Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel was still stuck in his baby bed. When he refuses to eat, Amber makes sure he complies and when Sarah comes to get him up she makes sure it's only when Daniel is being a good boy.

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Daniel slept in late the next morning. After everything that happened the previous evening the sun had long risen before he opened his eyes. Daniel yawned and tried to roll over, it was only when he felt the tug of the restraints keeping him on his back that he remembered the previous night. He felt his heart sink.

The diaper Daniel was wearing was wet, not surprising but especially galling with recent revelations. He had always been led to believe this was a normal state of affairs but now he had learnt it was anything but. As he gave up pulling on the restraints and laid back he relaxed his bladder and flooded his disposable with fresh warm pee. He sighed.

Daniel should’ve been out of the crib by now. On a regular day he would’ve been downstairs playing, instead he was tied down to his mattress and unable to do anything but wait. And wait. And wait.

“Hello?” Daniel called out.

There were noises from elsewhere in the house so Daniel knew he wasn’t alone but no one was coming for him. It felt like hours were passing by but he had only a tenuous grasp on the time in the best of circumstances, with nothing to do he could only count each second as they stretched out into infinity.

After a little while Daniel felt his diaper warming again. He banged his head against his pillow in frustration. He had been brought up to believe that wetting himself was normal, it was something he had barely ever thought about. Now he knew it was a lie. Men WERE potty trained but he had never been given the chance. He felt so stupid for believing his Mommy all this time.

Footsteps approached the nursery door. Daniel lifted his head and looked towards the noise hoping someone was finally coming to let him out. After a moment of hesitation the door did indeed open and it was Amber who walked in with a tray.

“Hello, stinker.” Amber said teasingly. Daniel didn’t know what he expected but it wasn’t for Amber to be acting like nothing unusual had happened.

“Let me up!” Daniel immediately demanded.

“No can do, kiddo.” Amber replied. She carefully placed the tray on a set of drawers next to the crib and then stood on the release causing the bars to descend, “We’re not finished baby proofing the house.”

“I’m not a baby.” Daniel growled “I know that now. So stop treating me like one!”

“Daniel…” Amber shook her head and sighed, “Just because you found out other men are grown-ups it doesn’t mean you are.”

“It’s not fair!” Daniel screamed.

“Look, I have a lot of things I need to do to make things safe for you.” Amber said, “Are you going to let me feed you or not?”

Daniel’s first reaction was to scream no. There was no reason he couldn’t feed himself. The problem was he was still tied down and he knew from being punished in the past that if he said no Amber would simply leave with the tray. He would be made to wait, hungry and thirsty, until he was given another chance.

Without saying anything and making his displeasure as obvious as he possibly could Daniel opened his mouth. Amber smiled as she picked up the bowl and spoon. Daniel watched as the food got closer, he could already tell it was the blandest of his baby food. As the spoon went into his mouth he shivered.

“Things will get better.” Amber said as she continued to shovel the food into Daniel’s mouth, “Mom’s pretty pissed right now but she’ll calm down.”

The spoon was going from the bowl to Daniel’s mouth so quickly he barely had a chance to swallow each mouthful. Soon the lumpy food was dribbling out the sides of his mouth and down his chin as he tried to keep up with Amber’s pace. By the time Amber stopped Daniel was feeling full, at the very least the relentless pace had distracted him somewhat from the almost offensively bland taste.

“Are you going to let me up now?” Daniel asked. He tried to sound calm despite the anger inside.

“Not yet.” Amber replied, “Come on, time for your baba.”

Daniel saw a large baby bottle of milk and opened his mouth again. The latex teat filled his mouth and he was happy to suck out the milk since it washed away the taste of the food. It wasn’t long until Daniel was feeling very full and didn’t want to drink anymore, he tried to turn his head away but Amber’s hand simply followed him and kept the sweet liquid flowing into him.

“Mmm!” Daniel complained between two mouthfuls of milk.

The bottle was huge. Daniel was having to forcibly suck and swallow so much he was tiring himself out. He felt his tummy filling and yet could do nothing but continue to drink. He looked at Amber hoping for pity but she just seemed impatient for him to finish. By the time the milk was drained he felt like he was full of liquid from the tips of his toes all the way up to his throat.

