From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

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Chapter 32
Chapter 32 (World Tours & Happy Toddlers Stage 2 – Tokyo’s Customs & Friendship)

Chapter Description: Chapter 32: I’ve been in Japan for less than a few hours and my first big stretch was spent napping. When I wake up and open the door to my room, a girl my age is standing there. I wonder what we have in common. I wonder what awaits me as this girl takes my hand.

Date: Wednesday 08-Jun-22 13:05 (Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 1:05 PM)

Location: Yokohama Family Inn, Tokyo, Japan

My eyes snap open and when I sit up, I realize I’m inside Brian’s and my room at the Yokohama Family Inn in Japan. I kick off my covers and jump to my feet causing my purple T-shirt to flutter and my Pampers Cruisers to crinkle. I glance down to my Pampers and notice the wetness indicator is yellow from the top to the middle, and yellow-green from the middle downward.

I yawn and rub my eyes as I waddle over to Brian’s futon. Within seconds realization dons that he’s not in our room. “I wonder where he is.” I waddle toward the sliding door and pull it open to reveal an almond skinned, purple twin pony tailed toddler girl before me. I glance up and down at this toddler as her green eyes scan me. I smile at her red T-shirt and snow-white diaper adorned with Cars 2 Lightning McQueen on the shell.

I rub the back of my head and giggle, “Hiya, I’m Stacey. What’s your name?”

The toddler girl smiles and boops my nose while blinking her purple eyes, “I’m Chiyo Yokohama. It’s nice to meet you, Stacey. Mommy told me that we were gonna have guests over. Normally we have guests a lot during the month of June, but it’s been slow lately.” Chiyo giggles and grabs my hand, “Wanna play some games with me?”

My eyes widen and I nod, “Yeah! I wanted to go find my big brother first though.” I slide my hand free of Chiyo’s and boop her nose, “Will you help me?”

Chiyo nods as she waddles into the hallway with a smile and turns to me with her right hand extended, “Come on!”

“I’m coming!” I waddle-run toward Chiyo and giggle as we waddle down the white walled hallway, “So your Mommy showed Brian and me that her bedroom is across from ours, where’s your room?”

Chiyo stops a few feet later in front of a purple, alphabet block decorated, paper sliding door, “This is my bedroom.” She slides the door open to reveal a purple futon in the middle of the room, while to our right rests a double shelf desk with a giant TV and a small computer connected to it. To our left rests a changing table with two shelfs that each contain one box of Pampers Baby Dry diapers, one bottle of baby powder, and one box of baby wipes.

Chiyo waddles into the middle of her room and turns to me with a smile, “Welcome to my room!”

I giggle as I dart my eyes around the room and take note of the purple wallpaper, “It’s really neato, Chiyo.” I turn and waddle over to hug her, “I’m glad I get to meet someone my age here.”

Chiyo smiles as she returns my hug and releases me with a boop of my nose, “I’m glad too. So, you wanna go find your big brother now?” Chiyo pokes my belly and giggles when I giggle, “I think you need a diapey change.”

I glance down to my Pampers and notice the wetness indicator’s yellow-green hue has almost fully consumed the green. “Heee…yeah I do.” I boop Chiyo’s nose and notice the yellow wetness indicator running between the plethora of Sesame Street characters, “You need changies too.” I wag my tongue at her and giggle. “Help me find my big brother and we can get changed and run around the house!”

Chiyo nods and pokes my belly, “Okay.” She waddle-runs out of her bedroom and down the hallway, “Follow me!”

I smile and waddle-run after my new friend, “I’m coming, Chiyo.” My eyes widen as I waddle down the hallway and see the multitude of different floral designs decorating the walls that were once white. “So cool!” I stop at a giant open door beside Chiyo and dart my eyes across the vast open room. On the left-hand side of the room rests a kitchen with a fridge, counter, stove, sink, and another counter, all positioned to the left of each other.

Above this kitchen to our left rests three cabinets. To our right rests a giant circular dining room table, and farther to the right rests another sliding door, “So where are we, Chiyo?”

Chiyo giggles as she stops at the sliding door and waddles over to me, “This is the kitchen and dining room. The living room," Chiyo grabs my hand and waddles toward the sliding door, “is right behind this door.” Chiyo slides the door open to reveal a couch a few feet in front of us where Chiyo’s Mommy and my big brother are sitting drinking sencha green tea.

