From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Chapter 5
Chapter 5 (Questions & Enjoying New Toddlerdom)

Chapter Description: It’s been a week since I’ve been in this parallel world. A lot is different here and me being a toddler waddling around in a shirt and Pampers seems normal, thankfully. I still have more questions though. I hope Brian can put my mind at ease.

Date: Thursday 02-Dec-21 07:15 (Thursday, December 2, 2021, 7:15 AM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Skyward Villas Apartments, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America

My eyes slowly blink open and reveal my purple walled bedroom to me. I sit up in my crib whilst my purple T-shirt flutters and my Pampers Baby Dry diaper crinkles. I rise to my feet whilst hissing echoes around me as my Pampers wetness indicator shifts from yellow to yellow-green. It’s been a week since I’ve been in this parallel world and aside from that trip to Forest Park, I haven’t really wanted to go anywhere.

I dart my eyes around my crib and smile when I spot a yellow latch holding the right crib bar closed against the foot of the crib, “AHA! I can finally get out of here without needing Brian’s help.” I waddle toward the latch and flip it upward resulting in the right-side crib bars sliding down to the ground.

Yay!” I jump onto my light brown hardwood floor and giggle as the cool sensation tickles my feet. I waddle through my doorway and scan the empty living room, “Brian’s not here.” I waddle into the kitchen and dart my eyes around the empty space, “Not here either.” I turn to the fridge and pull it open so I can grab a baby bottle of lemonade.

I smile as I drive the bottle toward my mouth and begin draining it as I turn toward the kitchen doorway, “I guess Brian’s not up yet.” I waddle toward his bedroom door and push it open to reveal his bed sitting directly across from the door. To the left of the door rests a five-drawer oak dresser, against the back wall to the left of the bed rests a computer desk, and against the forward wall rests a closet.

I smile at the green walls decorated with elephants and waddle over to Brian’s bed where he’s yawning. “BRIAN!” I jump in the air and drop my baby bottle right as I land on his belly. I giggle while his “OOF” echoes around his bedroom. I smile down at him and poke his nose, “Good morning!”

Brian smiles toward me and presents his green pajamas shirt covered arms, “Good morning, Stacinator.” He gently pushes me off him and sits up in his bed allowing his green pajama shirt and pajama pants to show themselves. Brian yawns and hops out of bed so he can head toward the bathroom.

Brian?” I jump down from his bed and waddle toward the bathroom to see him brushing his teeth, “Oh…” I chomp my teeth and giggle as I waddle over to wrap my arms around Brian’s leg, “Do I gotta brush too?” In the week that Brian’s been my big brother in this parallel world, I’ve learned that he’s an awesome caretaker. He’s happy to cheer me up when I’m sad and happy still to hear my giggles and see me smile. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. I really like it here so far.

Brian nods as he rinses his mouth with Listerine and spits into the sink, “Yep.” He runs a purple handled toothbrush under the water and squirts a pea-sized dot of Crest toothpaste onto the brush, “Think you can handle it?”

I scan the brush and drive it toward my mouth, brushing back and forth as the minty flavor roars over my mouth and cleans my teeth of last night’s meal. “Brian-I-gots-question.”

Brian chuckles as he brushes his hair and ruffles mine, “I can’t hear you with the brush in your mouth.”

I take the brush out and smile at Brian, “Am I finished? I got questions.”

Brian fills a cup of water and hands it to me, “Rinse and spit first.”

I take the water and swish it around in my mouth, then focus my full mouth at Brian.

Brian turns to the rear of the bathroom and grabs a two-step stepladder. He sets it in front of the sink and points, “Step up here.”

I waddle over to the stepladder and rise to the height of the sink so I can spit out the water. I turn to Brian with a smile, “Thankies.”

Brian ruffles my hair and opens the closet door to the right of the sink. He pulls a gray hair pick from the second shelf and hums as he drives it through my hair, “I can handle this so you can focus on your questions, Stacinator.”

Okay, but I…” I giggle as Brian’s gentle touch rushes through my afro with the pick. “You’re a natural at this, Brian.”

