From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

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Chapter 18
Chapter 18 (Vacation Reflections & Upset Toddlers)

Chapter Description: Our vacation is ending…I dunno how to handle good times ending though. Maybe Brian can help me, he’s always been a great help with handling my toddler meltdowns.

Date: Friday 24-Dec-21 06:12 (Friday, December 24, 2021, 6:12 AM)

Location: Holiday Inn at the Pavilion, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States of America

My eyes snap open and I sit up in Brian’s bed whilst my purple T-shirt flutters and my Pampers Cruisers diaper crinkles. Hissing echoes around me as my Pampers wetness indicator shifts from yellow-green to yellow as I turn to my left and find Brian fast asleep. I giggle and poke his nose resulting in him snorting in his sleep and turning his back to me, “Silly Big Brother!”

I crawl over Brian and jump off his bed, so I scan the darkened hotel room. “I can’t believe it’s been a week since we started our vacation. I’ve loved every moment of it though. Going on the SkyWheel and seeing the entire Boardwalk from that high up was awesome! I’m usually scared of heights, but when Brian holding my hand my toddler fears were abated somewhat.”

I smile as I waddle toward the balcony and scan the dark blue sky with the moon slowly inching across the sky to give way to a sunrise. “This was the bestest vacation I ever had with Brian since I became a toddler.” I wobble when I reach halfway between the balcony door and the end of the living room sector of the hotel room and crash-land on my bottom. I whimper when the squishy feeling sends chills through me. “I still hate the feeling of wet Pamps though.”

I shiver and crawl toward Brian’s bed whilst my padded bottom wags and crinkles throughout my journey, “Still, I love being a toddler. Brian’s been here the whole time and even though I’ve had some tantrums on our vacation he’s helped me through it.” When I reach the beds, I rise to my feet and turn to my bed turned changing table to grab a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper.

I turn back to Brian and notice him rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I glance toward the clock above his bed and giggle,


Date: Friday 24-Dec-21 06:28 (Friday, December 24, 2021, 6:28 AM)

Location: Holiday Inn at the Pavilion, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States of America

“Brian…” I turn to my big brother whilst holding the fresh diaper with both my hands. I giggle as I tap his sleepy head with the Pampers Cruisers diaper, “Briiiian…I hope he won’t be upset with me for waking him up early.

Brian’s eyes slowly open and he smiles when he sees me holding a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper in my hands, “Good morning, Crinklebutt. I guess you need a change huh?”

I hide my face behind the diaper, “Sowwy, Brian. I didn’t wake you up did I?”

Brian chuckles as he throws the covers off revealing his green elephant themed pajamas, “I couldn’t help getting up from the adorable sound of your little feet pattering across the room.” Brian yawns while he ruffles my hair. He chuckles as he walks over to the changing station and pats the changing mat, “Lie down for me, Stacey.”

“Okay.” I waddle over to the changing station and crawl onto the changing mat. When I lie down, I whimper at the squishiness and hide my face behind the diaper still. Tears swim in my eyes, “You’re not upset?”

Brian ruffles my hair and notices my Pampers yellow wetness indicator, “Stacey, I’m not upset. You can always wake me up when you need a change.” Brian unfastens my soaked diaper and lifts my legs to slide it away, “I don’t want you to leak or get a diaper rash.”

I giggle when the cold baby wipes contact my skin and I kick my legs, “Yeah, diapey rash is no fun. Leaking wouldn’t be nice, though that’s never happened.”

Brian tosses the last wipe into my old diaper and lowers my legs so he can roll the old diaper into a ball. He tapes the old diaper shut and tosses it in the trash can at the foot of my bed, “That’s cause Big Brother always checks your Pampers and makes sure you get changed on time.” Brian grabs the baby powder with his right hand and lifts my legs with his left hand so he can powder my uplifted bottom, “Have you been enjoying our vacation?”

