Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

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Chapter 10
Fun Times On The USS Vancouver, eh?

Chapter Description: Becky wants a play date, and Boimler doesn't.

"Sorry Beckett," said Brad disinterestedly, "I'm going on a date with Lieutenant Barbara Brinson aboard the Vancouver."

Beckett, currently 8, wanted to play with someone aboard the Cerritos. She and the rest of her crew were on break. Tende and Rutherford were off doing a boring old geeky thing in engineering and that left Brad.

"Aww! Why don't you join me over on the Holodeck? I've got a playground program that simulates the most dangerous playground of the twentieth century! It'd be lots of fun!"

"As fun as you make it sound, I'd rather be with Barb and be, um, er, kissing and stuff, you know..." he finished lamely.

Her mother had strictly ordered Beckett that, unless it occurred by accident, there would be no regressing any Cerritos' crew without their consent. Brad wasn't consenting.

"Oh, just go on your dumb old date!" she finally said in a fluster. "I'll find something else to do!"

Brad felt for her, but he also had needs for himself. "I'll play with you another time, Beckett. Have fun on the Holodeck, okay?"

Looking downcast as if she'd just lost her favorite pet, Beckett pouted and accepted the facts. She walked dejectedly down to the Holodeck and gave the command to start the program.

It wasn't fun on the glass-strewn playground without someone else to play with. She soon grew bored and sat on a heavily rusted chain swing, swinging back and forth listlessly.

"Geez, I wish I had a friend to play with! I bet Barb would probably enjoy this better than any old date, sucking face with Brad!"

Genie, who lived to grant her every wish, spoke up.

"Wish granted, Beckett! Are there any extra details you want with it?"

Beckett mentally kicked herself for making another dumb wish. She knew that once she wished for something, Genie had to make it come true, no matter what. She racked her brain for a way that would soften the suffering she was about to cause Barb and Brad.

"Genie, take me to where Barb is. I need to warn her first!"

"As you wish, Beckett!" Genie said happily. He looked forward to the awkward moments that were about to come and prepared a bag of virtual popcorn for them.

With a poof, Beckett disappeared from her swing set and appeared in front of Brad and Barb. The pair had just finished inspecting each other's tonsils, and Brad wanted to suggest they find a quiet place to be more intimate.

Barb felt Beckett's presence immediately. "Why hello, Beckett! How's Genie treating you?"

Beckett, taken aback by Barb knowing about the genie and her situation, replied, "You know about Genie?"

"Oh, sure! I wouldn't be an up-and-coming fleet admiral if I let something that significant slip by me, wouldn't I? I take it you being here takes precedence over Brad and myself, um, you know..."

Beckett looked at Barb's face for a short while, as if contemplating what she'd just said, shrugged her shoulders, and said, "Yeah, I made a stupid wish and you're about to experience it. Sorry!"

After explaining the wish to Barb and making clear its intractability, Barb kissed Brad and apologized to him.

"Sorry Brad, I don't think you'll want to be very romantic with me in a few moments!"

"I should hope not!" said an indignant Brad. "But I'm down for playing chaperone while you two play together. Would that be alright?"

"Sure!" said the two in unison. They gave each other a surprised look and giggled at that.

"How soon does it take effect?" asked Barb.

"Right now. Genie, go ahead!"

"Roger that, Beckett!" said Genie. Barb's pants tugged at her waist and fell to the top of her regulation-issued boots. This exposed Barb's "lucky panties" which immediately morphed into an adult-size Mission Brief™ diaper.

"Hey! Just how young are you going to make me?" asked Barb in surprise at the sudden change in underwear.

"About Beckett's age. There aren't any facilities on the playground where we're going, so..."

"OH, wow!" exclaimed Barb as the feeling of being in a speedy elevator hit her. She shrank quickly from a woman in her mid-twenties to a little girl no older than 8 or 9.

"Well, that wath an exthiting experienth!" she said and then probed her mouth with her tongue. "Geeth! You even took my front teefs! Thith ith wild!"

Beckett immediately fell in love with Barb's adorable lisp, grabbed her hand, and instructed Genie to transport the trio back to the waiting Holodeck.



End Chapter 10

Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 12, 2022


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