Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel has been left at home with his "sister" which means some rather unusual babysitting techniques. Daniel finds out things can always get worse before a very filling lunch indeed.

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Daniel pouted. It felt far from a perfect fit to him. Everything was being squeezed and pulled and pinched. As Amber got a fresh diaper out Daniel reached down to see if he could adjust the new chastity device, it was absolutely not going to move and there wasn’t a millimetre of free space.

“I suppose I should test that your punishment cage works before taping you up.” Amber said thoughtfully as she put the folded up diaper on the edge of the table.

Daniel wasn’t entirely sure what Amber meant as she walked away from the table. Daniel was helpless on his back and could only watch as Amber went back to the chest of drawers. He saw her pull something out and then heard a small vibration. His eyes grew wide as he realised what was going to happen.

“You don’t need to do that!” Daniel whined, “It works! It works!”

“Better safe than sorry.” Amber replied with a devilish smile as she turned around.

There was a tube of lube kept on the shelf underneath the padded table top and Amber now popped open the top. Daniel bit his bottom lip anxiously as he watched the thick clear liquid squeeze out of the tube and on to a long, thin red vibrator. The pointed end became covered in the slick lube and it slowly ran down the plastic as it spread.

When Amber dripped some lube on her finger Daniel knew where it was going. Putting the vibrator down on its base to let the lube continue to run down Amber stood to the side of the changing table. She hooked her arm underneath Daniel’s knees and rolled him backwards until his butt was sticking out and his knees were up near his head. The helpless man’s anxiety spiked as he now couldn’t see what was happening.

“Make sure to stay relaxed.” Amber said.

That was easier said than done for Daniel. He felt Amber’s finger against his puckered hole. It circled a couple of times before experimentally pressing in. Daniel closed his eyes tightly as Amber’s finger slipped inside him, the lube causing the digit to rather effortlessly go in. Once the lube had been spread the finger withdrew and a couple of seconds later Daniel heard the vibrating start up again.

Daniel let out a gasp as he felt the tip of the plastic sex toy press against his entrance. He tensed for a second before forcing himself to relax. The vibrator slipped into his butt with ease thanks to the slippery lubricant. The vibrations pushed deeper and seemed to go through his whole body, he could immediately feel his confined genitals trying to get larger.

“It should be right around… here.” Amber said as she angled the vibrator and pushed it in a little more.

“Ah!” Daniel’s gasp of exclamation was breathy as the toy hit the magic place inside him that felt so good.

Unfortunately for Daniel he was in his punishment cage and there was no room for any excitement. Almost immediately he felt pain as the tiny rubber teeth bit into his penis. It felt like he could feel his balls swelling because nothing else could.

“There it is.” Amber smiled mischievously.

Daniel was moaning wantonly as he felt his sister push the toy against his prostate and then pull it away again. The constant small thrusts being met with gasps of arousal. Daniel lowered his hands to his private parts as he felt rubber confines mercilessly squeeze against him. He wanted to rub himself but his dick was completely encased, his hands went to his testicles where there was exposed skin.

“Take the cage off?” Daniel said the sentence as a hopeful question.

“No.” Amber said as she pulled his hands away, “You know you aren’t allowed to touch yourself there.”

Daniel groaned. He put his hands to his sides and clenched them into fists. The combination of pain and pleasure was very confusing and when he moaned he wasn’t quite sure which feeling was dominating.

Every time Amber slid the toy forwards and pressed it against his pleasure button he tensed a little around the plastic and tried to push his butt out for better access. Even though his penis was confined he could still feel his excitement growing and just when he thought he might be about to make milkies the toy stopped vibrating. He moaned as Amber pulled it away from his prostate and finally all the way out of his body.

“That’s enough of that.” Amber said as she put the toy to the side.

“Please…” Daniel said quietly, begging Amber to start it up again despite the pain caused by his prison.

If Amber heard him she didn’t respond. She busied herself with completing the diaper change. The fresh crinkly disposable was opened up and this time when Daniel’s legs were lifted the diaper was slid underneath him so the cool table top was replaced by the soft and fluffy underwear. Powder was sprinkled over his crotch and then the front of the baby pants was pulled up and taped closed around his crotch. He was slightly out of breath after everything that had happened and when Amber picked him up he put up very little resistance.

