Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: After seeing something he wasn't supposed to on the television, Daniel's whole world feels like it's been turned upside down. He needs to make sure he had really seen what he had seen. That meant getting to the television when no one else was around...

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Daniel spent the rest of the day lost in his own head. His Mommy and Amber both seemed to notice he was acting strangely but didn’t have a clue why. He went through the motions which wasn’t all that different to his regular days. He played with his toys and at dinner time he robotically opened his mouth for each spoonful of dinner as his Mommy fed him. He wasn’t paying attention which meant a good portion of his food ended up on his bib, something that brought the two women a lot of joy. After dinner Daniel was carried upstairs by Sarah and into the bathroom.

“Something’s up.” Sarah said. It wasn’t a question anymore, she had noticed Daniel’s strange behaviour, “What is it? Did Amber do something?”

Daniel would’ve rather kept his thoughts to himself but his Mommy wasn’t going to let him continue to be silent. He didn’t know what to say, he was tempted to say Amber had done something but that would only create more problems down the line. He shook his head.

“Then what?” Sarah asked with her hands on her hips.

Daniel was sat on the floor with his useless legs splayed out before him. He looked down between his legs to his diaper as a way of trying to avoid the confrontation. There was no way he wanted to divulge what was really troubling him, not before he had his suspicions confirmed. He heard his Mommy chuckle.

“Oh, I see what the problem is…” Sarah said. She reached into the tub and turned on the faucets, “You’ve got an owie tummy, don’t you? Is that right? Does my little baby have an ouchie?”

Daniel nodded his head. It was better than admitting the truth.

“Well don’t you worry.” Sarah said, “Mommy has a special medicine to help baby with that.”

“Wait!” Daniel cringed, “I don’t wa-…”

“But first we need to get you nice and clean.” Sarah interrupted.

Daniel whined as Sarah leaned down in front of him. She pulled the tapes on his diaper and then lifted him, fully naked, into the tub. He sat against the back of the bath and sulked. His Mommy’s remedy when he had a tummy ache was always the same and it involved being given something that would get his digestive system moving.

Daniel always hated bath time. As usual he was granted no say in what happened. He had to wait for his Mommy to soap him up and then rinse him off and she always liked to take her time. She never filled the tub very far so he always ended up feeling cold. There was a non-stop monologue of nonsense coming from Sarah during the cleaning, a seemingly never-ending stream of consciousness.

“… and at work yesterday there was a birthday celebration going on, anyway despite how much he complained they clearly loved the surprise…” Sarah said.

“He?” Daniel said with a frown.

“Sorry?” Sarah asked with a smile which didn’t seem to reach her eyes. Her hand, which had been rubbing a sponge across Daniel’s back, froze.

“You said “he.”” Daniel said, “There’s a man at your work?”

“Did I?” Sarah looked like she was replaying what she was saying before finally shrugging, “I must’ve misspoke… or you misheard me. You definitely must’ve misheard. You know men don’t get jobs. Boys are kept in diapers to be cute little babies like you, isn’t that right?”

Daniel slowly nodded his head. Had he misheard? He felt for certain that he hadn’t and yet as soon as his Mommy had suggested he had he started doubting himself. But if there were men walking around outside like normal and men at Mommy’s work then that made him feel even less secure in his place. It didn’t make sense though. Surely if his suspicions were true he would’ve found out before now…

Daniel’s thoughts were interrupted by the plug being pulled and the water quickly draining away. He was lifted out of the bath and placed on all fours on the bathroom mat. His Mommy towelled him dry and then lifted him up again. Once in his nursery he was put into a fresh diaper and a onesie that was dark blue and covered in yellow stars and moons. Then he was put into his bed.

“I’ll be right back.” Sarah said as she lifted the side of the crib and locked it into place.

