Second Childhood Reunion

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 16, 2022

A group of friends, who met in college, have a reunion with Katherine, who is secretly a witch. The group also has a secret, which they soon share with their new love interests. A story commission for SomeNerdBird.

Chapter 1
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Katherine smiled as she finished tidying up her house. With a wink of her eye and a snap of her fingers, she could make the mops and brooms come to life, cleaning everything for her. She vacuumed the carpets while washing all of the dishes and tables. Today was going to be a fun one. She had invited some college friends over for a reunion. It had been nearly a decade since they were all last together, and it was a very fun, yet awkward time in their lives. She was in her thirties now, although age was something a bit nebulous to her. Witches live a long time you see.

The door bell rang, and she quickly stopped what she was doing, putting everything back in place. She changed her outfit from rough cut jeans and a dirty shirt to a short, clean, red dress and white blouse. Her brunette hair was now clean, shoulder length, and brushed smooth. She answered the door, seeing all of her college buddies, and then some. “Welcome!” she said. “Please come in!” She hugged everyone as they came in.

Henry, a tall man of average build with short, black hair, chin hair, and blue eyes, wearing a button up striped shirt and tan slacks, was one of her college buddies. He walked in with someone new. “Hello Katherine!” he said. “So good to see you! This is my wife Anne.”

Anne, a bit shorter than Henry, with brunette hair done up in a ponytail, dressed in brown pants and a light pink shirt, walked up to her and smiled, offering her hand. “Hello!” she said. “Henry has told me so much about you.”

Has he now?” asked Katherine. “Surely not everything.” She winked and chuckled.

Next up was Marty, a man of average height, a little chubby, with short, curly, brown hair and brown eyes. He wore some round frame glasses, a button up dress shirt, and a dark blue coat with dark blue slacks. “Kathy!” he said, hugging her. “It's been too long.”

“Yes it has!” said Katherine. “And who is this charming man with you?”

This is Lime.” said Marty. “We've only been dating for a few weeks, but he's been very good to me.”

Lime, a taller man with short, straight brown hair, mustache, and green eyes, smiled and greeted Katherine. “Hello there!” he said. “Pleased to meet you.” He wore a gray sweater and jeans, with some black loafers.

Oh, very nice to meet you Marty!” said Katherine. “Quite a catch you've found Marty.” She smiled and nudged him playfully. Next up was an average height woman with quite the curvy figure. She had long blonde hair, large breasts, and a fit figure. She wore a green tank top and some gray stretch pants with some red heels.

Hello Katherine.” she said, offering her a tepid hug. She knew Katherine's secret, but something about the past was bugging her. It was something she couldn't quite remember clearly.

Claire! So good to see you!” said Katherine. She embraced her in a hug, patting her back. “Don't be so nervous sweetheart. Come on in!” She guided everyone to the living room where they gathered around, sitting on the couch and various chairs around a wooden coffee table. There was a large wide screen TV on the wall currently showing the news on mute.

Nice place you have here.” said Marty. “I really like it.”

Thanks!” said Katherine. “I've been big into real estate since getting out of college. You all seem to be doing well.”

Yeah, I've gotten into the landscaping business.” said Henry. “Everything from power washing to lawn care.”

He's quite good at it.” said Anne. “I work at a savings and loan.”

That's great.” said Katherine. “I hope you've never been robbed.” She joked, but was somewhat serious.

Oh, never.” said Anne. “We have great security.”

How about you Marty?” asked Katherine.

Oh I've been keeping busy writing.” said Marty. “My mate here makes most of the money. He's a stock broker.”

That's right.” said Lime. “I'm the bread winner, but he makes a decent amount with his writing. He's just too humble to admit it.” He patted Marty on the back.

Katherine smiled and laughed. “That's good to hear.” she said. “You two look so cute together. How about you Claire?”

Oh, I've been doing some modeling.” said Claire. “I've had to take good care of my body so it's been some hard work. Dieting sucks.”

That reminds me.” said Katherine. “I'm ordering pizza. Anyone want in?”

“Oh sure!” said Henry.

We'll go in too.” said Marty.

“Hawaiian for me!” said Lime.

Um, you can just get me a salad.” said Claire. “I can't go off my diet.”

“Okay then.” said Katherine. She went to get her phone in her bedroom.