Brian smiles, “Well I’ve had about a week at this. So, how are you enjoying being a toddler?”

I shake my head as Brian sets the pick back in the closet and shuts the door, “Heee…” I turn to Brian and wrap my arms around his leg, “I love it. I’m staying a toddler and staying with you forever!”

Brian internally dawws at my adorable gesture and ruffles my hair, “Thanks, Stacey. It was getting lonely in this apartment by myself.” Brian lifts me into his arms and smiles when our eyes meet, “So what questions did you have?” Brian glances down to my Pampers Baby Dry diaper and notices the blue wetness indicator, “Other than Can you change me? What are your questions?”

I giggle as Brian carries me back into my bedroom and lays me down on my changing table. I scan the ceiling while Brian grabs a fresh Pampers Baby Dry diaper off the stack and sets it down beside my head, “Well…I do have some questions about this parallel world.”

Brian unfastens my soaked diaper and lifts my legs to slide it away, “Shoot.” He holds my legs with his left hand and grabs some Pampers Complete baby wipes with his right hand so he can work on getting me dry.

Well…” I giggle and smile toward Brian while he tosses the old wipes into my old Pampers as he progresses, “You’re not gonna make me go to school are you? I hated school the first time around. Kindergarten was not fun.”

Brian chuckles as he grabs the baby powder and powders my uplifted bottom, “Don’t worry, you won’t have to go to school, Stacinator.” He sets the powder down and grabs my fresh Pampers Baby Dry Diaper so he can flick it unfolded.

A sigh of relief leaves me as Brian slides the fresh Pampers Baby Dry diaper under my bottom, “That’s good.” I smile toward Brian as he tapes the new diaper snug around my waist and I kick my legs allowing the fresh Pampers to crinkle, “Thankies, Brian! Thank you lots!” I jump to my feet atop the changing table and wag my freshly padded bottom whilst my new diaper crinkles.

Brian chuckles as he watches me dance across the changing table, “Someone’s a happy toddler.”

I smile toward Brian as I stop dancing and sit down with a crinkle, “I am! No school! I just get to be with you all the time! Heee…” My belly growls and sit down on my padded bottom so I can raise my arms to Brian, “Uppies?”

Brian smiles at my adorable request with grabby hands and scoops me into his arms. He boops my nose and we trade giggles when he tickles my bare feet, “Silly Baby Brother. So, I take from your growling tummy that you’re hungry?”

Brian heads toward the bathroom and sets me on my feet in the middle of the floor so he can wash his hands, “What do you want for breakfast?”

I rub my chin as my belly growls, “Um…I wish we still had some of the Thanksgiving leftover, but we knocked that out in a couple days. Heee…” My belly growls again and I lift my T-shirt so I can poke my belly, “I know you’re hungry I’m thinking!”

Brian dries his hands and kneels in front of me to poke my nose, “Made up your mind yet or do you want me to pick?”

I scratch my afro and stomp my bare right foot, “You decide, Brian. I can’t.”

Brian lifts me into his arms and carries me back to my bedroom so he can set me in front of my tennis shoes, “Before we go anywhere you need some shoes and socks.” Brian hands me a pair of white socks.

Okay.” I take the socks and slide onto my padded bottom so I can slide them over my feet. I turn to my shoes and whimper as I slide them on next, “Brian…I…caaan’t.” I whimper and kick my legs, a tantrum just waiting to start.

Brian scoops me into his arms and kisses my cheeks, “Shh…shh…it’s alright. I was going to handle that.” Brian sets me on my feet and kneels to tie my shoes. “See?”

I sniff and smile when Brian pokes my belly, “Otay. Sowwy I…I jus…”

Brian pulls me into a warm hug and pats my bottom as he carries me out of the apartment toward the elevators, “Don’t worry about it.” He stops after door 516 and returns to the apartment to grab my diaper bag, “Whoopsie.”

He chuckles as he sets me on my feet so he can swing the diaper bag over his shoulder, “Now we’re ready.” Brian lifts me back into his arms and pats my bottom while I rest my head over his shoulder.


