Losing Weight

by: Ambrose | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 19, 2021


Losing Weight(Capter 1)

Anton, Christine and Michelle agreed to take part in a test of a drug against overweight. What if they lose more than a few pounds?

Apr 19, 2021


Losing Weight(Chapter 2)

The check-ups are done, the tests begin.

Apr 19, 2021


Losing Weight(Chapter 3)

As the AR-drug runs its course, the effects become harder to overlook, though the testers are pretty preoccupied.

Apr 19, 2021


Losing Weight(Chapter 4)

Their wish to lose weight led three adults into the clutches of an unsavoury company. Now reduced to children, they must learn that not just their bodies have been affected.

Apr 19, 2021


Losing Weight(Chapter 5)

Three adults turned teenagers must either uncovering the truth behind the experiments or end up as its latest victims

Apr 19, 2021


Losing Weight(Chapter 6)

With their escape plan foiled, and the hope of determining their own fates fading, the three testers have one trump left to play out. Now’s the time to succeed, or return to infancy.

Apr 19, 2021


Losing Weight(Chapter 7)

The testers’ resolve to make the best out of their situation is challenged, when the end draws closer and they are regressed to toddlers. Before they go through the scientists’ final tests, they have to face the question what remains of them.

Apr 19, 2021

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