From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 26
Chapter 26 (Mommy & Son Experiences – Food, Cartoons, & Cute Toddlers)

Chapter Description: Chapter 26: Wednesday Morning means another day with Mommy. Morning time means breakfast and cartoons and giving mommy a list of things I wanna do. Time for lots of cuddling! I love my mommy!

Date: Wednesday 05-Jan-22 07:08 (Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 7:08 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

My eyes snap open and I notice straightaway I’m lying in my crib. I sit up and my purple T-shirt flutters whilst my Pampers Cruisers crinkle. I yawn and rub my eyes as I rise to my feet and waddle over to my crib bars. I shake them and yawn again causing me to wobble. I giggle as I land on my padded bottom and turn toward the golden latch securing the crib bars.

I reach toward the latch and flick it, which causes the crib bars to slide to the floor. “Brian must be at work.” I waddle toward my door and notice it’s open, “I bet Mommy’s up already. Now I just gotta find her.” My belly growls and I giggle as I waddle into the hallway.

I rub my eyes as I waddle down the hallway, “Mommy? Mommy?” I dart my eyes across the kitchen entrance and don’t see her, “Where is she?” I waddle into the living room and don’t see her on the couch. I sniff as I scan the weather showing on the TV, “Hmmm…” I turn toward the balcony and smile when I see Mommy walking through the door, “MOMMY!”

Sarah kneels allowing her blue jeans and red T-shirt to adjust with her movement, “Good morning, Stacey.” She chuckles when I tacklehug her and she returns my hug whilst patting my bottom, “I was wondering when my baby boy would get up.” She releases me from the hug and boops my nose, “Mommy changed you earlier and you were still asleep, so I just decided to let you get some rest. Did you sleep good last night?”

I sway back and forth whilst wiggling my toes, “I guess. I did wake up at 1 scratching. So I put on lotion and went back to bed. I dunno why I was itching all of a sudden.” My belly growls and I poke Mommy’s belly, “I’m hungry.” I waddle into the kitchen and crane my neck toward the top of the fridge where my box of MADEGOOD Chocolate Chip Granola rests. “Awww…”

I blink twice as the box suddenly gets closer. I glance back and smile at Mommy holding me up to the box, “Thankies, Mommy!” I grab two bags from the box and giggle as Mommy sets me on my feet. I smile toward her as she enters the fridge and pulls out a baby bottle of strawberry watermelon juice for me, “Thankies, Mommy!” I take the bottle and waddle into the hallway.

Sarah smiles as she watches me waddle out of the kitchen and toward the living room. He’s such a cute little toddler. I love Stacey so much. I’m glad I get to be a young mom again. Stacey bringing us to this parallel world with him as a toddler was the best thing he could have done for us.

Upon reaching the living room, I toss my baby bottle and bags of granola onto the pillow to my left. I crawl onto the couch whilst my Pampers crinkle and I giggle once I’m comfy with my remote in hand. I flip on Animaniacs and begin eating my granola while pausing every second bite to drain my bottle.

Sarah smiles as she stops at the couch behind me and smiles while watching both the show and her adorable little boy enjoying his breakfast.


Date: Wednesday 05-Jan-22 07:39 (Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 7:39 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

Sarah walks over to me and sits down to my right while the TV presents a weather commercial break. “It’s really cold out there today.” Sarah ruffles my hair and chuckles at the five baby bottles sitting empty to my left, “I guess you were really thirsty huh?”

I smile toward Mommy and crawl into her lap, “Yush!” I turn toward the TV and blink at the forecast, “So…40°F today, they’re predicting snow tomorrow with a high of 30°F, and then dropping to the teens for the rest of the week.” I giggle as I scoot back in Mommy’s lap and boop her nose, “Think we could build a snowman, Mommy?”

Sarah rubs her chin as I flip the TV to Rugrats and Rugrats Season 2 Episode 4 - "Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch" starts, “Well the snow melted from when it snowed earlier. So maybe later this week.”