Date: Thursday 02-Dec-21 08:00 (Thursday, December 2, 2021, 8:00 AM)

Location: Kirkwood Food Centre, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America, Planet Earth

I rub my eyes as the minivan passes by another Burger King and then a McDonalds, “Brian, where are we going for breakfast?”

Brian smiles at me through the rearview mirror, “IHOP, it just takes a while to get there.” He chuckles when he turns into a parking lot, “Here we are.”

I turn to my right and smile at the giant IHOP logo resting on the building a few feet in front of us, “YAY!”


Date: Thursday 02-Dec-21 08:00 (Thursday, December 2, 2021, 8:00 AM)

Location: IHOP, Kirkwood Food Centre, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America, Planet Earth

Brian chuckles as he parks a few feet from the front of the restaurant and hops out the driver’s seat. He walks over to the right-hand side of the minivan and opens the sliding door to grab my diaper bag. He chuckles as he watches me bounce in my seat, “Calm down, Stacinator. I don’t want you to bounce into the roof.”

I giggle as I stop bouncing and continue swinging my legs, “Okay.” I smile toward Brian as he unbuckles my five-point harness and lifts me into his arms. A content sigh leaves my lips as I rest my head on his shoulder while Brian carries me toward the restaurant. I giggle as some mothers and teenage girls wave at me and comments of “aww” and “he’s such a cutiepie” echo toward me.

Brian smiles as he’s guided toward a booth resting near the window, “Someone’s a popular tot today.”

I giggle as Brian sets a booster seat down on the right-hand side of the booth and proceeds to strap me inside. I swing my legs as I smile toward the serverwoman, “Can I have a large orange soda and…and…six slices of french toast and ten sausage links and and…a hashbrown?”

Brian chuckles at my order while the serverwoman writes it down, “That’s a bit much isn’t it, Stacinator?”

I shake my head as I scan Brian while the serverwoman takes his order and leaves, “Nopes! Imma eat it all.” I smile toward the serverwoman when she sets a 32-ounce baby bottle of orange soda in front of me, “YAY!” I drive the bottle toward my lips and smile around it as I suckle it down to half.

Brian chuckles as he sips his water and darts his eyes around restaurant, “Doesn’t seem like anyone gave you much trouble for just being in a shirt and Pampers. I guess that AAUF Reality Altering really did its job.

I pull my bottle from my mouth and set it on the table, “Yeppers.” I swing my legs and smile at Brian, “I gots more questions.”

Brian smiles at me, “Shoot.”

I giggle as I dart my eyes around the IHOP and return my attention to Brian, “When you do go to the library to work, you’ll always take me with you right?”

Brian nods, “Of course. I can’t very well leave a toddler at home alone. Even if you do have your adult mind, your child sized body is too small for a lot of things, and you can get hurt.” Brian boops my nose, “And I don’t want my baby brother getting hurt.”

I giggle and boop Brian’s nose, “Um…what else? Hmm…” I rub my chin as I ponder my questions…

Brian smiles and ruffles my hair, “Take your time, Baby Brother.”

I cross my arms and pout while swinging my legs, “Notta baby!”

Brian pokes my belly, “Little Brother then.” and smiles when I giggle. “Is that better?”

I giggle and smile at Brian, “Uh huh!”


Date: Thursday 02-Dec-21 08:16 (Thursday, December 2, 2021, 8:16 AM)

Location: IHOP, Kirkwood Food Centre, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America, Planet Earth

I lick my lips as devour the last of my sausage links and smile toward Brian despite powdered sugar decorating my face, “Yummy!”

Brian chuckles as he watches me devour the last of my French Toast triangles, “Stacey…”

I grab my second 32-ounce baby bottle of orange soda and drain it completely whilst smiling around it. I giggle as I set the bottle down whilst hissing carries the first bottle I had out of my body, “What?” I smile toward Brian, oblivious to my Pampers Baby Dry diaper’s wetness indicator fading from yellow to yellow-green.

