Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

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Chapter 7
Dizney Land (Tales from the holodeck)

Chapter Description: Mariner checks out a special Holodeck program that claims to let the user experience the real Walt Dizney Experience from back in the day. Genie wants to play too!

Beckett looked at the vast panorama around her. A bright sunny day with high heat and humidity provided the backdrop to one of the old American continent's cleanest amusement parks.

She'd gone on the overhead gondola rides to see if couples made out according to urban lore and found herself disappointed as the only thing that presented itself lurid enough to be a minor hickey session. She endured the rest of her ride with a small frown on her face.

"You seem unhappy, Beckett. Perhaps I might be of service?" chirped her comm badge. Genie had proved to be a significant source of mischief but had also ironed a few things out between her and her mother. She kept him around as he added spice to her life in unpredictable ways.

"I'm just looking for confirmation of some of the urban legends that this place used to have. So far, I've struck out on all accounts. The simulation is supposed to be accurate!" she harrumphed. "Maybe in being approved for Holodeck use, the program had to be edited for family content?" she mused aloud.

"Hmm," said Genie. He consulted the time stream and looked into several of the stories Beckett suggested. He found nothing to confirm her suspicions.

"I can see nothing in your earth's history that would be an affirmative, either, Beckett. Perhaps we could play another game?" he asked innocently.

"And what might that be?" she asked and inwardly grimaced. Everything Genie suggested would eventually lead to someone or a group wearing diapers and sucking on pacifiers. He seemed to enjoy sneakily doing it to her occasionally, as well.

The Donny Drake outfit she wore included a special Mission Briefsā„¢ diaper, which had a yellow warp signature that turned blue with use. Beckett smiled at the fact she wouldn't have to use the facilities while standing in the long lines and felt the softness of her brief as it rubbed up against her as she walked.

"Well, I realize that we're in Dizzy Land in old earth's California, but what if we went to Dizzy World in old earth's Florida?"

Beckett felt a sneaking suspicion creep up her spine and asked, "And what might there be in Florida that there isn't here?"

"Why the Ponce De Leon ride, of course!" answered Genie promptly, without the least amount of guile in his voice.

"The log-based water ride that douses its riders in waterfalls, rain displays, and rides down a hill into a lagoon that drenches the riders at the end?"

"That's the one! Fun for the whole family! You must be over 12 to ride at least once!" chirped Genie happily.

"And you're not planning on magically altering the waters to regress the riders a certain amount each time they ride, right?" asked Beckett with skeptical certainty.

"The simplest notion of such a concept is the furthest thing from my mind!" quipped the comm badge with a British accent.

"Hmm," thought Beckett Mariner. The urban legends had been a bust, but what Genie suggested involved getting the gang set up for daycare and diapering again. Boimler still had painful memories of getting diaper rash.

The thought of "chad Brad" experiencing diaper rash brought a smile to her face. Getting cuddles from D'Vana while she tended to her changing needs was also a big bonus! Her smile widened in anticipation.

"Okay, Genie, let's do this!"


Brad Boimler pulled himself up by grabbing the rail of the kiddy pen he and the others were in. The pastel blue pacifier with a butterfly on the front bobbed back and forth in his mouth while he processed what had happened to the gang today.

While she had regressed him to a toddler's age before, he wondered if Beckett wasn't getting some perverse pleasure from seeing herself and the Lower Deck's crew regressed at each opportunity.

He distinctly remembered the ear-to-ear grin on her face as they stepped into the log ride and went through the first waterfall. She hadn't changed, but she seemed to be a little taller than when they'd started the ride.

After several successive dunks, rains, water cannons, and sluices from log riders going in the opposite direction, Boimler knew the crew underwent a physical change. He could feel it in his bones and see it by how tall Beckett compared to him afterward.

That and falling out of his swimming trunks at the end. She just reached over, picked him up, and ignored the fact that they'd fallen off.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, Brad. There's not much down there to cause concern for the ladies present," she'd said as she carted him off to the daycare facility.

