Starting a new life.

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Three tales of redemption, reward and wish fulfillment

Chapter 1
Tales of Salvation to Salve the Soul.

Chapter Description: There are no frogs here.

 Betty was in heaven. She cooed and waved at her mommy from her highchair and felt a warmth on her privates as she wet her diaper unconsciously. She had her needs taken care of: feeding, clothing, toys, and entertainment from her loving parents and all she had to do was be a baby!

When the people from Advanced Technology Inc. approached her with their proposal, she thought they were nuts. She was in an assisted living facility and could barely walk, needing assistance from her walker and the strong arms of the attendants to lift her from her bed or chair and stand her up.

They offered her a chance at a new life, free from the pain that her arthritis caused her, with a new body that while weak at first, would grow and gain strength as it got older. She had been counting the days to her demise and now they offered her a way of putting it off.

They explained that if she accepted, they would subject her to a quick treatment that would regress her body to a baby’s but leave her intelligence intact. They would put her up for adoption and that would pay for the treatment as a childless couple gained a new baby to care for.

After some thought and many more questions, she relented and signed a contract. The treatment was administered the next day. She went in as an old woman wearing a diaper due to incontinence and came out a baby wearing a diaper for the same reason.

After the treatment, a battery of tests was performed to see if there were any side effects. Since none were found, the head lab technician gave her a clean bill of health and an assistant picked her up to give her a set of clothes and for feeding.

“Aren’t you just the cutest baby?” burbled the assistant as she dressed Betty in a baby onesie with the words “Storm Pooper” on it. “It’s you, yes you are!” The assistant tickled Betty’s toes playfully and picked her up and supported her on her arm for feeding on a baby bottle.

After the feeding and burping, the assistant laid her down in a padded crib and talked to her some more. “I’ll bet you’re one of the really special ones, aren’t you?” Betty had tolerated the ministrations of the caregiver but she was starting to get tired and a little crankiness came to the surface.

“Oh, I’m not all that, sister!” she said with a baby’s toothless gums and lack of muscle control. It came out more like “Ow, ahm na ah dat, thistah!” but the meaning got across.

The caregiver warned her that if she didn’t have a positive attitude and kept her conversation to single words, that it would cause problems for her adoptive parents. “Be a sport and play along, Betty! You’re a baby again, act and talk like one, please!”

Betty was too tired to argue, she said “Okayth!” and fell fast asleep.


For the next week, the lab team indoctrinated Betty on how to be a baby. It consisted of role-playing, a quick video or two, and discussions on what to expect when she was adopted. Betty didn’t know that being a baby was so serious! (It was almost like a job in itself). She passed her course and they filled out her adoption papers. Betty was adopted by Jones, Phil, and Lorain, the next week.

Betty would grow up again as a happy person, she loved her adopted parents and they gave her the wisdom of their life lessons. She excelled at school through hard work and encouragement, attended college, and graduated with honors in her chosen field of business management.


Robert was an award-winning chemist. Acclaimed as one of the best minds of his generation, he pushed forward the boundaries of organic chemistry to heights that others in his field were struggling to keep current with.

When Advanced Technology Inc. approached him with their offer of being able to see his work applied to a new generation firsthand, he jumped at the offer. They offered him the chance of starting as a baby, but he wanted to get a head start as a toddler. Reluctantly, they agreed.

Robert took the treatment and became Bobby, an endearing little moppet with golden hair and a bubbly personality that endeared him to his adoptive parents, the Millers, Bart, and Marlene. After several years of difficulty with his body not adapting well, he still wore diapers.

His parents brought him in for his annual checkup at Advanced, it was part of the contract, they advised Bobby that he wasn’t getting any better and that the cure would be another treatment. This time he would have to go back to being a baby. Against his consent, his parents had him undergo treatment and he started his third life as a helpless infant.

This time, everything went well and Bobby grew up, went to a private school, and graduated college on an accelerated program with master's and PhD cum laude. He would go on to catch up with the rest of his colleagues in organic chemistry up to the prior bar that he left them struggling at.