Brian grabs a baby wipe from my diaper bag and rises from his side of the booth, “Your face.” He sits down to my left and hums as he cleans the powdered sugar off. He glances down to my empty plate and sets the baby wipe on top. He hums as he cleans my syrupy hands and sets another baby wipe on my plate. Brian chuckles at the two 32-ounce bottles of orange soda I drained and smiles down at me with a ruffle of my hair, “Did you enjoy breakfast?”

I crawl into Brian’s lap, “Uh huh.” I stand in his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss his cheek five times and snuggle close to him, “Thankies for the awesome breakfast, Brian.”

Brian returns my hug and pats my padded bottom whilst watching for the serverwoman to bring the check, “You’re welcome, Stacey.” Brian sets me on my feet atop the booth when the serverwoman brings the check: $50.00. Brian places $50 with the check and offers the serverwoman a $10 tip for herself to keep, “Thank you so much.”

The serverwoman smiles, “You’re welcome, sir.” and heads toward the cash register to ring out the check.

Brian smiles down at me and boops my nose, “Ready to go?”

I giggle and waddle into Brian’s lap so I can hug him again, “Yeppers, Brian.”

Brian hugs me close and rises to his feet. He strolls out of the restaurant and heads toward his minivan, “Where do you wanna go now?”

I rub my chin as Brian sets me in my car seat and buckles me in, “I dunno. Let’s just ride around, explore the neighborhood.” I yawn as Brian sets my diaper bag at my feet and shuts the sliding door.

Brian chuckles as he hops into the driver’s seat and activates my Favorites playlist with Imagine Dragons’ Wrecked echoing across the van, “Are you sleepy, Stacey?”

I shake my head and cross my arms, “Nuuu…I wanna stay up with you and see the neighborhood.”

Brian smiles at me through the rearview mirror and boops my nose, “Alright.”


Date: Thursday 02-Dec-21 12:00 (Thursday, December 2, 2021, 12:00 PM)

Location: Kirkwood Business District, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America, Planet Earth

Brian glances toward me via the rearview mirror and smiles as he watches me slowly nod off while sucking my thumb, “Awww…he’s so precious.” Brian switches the music to slow jazz and changes course for home, “I think someone needs his nap time after all that food.”


Date: Thursday 02-Dec-21 12:15 (Thursday, December 2, 2021, 12:15 PM)

Location: Brian’s Residence, Kirkwood, Missouri, United States of America, Planet Earth

Brian smiles as he carries me into the living room and lays me down on the changing mat, “Let’s get you changed.” Brian hums as he unfastens my soaked diaper and my light snoring reaches his ears as he slides the diaper away, “I didn’t know you snored, Little Bro.” He chuckles as he works on getting me clean and dry whilst tossing the used wipes into my old diaper.

Brian smiles as he lowers my legs so he can roll my old diaper into a taped up ball. He grabs the baby powder and lifts my legs with his left hand so he can powder my uplifted bottom with his right, “I guess you really needed the nap, Stacinator. I can’t believe you’re still asleep through this.”

Brian hums as he slides a fresh diaper under my bottom and shuts the baby powder. He brings the Elmo themed shell of the Pampers Baby Dry diaper up to my belly and tapes the new diaper snug around my waist, “There. All dry.” He slides me off the changing mat and proceeds to return the supplies under the couch.

Brian heads to the bathroom to wash his hands and when he returns he sees me sleepily crawling onto the couch. Brian smiles as he lifts me into his arms and sits down with me still fast asleep in his lap. He chuckles as I rest my back against his chest and continue sucking my thumb, “My little brother is such a cutie.” Brian gently pulls my thumb from my mouth and reaches into my diaper bag for a purple pacifier, “Here we go.”

He slides the pacifier into my mouth and smiles as he watches me sleep while suckling the grape flavored paci, “So cute. Glad my mom bought these for him. Have a good nap, Stacinator.” Brian turns on the Smooth Jazz Music station and his eyes begin to droop as he wraps his arms around me. Soon he too is following me into nap time.



End Chapter 5

From College To Cradle - New Life As A Toddler

by: Stacey Ayodele | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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