Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

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Chapter 8
The Invasion Of The Carpet Critters

Chapter Description: Beckett relaxes on the Holodeck and gets caught out.

Beckett rode on the adult-sized vacuum cleaner and enjoyed the feeling of its vibration through her outfit.

She'd found out about a kid's show called "Carpet Critters" recently and binge-watched all its seasons.

The large, fluffy diaper worn by the main protagonist, Thaddeus Pickles, excited her enough to program a Holodeck adventure and take part in it.

Ghostly pan-pipe music played in the background as she pretended to be the main character, solving baby mystery stories and puzzles in less than 23 minutes to allow for adverts.

Unfortunately, her habit of leaving the simulation open to all comers caught her up, and she found herself confronted by Boimler, who had noticed it and entered.

"Computer, freeze program!" she commanded. The oversized simulation faded into the default settings and left her dressed as Tad Pickles. She didn't notice it until Brad pointed it out.

"Why am I still in the main character's outfit?" she wondered out loud.

Her comm badge chirped, and Genie explained.

"You were having such a good time playing Tad. I thought you might like it if I made his outfit more permanent, Beckett."

"Bad timing, Genie!" she admonished him.

"But Beckett, you know I can only grant your wishes, so you must have subconsciously wanted to wear Tad's thick and comfy diapers!"

Beckett could swear she heard a smile in Genie's voice as he explained! "He's enjoying himself at my expense today," she muttered and turned to Boimler.

"Brad, I don't want the others to know about my simulation. What will it take to keep you silent about it?"

"I wanna play as Charlie Finster!" he said enthusiastically.

A nonplussed Beckett let him play the simulation with her and once again forgot to lock the simulation down from public access. Before long, she and Brad found themselves joined by Tende and Rutherford in their play.

D'Vana made for an interesting set of twins as the group played on the carpet, fed and diapered by Mama Pickles, and took their naps between adventures.

Caroll Forester rudely interrupted their happy dreams and gave them the most unexpected shock of the day.

"You're all a bunch of babies!" she declared. She had dressed as Anjellyka Pickles complete with a kiddy dress, pull-ups, and hairstyle.

"You might not know it, but Carpet Critters was one of my favorites as a child!" she said happily.




End Chapter 8

Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 12, 2022


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