

“Yay!” I wag my freshly diapered bottom and giggle as I pump my fists in the air, “WAHOOOO!”

Brian chuckles as he watches my adorable dance and takes his phone from his pocket to record me. When I stop dancing, he sanitizes his hands and slides his phone into his pocket. “Alrighty,” He grabs a baby wipe and lifts me into his arms, “let’s clean your face.”

I giggle as the cold baby wipe sails across my face while Brian sets me on my feet inside my crib. I giggle as the wipe races across my face while Brian raises the safety rails with his free left hand, “I’m so happy, Brian!”

Brian smiles when he sees my clean face and walks over the diaper pail to toss the baby wipe, “Yeah?” He walks back over to see me waddling around my crib, “Why are you happy?”

I pick up my teddy bear and hug him as I slide on my freshly diapered bottom, “I get to be a toddler forever and have birthdays forever!” I yawn as continue hugging my teddy, “Thankies for the awesome birthday, Brian. Tell Mommy, Daddy, and Denis I said thank you.”

Brian ruffles my hair while my eyes droop, “I will, don’t you worry.” Brian turns toward my door and finds Denis, Sarah, and Brendan walking in. “Looks like you can tell them, Stacey.”

I yawn and rub my eyes as I try to stay awake while Mommy, Denis, and Daddy stand at the right side of my crib. I yawn again as I sit up and drop my teddy while darting my eyes between them. “Thanks, you guys! Thanks so much!”

I rub my sleepy eyes and smile toward them while each take turns ruffling my hair and kissing my forehead. I can’t help but smile as I lie back down and see their smiling faces directed down to me. This was the best birthday ever and I’ve got the bestest family in this wonderful world that I wouldn’t trade for anything!



End Chapter 29

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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