From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 7
Chapter 7 (Playful Mornings & Comforted Toddlers)

Chapter Description: Nothing says playful like morning tickles, waddling around the apartment, and having breakfast with my big brother.

Date: Friday 03-Dec-21 08:04 (Friday, December 3, 2021, 8:04 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

My eyes slowly open and straightaway I notice I’m lying on someone atop the living room couch. I glance down to my outfit: a purple T-shirt and Pampers Baby Dry diaper and smile at the colorful circles that float around the wetness indicator. I sit up and yawn whilst a gentle hand rests on my shoulder. I turn to the hand’s source and find Brian smiling up at me, “Good morning, Brian.”

Brian turns me so I’m facing him and brings me to his chest for a hug, “Good morning, Little Brother.” He rises from the couch, allowing the green blanket covering him to fall to the floor and reveal the green sweater and blue jeans he’s wearing. Brian sets me on my feet in the middle of the living room and kneels to caress my cheek with his gentle touch, “Did you manage to get some good sleep in?”

I blink twice and nod, “Uh huh.” I turn toward the window at the back of the apartment and waddle toward it, “Hmmm…”

Brian smiles as he watches me waddle toward the window to scan the darkness of the early winter morning, “Don’t open that door, Stacinator.” Brian yawns and saunters over to the door.

I stop in the middle of reaching for the sliding door handle and turn to Brian as he stops beside me with a ruffle of my hair, “Why come?”

Brian walks into my bedroom and grabs my phone, “I’ll show you why.” He walks back over to me and presses the power button allowing me to see the temperature: 27°F, “See?”

I blink twice and cross my arms at the cold temperature while the smooth heated air courses through the apartment as I wiggle my toes. “I didn’t like Winter as an adult and I don’t like it now as a toddler. I always gotta wear heavy stuff to go outside now. Well…” I uncross my arms and poke Brian’s belly, “Actually the other day it was pretty nice and I could just waddle around bare foot.”

“You could,” Brian scoops me into his arms and cradles me so I’m resting in his right arm while he tickles my bare feet with his free left hand, “but I won’t let my little brother risk hurting his little feet.”

I giggle and kick my legs as Brian continues to tickle my feet, “BRIAN! HA! HA! HA! HA! STAAAAAHP! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

Brian smiles and kisses my forehead, “Alright.” He sets me on my feet with a loving pat to my padded bottom and heads to the bathroom.

I waddle after Brian and tilt my head when he shuts the door, “Brian?” I whimper and tears swim in my eyes, “Don’t leave.”

Brian rolls his eyes as he finishes up and begins washing his hands, “I’ll be out in a minute, Stacey. I’m right here.” My poor baby brother, I guess that fear of being alone is really at a heightened state. Still, I can’t use the bathroom with the door wide open…that’s just…not right. Brian shakes his head as he shuts off the sink and scans himself in the mirror. I never would have thought I’d end up being a big brother to my best friend of over a decade, but here I am.

I was always scared of having kids, but now I have a kiddo to care for. Brian splashes cold water on his face when he hears me knock at the door. “I’m coming, keep your shirt on Little Brother.” Brian sighs mentally as he opens the bathroom door and nearly falls over when I throw myself around his waist. Brian ruffles my hair and pats my bottom as I hug him tight, “Oh Stacey…”

I train my fearful eyes on Brian while never letting him go. When his loving smile reaches me however, my fear fades almost instantly and I smile back, “Brian?” My belly growls and release Brian from the hug. I backpedal so Brian can exit the bathroom, and I waddle after him into the living room, “I’m hungry.” I stop in front of the TV as my belly growls again.

Brian sits down on the couch and pats the empty space to his right, “What did you have in mind?”

I waddle over to Brian and rest my hands on his knees, “Well…” I turn toward the dark morning sky and turn back to Brian, “Um…” I crawl into Brian’s lap and rest my head against his chest. I smile toward him and giggle when he tickles my feet, “STAAAHP!”

Brian stands me up in his lap and holds me steady with his strong hands under my armpits, “Sorry, couldn’t resist. So, have you figured out what you want for breakfast?”

I glance behind Brian at the kitchen then return my eyes to him, “Do we have any cereal?”

Brian shakes his head, “We ran out last night. I’d have to go get some.” and boops my nose. “Any other breakfast ideas, Little Brother?”

My belly growls and I hop out of Brian’s lap, “Um…” I waddle into the kitchen and stand on my toes so I can grip the middle half of the fridge door. I backpedal and open the fridge whilst wobbling on my toes. “Whoa…”

I crash-land on my padded bottom and crane my neck toward the bottom shelf of the fridge, “Sausage links.” I rise to my feet and pull at the bottom freezer door. I smile when it opens and I giggle at the box of Eggo Waffles resting atop the other frozen meats, “Sausage links and Eggo Waffles!”

