From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 33
Chapter 33 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 3 – Japanese Style Dinner & Festivals)

Chapter Description: Chapter 33: Dinner time! Festivals! And Emotional Damage? Dinner was awesome! The festival is even better. Turns out Chiyo-chan’s life wasn’t all happy like I first thought. Still, I’m here for her and I’m glad I came to Tokyo.

Date: Wednesday 08-Jun-22 17:03 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 5:03 PM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

I giggle as I jump to my feet whilst my purple T-shirt flutters and my Pampers Baby Dry diaper crinkles. I smile as I push my gaming laptop on the rolling table Chiyo setup for me toward my right so I won’t hit it. I giggle as the rolling table pushes the five baby bottles of lemonade that I had during our gaming session in every direction.

I dart my eyes around Chiyo’s room and spot her sitting to my left in front of her TV and gaming computer. I waddle over to her and smile as her screen to returns to Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix’s Main Menu. “That was so much fun!”

Chiyo jumps up from her gaming computer and spins around to me, allowing her red T-shirt to flutter while her Pampers Baby Dry diaper crinkles, “Yeah! I loved it!” She turns to Brian who’s walking into her room with a baby bottle and a sippy cup, both filled with lemonade, “Brian-san! Brian-san! Do you have the scoreboard?”

Brian chuckles as he walks over to the happy toddlers and kneels in front of us to present the drinks, “I do.” He turns toward his score keeping station he setup next to the door and grabs the scoreboard. Brian smiles as he walks back over to us and sits down in between us. He holds the scoreboard high above his head, “Here we are.”

Chiyo waddles behind Brian and peeks over his right shoulder to scan the scoreboard. She giggles as smiles as she scans it:

Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix Game Scores

Chiyo (Heads): 7 | Stacey (Tails): 3

Winner: Chiyo

Chiyo turns to me and boops my nose, “We still had fun though, right?”

I boop Chiyo’s nose and nod, “Uh huh! You’re a really good racer. I’ve never seen someone handle an SUV like you can in that game.”

Aiko stops in the doorway of Chiyo’s room and smiles as she watches Brian, Chiyo, and I chat about Chiyo’s skills in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix. I’m so glad Chiyo has found someone that shares in her love for racing games.

Aiko darts her eyes around Chiyo’s room and notices the empty baby bottles and sippy cups littering the game area Chiyo and I setup.  Looks like they enjoyed lots of drinks too. I hope they’ll still be able to enjoy the food I cooked. “Chiyo-chan, Stacey-kun. It’s dinner time.”

I turn toward my computer and blink twice at the clock’s readout…


Date: Wednesday 08-Jun-22 17:25 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 5:25 PM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

“WOW! Time flies fast!” I waddle over to Aiko with Chiyo waddling close behind me. “So what’s for dinner?”

Brian’s belly growls as he rises to his full six-foot height and walks over to us to ruffle our hair, “You’ll find out soon enough.” Brian lifts Chiyo and I into his arms and kisses our foreheads, “Let’s go.”

I giggle and boop Brian’s nose, “Yay!”

Chiyo giggles and kisses Brian’s cheek, “Thankies for carrying us.”

Brian ruffles Chiyo’s hair, “No problem, Chiyo-chan.”

I smile as Brian carries us into the kitchen and my eyes widen at the giant bowls of beef udon sitting at each of the four chairs at the dining room table. One difference I notice at the booster seated bowls are a baby bottle of orange soda for me and sippy cup of grape juice for Chiyo, “AWESOME!”

I giggle as Brian sets me down in one of the booster seats on the left side of the table. I dart my eyes up and down at the tall 32-ounce bottle embroidered with red and purple chibi dragons, “Wow…” I turn to Chiyo as she’s sat down to my right. “Hiya, Chiyo-chan!”

Chiyo smiles at me and boops my nose, “Hiya, Stacey-kun. Mommy put forks and chopsticks down for you guys. Have you ever used chopsticks before?”