Everyone sat looking at the muted TV for a bit, then Anne broke the silence.

“She seems nice.” said Anne. “You said she was strange, but she seems normal enough to me”

Well, she's a little...” said Henry.

“Eccentric?” Marty suggested.

She's the reason you...” Lime started, but Marty shushed him.

What's that?” asked Claire. “What are you talking about?”

“Well, you remember what happened before we graduated college right?” asked Henry

To be honest, it's all kind of a blur.” said Claire. “I remember being mad at her for something, but I'm not sure why.”

She doesn't remember.” said Marty. “I sure do.”

What do you mean?” asked Anne. “Did something happen?”

Let's just say that we felt like children again.” Henry joked.

Claire looked like she was remembering something. She could see flashes of the world seeming giant and remembered crawling around a lot.

How do you mean?” asked Lime. “Marty has told me some things about her, but won't go into specifics.”

“That's because it's all really hard to believe.” said Henry.

Oh yeah?” asked Lime. “Try me.”

“Well, you can keep a secret right?” asked Henry.

“Of course.” said Lime, looking at Marty who was blushing.

Believe it or not...” said Henry.

She's a witch.” said Marty finally.

A what?!” asked Anne. “You never said that!”

It wasn't exactly easy to explain.” said Henry. “Besides, would you have believed me?”

“No...” said Anne, settling down. “In fact I still don't.” Just then, Katherine walked back in.

“Pizza is ordered!” said Katherine. “Can I interest anyone in something to drink? We have coffee, tea, soda, water...or perhaps something a bit”

Adult eh?” asked Henry. “That's funny, coming from you.”

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.” said Katherine.

Eh, I'll take a soda.” said Marty.

I'll have a coffee.” said Henry.

Same.” said Anne.

Hmm, I'm intrigued.” said Lime. “I'll take something more adult.” He looked at her with a smile.

I'll have a diet soda.” said Claire, wanting no sugar or carbs in her food.

Very well.” said Katherine. She went to prepare the drinks in the kitchen.

A witch, you say?” asked Anne. “She doesn't seem like one.”

Yeah, if she is, why not just conjure up our drinks right here in front of us?” asked Lime.

You'll see.” said Henry.

Katherine came back with the drinks on a tray and gave them out, then sat down with a cup of tea. “So, shall we talk about old times?” she asked.

Sure!” said Henry. “I think our new friends should find it interesting.”

Haha, where to begin?” asked Katherine.

I suppose it started with our pre-graduation party.” said Marty.

We were all so psyched to be graduating together.” said Henry.

“All I remember is the party.” said Claire. “What happened after was...something. Was I crawling on the floor during graduation?”

Katherine, Henry, and Marty all laughed.

Well, yes.” said Katherine. “Do you really not remember why?”

No, I really don't.” said Claire. “It must be blocked from my memory for some reason.”

Strange, but okay.” said Katherine. “Yes, we were all feeling nostalgic, including me.”

That's when we found out your secret.” said Henry.

In the best possible way.” said Katherine.

“So what happened?” asked Anne.

Yeah, they say you're a witch.” said Lime. “You'll forgive me if I'm skeptic, yet my lover doesn't lie.”

Oh so you know.” said Katherine. “In that case, I'll tell you. We were all talking about how fun it had been to go to college together and wished we had all grown up together. So I decided to grant that wish. Sort of.”

You mean, you made them younger?” asked Anne.

That would explain some things.” said Lime, looking at Marty knowingly.

She sure did.” said Henry. “Over the course of the night we all slowly got younger.”

Naturally, we all panicked at first.” said Marty.

“That's...right.” said Claire. Memories of shrinking into her clothing, losing her large breasts, and becoming weaker flashed through her mind.

So how young did you all get?” asked Anne.

“I think I know.” said Lime. “You got turned into babies didn't you? Diapers and all.”

Marty blushed when diapers were mentioned. “Y-yeah.” he said. “Pretty much.”

Impossible.” said Anne. “People can't get younger.”

You think so?” asked Katherine. Just then the door bell rang. “Oh, guess pizza is here. I'll prove it to you. Just come and see for yourselves.” She got up and went over to the door. Everyone followed behind her. When she opened the door, there stood a young man who looked to be about eighteen or nineteen with short black hair. He was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, and a vest over it which had the pizza company's logo on it. Atop his head was a cap with the logo on it. His car was parked on the side of the street, and it was a bit of a beat up red compact car.