Daniel was held against Amber’s chest-to-chest and his head ended up pressed between Amber’s voluptuous breasts. With his head practically encased by Amber’s boobs he couldn’t see where he was going, that wasn’t unusual though since both Amber and Mommy had large chests and when he was carried around his head often found itself nestled between the women’s breasts.

Daniel was carried down the stairs and into the living room. When he was pulled away from Amber his legs kicked out a little before he was lowered into the playpen. He didn’t try to stand on his weak legs and dropped down on to his padded butt.

“Be a good boy and play with your toys.” Amber directed.

Daniel watched as Amber sat down on the couch and started reading a magazine. Inside his diaper Daniel could still feel his junk throbbing slightly, at least they weren’t feeling so constricted now. It was common for him to be “teased” but it was always worse on his milking days. To distract himself Daniel pulled over a small stack of pop-up books and opened the first one. He had never really been taught to read but he enjoyed looking at the pictures and playing with the images that popped out at him.

After playing with the books Daniel moved over to do some colouring and after that he went to his building blocks. Throughout the whole time he was playing Amber remained on the couch flicking through various gossip magazines and books. After a few hours Daniel was sure it must be approaching lunch time. He could feel a rumbling in his tummy and his diaper was damp again. He looked up at Amber but she didn’t seem to be preparing to go make him some food.

“Amber… I’m hungry.” Daniel said as he looked up from his spot on the floor of the playpen surrounded by toys.

“OK.” Amber replied without looking up from what she was reading.

Daniel scowled. He had hoped Amber would get his none-too-subtle hint that she should make lunch but she didn’t move from her spot on the couch. He knew what she wanted him to do but he was determined not to give in to her.

The minutes seemed to stretch out and Daniel was only getting hungrier. He tried to distract himself but it seemed like as soon as he noticed how hungry he was it was all that he could think about. He couldn’t concentrate on his toys or the images on the television. He occasionally caught Amber looking at him, she was waiting and he wasn’t going to be able to deny her what she wanted for long. Eventually Daniel sighed and crawled to the edge of the playpen nearest Amber.

“Please can you make some lunch?” Daniel asked as nicely as he could.

“You can do better than that.” Amber smiled.

Daniel threw his head back and sighed. This was another of his Amber’s favourite games. Instead of just making him lunch like his Mommy would Amber would make him beg for it. He didn’t know why she liked that but it sometimes seemed like she just enjoyed showing that she was bigger and more powerful than her brother.

“Please, please, please could I have lunch, Amber?” Daniel asked. He attempted a genuine smile, “Please, please, please!”

“Aw, how could I say no to that cute little face?” Amber smiled. Hers was a lot more real than Daniel’s had been.

Daniel sighed with relief when Amber got up and opened the gate to the pen. It wasn’t uncommon for Amber to keep that “game” up for a lot longer than that. Sometimes Daniel would have to be begging for half an hour or longer. This time she seemed happy to end it quickly. As soon as Daniel had crawled over to the gate she reached down and scooped him up into her arms.

Instead of carrying Daniel towards the kitchen Amber went back to the couch. Daniel frowned. As Amber sat down and laid him across her lap he realised what was about to happen. He went red in the face, this was something his Mommy did a lot more often than Amber.

“No…” Daniel protested weakly, “I want my bottle!”

Amber laughed at Daniel’s infantile request as she unbuttoned the front of her blouse. Daniel stared up as the thin blouse fell off Amber’s shoulders revealing the white bra underneath that seemed to be straining to contain the huge breasts within. Daniel bit his lip, he couldn’t help but feel his mouth water knowing he was about to be fed. A trickle of drool came out the corner of his mouth and Amber laughed again.

Amber reached behind her back and unclipped the bra. She let the straps slip down her arms and the cups dropped away from her breasts. Daniel’s eyes opened wide as he saw the huge orbs fall free of their confines. The nipples stuck out and Daniel could already see a drop of milk forming at the end. He started salivating even though he really preferred drinking from a bottle rather than this much more embarrassing method.