A few minutes after Daniel had watched his Mommy leave the room she came back. In one hand she had a large bottle of milk whilst in the other she held a little green packet of pills. These were pills Daniel knew and had learned to fear. Whenever he had a tummy ache they would be brought out and they would certainly resolve the situation.

“Here you go.” Sarah said as she popped two of the pills out of the blister packet.

Daniel kept his mouth closed and shook his head. He didn’t want nor need the medicine. His stomach flipped just thinking about it but he knew Mommy was not going to leave until he had done what was asked of them. At least it wasn’t an enema…

Opening his mouth Daniel winced when the pills were placed on his tongue. Immediately he could feel their horrid taste spreading so he eagerly reached for the bottle, of course Mommy wouldn’t let him hold it so he had to scoot closer to the bars and drink from her hands. He felt like the hamster Amber once had as a pet sucking on the water bottle attached to the side of his cage. Sarah wasn’t content to leave until he had opened his mouth and proven he had swallowed the pills.

“Goodnight, baby.” Sarah said as she kissed him on the forehead, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

Daniel watched his Mommy leave the room and then sat up. He had a plan but he knew it was probably a one way trip. He was going to escape out of his crib and get proof that he was either very paranoid or right to be suspicious. Getting out of the crib, he suspected, would be rather easy. Much harder would be getting back into it again. If he was found out of bed he could expect to be punished, especially if he was wrong about things.

A growl ran through Daniel’s tummy. The medicine was getting to work already. He just hoped he had enough time to get his evidence, this was going to be hard enough without a full diaper weighing him down. The longer he held off the less time he would have to spend in a stinky diaper as well, he could be sure he wasn’t going to get a change until he was checked on in the morning.

Daniel had a long wait ahead of him and he wasn’t used to staying up past his bedtime. He sat against the headboard of the crib and waited. Every time he heard a noise he wondered if it was his family going to bed and he was disappointed each time. A few times he found himself dozing off as he waited only to suddenly bolt upright again.

It had long fallen dark and Daniel was about to give up when he saw the light in the landing switch off through the crack at the bottom of the door. His heart hammered as he waited another few minutes before making a move.

Daniel started pulling up the sheets from his crib. He had seen this work in a cartoon and he hoped it would work in real life as well. He started trying the corners of his sheets, pillowcases and blanket in knots as best as he was able. He cursed himself for not paying more attention to the shows that taught knot tying but eventually he felt he had tied something, if it wasn’t a standard knot it should at least be enough for his purposes. He tied one end to the far side of the crib and then threw the other end over the rails on the other side. He tied it to the horizontal bar at the bottom of the bed area. It didn’t look like the sturdiest thing in the world but it would have to do.

Daniel pulled on the sheets and although they seemed to shift and strain they remained in place. He was having a lot of second-thoughts but he couldn’t turn back from this or he would always wonder what was going on. Even if he was wrong it was better to know for sure than not.

Summoning all his strength Daniel started to lift himself using the sheet. It was a lot harder than he thought because he wasn’t very strong but he managed to reach the point where the sheet went over the bars. He was covered in sweat by the time he got his legs over but it was that shifting of wait that caused a disaster. One of his rudimentary knots gave up and the sheet suddenly came free. He grabbed on to the bars which slowed his fall but he still landed on the floor with a thump.

Daniel laid on the floor flat on his back. He had to fight back the urge to start crying like he usually did when he got hurt. His tummy rumbled threateningly but there was no other sound, no one had heard him. Still, with his tummy starting to cramp his bump on the floor was only one of his problems. Eventually he rolled over on to his front to confront his next obstacle, the closed nursery door.

This was a problem Daniel had already solved. He went over to the corner where his Mommy kept a nursing chair, a place where she could sit down and breast feed him when she wanted to. Just seeing the chair made him salivate.

Daniel crawled over and grabbed one of the legs. He felt exhausted from his climbing but he summoned all the reserves he had to start pulling it across the carpet to the door. It felt like it took an age as he pulled the chair bit by bit. As he pushed the back of the seat against the door he was panting. All this exercise was only making Mommy’s “medicine” affect him even more.