Hello!” said the young man. “Pizza time!”

Hello there!” said Katherine. She began pulling money out of her pocket. As she did, she gestured to the young man.

The pizza just stood there as he started to shrink. His clothing began changing and shifting, even disappearing. Everyone watched on in surprise as his height lowered, his features rounded. His facial hair receded into his face and acne began popping up as he returned to his high school days. Those too began to vanish and his height lowered considerably as he went through puberty in reverse. He even cleared his throat a little, but didn't seem to notice or care that anything was going on. His shirt disappeared, followed by his pants, leaving him in some colorful underoos and a hat. As he got smaller, his underwear began to thicken and change into some cartoon themed training pants. His body plumped with baby fat. He was back in kindergarten now, then preschool, then nursery school. His training pants thickened into diapers, and his body was all pudgy and cute. A cute little pacifier appeared in his mouth, and he began sucking on it.

Katherine handed him the money and took the pizza. “Here you are.” she said. “Thank you young man.”

“Ya wewcome.” said the baby pizza boy. He stuffed the money into his diaper then turned and waddled away. Everyone could see the pizza company's logo on the rear of his diaper and chuckled. He toddled to his car, which was now a big, chunky, plastic big wheel trike, and sat down. He pedaled off like everything was normal.

Katherine smiled, turned, and walked inside with the pizza. “I trust you believe me now.” she aid.

Anne was speechless, as was Lime. Henry and Marty laughed out loud and Claire murmured to herself as they walked back to the living room.

Amazing.” said Anne. “Simply amazing.”

“Everything makes so much sense now.” said Lime.

“Oh yeah?” asked Katherine. She put the pizza down on the coffee table where everyone could get to it, then sat down. “What do you mean?”

“Mind if I spill the beans?” Lime asked Marty. “I mean, we're all friends here. I feel like if we can keep a secret like her being a witch, they can keep your secret too.”

Marty blushed and nodded, adjusting his glasses, and looking very shy all of a sudden. He took a slice of pizza and began eating.

It seems that as a result of that time as a baby, Marty here developed a sort of...fetish.” said Lime. “Have any of you ever heard of adult babies or Infantilism?”

I think I saw something about that on a talk show once.” said Henry.

Well, most of the media out there has it wrong, and think it's something negative.” said Lime. “I met Marty online, on an AB/DL web site. I'm his...daddy, if you will. Adult babies enjoy wearing and using diapers, dressing and acting like babies, all while being loved and cared for by another.”

Oh I see.” said Anne. “That sounds...odd to me, but so does turning people into babies.”

Marty just blushed and ate his pizza, then swallowed. “It changed my life.” he said. “I didn't have a very good childhood. My parents were a bit abusive and I had issues wetting the bed into my teens, and was scolded for it. I had to wear diapers to bed and my father would call me a baby while my mom would tease me with baby clothes. Being a baby for real was quite shocking, but it was actually quite soothing. I felt happy as a baby playing with my friends as babies. I wanted that feeling to continue.”

“Well, you all obviously grew back up.” said Anne.

Yes, though slowly.” said Katherine. She took out a little picture book and began showing pictures of everyone as babies wearing diapers and tiny graduation gowns while accepting diplomas. It all looked very precious and cute. “Back then I didn't have the counter spell, so we were stuck as babies for a long time.”

Claire gasped. “I remember now!” she said. “So I was a baby... We were all babies who graduated college?”

Haha, yes!” said Katherine. “The first babies to ever graduate college!”

“Why wasn't that in the news?” asked Lime. “Something like that would have been all over.”

“We had the ceremony in secret.” said Henry.

I know the college dean.” said Katherine. “We witches are everywhere.” She cackled a little and ate some pizza. She was eager to get the show started, and unable to contain herself. She secretly began casting a spell while everyone talked.

So how long were you stuck that way?” asked Anne, eating some pizza.

Well, we were babies for about a year.” said Henry. “Then we slowly started growing back up, but it took several years before we were all back to normal.”

It was a wild ride.” said Marty.

“One you seem to still be on.” said Lime, smiling and drinking some of his alcoholic drink.

Marty blushed and continued to eat some pizza, adjusting his glasses again.