Chiyo turns to me and boops my nose, “There they are.”

I giggle and nod, “Yeppers.”


Brian sighs as he sets his cup of tea on the table next to Aiko’s, “Thank you for the tea, Aiko.”

Aiko nods as she picks up her cup and sips it, “You’re welcome, Brian. Your big brother and my daughter seem to be hitting it off already. I heard them giggling up a storm as they ran across the house earlier.”

Brian chuckles as he smiles at Aiko, “Yeah, Stacey’s really friendly and loves having kids his age to play with. You said you were going to have dinner for us?”

Aiko gives Brian a thumbs up, “That’s right. We’re having beef udon and some grape juice. Chiyo loves grape juice and can’t have a meal without it. I do have other drinks if you like though.”

Brian shakes his head, “Water would be fine for me. I’m sure Stacey would like orange soda though, it’s one of his favorites.”

Aiko drains the last of her tea and sets the cup on the table, “We have some in the fridge. I’ll make sure to get him a can of it when dinner is prepared. There’s also something else I wanted to talk with you about…”


I giggle as I waddle past the couch and turn to my left to find a giant 72-inch flat screen TV stretched across the wall, “Wow!” I turn toward the couch and spot the table Aiko and Brian are using for their tea. I focus my eyes on Brian and Aiko right as Chiyo stops beside me on my right. “Hiya, Brian. Hiya, Mrs. Yokohama.”

Aiko waves at me and smiles when I waddle over to her while Chiyo waddles over to Brian. When I rest my hands on her knees, she ruffles my hair, “I suppose I should teach you some honorifics for older and younger people in Japan, Stacey. Just a respect thing for us is all.”

Brian nods, “Aiko-san is right, Stacey. She was explaining that to me just now.” Brian turns to Aiko, “Go ahead.”

Aiko turns to me and lifts me into her lap, “Okay, Stacey. Normally when addressing older people in our country you use their last name and -san. With younger people like Chiyo, you would add the suffix -chan when you’re talking amongst other little ones like you. With young children that are older than 10, you’d use the -kun suffix.”

I nod and tilt my head, “What about…hmmm…so with you for example I’d say Yokohama-san. And with Chiyo, I’d use Yokohama-kun?”

Aiko nods, “Yes, but with people you know well, and since we’re getting to know each other over the next week, you’d use Aiko-san with me and Chiyo-kun with Chiyo. When addressing you, I’d call you Stacey-chan. When addressing your brother, I’d say Brian-san. That makes easier for us in that case.”

“Okay, that makes sense.” I jump out of Aiko’s lap and turn to Chiyo with a smile, “Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo turns to me and boops my nose, “Yes, Stacey-kun?” Chiyo giggles when I poke her belly, “Glad to see you caught onto our honorifics so quickly. Since you’re my friend, I use the -kun suffix. Makes sense right?”

I smile and poke Chiyo’s nose, “Yeah, Chiyo-chan, I get it now.” I waddle toward the giant TV and stare at it in awe, “It’s so biiig!”

Chiyo giggles, “You seem to really like it, Stacey-kun.”

I turn to Chiyo with wide eyes, “I love big TVs! The biggest one we gots back in the States is I think a 32-inch.”

Aiko rises from the couch and walks over to the chatting toddlers. She kneels and pats our diapered bottoms, “Sorry to interrupt your chatter, Stacey-kun, Chiyo-chan, but you tots need diaper changes. Then I need to go get ingredients for our dinner.”

I turn to Aiko, “Aiko-san, do you always prepare dinner for the guests at the Inn?”

“It depends on how many guests we have and whether they brought their own food with them for their stay.” Aiko lifts Chiyo and I into her arms and turns to Brian, “Brian can you get the changing mat from under the couch?”

Brian nods, “Of course, Aiko-san.” He rises from the couch and turns to kneel where he was sitting. When he pulls out the changing mat, he blinks twice at five Pampers Baby Dry diapers strapped on the left. He darts his eyes right and finds two bottles of baby powder and two boxes of wipes strapped on that side of the changing mat. “Wow…you strapped them down with Velcro, that’s interesting.”