Brian rises from the couch and walks over to the kitchen to spot me blocking the doorway while shaking the box of Eggo Waffles in my right hand and the box of Jimmy Dean Sausage Links in my left, “So that’s all, Stacey?” Brian shuts the fridge and freezer doors and ruffles my hair, “You made a decision?”

“Uh huh! Uh huh!” My belly growls and I hand Brian the boxes, “Lots of waffles and sausage links and Maple Syrup!” I waddle run toward the kitchen table and crawl into my boosted chair. “Wait…”

I jump down from my chair and waddle into the living room to grab my phone off the couch. “Hee…” I waddle back into the kitchen and watch as Brian sets four waffles into the toaster resting in the middle of the counter to the right of the fridge. I waddle over to the kitchen table and begin playing Bejeweled on my phone while the sweet smell of frying sausage links soon fills the kitchen.


Brian walks over to me with a plate of two waffles and six sausage links. He takes my phone from my hands.

“HEY!” I train my confused eyes on Brian while my phone’s screen shuts off, “I was playing that!” I kick my legs and cross my arms while Brian ruffles my hair.

“It’s breakfast time.” Brian sets my phone on the counter next to his own and opens the fridge. “What kinda drink do you want?”

I uncross my arms and turn to my plate to grab my fork and knife, “Orange Soda!” I swing my legs and giggle as I cut up the waffles into smaller sections. “Yummy! Yummy!” I smile toward Brian while he sets a 20-ounce baby bottle of orange juice to the right of my plate. I scan the light orange liquid and drive the bottle toward my mouth. I blink twice at the taste of orange juice and set the bottle down next to my plate of cut up waffles and whole sausage links, “BRIIIAN!”

Brian sits down across from me with a glass of water and plate of matching food, “What is it?” Brian grabs the syrup and begins covering his waffles and sausage links with it.

I slam the bottle on the table, “Humph. Dun like orange juice. Wanted orange soda…” I drive some of the waffles toward my mouth and my upset demeanor fades a little at the sweet syrupy waffle, “Yum.”

Brian smiles at me while he eats one of his sausage links and bites into a cut up slice of waffle, “Is it good?”

I nod as I devour two more of my sausage links and half of my first waffle. “Yeppers!” I swing my legs and continue eating.


Brian glances up from his first plate and notices me waddling toward the toaster with four more waffles, “Wait Stacey.” He walks over to me and grabs four Eggo waffles so he can put them in the toaster, “I’ll do it. Just bring me your plate.”

“Otay.” I waddle over to the kitchen table to grab my plate while Brian activates the toaster. I giggle as I head back to Brian with the plate high above my head, “Bwian?”

Brian turns to me right as the toasted waffles pop up from the toaster and he drops the four waffles on my plate, “Yep?”

I waddle back over to the kitchen table and set the plate down. I crawl into my chair and glare at the baby bottle of orange juice, “Mmmm…” I turn my attention to my waffles and douse them in maple syrup, “Bwian?”

Brian walks over to me and notices my full bottle, “You didn’t drink any of it?”

“Dun like orange juice.” I slap the bottle off the table and drive a slice of waffle toward my mouth, “I hate orange juice. It tastes weird and icky. Orange soda better.”

Brian sighs and kneels to pick up the bottle as it rolls toward his foot, “I guess I’ll drink it then. Don’t throw things though.” Brian opens the bottle and pours the juice into his glass.

I tilt my head as Brian carries the empty bottle toward the fridge, “Why?”

Brian pulls out a plastic bottle of strawberry watermelon juice and opens it so he can pour the contents into my baby bottle, “Because you could hit someone or something and hurt yourself or others. I’m really surprised I have to tell him that. I wonder if his toddler body has affected his reasoning somehow. You don’t wanna hurt me, do you?”

I shake my head as Brian sets the baby bottle in front of me, “No…” I focus my eyes on my plate and make short work of devouring two of the four waffles. I lick my lips and drive the bottle toward my mouth. I giggle as the sweet sparkling water quenches my thirst while tickling my tastebuds. I smile around the bottle at Brian, a silent thank you for the delicious breakfast.

Brian ruffles my hair, “Glad to help.”


Date: Friday 03-Dec-21 08:52 (Friday, December 3, 2021, 8:52 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I push my empty plate toward the center of the table and jump out of my boosted chair, “That was good.” I turn toward the sink and see Brian washing my baby bottle in the left-hand sink while the other dishes are sitting in the right-hand sink, “Bwian?” I waddle over and wrap my arms around his waist.