I shake my head, “Nu uh, and I kinda don’t wanna use them wrong and insult you guys. I did a lot of research on chopsticks and their meanings and I don’t wanna risk it.” I pick up my fork and twirl it between the udon noodles, “I really wanna enjoy this though. It looks so good!” I smile as I scan the udon noodles and beef floating in the broth, “So good!”

Chiyo giggles as she opens her chopsticks and turns to me, “See how I’m holding them?”

I turn to Chiyo with a mouthful of udon while my fork is hovering above the bowl, “Hee…sowwy, too hungry. Must eat.”

Aiko chuckles as she turns to Brian who’s slowing eating with his own fork, “Stacey’s really happy when it comes to food huh?”

Brian nods as he dabs his mouth with the napkin to the right of his bowl, “Yeah, he loves when he gets to experience new foods.”

Aiko snaps her chopsticks and begins working slowly with her beef udon. In between bites, she sips her sencha green tea and sighs with contentment, “I think this is one of my best meals yet.”

I giggle and smile toward Aiko as I lick my lips, “YEAH! AWESOME!” I set my fork to the right of my bowl and drain my bottle to half. “Ahhhh…” I pick up my fork and continue working on my beef udon, “BEST EVER!”

Brian chuckles as he drains some of his water, “Not so loud, Stacey. Use your inside voice, okay?”

I smile toward Brian with my fork level to my mouth, “Okay.”

Chiyo giggles as she watches me eat, “I’m glad you love Mommy’s food just as much as I do.”

“Uh huh!” I turn to Chiyo and boop her nose, “Bestest cook in all of Japan.”

Aiko chuckles as she sets her chopsticks flat atop her empty bowl, “I’m glad you think of me so highly, Stacey-kun.”


I push my empty bowl toward the center of the table and cover my mouth as I belch, “Excuse me.” I scan the two thirty-two ounce baby bottles I’ve drained along with my food and turn to Chiyo so I can boop her nose, “I got a question for you.”

Chiyo finishes off her bowl and pushes it toward her five sippy cups. She turns to me with a smile, “Yeah?”

“Are there any festivals in Tokyo this month?” I jump out of my booster seat and waddle over to Chiyo’s seat so I can tickle her bare feet, “TICKLE! TICKLE!”

Chiyo squirms and kicks her legs as my tickling energy surges through her, “HEY! HA! HA! HA! STAAAAHP!”

I stop tickling her and smile toward her as she scoots forward. I step to my right so she can jump down and I wrap my arms around her, “I’m so happy!”

Chiyo giggles as she wraps her arms around me, “I’m happy too!”

Aiko rises from the table to gather up our bowls and stops in front of Brian, “Stacey and Chiyo really have become fast friends haven’t they?”

Brian nods as he follows Aiko toward the sink, “They sure have. I can help you with the dishes.”

Aiko chuckles, “You could, but you’re a guest.”

Brian shakes his head, “I watched over the kiddos while you went grocery shopping, I insist that I help you with the dishes.”

Aiko sighs as she fills the sink with warm water and grabs the soap, “If you insist, Brian. Go ahead.”

I waddle out of the kitchen and stop beside Chiyo in the hallway, “So Chiyo, what other awesome stuff does your house have? OH!”

Chiyo covers her ears at my shout, “Yeah? Not so loud…”

I press my index fingers together, “Sowwy, I got excited. I wanted to ask if Tokyo has any festivals this month.”

Chiyo nods as she waddles down the hallway to the right of the kitchen exit instead of her normal path straight down toward our rooms, “Follow me.”

I waddle-run after Chiyo with a smile, “I’m coming.”

Chiyo giggles as she stops in front of green sliding door a few moments, “This leads to our backyard.” She pulls the sliding door and reveals a bamboo patio at the door that blends into a green grassy expanse.

I waddle toward the doorway and stop beside Chiyo. My eyes widen as I dart them across their backyard. To my left rests a giant tree with apple sprouting from the leaves. In the center of the backyard rests a stone pathway that leads to a gigantic water fountain shaped like a polygon star. “Wow!”