Brian carries the changing mat over to Aiko and lays it down at our feet. “Aiko-san, I can help you. Two of us working to change the tots will help you get to the grocery store faster.”

Aiko nods, “You’re right.” and turns to me while patting my diapered bottom. “Lie down for me, Stacey-kun.”

“Okay.” I waddle over to Aiko and lie down on the changing mat side closest to her.

Chiyo waddles over to Brian and lies down in front of him, “I guess you’re changing me, Brian-san?”

Brian nods, “Yeah.” and grabs a fresh diaper, wipes, and powder from their respective locations. He unfastens Chiyo’s diaper and lifts her legs to slide it to the right. He grabs some wipes and works on getting her clean while tossing the used wipes into the old diaper.

Aiko hums as she unfastens my wet Pampers and lifts my legs to slide it away, “So Stacey, how are you enjoying your visit to Japan so far? I take my Chiyo-chan has shown you her room already?”

I giggle as I turn to Chiyo while Brian and Aiko lower our legs so they can roll our old diapers into balls and tape them shut. “Uh huh! Her room is purple! It’s my favorite color.” I boop Chiyo’s nose, “Chiyo-chan?”

Chiyo turns to me while Brian and Aiko begin powdering our uplifted bottoms, “Yeah, Stacey-kun?”

I giggle and poke Chiyo’s nose while Brian and Aiko slide fresh Pampers Baby Dry diapers under us, “What’s your favorite video game?”

Chiyo smiles as Brian and Aiko bring the Sesame Street themed diapers up to our bellies, “I love Need for Speed Underground 2 and Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix!”

My eyes widen as Brian and Akio secure the new diapers snug around our waists and lifts us to our feet, “You like the same games I do!” I waddle-run toward the TV and turn to Chiyo as she waddle-runs toward me, “Let’s go play Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix right now! I brought my gaming laptop and got a way to hook up both yours and mine online so we can race together with AI!”

I waddle-run down the hallway and stop at the vast hallway splitting between the  kitchen and another vast hall of white walls, “Oh no…”

Chiyo stops beside me and pats my diapered bottom, “Come on ya goof!” She turns left toward the rooms and smiles back at me, “Let’s go play!”

I waddle over to Chiyo and waddle-run toward my guest room to grab my laptop, “YEAH!”


Brian smiles as he hears mine and Chiyo’s giggles as we waddle-run toward Chiyo’s room, “Yeah, I think they’ve become fast friends.” Brian turns to Aiko as she returns from disposing the toddlers’ diapers and he sanitizes his hands with the Germ-X she offers, “I’m glad we came here.” Brian releases a happy sigh as he sits back down on the couch next to Aiko.

Aiko smiles and pats Brian’s shoulder, “I’m glad you did as well. You can watch them while I go grocery shopping, right?"

Brian nods and follows Aiko back to Chiyo’s room, “Of course.”

Aiko smiles as she watches her daughter and her daughter’s new friend enjoy racing through Detroit in their respective heavy vehicles: my purple Cadillac Sixteen and Chiyo’s purple Cadillac Escalade EXT. “Chiyo-chan,” Akio walks over to her daughter and kneels to kiss her cheek, “Mommy’s going to the grocery store. Brian-san is going to be here watching over you and Stacey. I’ll be back.”

Chiyo giggles as she speeds past my car right as the red flare appears, winning her the race. She turns to Aiko and kisses her forehead, “Okay, Mommy!”

Aiko ruffles her daughter’s hair and stops beside Brian as he sits down in the rocking chair next to the door, “You’re familiar with the kitchen and everything?”

Brian nods, “All her sippy cups and Stacey’s bottles are in the fridge and if I need anything just call. I got it.”

Aiko smiles and steps into the hallway to bow to Brian, “Thank you, Brian-san.”

Brian rises to return Aiko’s bow, “It’s my pleasure.” When he rises from the gesture of good will, Aiko has stepped out. Brian turns to us with a smile as he watches us go deep into another circuit race, this one in Atlanta. “Yep, this is going to be a great vacation. Stacey’s already made a new friend and I’m learning a lot about Japanese culture first hand. I’m glad Stacey picked Japan for our first world trip destination.



End Chapter 32

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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