What was it like?” asked Anne.

“Pretty much like you would imagine.” said Henry. “You feel small, weak, chubby, and wear disposable underwear. I remember I could feel when I had to go, but I couldn't control when it came out.” He blushed and adjusted his shirt a little. “It was really embarrassing.”

But it was fun, right?” asked Katherine. “I had fun.”

“It was fun for me.” said Marty. “I think the only part I didn't like was not being able to eat more adult food.” As if on queue, he dribbled some pizza down his chin and onto his shirt.

“Heh, need a bib?” asked Lime. “I've got one in your diaper bag in the car.”

You guys have a diaper bag?” asked Henry.

That's adorable.” said Anne. She drank her coffee and looked around.

So you enjoyed it?” asked Claire. “I'm not sure how I felt. I look happy in this photo though.”

I believe your mind was regressed.” said Katherine. “At least emotionally. I'm so sorry. My magic wasn't as good as it is now back then.”

I guess it was kind of fun sometimes.” said Henry. “After graduating, we all stayed in the same house with Katherine, growing up together. Luckily we had some friends to help us out. I guess we did get our wish.”

“If you did, that means you could change the world.” said Lime. “Imagine if we could just regress ourselves whenever we wanted? No one would ever die of old age.”

“It's not quite that simple.” said Katherine. “The world needs adults to run things.”

“Adults tend to ruin things though.” said Marty. “Just look at what they've done to the planet.”

“You say they as if you're not an adult.” said Claire. “You are, even if you'd rather not be, and we all have responsibilities.”

“That's another problem.” said Lime. “Marty doesn't deal well with high stress and responsibility. He does make a cute baby boy though.” He smiled and pulled Marty in for a snuggle.

You two are cute together.” said Katherine. “I'm glad my magic could lead to such happiness.”

Marty blushed and smiled. “I still think the world would be better if we could all regress sometimes.” said Marty. “We need to remember what it was like to be little.”

“Think kids have all the answers?” asked Katherine.

“No, but we have more of a desire to have fun.” said Marty. “The good kind of fun, not the adult type of fun.”

That does sound kind of fun.” said Katherine. “It's been a while, but I do remember how free I felt. So much of my adult world worries and cares were gone.”

“Are you suggesting something?” asked Henry.

I might be.” said Katherine, eating pizza with a smile. In truth she had already started it. Those in the room had already lost about five years of their adult lives.

Uh, I don't want to be a baby.” said Anne. “No thanks.”

Aww, not even for a little bit?” asked Katherine. “It's like our thing! We were the baby brigade!”

I want to!” said Marty, excitedly.

Of course you do.” said Lime. “I must admit, I am curious.”

“It won't last so long this time will it?” asked Henry.

“You're not actually serious are you?” asked Anne.

“Come on dear.” said Henry. “It's for old times sake. Besides, she has better control now.”

“That's right!” said Katherine. “I know the counter spell, so we can all grow back to normal in an instant. What do you say?”

I'm not sure.” said Claire. “Can I at least remember everything this time?”

“Of course Claire.” said Katherine. “Like I said, I have improved.”

Well, if you're sure.” said Henry.

I suppose so.” said Anne, with a sigh. “Gosh, this is so not where I thought things would go tonight.”

Good!” said Katherine. “Because I've already started.” She smiled and looked around the room full of twenty-year-olds. “Have you not noticed?”

Everyone looked at themselves, then each other.

No, not really.” said Henry.

“I was kind of hoping what I felt was your magic.” said Marty. “It's a sort of funny tingle. I'll never forget it.” He felt his skin crawling and smiled, adjusting his glasses again.

I thought that was the alcohol.” said Lime. He could feel the strange tingle in his body.

Oh wow, this is so strange.” said Anne. She looked at her hands as she regressed, but couldn't tell a difference just yet.

What shall we do while we regain our youth?” asked Katherine. “Play a game perhaps? Watch some TV? I know some good children's programming.” She smiled and sipped her tea while eating more pizza.

It's going to get silly in here soon.” said Henry. “Who will help take care of us this time?”

“Oh I've been practicing.” said Katherine. “Just watch.” She gestured at the vacuum cleaner and it turned on and began cleaning the room by itself.

Oooh, that is impressive!” said Anne.

“I wish I had that.” said Lime, smiling at Marty.