I waddle down the path after Chiyo and stop at the polygon star pond. I stand on my toes so I can peer inside at the empty pond, “There’s nothing inside.” I train my eyes toward the giant water fall at the top star point of the pond and giggle at the rainbow-colored water, “That’s neato!”

I return to my normal stance and spin around to Chiyo so I can boop her nose, “This is so cool!”

Chiyo giggles and smiles, “I’m glad you like it, Stacey-kun.”

I waddle over to the giant apple tree and tilt my head at the little sapling resting a few yards to the left of it, “Chiyo-chan, what’s this tree for?”

Chiyo waddles over to me and boops my nose, “That’s my tree. Mommy planted it when I was born.”

“Wow! That’s so cool!” I poke Chiyo’s belly and smile when she giggles.

Chiyo covers her belly with her hands, “STAAAHP!” She smiles at me and tickles my sides, “HA! HA! HAAAA!”

“WAAAAA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” I backpedal from Chiyo’s tickles and run across the backyard, “NOOOOO!”

Chiyo smirks as she waddle-runs after me, “Imma getcha, Stacey-kun!”

Date: Wednesday 08-Jun-22 21:25 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 9:25 PM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

I yawn as I stop inside the hallway and kneel to catch my breath, “I give up, Chiyo-chan. I…I can’t run anymore.”

Chiyo giggles as she tackle-hugs me, sending me to the tile floor while she rests atop my belly. She smiles down at me and boops my nose, “Pinned ya. Hee…”

I smile toward Chiyo and yawn again, “Yeppers.”

Aiko yawns as she enters the hallway and spots Chiyo and I on the floor, “Silly kiddos.” She walks over to us and kneels right as Chiyo crawls off me, “What are you kiddos doing?”

I boop Chiyo’s nose, “Playin’, Aiko-san. Chiyo-chan and I had lotsa fun!” I turn to Chiyo with a big smile, “Right, Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo nods and rubs her eyes, “Ummhmm…I’m sleepy now though, Mommy.”

Brian yawns as he passes us by and heads toward our guest room, “Ready for bed, Stacinator?”

I yawn as Aiko lifts Chiyo into her arms and I hold onto her flowing blue nightgown, “Yush.” I let go seconds after Aiko stops at Chiyo’s room and I wobble as I turn toward Brian.

Brian walks over and scoops me into his arms, “Let’s get you in bed.”

I yawn as Brian carries me inside our guest room and lays me down on the changing mat, “I’m loving Tokyo.”

Brian nods as he grabs a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper, wipes, and baby powder from my diaper bag, “I’m glad you’re enjoying our vacation.” Brian lays the supplies to the right of the changing mat and unfastens my wet diaper, “Are you excited for the festival tomorrow?”

“Uh huh!” I yawn and rub my eyes as Brian lifts my legs to slide the wet diaper away. “I can’t wait!” I smile toward Brian as he works on getting me dry whilst tossing the old wipes into my old diaper sitting to my right. “What about you, Brian? What’s been your favorite part so far?”

Brian hums as he lowers my legs so he can roll my old diaper into a ball and grabs the baby powder, “Well…” He lifts my legs with his left hand and begins powdering my uplifted bottom with his right hand, “I’d have to say the Yokohama family and their food. They’ve been really kind and I see that you and Chiyo-chan have become fast friends.”

I giggle as I turn toward the wall where I spot a giant lantern style lamp, “Yep, Chiyo-chan and I are definitely best friends.” I smile when the soft padding of the Pampers reaches me and I dart my eyes toward the green circled shell being brought up to my belly, “I’m glad I met her.”

Brian nods as he secures the diaper’s right tape, “I’m glad too.” He secures the diaper’s left tape and pats my new diaper, “All dry.” He moves to put the baby wipes back in my diaper bag.

“Yay! Dry bottom!” I giggle and kick my legs allowing my fresh Pampers to crinkle. “Thankies for the changies, Brian.”

Brian turns to me to pick up the baby powder and smiles at me happily kicking my legs while my Pampers crinkle, “You’re welcome, Stacey.” Brian returns the baby powder to my diaper bag and shuts it. He turns back to find me standing atop the changing mat shaking my diapered bottom, “Silly Baby Brother.” He pats my diapered bottom, “Ready for bed?”

