Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel feels like his situation is hopeless and no matter how much he begs for mercy he isn't getting any. Just when he is ready to give up hope perhaps there is a lifeline about to be thrown his way...

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It took several humiliating minutes for Daniel’s tool to shrivel back down. Amber retrieved a cage from the shelf, thankfully not the punishment one, and slipped it on to his genitals. Soon Daniel heard the click of a tiny lock securing him inside a rubber prison. He laid back staring up at the ceiling defeated as a new diaper was slipped underneath him and then taped on. Once the diaper was secure Amber turned and started walking away.

“H-Hey!” Daniel called out after her, “Aren’t you going to let me up?”

“Nope.” Amber replied simply.

“Wait!” Daniel exclaimed.

It was already too late. Amber walked out of the room and closed the door behind her leaving Daniel alone in his nursery yet again. Daniel banged his head against his pillow in frustration.


Daniel was left for hours. He had nothing to do to pass the time and was desperate to be let up. In his weakest moments he almost thought about telling the women he didn’t want to be a grown-up and was happy how he was if they only let him up. These moments didn’t last long though and he was quick to shake those thoughts out of his brain.

The diaper taped around Daniel’s waist grew increasingly wet as he stared up at the ceiling. Occasionally he slipped into sleep before waking up suddenly, he could never be sure how long he had slept for and time, already a nebulous concept for him, became impossible to guess. Almost the only stimulation Daniel had was from the noises downstairs and just like that morning every time he heard footsteps coming towards his room he found himself praying it was someone coming for him.

When the door to the nursery opened again Daniel immediately perked up. He lifted his head to see it was Amber again. She was walking in with another tray. She wordlessly put the tray down in the same place as that morning and then lowered the crib’s bars. She wasted no time in dipping the spoon in the food and holding it out for Daniel but he turned his head away.

“Do we have to do this every time?” Amber asked with a sigh of annoyance.

“Until you let me up we do.” Daniel replied.

“Mom is worried that if she comes up and takes off those restraints you’ll climb out of your crib and potentially hurt yourself.” Amber replied.

“She’s just worried I’ll escape!” Daniel exclaimed in response.

“Are you going to be a good boy and eat?” Amber asked as she rolled her eyes.

“No!” Daniel shouted a little too loudly.

“Suit yourself.” Amber responded, “But I’m not leaving here until this food is in your belly.”

Daniel’s eyes widened as he watched Amber go across the room to the chest of drawers. He wasn’t sure if she was really going to get what he thought she was. He swallowed nervously as he lifted his head and tried to see what she was doing. When he saw a long clear tube come out of the drawer he felt himself starting to panic.

“N-No!” Daniel called out, “You can’t do that…”

The feeding tube had only been used exactly once before. Daniel remembered it well, it was a punishment in response to him refusing to eat. It had been enough to make sure he thought long and hard about refusing afterwards.

“You’re making me do this.” Amber shrugged, “Quite frankly I have things I want to do today not involving looking after you.”

Daniel whined as the funnel at the top of the tube was attached to the top of the crib’s headboard above him. The clear tube snaked down and rested on his arm, he tried to pull his hand away as if it was a snake but he couldn’t budge an inch.

“W-Wait!” Daniel said desperately, “I’ll eat!”

“Too little too late, baby bro.” Amber said as she checked the tube for leaks, “You need to learn a lesson.”

Daniel whimpered as the bottom of the tube was placed against his lips. He opened up reluctantly and the tube was pushed in to the back of his tongue. The leather strap pressed against his face and it was swiftly fastened behind his head. There was now nothing he could do. He tried again to speak but his voice was muffled and simply travelled up the tube until nothing intelligible came out the top.

“As soon as you accept that Mom is just doing what’s best for you this will all become so much easier.” Amber said as she adjusted a clip near the funnel at the top of the tube. Daniel knew from experience its function was to regulate the flow of flood that would be coming down.

“Mmmm!” Daniel exclaimed as he turned his head from side to side.