There was a small personal quirk with him still preferring to wear diapers. He said that going to the bathroom was a waste of time when you could just clean up once or twice a day instead of making hourly beelines and holding it in.


As a retired, washed-out actress, Eadie Arrogantia came from a long line of well-to-do people who excelled in lording their wealth and status over everyone. With a family motto of “Pecunia non olet” or “Money does not stink”, they weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when it came to acquiring it.

Feeling sorry that her life and career were pushed aside due to old age, her bitter attitude often showed when she berated her servants or embarrassed her attendant, Miriam White, by often pulling cruel jokes and leaving vicious rumors where they could do the most damage.

When Advanced Technology Inc. approached her, she couldn’t believe her luck! She signed over the remainder of her dilapidated estate and dwindling funds gladly for the chance that she could start her life anew. She didn’t care what unlucky people would adopt her as she would dominate them and pursue her acting career with dogged vigor, let the devil take the hindmost!

She was surprised to find that instead of being regressed to a baby, she was regressed to an 8-year-old. It didn’t matter, she would bully her new family all that much sooner into her ideals of a budding acting career.

She was given a ride to her new home, it wasn’t fancy, but clean and well kept up. Neatly manicured lawns, white picket fence, fairly new furnishings, and a small bedroom for her, complete with a lighted vanity. It wasn’t much, but it did appeal to her.

She was then called downstairs to meet her new foster parents, the Whites, George, and Miriam. You could have knocked her over with a feather!

Her new parents were loving but firm. Whenever she acted up or threw a tantrum over not getting what she wanted, she’d find herself staring at a corner, standing or sitting depending on how long the timeout warranted.

After a year of her attempting to “bust their balls”, she still wasn’t getting the message. At her annual checkup, she was regressed to 6 years old and the Whites informed her they would do it as many times as necessary until she got the message.

She tried to run away once, but was lost instantly and frightened that no one would pay attention to her. The policeman that picked her up and reunited her with her parents only vaguely acknowledged her existence.

Another year and little progress, the little hell-raiser had found a way to piss off the whites by getting drunk by stealing from a neighbor’s liquor cabinet. The whites had tolerated her behavior long enough.

They decided that she was the exception to the rule, and spanked her before her timeouts. None of the neighbors who had been terrorized by her or the child counselor assigned by the city due to rumors of child abuse objected. In fact, the counselor showed the Whites methods that wouldn’t leave any telltale marks!

Finally, after many paddling sessions, Eadie broke down and cried. She sobbed for hours as the Whites consoled her, she professed all the things in her black, sticky soul that had made her into a self-serving monster. It wasn’t total recovery and there were a few backslide sessions, but the capital punishment of using a paddle had come to a close.

After she had turned 10, she had reformed and actually started to care for others, the Whites were proud of their little girl. She knew what was expected of her and she delivered.

Later, when the Whites found out that she had only been acting while waiting to get older and more experienced to run away to Hollywood as a teenager, they were devastated and dumbfounded.

After she was found, dirty, abused, drug-addled with rotting teeth, she has reunited with her family once again. Her plans had all come to naught, but she wasn’t a quitter.

The Whites took her back to Advanced Inc. and had her regressed to a 3-year-old. They reemphasized that they weren’t afraid to start over and they let her know it again.

Finally, the little girl who had been regressed on numerous occasions came to understand that the world didn’t revolve around her, truly began to care for others, and made great progress in her life lessons. She grew up, obtained a profession that allowed her to help others get over themselves, and made great strides as a successful counselor.

As a personal quirk, she had a little game that she liked to play where she dressed up as a diapered girl in a pretty dress with frilly ankle socks and Mary Jane shoes who was naughty and got spanked to the point of erotic climax.

Afterward, she would lay happily on the floor and stay within the lines of the pictures in her coloring book with crayons.

Whatever works!


Betty Jones awoke one morning from a fitful sleep after a long, disturbing series of dreams. In the dreams, Betty experienced herself at various ages and felt the helplessness of each one.

As an infant, she had no mobility, had her diaper and clothes changed, bathed, and fed.