I stop shaking my diapered bottom and waddle over to my futon, “Yush.” I lie down and pull the covers up to my head. I turn toward Brian’s futon and smile when he lies down, “I love you, Brian.”

“I love you too, Stacey.” Brian ruffles my hair and points to the lamp, “Can you turn off the lamp?”

“Sure.” I turn toward the lamp and flick the switch, flooding the room with darkness. I yawn as I snuggle into my futon and soon, I’m fast asleep.


Date: Friday 10-Jun-22 19:25 (Friday, June 10, 2022, 7:25 PM)

Location: Koto Fireworks Festival, Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan

I yawn and rub my eyes as I stare into the dark purple sky whilst the gentle wind runs through my dark blue jinbei shirt. I shift on my matching dark blue tabi covered feet and my Pampers Cruisers crinkle, “When are the fireworks gonna start?” I smile as I scan my jinbei shirt and notice the thin, but comfortable fabric as it hugs my upper body, “These are really cool.”

Chiyo giggles and boops my nose whilst her red T-shirt flutters and her Pampers Baby Dry diaper crinkles, “Just be patient, Stacey. They’re almost gonna start.” Chiyo presents me with a purple cotton candy stick, “Here.”

I smile at Chiyo and take the cotton candy stick, “Thankies.”

Chiyo smiles as she spins on her feet whilst her white tabi feet coverings briefly show themselves as her snow-white yukata adorned with purple flowers flutters, “Do you like my yukata, Stacey-kun?”

I giggle and poke Chiyo’s nose, “Yeppers, Chiyo-chan, it’s really cool. Your Mommy really did a good job with our yukatas and jinbei shirts and shorts.”


Aiko pats Brian’s shoulder as she turns to him whilst her purple yukata flutters in the gentle Tokyo wind, “It’s really nice tonight huh? Do you like my yukata?”

Brian smiles as he scans the intricate white flowers dotting across the purple fabric, “It’s really pretty, Aiko. Thanks for helping me with the jinbei outfits for me and Stacey by the way.”

Aiko smiles, “You’re welcome, Brian-san.”

Brian nods as he follows Chiyo and me a few feet behind, “I’m glad we got to experience this. Thanks for mentioning this to me this morning, Aiko-san.”

Aiko pats Brian’s shoulder and chuckles as she watches Chiyo and I swing each others arms while waddling past the food stalls, “No problem.”


My eyes widen when we stop at a clearing, nothing but a clear sky and the dirt path before us. I turn to Chiyo with a smile, “Is this a good spot?”

Chiyo boops my nose, “Yeppers.” and releases my hand. “You got your diapey bag right?”

“Uh huhs! Brian entrusted me with it!” I slide my diaper bag off my shoulder and set it down at Chiyo’s feet, “I’ve got a big blankie in here.” I kneel in front of my diaper bag and flip it open. I pull out the giant purple blanket and drape it over the path in front of us, “There!” I waddle onto the blanket and sit down. I turn to Chiyo and pat the empty spot to my right, “Come on, Chiyo-chan!”

Chiyo waddles over to me and sits down, “Okay.” She smiles when she hears the whistle of fireworks, “IT’S STARTING! STACEY LOOK IT!” She points to the sky and lies down next to me. “LIE DOWN QUICK!”

I lie down and my eyes widen at the giant red star blowing up in the sky and fading, “COOL!”

Chiyo nods and smiles toward me, “I KNOW! THIS IS AWESOME!”

I turn toward Chiyo seconds after a purple circle firework explodes, “This is the bestest, Chiyo-chan! I’m glad I could experience this with you. Best friends forever!” I grab hold of her left hand.

Chiyo smiles toward me, “Yep! The best experience ever!” and grabs my hand. “Best friends forever.”


Aiko smiles as she watches her daughter and her best friend enjoy the fireworks. She glances toward the sky and her eyes glisten with joy at the explosions of rainbows and stars, “This is amazing, huh Brian-san?”