Clambering up on to the chair Daniel did his best to balance himself whilst reaching for the handle on the door. It was a stretch but he managed to pull it just enough that the door swung open. He nearly fell but after regaining his balance he pushed the chair out of the way and crawled out on to the dark landing.

Daniel would be lying if he said he wasn’t scared. He had never been a fan of the dark and with all the lights off he was completely immersed in it. He couldn’t reach any light switch so he had to crawl along in the pitch black and hope no monsters jumped out at him. He reached the top of the stairs and looked down at the dark void beyond. He shivered and almost turned back but there was no way back into the crib now and either Sarah or Amber would definitely see the sheets he tied together.

Daniel sat on the top step and looked down again. Without being carried he had only one way to get down. He put his feet on the next step down and then scooted forwards until his butt dropped down. He was grateful for his diaper which cushioned the impact.

It was like going on a long adventure. Daniel had had to conquer the railings of his crib, the door, the darkness and now the stairs all whilst feeling a constantly growing pressure in his bowels. It took several minutes for him to crinkle down every step, each little bump causing a muffled thud that he was worried would alert someone to his wanderings.

Once at the bottom of the stairs Daniel could see, through the darkness, the television that represented his goal. He flopped on to his hands and knees and crawled forwards into the living room. What was so mundane during the day seemed so much more menacing at night, he kept seeing things looming out of the dark as he approached and it made him feel very nervous. When he finally reached the television he felt like he could breathe a sigh of relief.

Daniel had never been allowed to operate the television himself. It had always been turned on by his Mommy or Amber but he had seen how they did it. It was something on the lower right corner. Daniel felt around until he could feel a small circular area below the screen. He pressed the button and almost immediately the screen came on. He was so startled he almost lost his tenuous grasp on his bowels.

Daniel was essentially sitting on his butt and he used his hands and feet to scoot himself backwards away from the screen. One of the women must’ve changed the channel and watched the television before going to bed because what was on the screen certainly wasn’t one of his cartoons.

“What the…” Daniel’s eyes were wide as he tried to comprehend what he was seeing.

The people on the screen appeared to be in some sort of space suits and walking down a corridor. The lights were dark but it was unmistakable, one of the people was a man. A bald man with huge muscles, that much was obvious even with the suit. He was next to a woman and they were walking down the corridor. They were talking like two equal people. Daniel was transfixed by what he was seeing. It seemed to confirm everything he had thought he had seen earlier.

Daniel could see the remote control on the low table now that the television was lighting the room. He hurriedly crawled over and picked it up. He looked down at the buttons with a frown. He didn’t know what any of them did.

Pressing one button Daniel found that the volume of the television got louder. He pressed another and writing appeared at the bottom of the screen though he had no idea what the words said. Finally he pressed a button and the channel changed. At first Daniel wasn’t sure what he was looking at but he realised it was some kind of sport. Soccer? He was pretty sure he remembered that being played in one of his cartoons. He saw a bunch of people chasing a ball. He was about to switch channels again when the camera showed a close-up of some of the players.

Daniel could feel the walls of his world crumbling as he saw multiple men walking around. They all looked very strong and were running around at speed. Even the people commentating over the action sounded like men. He cramped up and grunted as it passed through him.

Daniel pressed the button again and the channel flicked over. It was a musical performance. There were five men on stage dancing and playing instruments but as the camera panned over the crowd he could see thousands more screaming and cheering.

The controller dropped from Daniel’s hands as he felt his eyes tearing up. There could be no doubt about it. Mommy and Amber had lied. Men weren’t all in diapers and they certainly weren’t weak. He sniffed back the tears as he realised he had been lied to for his whole life.

“I thought I could hear the television.” Amber’s voice came from the doorway.


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End Chapter 6

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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