I giggle as the sweet talc wafts toward my nose, “Uh huh! I was talking to myself about it earlier when I was waddling around the hotel room. The SkyWheel, the Ripley’s attractions, it’s all been nice. I really loved the food too.” I rub my eyes and smile when the feeling of a fresh, soft Pampers echoes around me. I smile toward Brian as he brings green circle shell up to my belly, “What about you, Brian?”

Brian brings the right wing toward the picture strip and secures the diaper tape, “What about me, Stacinator?”

I boop Brian’s nose as he brings the left wing toward the picture strip and secures my new diaper snug around my waist. I kick my legs and my fresh diaper crinkles while my happy eyes never leave Brian, “What was your favorite part of the vacation?”

Brian lifts me into his arms and holds me out at arm’s length so I can get my leg kicking out of my system, “Well…” Once I stop kicking my legs, Brian brings me close to him for a hug whilst patting my freshly diapered bottom. He slowly walks toward the bathroom and hums while continuing to pat my bottom, “The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium was my favorite if I’m honest.”

Brian sets me atop the closed toilet seat and grabs his toothbrush from the green holder. He wets the toothbrush and applies a small amount of toothpaste so he can brush his teeth.

I swing my legs as my eyes never leave Brian, “So, I don’t wanna do nothing else today. I just wanna enjoy the scenery. We went everywhere throughout the Boardwalk. I really loved that giant chocolate bar from I LOVE SUGAR too.” I giggle as I jump off the toilet seat and waddle toward the bedroom sector to kneel in front of my diaper bag.

I pull my half eaten giant size Chocolate Crunch bar and giggle as I nibble on it a bit. I smile and raise my head to find Brian standing in front of the bathroom entrance with a raised eyebrow, “Wha?” I wrap up my chocolate bar and set it down next to my five baby bottles of lemonade.

Brian walks over to me and kneels to poke my belly, “Silly Babies don’t eat chocolate this early in the morning. You’ll spoil your breakfast.”

“But…but what if my breakfast is chocolate?” I giggle and poke Brian’s belly.

Brian rolls his eyes and walks over to his side of the closet to grab a green T-shirt and blue jeans. He returns to the bathroom and shuts the door behind him so he can get dressed, “SILLY BABIES NEVER EAT CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, STACEY!”

I turn to my diaper bag and kneel to grab a baby bottle of lemonade along with a bag of MADEGOOD Chocolate Granola Minis. I waddle toward the middle in between the living room and bedroom sector and sit down on my padded bottom. I clap my bare feet together as I drive my bottle toward my mouth and drain half of it. I pull the bottle from my mouth and tug at the package.

My eyes widen when the package rips in half and the granola flies outward, landing in front a few feet in front of me, “DAWWN IT!”

Brian raises an eyebrow as he exits the bathroom whilst sliding a belt through the loops of his jeans, “What’s wrong, Stace?” He raises his eyes from buckling his belt and withholds a chuckle at me crawling around the floor, “What are you doing, Stacey?”

I pick up the fourth granola and my eyes widen when I spot another granola ball at Brian’s foot, “AHA!” I speed crawl toward Brian whilst my diapered bottom crinkles throughout my journey, “GOTCHA!” Before I can pick up the granola, I see the floor getting farther away. I glance forward and find Brian holding me at arm’s length, “HEY! I was gonna eat those!”

Brian enters the kitchen and tosses the piece of granola in the trash can, “Not off the floor you’re not.” Brian boops my nose and sets me on my feet in front of the can, “Where are the other ones?”

I shake my head whilst resting my hands behind my back, “I dunno.”

Brian tilts his head and gentle tickles my armpits resulting in my giggles being my sole focus. Brian smiles when I open my right hand and the granola falls onto the floor. “Found them.”

I glance down to the granola at my right foot and stomp my left, “Darn it!”

Brian tosses the dirty granola in the trash and kneels to poke my belly, “It’s not healthy to eat things off the floor, Stacey.”