Daniel gasped for air as the dripping amber teat was pulled away from his lips. He let out a very loud involuntary belch which tasted just like the milk he had been filled with. He moaned as he lifted his head and looked down at his belly. It was bulging from the amount he had been forced to drink.

“Don’t worry.” Amber said as she put the bottle back on the tray, “It’ll end up in your diaper eventually.”

That wasn’t particularly what was worrying Daniel. Being filled to the point of overflowing and using his diaper was something he was used to. What worried him more was how Amber was now stirring the bowl with a spoon and coming towards him again. Daniel felt a slight pressure on his bladder and a second later he was dribbling into his diaper, with the amount of milk in his system he could expect a lot of that.

“Just a little more.” Amber said as she held the spoon out.

“I’m full.” Daniel replied with a scowl.

“Mom told me to make sure you were fed.” Amber said impatiently, “I’m not leaving until you finish your food.”

“Then let me up.” Daniel said, “I’ll feed myself.”

Amber simply laughed at that suggestion. She shook her head and held the spoon out to Daniel’s lips. Daniel clamped his mouth shut in defiance. Amber let out a growl of frustration as she looked up at the ceiling, she dropped the spoon back into the bowl and for a second Daniel thought he had won.

“You’re such a baby.” Amber said angrily.

Daniel watched as her hand went to his bloated tummy. His eyes grew wide and he shook his head quickly. Amber’s fingers started dancing across his stretched skin and he immediately started writhing. The tickling was having two effects. Firstly, he kept leaking more pee into the diaper without any control and secondly he was opening his mouth and exclaiming desperately for her to stop.

“Are you going to be good?” Amber asked as she paused her fingers, “Because I can keep this up all day.”

“I’ll eat…” Daniel said through gasping breaths.

“Good boy.” Amber said as she gave his tummy a couple of pats.

Daniel let Amber feed him the terrible mushy baby food. It seemed very obvious that he was being punished for finding out the truth about his existence. The food wasn’t offensively bad but on top of the milk he had drunk it made him feel bloated, he groaned almost as much as his tummy did. The bowl was large, just like everything in the house, and it was shovelled into Daniel’s mouth past the point where he could swallow it. Food dribbled down the sides of his face.

“Just a little more.” Amber said as she continued to scoop up the food.

“I can’t…” Daniel moaned.

“Just a couple more.” Amber insisted.

Daniel was in no place to argue. The spoon tipped more food into his mouth and he swallowed it. Yet again he felt warmth flood into his already very wet diaper, it seemed like his body was doing all it could to make just a little room.

“Good boy.” Amber praised though the smirk on her face let Daniel know she wasn’t being entirely sincere.

“Can you… let me up… now?” Daniel had to pause between words to breath. He was so full it looked like he was pregnant.

“Not yet.” Amber replied, “I have to change you.”

Daniel let his head flop down on the pillow underneath him. He wanted to argue back but it felt like it would take more effort than he could manage. It also didn’t seem like arguing his case was going to help at all. It was his mom who had the power to change things, not Amber.

Amber moved down the baby bed and reached in to Daniel’s diaper. By this point the padding was pretty soaked and as the pulled the tapes off Daniel could feel the heavy weight on this crotch slowly slide down until Amber lowered it completely. He jumped when he felt a hand on his cage.

“W-What are you doing?” Daniel stuttered nervously.

“Mom told me to clean you.” Amber replied, “Geez, I never thought I’d hear you complaining about someone taking this thing off you…”

Daniel wasn’t complaining that his chastity device was being removed, he would never complain about that. What he was worried about was what that meant, after all it was just the previous day that Amber had taken the rubber prison off him just to place him in an even smaller one. As he felt the toy being taken off him he could almost immediately feel his penis reacting, it was so rarely free that whenever it was given a chance it felt like it didn’t want to miss out.

“Wait there.” Amber said as she put the pieces of the chastity device on the drawers next to the crib and went over to the changing table. Daniel scowled at her as she walked away, she knew perfectly well he was strapped down and unable to go anywhere at all.