At least he wasn't alone, thank goodness.

Beckett got several of her friends to come along, including her mother! If The captain objected to being toddler-sized, she didn't show it as she snuggled a fuzzy teddy bear and enjoyed her afternoon nap. Her happy, carefree, sleeping smile sort of gave it away.

Boimler took a mental inventory of his fellow occupants; Jennifer Sh'reyan played on the floor with Andorian letter blocks, Ensign Barnes played with antiquated Earth Barbie dolls, and Ensign Castro sat uncharacteristically in a yoga position while pretending to focus.

Heck, all you need to get Castro to take part is to mention the word "salon". Opening one eye and peeking at her surroundings, and realizing that she wasn't dreaming that she had become a baby again, she bounced back into a meditative trance to sort it out.

Rutherford had disassembled one of the baby monitors and rewired it to receive local space traffic. The look of concentration on his face as he completed the last check and pooped his diaper struck Boimler as hilarious.

Beckett breezed in while Boimler did his checklist with her latest victim. D'Vana clung tightly to her until she dressed her in toddler wear and hugged her for reassurance.

"Where you goin' Becky? Aren't we gonna play?" asked the worried tot as Beckett placed her in the play area and moved to the exit.

"I'll be back shortly! The doctor and Lt. Shaxs are going to do it while the ride is in motion. I gotta see that!" said Beckett as she excitedly ran for the exit.

"Huh? It? What's it?" asked a confused Tende after Beckett. Boimler took her hand and guided her to the sandbox.

"Don't worry, she'll be back soon! I wonder how she's gonna diaper the doctor?" he said as he handed a pail and shovel to her.

Tende thought about it for a moment. "Oh, because of the tail!" she said happily as she scooped sand into her bucket.


Back on the Cerritos, Ensign Mariner, clad in her casual duty uniform with rolled-up sleeves, queued with Ensigns Boimler, Tende, and Rutherford for lunch. Everything seemed back to normal. The people she'd tricked into the De Leon ride were now their normal ages, and her mother had bounced back into her hectic job with renewed energy after her "little" break.

The only thing odd about the current situation for Mariner is having Tende pick her up to place her into a high chair for her meals.

"Here comes the airplane! Eeeeyowwww! Open the hanger doors!" said Tende as she maneuvered the spoon with oatmeal into Mariner's mouth.

"How much longer are you going to be a toddler, Mariner?" asked Boimler. He moved uneasily in his seat as the rash cream on his buttocks smeared against his underwear.

"I dunno! Hey, Genie! How much longer am I gonna be a toddler?" she asked her comm badge.

"While I temporarily rendered you immune to the effects of the water at Dizzy World, I didn't know that you'd use it so many times, Mariner! It had a cumulative effect that caused you to regress." buzzed the comm badge.

"Worth it!" enthused Mariner. "The best was when the doctor and Shax did their thing! What a show!"

"Yeah, it was pretty neat how it affected you slowly and then sped up while you were bringing in the doctor and Shax to be diapered," added Rutherford. "I'm glad I changed one of the baby monitors to catch it in slow motion!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever!" said Mariner as another spoonful of oatmeal presented itself for her acceptance. A rumbling in her tummy warned of large-scale mudslides coming for her diaper shortly.

"You haven't answered her question, Genie," noted Ensign Tende. She didn't care about changing Ensign Mariner's diapers, she enjoyed the closeness that they engendered between her and Mariner. She felt motherly towards her.

"Wel-l-l, I calculate the effects could wear off in a week to a month. Sorry, but it's my best guess," chirped the comm badge.

"It could be worse," said Mariner as she felt her nether region grow warmer. "I'm glad I have such good friends!" she gushed happily.

"BWARRRRRRP!" said another part of her anatomy as if to punctuate her statement.



End Chapter 7

Lower Decks: Tales From The Creche

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Nov 12, 2022


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