“Humph.” I waddle toward where I was sitting earlier and slide onto my diapered bottom. I grab my baby bottle and drive it toward my mouth so I can suck down the delicious lemonade.

Brian sighs mentally at my toddler display. “I swear it seems like more and more each day he becomes more like a toddler. Little tantrums, hiding things behind his back, his little cute ideas when he’s trying to avoid bath time or a diaper change with the grand stories of monsters and dragons…Stacey really has assumed the role of a toddler. Just like he wanted, he wanted to be a toddler and so he is. I guess his behavior and mindset finally caught up to him.”

I turn my head toward Brian while dropping my bottle, “Whatcha talking about Brian?” I waddle over to him when he sits on his bed, and I rest my hands on his knees. “What?”

Brian ruffles my hair, “Nothing, just talking about how cute of a toddler you are, Stacey.”

I smile wide, showing off my baby teeth, “Thankies, Bwian! I know I coot!” I turn toward my diaper bag and kneel to grab another bag of MADEGOOD Chocolate Chip Granola minis. I whimper when I can’t open them and train my teary eyes on Brian, “Briiian…”

Brian ruffles my hair, “It’s okay, I’ll do it.” and reaches into the bedside lamp table resting between the two beds to open the first drawer. He grabs the scissors and cuts the top of the package off, “There we go.” Brian hands me the package and shuts the scissors in the drawer they came from. Brian smiles as he watches me devour the entire bag, bite after bite, “So Stacey, what do you want to do for our last day?”

I pause in the middle of picking up my bottle and it falls on my bare foot. I wince at the crash and stomp my right foot, “STOOPID BOTTLE!” I grab the bottle and throw it toward the door.

“Stacey…” Brian rises from his bed and walks toward the hotel room front door to grab my bottle. He walks back over to me and sighs at my crossed arms and pouty lips. He sets my bottle down to his left and sits down, “It’s not nice to throw things.”

“Humph!” I turn my back to Brian and stomp my foot as tears swim in my eyes. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the vacation. The fact that it’s our last day isn’t appealing. Even though I like home and I’m still a toddler regardless, the fact that we’re leaving is upsetting. “Nuuuu…”

Brian lifts me into his lap and hugs me close whilst patting my bottom, “Do you need time to calm down?”

I whimper and wrap my arms around Brian’s neck as he pats my bottom. I hiccup and sniffle as silent tears inch down my face, “We…we…go home…I…nuuu…” I hiccup and sniff as tears continue rolling down my cheeks while Brian’s padded bottom pats and warm hugs soothe me a little. The gentle silence of the room equates the quiet time Brian has suggested.


Date: Friday 24-Dec-21 07:09 (Friday, December 24, 2021, 7:09 AM)

Location: Holiday Inn at the Pavilion, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States of America

Brian sets me on my feet and pats my diapered bottom, “Better?”

I nod and bow my head, “Yush.”

Brian cleans off my baby bottle with a baby wipe and tosses said wipe into the trash can resting at the edge of my bed turned changing station. Brian kneels and ruffles my hair, “What do we say when we’ve calmed down and reflected on the bad thing?”

I train my calm eyes on Brian and poke his nose, “I’m sowwy.”

Brian kisses my forehead, “And what do we not do?”

I giggle from Brian’s kiss and wrap my arms around his neck, “Throw things.”

Brian nods and pats my bottom, “Right.” He brings me out of the hug and smiles when our eyes meet, “And why don’t we throw things?”

I sniff and dart my eyes around the hotel room. I turn back to Brian and whimper, “Cause, cause things can break.”

Brian ruffles my hair, “That’s one. What else, Little Bro?”

I press my index fingers together and bow my head, “Hurt peoples.”

“Yeah…” Brian ruffles my hair, “As long as you learned, that’s what matters right?”

“Uh huh.” I train my eyes on Brian and smile when his warm smile radiates love toward me. “Brian?”

Brian ruffles my hair, “What’s up, Crinklebutt?”