“Okay.” I giggle as I watch Tommy and his friends battle the playground bully Old Western style. “Mommy?”

Sarah bounces me in her lap and smiles when I giggle, “Yes, Baby?”

I giggle while Mommy bounces me, “I…I…heee…heee…have you ever played Old Western stuffs?”

Sarah stops bouncing me and smiles as she enjoys the show with her baby boy, “Not that I can remember, Stacey. If you want to, we can after the show goes off.”

“I was just curious is all, Mommy.” I clap my bare feet together as I become enthralled by Tommy and his friends’ battling the playground bully.


Date: Wednesday 05-Jan-22 12:09 (Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 12:09 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I giggle as I squirm while watching the credits for Rugrats Season 2 Episode 9 roll down the screen, “I always loved the original Rugrats.” I stop squirming seconds later and hissing carries the bottles I had during my cartoon binging season out of my body. I turn to Mommy and stand in her lap, “Mommy?”

Sarah smiles at me and ruffles my hair, “Yes, Baby?”

“I wanna show you something!” I jump out of Mommy’s lap whilst the wetness indicator on my Pampers Cruisers fades to yellow-green. I giggle and waddle toward my bedroom, oblivious to the hissing noise echoing around me. I sit down in front of my gaming station and open the document: Mother-Son Bonding List.docx. I smile as grab the printed list and waddle-run back to the living room while the hissing dies down, “MOMMY! MOMMY!”

Sarah giggles as she turns toward the hallway and finds me waddle-running toward her, “Yes, Stacey?”

I smile wide whilst holding the list behind my back, “Just like with Daddy,” I stop a few feet away from Mommy and wiggle my toes, “I made list of stuffs I wanna do with Mommy.”

“Oh?” Sarah tilts her head and pats her lap, “Well why don’t you sit down with Mommy and we can go over it.”

“Otay!” I waddle over to the couch and toss the list on the couch to Mommy’s left. I crawl into Mommy’s lap and turn to grab the list. I smile toward her as I unfold the paper and show her, “Hewe, Mommy!”

Sarah can’t help but dawww at my baby talk and she scans the list:

Mother/Son Bonding Activities

ü  Playing UNO

o     Tickle Attacks

o     Being carried and hugged

o     Baking brownies

o     Making Spaghetti

o     Building a snowman

“This is a good list, Stacey.” Sarah folds up the list and slides it into her pants pocket, “I think I can check one thing off the list already.”

“Really?” I smile toward Mommy as she rises from the couch. I jump off the couch and jump up and down while watching her walk over to the TV to turn it off, “What? What? What?”

Sarah walks over and kneels to pull me into a warm hug whilst patting my diapered bottom, “Mommy can give you hugs and carry you around before nap time.”

“Nap time?” I rest my head over Mommy’s shoulder as she slowly carries me around the apartment whilst continuing to hold me close. I can’t help but smile as Mommy’s loving hold and padded bottom pats lull me into a peaceful state. “This is nice, Mommy.”

Sarah stops her slow walk at the front door, “Yep, it’s…” Sarah glances toward the clock above the door…


Date: Wednesday 05-Jan-22 12:16 (Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 12:16 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

“12:16. Nap time for baby boys.” Sarah strolls toward my bedroom and sets me on my feet atop my changing table. Sarah kisses my forehead and slides a finger into the cuff of my Pampers Cruisers, “Nap time and diaper change time for you, Stacey.”

I giggle and lie down on the changing table while kicking my legs, “Diapey change. Diapey change. Diapey change time. Heee…”

Sarah chuckles at my cuteness and grabs a fresh Pampers Cruisers diaper from the shelf, “Yep, diaper change time.” She sets the fresh diaper next to my head and unfastens my wet diaper so she can lift my legs and slide it away. She grabs some baby wipes and hums as she works on getting me dry, “So Stacey, how did you enjoy your morning watching cartoons with Mommy?”