Marty looked up Lime and leaned in, kissing him on the lips.

Lime kissed back, holding his love in his arms. He snuggled his babyish mate lovingly, petting his hair and steaming up his glasses.

Katherine watched and smiled. “Awww...” she said. “That's so precious.”

Just wait until they are both babies.” said Henry.

Lime will be a baby daddy?” asked Anne. “That will be something.”

Claire looked at herself in a hand mirror she pulled from her purse. She saw that her pretty adult face was changing back to how it used to look in college. She was a bit nerdy in her teenage years, and a late bloomer.

Henry and Anne looked at each other. They had met when they were both in their late twenties, so it was strange seeing each other looking younger.

Katherine turned up the volume on the TV and changed it to some cartoons. “I think this is more appropriate than some boring old news program.”

Oooh, it's one of my favorites!” said Marty, sitting up and looking.

Lime just chuckled and hugged his partner. “Yeah, he really loves this one.” he said. “We watch it all the time when he is in little mode.”

Well, get used to watching it a whole lot more.” said Katherine, smiling. She was lying. She didn't have the counter spell. She just wanted to experience growing up with her friends again. It was so much fun the first time. They all continued to eat pizza and grow younger as the night went on.

You're so cute as a teenager.” said Henry to Anne.

You're pretty cute too.” said Anne. She leaned forward and kissed her husband on the lips, blushing a little. It was almost as if it were her first time being with a boy again. Their clothing had changed to something more teen-like, which was some torn jeans and ironic t-shirts.

To think we'll be babies soon.” said Henry. “Tiny, squirming, chubby, little infants.” His chin hair began to recede into his face, as did any stubble. The hair on his arms and legs began to fade into mere peach fuzz.

“As long as we are together, I think it'll be okay.” said Anne. She giggled and was feeling spry and full of energy.

Henry smiled and began to feel amorous. He began kissing Anne with passion, embracing her fully now and not afraid to show their affection.

Katherine smiled at them, then turned to look at Marty and Lime, who were similarly embraced, and going through their teens in reverse.

Oops, there goes your mustache.” said Marty, rubbing at the area where it was on Lime.

Haha, how do I look?” asked Lime, his voice cracking a little.

You look cute.” said Marty, blushing. “I wish we had met in high school.” He leaned in and kissed his love again as they watched each other regress.

Claire was just looking at her body as her chest began to flatten. Braces appeared on her teeth and her outfit turned into some jeans and a modest sweater. Her blonde dye job began giving way to her natural hair color, brown. She blushed and covered herself with a blanket.

“Aww, come now dear.” said Katherine. “I seem to remember going through this with you the first time. It's nothing to be ashamed of.” She showed that she too was beginning to flatten down there. Her voice sounded higher and she was much shorter than she was before.

Claire smiled a little and moved closer to Katherine. “I-if you say so.” she said. “I just..worked so hard on my body, and it's so embarrassing to go backwards.” She blushed and looked down under her shirt, then felt her braces disappearing, leaving her teeth a little crooked.

It's okay.” said Katherine. “We'll all be on the same page as we go.” She smiled and hugged her as she lost more height and development as well.

Hmm, I suppose so.” said Claire, hugging her back. She could feel her shrinking as she regressed. Then she looked on at the regressing lovers, a bit remiss about not having a love of her own. She had a few dates, but none of the men she dated ever felt right to her. She looked at Katherine and smiled at her a little, still nervous, but feeling safe with her around.

Katherine smiled and ran her fingers through Claire's hair. She remembered her having a hard time with this the first time, but eventually she settled down and began enjoying it. She was sad that she seemed to have forgotten all the fun they had growing up as little girls. Hopefully this time would be different.

The room tumbled down the hallway of puberty in reverse, and soon everyone was on the opposite end. Claire's chest was as flat as any boy's now, but she was immersed in the TV and Katherine sitting behind her braiding her hair. Anne was nearly flat as well, but she and Henry were still all snuggled up together on the couch. Lime was holding Marty in his lap with his arms around him as he watched cartoons. The pizza box on the coffee table was empty, saver for a few grease stains, dried cheese, and a discarded crust or two. Soon the food and drink, along with their rejuvenated bodies, made them all feel hyper and energetic. As everyone entered single digits, the room was filled with giggles and playing children. Everyone was now wearing cute, childish pajamas. Gaps formed in their teeth as their adult teeth retreated into their gums.