“When are we going home?” I turn toward my bed turned changing station and grab the baby powder.

Brian smiles as he watches me pack up the changing supplies to put in my diaper bag, “We’re gonna be leaving in the next thirty minutes. Our flight leaves at 8:00.” Brian’s eyes widen at the time, “WE HAVE TO GO NOW!”

I wince at Brian’s shout, “Nuuu shouting.”

Brian kneels and kisses my forehead, “Sorry, Little Bro. Can you help me pack up?”

“Uh huhs! I packs my diapey bag!” I turn toward the bed turned changing station and grab the baby wipes and baby powder next. After tossing them in their respective holders in my diaper bag, I turn to the changing mat and fold it into a square. “Got it!” I slide the square changing mat into my diaper bag and shut it with the strap button, “I packed it, Brian!”

Brian smiles at my helpfulness and finishes up packing his clothes into the lower half of the suitcase, “Thanks, Stacinator.” Once he finishes with his clothes, he feels a weight around his waist. He glances down and smiles at me, “What?”

I pull my phone from within my Pampers and giggle, “Lookie.”

Brian grabs a baby wipe and wipes down my phone, “Stacey, don’t put your phone in your diaper…that’s…we’re not in Rugrats okay. Use your shirt pocket our pants pockets, okay?”

I giggle as Brian ruffles my hair, “Otay. I ordered the Uber for us. They’ll be here in 10 minutes.”

Brian slides my phone into my diaper bag and zips up the suitcase with the last of my clothes on top, “Thanks, Stacey. I already took care of signing us out.” Brian pats his right pants pocket holding his phone and turns back to me. He points to my wiggling toes, “Shoes and socks, Crinklebutt.”

“Aww…do I gotta?” I cross my arms and pout.

Brian nods and pulls a pair of white socks and tennis shoes from the suitcase, “On the plane shoes are required, unless I’m carrying you.”

I raise my arms and flex my hands, “Cawwy me den.”

Brian sighs and shakes his head, “But what if you want to walk in the airport? You don’t wanna step on something and hurt your feet do you?”

I bow my head and take the socks, “Nuuuu…” I slide on my diapered bottom and work on putting on the socks and shoes. I jump to my feet and raise my arms, “Cawwy!”

Brian chuckles, “I know, Silly.” and kneels to double-knot tie my shoes. With my shoes secured, Brian lifts me into his arms and rests his left arm under my bottom while I wrap my arms around his neck. Brian hums as he pulls the suitcase with his right hand and heads toward the elevator.

Brian waves at the receptionist and walks through the front door to the waiting Honda Civic Uber, “And off to the airport we go.”


Date: Friday 24-Dec-21 11:30 (Friday, December 24, 2021, 11:30 AM)

Location: Lambert International Airport, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America

Brian smiles as the plane lands and people begin disembarking. “We’re home.” He turns to the window seat and chuckles at me rubbing my eyes, “Did you have a good nap?”

I turn to Brian and smile at him whilst hissing carries the last of the four bottles I had during our flight out of my body, “Uh huh.” I swing my legs whilst my Pampers Cruisers diaper crinkles and its wetness indicator maintains its yellow-green color. “Is Mommy waiting for us?” I yawn as I’m lifted into Brian’s arms and carried off the plane.

Brian nods and pats my bottom, “Yeah, she already has our suitcase in the van. I called her on the way here. She always prepares ahead of time like a certain toddler used to as an adult.”

I rub my eyes as the terminal of the airport greets my eyes and slowly passes me by. I yawn again as I’m set on my feet in front of Brian’s Honda Odyseey, “Yay!” I dart my eyes both ways and waddle over to the driver’s side, “Mommy?”

Sarah chuckles as she opens the door, revealing her red T-shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. Her motherly eyes shine down at me, “Hey, Stacey.” She kneels and scoops me into her arms while walking over to her older son, “Hey, Brian. How was your vacation with Stacey?”