By the time Amber had returned Daniel’s dick was nearly fully hard. It wasn’t like he wanted it to be but when it was so touch starved it was desperate for any attention it could get. Amber laughed.

“Can’t you control that thing?” Amber asked as she gave it a little flick.

“Ow!” Daniel exclaimed, “No. I can’t. Maybe I could if you hadn’t been treating me like a baby all these years!”

“Still going on about that?” Amber sighed, “I guess I can distract you…”

“What do you… Oh!” Daniel gasped as he felt Amber’s fingertips lightly brushing against the underneath of his sensitive organ.

Daniel felt lightning surge through him. From his ultra-sensitive dick through his whole body he felt his nerves lighting up with pleasure. He writhed as much as he could in his tight bondage but he honestly wasn’t sure if he was trying to wriggle away from the touch or into it. His tool was quickly fully erect and pointing up into the sky.

“So eager…” Amber said with more than a hint of laughter in her voice.

Daniel groaned. Amber’s hand was wrapped around his shaft maddeningly gently. She slowly moved her hand down and up making him feel every millimetre of movement. Daniel knew she was simply distracting him from his legitimate complaints but he couldn’t argue that it wasn’t working. He bit his lip as his wishes went from wanting Amber to stop to wanting her to keep going.

“Isn’t this much better than worrying all about whether you should be a grown-up or not?” Amber asked casually, “Don’t Mom and me take good care of you?”

Daniel could only grunt in response. His brain was yelling at him to stop being a slave to his base desires and keep fighting, his body wasn’t listening. Amber was expertly manipulating his sensitive little parts as her free hand went down to tickle his balls. Daniel could hear a slightly wet noise as his penis dribbled excitement and got ready for the main event.

“You keep saying you don’t want to be treated like this…” Amber said softly as her fingers danced around the head of Daniel’s dick, “But this is telling a very different story.”

“Ugh…” Daniel could barely form words. His penis was straining, it was achingly hard, as it felt like all the blood in his body was being forced into it.

“You love this.” Amber continued, “You have such an easy life. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Daniel’s hips were pushing at the air to get more friction. His pre-cum was dripping down his manhood as he twitched and writhed. Amber’s extremely soft touches were designed to simply tease and titillate.

Daniel had no idea how long this sordid playing went on before he started begging for relief. He had retreated into his own special world where nothing existed except his turgid tool. The longer Amber played with him the more the world around him seemed to shrink and disappear, his head seemed to empty and he found it easier to push the voices telling him he was being distracted to the back of his head.

“Please…” Daniel gasped after what felt like at least half an hour of this sexual provocation.

“Please what?” Amber replied without increasing her pressure or speed.

Daniel groaned in frustration. He felt like he was right on the edge of “finishing” and yet Amber wasn’t letting him do so. He was cringing at how desperate he was and how easily he had been distracted from how mad he was.

“Please what?” Amber repeated. Her expert hands were keeping Daniel permanently on the brink and he was covered with his own excitement. One of her hands cupped and gently rolled his balls whilst the other tickled his dick incessantly.

“I… I…” What remained of Daniel’s resolve was desperately trying to stop him from finishing his sentence.

Amber’s finger’s gently squeezed on his sack whilst her other hand started circling around the bottom of the head of Daniel’s dick. His attempts to speak were quickly forgotten as he moaned wantonly.

“Please…” Amber stroked slightly harder making Daniel exclaim loudly, “… What?”

“Milkies!” Daniel cried out. He didn’t care if he was betraying his own brain he was just so desperate to cum. Adult, baby, he didn’t care what he was at that moment, “Please let me have milkies!”

Amber laughed and a second later Daniel felt her hands leave him. He whimpered and thrust his hips towards her in the desperate hope to get her to touch him again. She simply stood back and leaned against the edge of the crib with a smirk on her face.

“Sorry, baby, Mom says no milkies for you.” Amber said.

Daniel started sobbing. The frustration was more than just sexual. He was frustrated at himself for letting himself forget about the real problems he had. He expected nothing less than this from his sister but letting himself fall into the trap was his own fault.


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End Chapter 8

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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