Brian nods, “Yeah, this is my first vacation in Japan and I’m glad I got this experience. I’m looking forward to having many more wonderful experiences here.” He turns to Aiko with a smile, “Thanks, Aiko.”

Aiko pats Brian’s shoulder, “You’re welcome, Brian-san.” and returns her gaze to the fireworks.


Date: Friday 10-Jun-22 20:01 (Friday, June 10, 2022, 8:01 PM)

Location: Koto Fireworks Festival, Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan

I yawn and rub my eyes as I stand up, “This was amazing, huh Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo yawns and turns to me with a smile, “Yeah.” She turns to her Mommy and Brian, then turns back to me, “Mommy and me haven’t been this happy in a long time. I’m glad that you and Brian came here. It’s just been me and Mommy for along as I can remember. Sure we had guests come and go at the Inn, but none of them really chatted. They just came and went.”

Chiyo giggles as she scans me and boops my nose, “Then you and Brian came and things changed for Mommy and me. Mommy was a lot happier and I found a new friend.”

I rub my eyes, “You didn’t have any friends before me?”

Chiyo shakes her head, “Kids would avoid me mostly…I think it’s cause of my Pampers. I found some kids that were like me, but they moved away a while ago. We would always meet up at this park and play on the playground. Then one day…” Chiyo sniffs and bows her head, “They didn’t show up.”

I pull Chiyo into a hug and rub her back, “Well, you got me. Maybe…maybe I can talk to Brian and we can stay longer than just a week. I really wanna spend lots more time here with you.”

Chiyo releases me from the hug and presses her index fingers together, “Yeah, but you’d have to leave eventually, and then well I’d be alone again.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” I shake my head and boop her nose, “We could video call every day. And then every June we spend two weeks together. If I can talk Brian into it, we’ll spend two weeks every month together if we can.”

Chiyo smiles at me despite the tears swimming in her eyes, “Really?”

I smile and poke Chiyo’s belly, “Really.”

Chiyo hugs me and smiles as happy tears inch down her face, “Thankies, Stacey. I’ve never been happier.”

I giggle as I snuggle into Chiyo’s hug, “No problem.”


Date: Friday 10-Jun-22 20:08 (Friday, June 10, 2022, 8:08 PM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

I sigh as crawl off the changing mat and lie down on my futon while Brian returns the baby wipes to my diaper bag.

Brian tilts his head at my sigh as he returns the baby powder back to my diaper bag. He shuts my bag and inches over to me to ruffle my hair, “What’s wrong, Stacey?”

“Chiyo-chan doesn’t have any friends except me, and…and it’s not fair.” I sit up on my futon and train my pleading eyes on Brian, “I wanna spend more time with her. We have so much in common and she’s always happy when I’m around.”

Brian nods, “Aiko-san told me the same. She and her daughter have been through an emotional roller coaster. I know you created this world, but I didn’t think people could lose friends and family and be so heartbroken by them moving away.”

I shake my head and scan the futon, “Yeah, there’s no death here, no violence, but I forgot about other forms of pain when I made this dimension. Arguments still happen, disagreements, rifts occur, but death never happens, aging never happens. At least,” I smile toward Brian, “at least I was able to make a new friend and cheer Chiyo up.”

Brian nods, “And I was able to make a friend in Aiko-san. She’s my age actually. 25 years old. She had Chiyo 3 years ago and her husband left because of family issues. He was heartbroken and couldn’t return back to her. She didn’t tell me much more than that, but she did say at least that she found happiness when we started talking and spending more time together.”

I boop Brian’s nose, “I’m glad we came to Tokyo.” I yawn and lie down on my futon.

Brian smiles as he crawls over to his futon and pulls the covers up to his neck, “I’m glad we came here too.” Brian yawns and soon he’s fast asleep.

I smile as I scan the ceiling, “I can’t wait to spend more time with Chiyo tomorrow. This is gonna be the best vacation ever!” I yawn and my eyes droop. Within seconds I’m fast asleep.



End Chapter 33

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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