As a toddler, she failed her potty training and tried her best, but kept on missing the vital clues that her body provided as she played with her toys ending up wetting herself and on one occasion, soiling herself.

As a child, she repeatedly couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time, ending up wearing a t-shirt and diapers in class while the other children made fun of her.

Going to the bathroom, she didn’t notice that her pajama bottoms were falling off her waist and that the fabric flopped over her feet as she walked. The knobs in the bathroom stall seemed higher than usual, but that passed by her as she was still waking up from her exhausting sleep. She started to brush her teeth and after reaching farther than usual for the toothpaste and brush, she then noticed that the sink came up to her abdomen and the teen with puffy breasts staring back from the mirror took on a shocked expression.

She looked at the thin thatch of hair “down there” and realized that it wasn’t her normal bush, but a diminished version of it. The skinny teenager looked at her body in the full-length mirror of the bathroom and ran to the phone calling the Advanced Technology Inc. hotline number that had been given to her for just this occasion.

A van was dispatched to pick her up. Wrapped in an oversize towel, they sped back to the lab for a battery of tests.

A scientist wearing a lab coat examined the data collected on a computer screen. There were graphs and pie charts alongside numbers and figures in neatly boxed rows.

“The process seems to have kicked in again. It’s lost its stability and you’re getting younger as we speak.” said the scientist.

“How young?” asked a worried Betty. “We predict that you’ll stabilize again at age 2. We’ll monitor you for any other instabilities.” the scientist informed her.

Betty was assigned a room with a caregiver. By the time she was settled in, her body had gone back to late childhood. Her figure consisted of a flat-chest, boyish butt, lightly protruding abdomen, and a cute rounded face with a perky nose in the center of it.

Betty faced her fate bravely as her body grew smaller and her teeth withdrew into her head. The caregiver put her in a diaper and snap-crotch onesie then fed her and put her in a crib. When a doctor asked her how she was doing she replied “Wanna go home! Where’s dolly!”, her mental regression was complete.

After another battery of tests, a confused, frightened little girl cried when the “bad man” stuck her thigh with a needle to get a blood sample. She was deemed stable and put up for adoption.

She would grow up all over again, work hard at her profession, and have a loving husband and two boys before she passed away at a grand old age. If anyone were to ask if she had heard of Advanced Technology Inc. she would have answered “No. Never heard of it.”


Eadie White was counseling her latest charge, a troubled young man who believed himself to be an incarnation of a fire god. It was all in jest as he was using it to excuse his fascination with fire.

As she took notes, she noticed that her sleeve was moving up her forearm. She excused herself from her session and instructed the young firebug to go home for the day.

Running into the bathroom, she nearly lost her skirt as her slimming waist and hips caused it to lose purchase. She then stopped and watched, transfixed to the woman in the mirror who became younger and younger, the electric thrill of it made her horny and she started to pleasure herself while she shrank.

She came with two successive orgasms before the girl in the mirror went past puberty and rapidly lost height and balance to fall to the floor in a pile of the clothing that she formerly wore. As a helpless baby, she crawled around in the bathroom until she was found by another seeking relief for her aching bladder.

The police could find no records of her family as they had been wiped out in a server fire years before. Cursing the server’s admin for not creating off-site backups, the police turned her over to the Juvenile hall where she was processed and sent to an orphanage.

She grew up in several halfway houses, became a hardened gangster, and terrorized a small section of her town with a team of like-minded members. They ran numbers, drugs, and money until a set-up sent her to prison where the screws got through to her and convinced her of the error of her ways.

She found religion and served her term, then joined a convent and is now know as sister Margaret. The full-body habit that she wears covers up her gang tattoos except for the ones she had added to her hands that read “Jesus” on her right and “Saves” on her left.


Bobby Miller, Ph.D., Et al. Lives in a large mansion on a hill. He has a housekeeper that tends to it while he’s away, which is often, giving lectures. He doesn’t have many friends due to his hectic lifestyle and the ones that he does know about his eclectic underwear choice. He’s written volumes on organic chemistry and continues to give inputs and tips to the teams that he visits.




End Chapter 1

Starting a new life.

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 27, 2021


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