Amber leaned forwards and at the same time lifted Daniel’s head until his face was brushing against the skin of her swollen breast. The engorged nipple pressed against Daniel’s lips and he tentatively opened them to let it inside his mouth.

“That’s it.” Amber encouraged from above Daniel. He couldn’t see her face now with the breast filling his vision, “Have a nice drink from me.”

With Daniel’s lips pressed against the skin of Amber’s breast her nipple was filling his mouth. He swallowed nervously and even that movement caused some of the thick milky liquid to enter his mouth. Like a baby he instinctively tongued the leaky teat and felt more milk filling his mouth. Before long he had fallen into a rhythm of sucking and swallowing as he nursed from Amber.

Daniel closed his eyes as he drank and felt his stomach filling. He just wanted the whole process to be over and regretted asking for lunch at all. Breastfeeding wasn’t exactly uncommon for him but it was usually his Mommy doing it which was mildly less embarrassing than when Amber did it.

Daniel could feel his belly filling. As he drained the breast that he was attached to like a suction cup the milk was filling his tummy. Whilst focusing on drinking the thick milk Daniel felt Amber’s large hand rest on the front of his diaper. The soft plastic of his crinkly baby pants was pushed down against the constrictive rubber cage around his penis. He whined around the mouth-filling teat as his sister rubbed back and forth slowly. The teasing was never something Daniel particularly loved but when in this cage it was even worse. The little rubber “teeth” bit into his skin as his penis tried desperately to get excited.

A consequence of the size difference between Daniel and Amber was that it took an absolute age for the breast to empty. He sucked harder and faster in an attempt to finish sooner. The whole time he was driven to distraction by Amber’s wandering hand. By the time Daniel had finished nursing on the breast his belly felt full up. As he let his head fall back from the big nipple he felt a thin line of milk trickle from his lips.

“Halfway there.” Amber said with a smile as she shifted around to line Daniel up with her other nipple.

“No-… Mmm!” Daniel tried to say he was filled up but Amber pressed him against her skin again.

Daniel was yet again invaded by a large nipple that seemed to fill his mouth. As his head was pressed closer milk filled his mouth. It seemed Amber’s breast was full to bursting. With his protestations ignored Daniel started to slowly drink from his sister again. He was already full but he wasn’t going to be let up until Amber was satisfied. At least she had taken her hand off his aching crotch.

Daniel groaned. His jaw was getting tired and he felt like an over-inflated beach ball. He put his hands on his tummy and was alarmed that his belly was bulging out in what seemed a cartoonish manner. He could feel and hear his stomach gurgling as it tried to digest and process the deluge.

As if sensing he was struggling Daniel’s bladder twitched and then let go. Daniel spread his legs a little in an instinctive move to give his diaper more space as he flooded it. He could feel the hot liquid shooting out of him with a lot of pressure behind it. The heat soaked into the padding and spread down between his legs, the trickling liquid tickled his skin as it ran round to the back of his diaper.

Daniel kept sucking on Amber’s teat as much as he could manage. He was getting sluggish, the massive quantity of milk and full tummy was making him very tired. He didn’t even register when he stopped wetting himself. He was so hydrated that even after he stopped his little penis would occasionally dribble out some more pee.

By the time Daniel’s head was allowed to flop back his eyes were half-closed. His mouth was ringed by milk and his face felt very sweaty. Amber lifted him vertically and Daniel felt a little nausea as his tummy tried to come to terms with everything that had happened.

“What a full baby.” Amber said.

Daniel felt his Amber’s large hand patting his back gently. He tried to stop himself but he couldn’t help the air from coming back up. He belched loudly and tasted Amber’s milk again. She chuckled as she stood up and Daniel was carried out of the living room and towards the stairs. He was limp against his sister’s shoulder and his legs dangled uselessly as he was carried upstairs. He kept burping every few steps as he was taken back to his nursery.

“Now I can put you down for a nap and not have to worry about looking after you.” Amber said happily.

Daniel was laid in his crib and couldn’t argue. He was already yawning as his sister undressed him. She didn’t change his diaper though, she didn’t even check it. Daniel didn’t like sleeping in a wet diaper but when he was recovering from such a large meal it hardly mattered. He was asleep before his “sister” had even left the room.


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End Chapter 3

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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