Nyah nyah!” shouted Henry. He jumped up, wearing Spider-Man pajamas now, and stuck out his tongue. “Can't catch me!” He giggled and smacked his behind, running around the couch, followed by the other shrinking rugrats.

Hehe, I'm gonna get you!” said Anne, now wearing a Disney Princess two piece pajama set.

Not if I get him first!” shouted Marty, wearing some Spongebob pajamas, and something thicker than underwear underneath.

You're too much of a baby!” shouted Lime, wearing Batman pajamas.

Nu uh!” shouted Marty. He giggled and started running from him.

Uh huh!” shouted Lime. He tackled his little boyfriend and began smothering him in smooches.

Marty began to giggle and squirm. “Hehehehehe! Get offa me!” he shouted. “You're gonna make me...” It was too late. He felt a warmth spreading around his crotch as he began to wet himself. It was a familiar feeling, not only since he wore and used diapers during age play sessions, but because this exact same thing happened when he was at a friend's sleepover during his actual childhood. He blushed hotly and squirmed under his dwindling boyfriend.

Did you just...” asked Lime. He reached into his boyfriend's pants and felt the warm front of the pullup Marty now wore. “You did!”

Uh oh, do we have our first potty accident?” asked Katherine, wearing a Frozen pajama set.

“Yep.” said Lime. He helped Marty up, who looked like a blushing little eight-year-old.

I think you'll find something a bit more appropriate in your diaper bag.” said Katherine. She waved her hand and suddenly their pastel blue diaper bag was sitting on the floor.

Marty wiggled his bare toes in the carpet. Their shoes had disappeared when they dropped below the double digit mark. He blushed, looking at the bag and wondering what was in store for him.

Lime smiled and rifled through the bag. He chuckled as he pulled out a thick diaper with Reptar on the front. “Oh perfect!” he said.

Marty blushed but smiled happily. “Y-you found some?” he asked. “Those are so rare!”

I have my ways.” said Katherine, giggling and showing the gaps in her teeth. She had freckles now, and her hair was shorter and softer, but her outfit remained the same.

Lime pulled out some baby wipes and powder as well. “Okay, I got this.” he said, looking at his cute little boyfriend. He tugged the waistband of his pajamas, pulling them down to his feet, and exposing his wet Spongebob pullup.

Right here?” asked Marty, blushing.

Yeah, why not?” asked Lime. “We're all friends. Soon we'll all be getting changes like this together anyway.”

True.” said Marty. He blushed brighter as Lime tugged down his wet pullups.

Looks like not much has changed here.” Lime joked. “Just a lack of hair.” He began cleaning Marty with the baby wipes while everyone else played in the background or watched TV.

It all felt so strange to Marty. He was embarrassed, but part of him enjoyed it. He squirmed and wiggled a little as he was wiped down.

Looks like someone's excited.” said Katherine, giggling a little.

Marty blushed harder and pulled the front of his shirt up over his head, exposing his tummy.

Awww, don't be shy.” said Lime. “Although, you are so cute when you're like this.” He gently pulled the shirt back down and kissed his love. He then unfolded the diaper and smiled. “Okay, lay down.”

Marty did as told, and laid down on the soft carpet. He covered his eyes as he felt his feet being raised and the diaper placed underneath him. He smelled the sweet scent of powder as it was sprinkled on his rear, then he felt the diaper being pulled up between his legs and fastened into place.

“There.” said Lime. “Now you're properly dressed.” He chuckled and hugged his now six-year-old mate.

Marty smiled and hugged back, crinkling in his thick diaper. “Thank you.” he said, nuzzling him on the cheek. He reached down and rubbed the front of his diaper, feeling just how thick and babyish it was. It pushed his legs apart a little.

Katherine poofed up a body-length floor mirror. “How does it look?” she asked.

Marty stood there and looked at himself wearing just a shirt and diaper. He blushed and turned, looking at the rear and how poofy it was. “I love it!” he squeaked in his little boy voice.

Good!” said Katherine. “Because we'll all be wearing them soon.” She chuckled and began dancing around the room like a ballerina. “It's almost diaper time!”