Brian smiles and rubs the back of his head, “It was great. Stacey and I had a great time. I’m tired now though.” Brian yawns as he heads toward the passenger’s seat and buckles himself in.

Sarah chuckles as she buckles me into my car seat, “So you and Brian had lots of fun huh? You tired Brian out didn’tcha?”

I giggle and swing my legs whilst my Pampers crinkle, “Uh huh! Lotsa fun and yeah, I fink I did. Hee…being a toddler is lots of fun. I’m glad I got to experience Myrtle Beach again as a toddler and got to bring Brian. It’s lots funnier the second time.”

Sarah ruffles my hair and shuts the sliding door. She enters the driver’s seat and begins cruising toward Brian’s home, “I see. So you went to Myrtle Beach before?” Sarah glances over to Brian and chuckles as her older son battles with sleep, “I guess Brian’s the one who needs a nap this time.”

Brian yawns and rubs his eyes, “Yeah I guess so…Mom, Stacey’s an awesome little brother, but you…you need lots of energy dealing with a toddler.” Brian yawns again as the highway speeds past us.

Sarah chuckles, “Don’t I know it. I’ve raised two toddlers and now I’ve got another little toddler waddling around. I know all too well, Brian.” She points to the rear-view, “Look at how happy he is though.”

Brian glances through the rear-view mirror and internally dawws at me sucking on a purple pacifier while playing Bejeweled on my Samsung phone, “Yeah, he’s super cute and really happy. I enjoyed our vacation too. It was lots of fun.”


Date: Friday 24-Dec-21 12:30 (Friday, December 24, 2021, 12:30 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I giggle as Mommy carries me through the hallway where Brian’s apartment rests. I smile when she unlocks the door to our apartment, “We’re home!” I raise an eyebrow when Brian yawns and makes his way toward his bedroom whilst shutting the door behind him. I turn to Mommy as she sets me on my feet in the middle of the living room, “Mommy why come Brian just came in and went straight to bed? I not even tired.”

Sarah withholds a giggle at my toddler logic and behavior as she kneels to me. Brian was right. When he called and told me about how much more of a toddler Stacey became over their vacation, I didn’t believe it, but now… Sarah rises and follows me toward the kitchen. She watches as my question fades from my mind, and I search through the fridge, “Whatcha looking for, Stacey?”

I suckle and realize I’m not drinking a bottle. I rest my hand in front of my mouth and feel a plastic bulb, “Mommy, wha dis?”

Sarah giggles. Yeah, definitely in a toddler mindset entirely. He just now noticed he’s suckling a pacifier. He’s so COOOT too. Heh…I’m definitely glad he became a toddler. He’s the cutest little kiddo in the world. “It’s a pacifier, sweetie. Mommy gave it to you to keep you distracted and focus on your game instead of draining all your bottles during the trip home.”

“Oh…” I spit out the pacifier and twirl it in my hands. A yellow nipple that looks as though it’s from one of my baby bottles surrounded by a purple outer shell. “No wonder it felt like I was sucking one of my babas.” I cover my mouth at that word, “Did…did I just…?

Sarah giggles at my infantile verbiage for bottle, “Yep, Brian was right.”

I tilt my head at Mommy’s statement and dart my eyes between the pacifier in my hand and her knelt before me, “Right about what?”

Sarah lifts me into her arms and slides the pacifier into my mouth, “You have terminal baby disease.” Sarah hugs me close and pats my diapered bottom, “You contracted it during your vacation and you’re adorable as ever. So, tell me what you and Brian did on your vacation.”

I giggle and wrap my arms around Mommy’s neck while her soothing diapered bottom pats and hums lull me into a peaceful state. I smile around the pacifier and happiness courses through me as I begin reminiscing the wonderful vacation to Mommy while being held and sucking a pacifier. Nothing beats being a toddler, being held by mommy, and sucking a pacifier while retelling Mommy about my awesome vacation. Such a wonderful thing to cherish.



End Chapter 18

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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