Daniel was still fruitlessly trying to beg for a second chance when Amber lifted the large bowl of food and tipped it in to the funnel. Daniel stared up as he saw the clear tube becoming opaque and the mush that constituted his lunch started rolling down towards his mouth. He turned to look at Amber desperately but she was just watching to make sure it all worked properly.

The mushy food made its way down the tube leaving Daniel wincing in anticipation. When he started feeling it on his tongue he shuddered and swallowed. As soon as it started it kept going relentlessly and all he could do was swallow everything that filled his mouth, at least it was hard to taste it when it was going straight to the back of his mouth.

Amber was stood next to the crib looking bored. Occasionally she would flick the tube with her fingers to keep the food sliding down but otherwise she just leant against the wall and waited. Daniel swallowed rhythmically as he tried to make sure his mouth didn’t fill up completely. Even with the tub practically touching his throat the taste of his lunch seemed to permeate his whole mouth.

“God this is so slow…” Amber complained as she watched the food making its slow journey, “Can’t you swallow faster?”

Daniel would’ve loved to tell Amber that they were welcome to swap places. He was doing his best but she wasn’t happy with it. He wasn’t helped by already feeling full. As usual the amount of food being given to him seemed much more suitable for a big tall woman like his Mommy, for him it was an ordeal.

“You probably just need a little motivation.” Amber suggested.

Daniel wasn’t sure what Amber meant and with the tube hanging down to his mouth his view was distorted. Amber walked away from the bed as Daniel continued to swallow his lunch. He wondered if she had left the room so when he felt something on the front of his diaper quite suddenly he jumped. It felt hard and plastic. He was just about to lift his head to see what was going on when it suddenly buzzed to life.

“Mmm!” Daniel exclaimed as best he could with his constantly filling mouth.

“Isn’t this nice?” Amber asked innocently.

The answer was no. To Daniel this was not pleasurable. The buzzing vibrator shook his diaper and stimulated his penis but since his overly excitable little organ was encased in its rubber prison all it did was cause him pain. After the previous teasing he was already feeling extra sensitive.

“The sooner you finish your lunch the sooner this stops.” Amber said with a smile.

Daniel felt some drool stream out of the side of his mouth. He was feeling such a peculiar mixture of pleasure and pain. His dick wasn’t able to grow hard but it was still trying. However the pleasure was overriding that. He could feel the pleasure lighting up his nerves as he leaked his excitement into his padding.

“I should top that up.” Amber said as she nodded up at the slowly emptying reservoir of food.

Daniel whined and tried to pull his arms and legs up to stop her. He felt the vibrator being laid against his diaper as his sister went to the tray next to the crib. He couldn’t believe there was still more food to go but he looked up to see Amber tipping more of the mush into the top. She topped up the reservoir by opening the baby bottle she had brought with her and pouring the milk into the top as well.

Daniel whined. He didn’t think he’d be able to take it all. He was already feeling so full. He lifted his head off his pillow and looked down at his bulging belly.

“The sooner you finish the sooner the buzzing stops.” Amber said as she returned to the vibrator.

Ideally Daniel wanted the vibrations to continue so that he could make milkies but he knew he wouldn’t be allowed. The rubber chastity cage would make sure he never got too excited, instead he would just be teased endlessly and then left desperately wanting more.

The milk soaked into the mushy food and made it slide down the tube more easily. Daniel had to speed up his swallowing as the food filled his mouth increasingly quickly. He didn’t think for a second about what was going into his mouth though, his focus was on the wand buzzing away against the front of his diaper.

Daniel was kept on edge for minute after minute. Amber was never going to let him make milkies and he knew that, but it wasn’t easy to convince his brain of that fact. He was so full from his lunch now, he felt like he was going to burst as his belly expanded and stretched. Finally he swallowed a mouthful of food and nothing more entered his mouth.

“There we go.” Amber said cheerily.

Daniel felt the vibrator switch off and he let out a moan of frustration. He had to wait for Amber to put all the equipment away before the tube was finally removed from his mouth. He was panting and in the mostly quiet room the gurgling in his full stomach seemed incredibly loud. He looked down and groaned as he saw his bulging belly. He felt like he had doubled in weight.