Henry and Anne chuckled at the whole scene, now starting to dip into toddler-hood. The gaps in their teeth had filled with baby teeth. Their bodies began to plump more with baby fat. Their hair grew finer and softer. Anne's hair color became lighter, almost blonde color.

Hehe, ya look so cute!” said Henry.

I guess if we ever have kids...” said Anne, looking in the mirror. “They'll look a bit like this.” She blushed and held his hands as they continued to shrink and regress.

Claire was watching TV when it suddenly went to commercial. She got up and felt something strange under her pajamas. She tugged them open to reveal some pink pullups. She gasped and blushed brightly, then saw Katherine standing in front of her.

Having fun?” asked Katherine. Her underwear thickened into pullups as she stood there.

W-well, it's so strange.” said Claire. “This is all so familiar.”

That's because it happened before.” said Katherine. She patted the front of Claire's pullup. “You really don't remember?”

“I we-remenber some of it.” said Claire, trying to avoid talking like a toddler. As she looked at Katherine she started to get flashes of having baths with her, playing dress up, having tea parties, and playing with dollies. Then she looked up at Katherine with a smile. “We had fun didn't we?”

Haha, we sure did!” said Katherine, hugging Claire. “And we're going to have even more!” She giggled and held hands with Claire as they jumped around in a circle.

Marty sat on his crinkly bottom, next to Lime, watching Bluey on TV. They snuggled together as they both fully entered toddler-hood. Lime's underwear thickened into a pair of Paw Patrol themed pullups. He wiggled, feeling the bulky garment on his rear. He had tried diapers once when Marty convinced him to, but he wasn't really into it. He knew how it felt, and these felt a little different. They were soft and comfortable.

I guess we're both padded now.” said Lime, giggling and hugging his diapered mate.

“Uh huh!” said Marty excitedly. “Isn't it gweat?”

It sure is!” said Lime. He ruffled Marty's hair and smiled at his cute little face.

Okay evwyone!” Katherine announced. She stood there wearing just a thick pair of purple training pants and a Barney shirt. “I gots anothew supwise! Fowwow me!” She began leading the dwindling tots down the hallway and to a closed door. She reached up high and opened it, revealing a huge nursery for babies and toddlers. There were three cribs in pastel colors. One was blue, one was green, and the third was pink. The floor was covered in red, blue, green, and yellow foam tiles. The walls were painted a sky blue, with clouds, trees, birds, and a whole forest scene painted on them. There were two wooden changing tables, stacks and stacks of diapers, busy boxes, plush toys, stacking rings, blocks, and all sorts of other toys. There was even an activity center they could crawl around inside of and fiddle with. There were lots of ooohs and aaahs as they waddled around exploring the room.

Dis is sho nice!” said Henry.

It wooks wike fun!” said Anne.

Oh wow!” said Marty, unable to contain himself. He was already waddling over to inspect the crib and toys. His diapered rear stuck out as he bent over to pick up a plush dragon.

Haha!” Lime laughed. “Baby butt!” He giggled and smacked Marty's diapered rear.

Eeep!” Marty squeaked. “Hey!” He giggled and smacked Lime's padded rear in return, then saw it begin to thicken and bulge. “Oooh, now who's da baby butt?”

Everyone watched as their outfits all began changing again. Their pajama bottoms disappeared, revealing their pullups, which were quickly becoming diapers. They all crinkled and pushed their legs apart as they all continued to get smaller and younger. Their legs and arms rolled with baby fat, now looking like plump little sausages. Their tummies bulged and they were all apple cheeked. Their shirts began to grow downward, covering their diapers, then snapping into place, becoming onseies.

Oooh, ish baby time!” said Katherine. She wobbled on her weakening little legs, trying to walk, then fell to her padded bottom, crinkling and giggling.

Claire smiled and plopped down next to her, feeling the soft bulk of her diaper cushion her bottom. It all felt so soft, safe, and familiar.

Henry giggled and toddled over to them along with Anne. “We babies again!” he shouted.

“Dis is sho weiwd!” said Anne. “Buh so fun! I feew so...widdle!”

Dats cuz ya are!” said Katherine. “Now, wets see who poop dere diapee fiwst.” She giggled and rolled onto her back, kicking her chubby little baby legs in the air.

I bet ish Mawty!” said Lime. “He gonna poop fiwst!”

Nu uh!” shouted Marty. “Jus cuz I wike diapees n bein a baby dun mean I gonna poo poo fiwst.”