Brian rinses out my bottle and sets it on the dish rack to his right, “What is it?”

I bury my head in Brian’s back, “Sowwy.”

Brian peels me off him and turns to face me, “Stacey…” Brian kneels and pulls me into a warm hug, “It’s alright, you’re just a toddler. Toddlers have tantrums and I know how to deal with it. There’s no harm done because we’re okay and you apologized.” Brian releases me from the hug and ruffles my hair, “Can you hand me the plate off the table?”

“Otay!” I waddle-run toward the kitchen table and run head long into a chair. I whimper as I crash-land on my bottom and tears swim in my eyes, “Briiiiiiiannnn…”

Brian sets the clean dish in the rack and rushes over to me, “What happened?” He scoops me into his arms and bounces me while darting his eyes up and down my body, “No bumps or bruises.” Brian hugs me close and pats my bottom while I wrap my arms around his neck, “It’s alright…” He darts his eyes to where I was sitting and spots the pulled-out chair, “you just ran into a chair. Well, now I’ll remind you to push your chair in when you get up okay.”

Brian kisses my forehead as he pushes in the chair and sets me on my feet so he can pick up his plate. Brian sets the plate in the sink and kneels in front of me as I sniff and rub my eyes, “You okay?”

I sniff and nod, “Uh huh.” I bow my head as hissing echoes around me while half of the bottle I had earlier leaves my body. “Brian?”

Brian walks over to the sink and finishes washing the dishes, “What’s up?”

I waddle over to Brian and watch as he finishes up the dishes whilst my Pampers wetness indicator fades from yellow to yellow-green as the hissing ramps up, “I’m not bad, am I?”

Brian rinses his hands and turns to kneel in front of me, “No. You’re a playful little toddler. You sometimes are a little conflicted and get upset about things, but you’re a happy little kiddo.” Brian pulls me into a warm hug whilst alternating between rubbing my back and patting my padded bottom, “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I smile at Brian’s loving hug and padded bottom pats. Brian’s adjusted to me being his little brother quicker than I thought. He loves me regardless of me being a toddler and…and…he doesn’t scream at me when I eventually have meltdowns. I…I guess he really is a good big brother.


Date: Friday 03-Dec-21 09:00 (Friday, December 3, 2021, 9:00 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

I giggle when Brian releases me from the hug with a poke to my belly, “HEY!”

Brian smiles and lifts my T-shirt to raspberry my belly, “What?” Brian chuckles as he lets my shirt drop above my belly button and he pats my bottom.

I giggle and poke Brian’s belly, “I love you, Brian.” I smile as I poke Brian’s nose seconds after he kneels to me whilst hissing carries the rest of my morning bottle out of my body. “You’re the best big brother ever.”

Brian chuckles and ruffles my hair, “I try.”

I poke Brian’s nose, “TAG!” and waddle-run out of the kitchen.

Brian smirks as he stomps across the kitchen, “TIME TO CATCH THE TODDLER! YOU’VE AWOKEN THE GIANT!”

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” My joyous squeals echo across the apartment as I run away from The Giant Brother’s lumbering steps. I love Brian. He’s lots of fun to play with and I’ll never wanna be anywhere else.


I giggle as I stop at the balcony door and see the sun shining through. “Wow…” I smile at the warm sunlight shining against the buildings, oblivious to Brian inching behind me.

Brian smiles as he stops behind me and slides a finger into the cuff of my diaper, “A little damp, but he’s alright for now.” Brian grabs me under my arms, “GOTCHA!” and holds me out at arm’s length while my legs run but catch no ground. Brian chuckles as he turns me in his arm’s length hold and raspberries my belly.

“WAAAAAAAAA! HA! HA! HA! BRIAN! HA! HA! HA! STAAAAAAAAAAAAHP!” I squeal and kick my legs as Brian’s raspberries continue to assail my tummy. Today is the best day ever! I smile at Brian as he stops raspberrying my belly and sets me on my feet. “I love you, Brian!” I wrap my arms around his neck before he rises to his full height and kiss his cheek.

Brian smiles as he returns my hug and pats my padded bottom, “I love you too, Silly Little Boy. Such a precious little brother I have.”

I giggle as I snuggle into Brian’s warm hug, “Thankies, Brian.”



End Chapter 7

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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Birdie · Feb 11, 2022

As always, great chapter! Stacey is such a such a sweetheart and his big brother Brian seems to love that about the boy!! ^^ Keep up with the great work. :))

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