I smile toward Mommy as she tosses another wipe into my old diaper, “I loved it, Mommy!” I kick my legs and giggle as I watch Mommy roll my old diaper into a ball and tape it shut. I yawn and rub my eyes causing my legs to stop kicking. I grunt and focus on wiping my eyes while Mommy powders my uplifted bottom, “I love when you and Daddy come over to play with me.” I smile toward her and giggle once my eye itch is gone, “Thankies, Mommy!”

Sarah smiles as she sets the baby powder down and grabs the fresh Pampers Cruisers to flick open. She lifts my legs with her left hand and slides the fresh diaper under my bottom with her right hand, “Mommy’s glad you’re happy, Stacey.” She brings the green circle decorated shell up to my belly and tapes the new diaper snug around my waist, “There we go.”

Sarah lifts me into her arms and hugs me close whilst patting my freshly diapered bottom as she heads toward the bathroom, “Mommy’s Baby Boy is all dry.”

I giggle and swing my legs while Mommy carries me toward the bathroom, “Thankies, Mommy!” I smile toward her seconds after I’m set on my feet. I watch as she washes her hands, but my attention is diverted at a roaring noise. I turn toward the noise and see the toilet thing Mommy mentioned before. I whimper as the noise rises and I waddle over to Mommy to latch onto her waist whilst my fear rises.

I hiccup and bury my head in Mommy’s waist as hissing echoes around me as my fears are drained from my body, “Mommy…”

Sarah dries her hands and kneels to boop my nose, “What is it?”

I point to the toilet and whimper as I rest my head over Mommy’s shoulder, “Monster! Don’t leave me.”

Sarah pulls me into a warm hug and pats my bottom whilst hearing the hissing noise. I just changed him. He… Sarah mentally sighs as the toilet’s noise fades and the hissing fades seconds later. Sarah rises to her full height and walks toward my bedroom, “It’s alright, Stacey. Mommy won’t leave you. Mommy will be right here.”

I smile when Mommy lays me down on my changing table, “You promise?”

Sarah kisses my forehead, “Mommy promises.”

I giggle and kick my legs allowing my Pampers Cruisers diaper to crinkle. I blink twice and notice I’m lying on my changing table again, “Mommy?” I stop kicking my legs and sit up on the changing table, “Why come I’m on the changing table again? I don’t need changies again do I?”

Sarah stands me up on the changing table and pats my diapered bottom, “Mommy’s just checking, sweetie. Mommy heard you going potty when you heard the Monster in there.” Sarah slides a finger into the cuff of my diaper and nods as she pats my diapered bottom, “You’re dry.” She grabs the Germ-X and sanitizes her hands.

With her hands clean, Sarah lifts me into a hug and bounces me in her arms as she slowly walks toward the living room, “I think we can have nap time on the couch. Is that okay with you, Baby?”

I smile as I rest my head over Mommy’s shoulder, “Yeah. I wanna spend nap time with you, Mommy. Thankies.”

Sarah stops in front of the couch and sets me on my feet. She lies on her back and turns to boop my nose, “Well come on, Baby Boy.” Sarah giggles as she pats my diapered bottom and my Pampers crinkle in response.

I giggle and wiggle my diapered bottom allowing my Pampers to crinkle more. I love being a diapered toddler. I love all the cute outfits I get to wear. What I love most though. I crawl onto the couch and smile toward Mommy as I crawl on top of her.  I love being able to nap on Mommy, Daddy, or Brian after a long morning of cartoons and breakfast.

I giggle as I reach Mommy’s chest and kiss her cheeks, “I love you, Mommy.” I turn my padded bottom to her face and crawl toward her belly.

Sarah chuckles and pats my diapered bottom, “I love you too, Baby Boy.”

I smile as I lie down on Mommy’s belly while she ruffles my hair. I yawn and soon my eyes droop. “Love you…Mommy…” Another yawn leaves my lips and I fall asleep moments later.

Sarah smiles as she watches me sleep, “Such a precious toddler I’ve been blessed with. I’m the happiest Mommy in the world.” She yawns as she watches me slowly rise and fall as she breathes. Soon, she follows her little boy into nap time land.



End Chapter 26

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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