“We aww had a wot to eat n dwink.” said Henry. “Ish gonna happen.”

Anne felt a warmth spreading around her groin in her diaper. She blushed, realizing she was peeing herself. “Uh oh, I fink I did a pee pee!” she said, patting her diaper front.

“Dats otay!” said Katherine. “I gots anothew supwise fow diapee changes!”

I...hope so...” said Claire. She was currently in the potty position, squatting and grunting. She blushed horribly as she stood there and did her business in her diaper in front of everyone. Once she was done, she felt the hot flow of urine in front, then looked down. Her diaper hung low on her hips, stretching the onesie, and popping one of the buttons.

She da fiwst tinky one!” said Marty. “See? Ish na me!” He did an awkward little baby dance and fell to his bottom giggling.

Congwatuwations Cwaiwe!” said Katherine.”Ya get to be da fiwst to have a diapee tange!” She waved her arms and suddenly Claire was lifted into the air by an invisible force.

“Whoa!” said Claire as she seemed to float in the air. She was laid down on one of the changing tables, then her onesie popped open, followed by her diaper. Baby wipes floated over and she felt something grab her ankles and lift her up. She felt the wipe clean away all of the pee and poop from her body, then her diaper seemed to roll up by itself and float into the diaper pail. Next, a fresh diaper appeared under her, and a bottle of powder sprinkled itself onto her bottom and front. She was then settled onto the diaper before it pulled itself up between her legs and taped itself snugly. The onesie seemed to snap back together over her diaper, and she was lifted once again, then placed on the floor.

Dat was aweshum!” said Marty, clapping his pudgy little hands.

Ya magic can do dat now?” asked Henry.

“It can do mowe dan dat!” said Katherine. Some baby bottles floated in from the other room and placed themselves in front of each baby. “I can feed us, tange us, bathe us, and aww sowts of fings!”

“So we dun need anyone to take cawe of us?” asked Anne. She picked up the bottle of milk in front of her and curiously put it into her mouth. She began to suckle, feeling the cold milk splash on her tiny tongue.

Nope!” said Katherine. “Ish aww taken cawe of! Buh if somefin does happen, I gots fwiends who can come by to hewp.”

“Dats good!” said Lime. He was holding Marty in his lap. Though they were both babies, Marty was a bit smaller. He petted Marty's baby-fine hair and smiled as he held a bottle of milk for him to drink form. Even as a baby, he was playing daddy.

Henry chuckled and drank from his bottle happily. “Mmm, baba!” he said.

Claire picked up a bottle and began drinking as well. She was feeling much more comfortable knowing things would be taken care of, and that they were all babies in the same boat. All of them were soon suckling and slurping their bottles.

Lime patted Marty on the back as he finished, making him burp. “Hehe, good boy!” he said.

Marty blushed then crawled around behind Lime, patting his back.

Lime suddenly let out a very large and loud burp, then giggled. “Fankoo!” he said, then hugged and cuddled with little Marty on the floor.

I see why ya guys wike dis.” said Anne. “I feew so happy n fwee!” She began playing with a busy box, making lots of noise happily.

“Dats da idea!” said Katherine, cuddling with Claire. “We can aww stay togefew n haf fun as wong as we want.”

“Buh ya can tange us back too, wight?” asked Henry.

Of couwse!” said Katherine. “Buh we can wowwy about dat water. Wight now, wets jus haf fun!”

Everyone cheered and began playing together on the floor. They were back to being babies again, together, and now had a couple of new friends in on the fun. Their bond and connection grew, and even though they would later find out that Katherine couldn't change them back, they didn't mind. They were all happy to live their baby lives for as long as they could, and eventually grow back up again. Their jobs and former lives could wait, as Katherine's magic was able to alter reality around them to suit their needs. Any time they needed a change, they were given one by magic. When it came time for food, they were placed into high chairs and fed by magic. When it was time for bed, they were placed into cribs together. Henry and Anne were placed into the blue crib, Marty and Lime were placed into the green crib, and Katherine and Claire were placed in the pink crib. Everyone would snuggle together and sleep happily and peacefully with one another. Their days were filled with fun, happiness, and infantile bliss for many years to come.

The End



End Chapter 1

Second Childhood Reunion

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 16, 2022


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