“See you later, baby bro.” Amber said as she took the tray and started towards the door.

“N-No…” Daniel moaned softly, “Wait…”

Daniel wanted to ask to be unrestrained but he didn’t have the strength as everything in his body focused on digesting everything in his belly. As the door to the nursery closed Daniel let his head hit the pillows again.

It wasn’t long until Daniel felt the need to use his diaper again. He didn’t have much control but using his diaper felt like a much bigger thing now that he knew he shouldn’t have to. He tried to hold it but his body took over and pushed. Daniel could only sigh as he helplessly messed his disposable. The soft mush coming out of his body flowed into his diaper and spread around the previously clean padding. At least it gave him some relief from the feelings of fullness, though it was like a drop in the ocean as he struggled with the beach ball that his belly had become after his feeding.

Again Daniel was left with nothing to occupy him. He could feel his slimy diaper and as the clock ticked forwards the smell permeated the room. Slowly but surely his body digested what had been practically forced into it and the discomfort eased. Twice Daniel wet himself and the diaper around his waist became as bloated as his tummy, he was worried that it could leak at any moment.

After a few hours of mind-numbing boredom the smell of cooking food permeated through the house. It was the only clue Daniel was given that dinner time was fast approaching. He could hardly believe he had been strapped into this one position all day. When the nursery door opened he expected to see Amber walk in but, for the first time since their confrontation the previous night, Daniel saw Sarah coming across to him.

“Phew, it certainly smells like someone is in need of a change.” Sarah said with a smile as she lowered the side of the crib. She continued in honeyed tones reserved for infants, “Is that right? Does my little baby boy need a new diaper? Is he a stinky little baby?”

“I’m not a baby.” Daniel gruffly responded despite his current situation, “And you can’t just pretend last night didn’t happen.”

“Oh, you’re still going on about what you thought you saw last night?” Sarah sighed, “That’s why I’ve been babyproofing everything. We can’t have our little baby getting out of their crib and hurting themselves can we?”

“I wouldn’t have to climb out if you gave me a proper bed!” Daniel retorted, “And I know what I saw yesterday!”

“Well, I know what I smell right now.” Sarah moved one hand to the very full diaper and patted it a couple of times, “If I let you up are you going to be a good little boy for Mommy?”

“I’m not a little boy!” Daniel felt like he was arguing with a brick wall.

“Never mind then…” Sarah shook her head and started to lift the side of the crib again.

“W-Wait!” Daniel exclaimed nervously, “You can’t leave me here any longer.”

“I can leave you here until you learn your lesson.” Sarah replied. Her face darkened, “And you admit what you are.”

Daniel let out a whine of helpless frustration. His options were to either tell his Mommy what she wanted to hear to get up or be left in the crib for goodness knows how long. He might have been facing a whole night without being able to move. The thought made his skin crawl.

“I’m… a baby.” Daniel forced himself to say.

“That’s better.” Sarah smiled as she came back to the crib.

Daniel didn’t believe what he said. Well, he did believe he was a baby but it was only because of how he was treated. He shouldn’t be a baby and he wanted to rectify that situation as soon as possible. The relief of having the restraints removed was more satisfying than anything he could remember and he gladly brought his hands up and rubbed them together. His arms ached as he looked at the red marks on his wrist.

The cuffs holding his ankles came off next and Daniel finally had full mobility again. Not that he got a chance to use them. Sarah leaned in and scooped Daniel up off the mattress. He felt dizzy after so long horizontal but now he was nestled between his Mommy’s breasts as he was carried away from the baby bed. His very full diaper sagged underneath him to the point he worried the tapes would give way. Fortunately it was a short journey to the changing table.

Daniel was laid down again but at least his limbs weren’t being tied back down. The tapes were pulled off the front of the padding and the smell got much worse as the front came down. He was slowly cleaned over several minutes but when the soiled disposable was pulled away Daniel sighed in relief. He watched as his Mommy took the diaper to the pail and he winced when he saw how discoloured and swollen it had become.


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End Chapter 9

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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