Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel is finally given a chance at proving he could be big but the all or nothing test seems grossly unfair. The deck is stacked against him but can he upset the odds?

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That day Daniel decided to play on the opposite side of the pen to the potty. He avoided looking at it as much as possible. He was periodically left alone but usually had either his Mommy or Amber in there with him. He wondered which would be better to ask if he needed to use the plastic toilet.

A bottle of watery juice was placed in the playpen with him but he had turned his back on that as well. The last thing he needed was more liquid in his body, especially after the breast feeding earlier. He was grateful he had wet his diaper shortly before being taken out of it otherwise he may have already failed. He shook his head. He couldn’t think about the diapers, for one thing they represented failure and for another it felt like it made his body relax involuntarily and that was the last thing he needed.

“You haven’t drunk your bottle?” Sarah said as she strode into the room close to lunch time, “Why not?”

Daniel looked over at the potty. He hoped his look would convey what he was thinking. His lips felt dry and his mouth strangely cottony, he was very thirsty. Mommy walked over and picked the bottle up with a sigh. For a second Daniel thought she was going to take it away but instead she lifted him with her free arm with ease.

“Diapers or not you have to drink.” Sarah said as she took a step back and sat down in her favourite armchair.

Before Daniel knew it he was horizontal across Mommy’s lap with her breasts blocking his view of her face. The bottle was turned upside down and brought towards his mouth. Daniel opened automatically, a learned instinct after thousands of similar feedings, and the nipple slipped deep into his mouth. With a pathetic whine around the latex filling his mouth he started sucking the room-temperature juice down.

“That’s right.” Sarah said softly, “Good baby.”

Daniel didn’t want her calling him that. Not when he was trying so hard not to be a baby. He had to admit the juice was a relief to his dehydrated system but he worried about the future. He knew he only had to ask to use the potty but he still didn’t want to be using it too often, the women would get tired of sitting him on it and would put him back in diapers any way.

By the time the bottle was finished Daniel’s thirst had been quenched. He was placed back into the pen before Sarah left the room. He wasn’t surprised when Amber walked in a couple of minutes later with a fresh bottle. It was like they were trying to tempt him to fill up on drink.

As the day continued it was inevitable that Daniel’s bladder filled up. It was shortly before dinner when he felt the sudden urge to pee. He scrambled to his hands and knees and crawled towards where the potty was. It was just on the other side of the fence, so close he could touch it and yet there was just no way to reach it.

“Mommy!” Daniel called out desperately, “I need the potty!”

Daniel whined as he waited for a response. There was silence but he knew his Mommy was just in the kitchen, surely he had to have heard him. He was about to shout again when Amber appeared in the doorway with a frown.

“I need the potty!” Daniel yelled towards her as his hands reached out for the training device.

“You better not ruin my panties.” Amber said darkly.

“Potty!” Daniel practically cried. One of his hands went down to his crotch. The toy stopped him feeling anything but he desperately wanted to pinch the end closed.

“Fine…” Amber said as she rolled her eyes, “I’ll get mom.”

“What!? No!” Daniel watched as Amber slowly walked down the hallway.

It was like there was a red light and alarm blaring in Daniel’s brain. He rarely tried to hold on when he needed to pee and he could feel his feeble muscles failing. He looked down at the panties and suddenly wished he was wearing a diaper. The pressure was growing and Daniel moved his second hand down to try to plug the gap in the silicon over the opening to his dick.

“What’s all this noise?” Sarah was stood in the doorway.

“Potty! Now!” Daniel exclaimed.

“That’s not how we ask for things is it?” Sarah gave a disappointed shake of her head.

“Please…” Daniel was descending into sobbing. He felt a sudden burst of heat wet the front of the panties slightly.

“That’s it.” Sarah said. She walked inside the living room and lifted the potty.

To Daniel everything she did was in slow motion. He was squeezing with every fibre of his being to stop himself flooding his Amber’s underwear. He could only look on forlornly as his Mommy walked around to the far end of the playpen and placed the potty down. His goal was feet away and yet he knew he would never reach it.

Another spurt of urine escaped his aching bladder. The hot liquid went straight through the panties and wet Daniel’s fingers. His resistance, what was left of it anyway, was built on him remaining perfectly still. He knew movement would immediately spell disaster.

“Come on then.” Sarah said as she gestured for Daniel to come over. All of a sudden she wasn’t going achingly slowly, “Here’s your potty. You want to be a big boy, don’t you?”

With a groan Daniel did the only thing he could do. He flopped on to his hands and knees and prayed for a miracle as he crawled across the room. He had failed before his hands even touched the ground.

As soon as Daniel began to move the tenuous control he had over his bladder slipped for the final time. He started whining and crying as he felt the panties around his waist grow rapidly saturated, they obviously had no power to soak up the pee which started pouring down through the thin material and on to the floor between his legs. In the futile attempt to minimise the damage he continued to scamper towards the potty leaving a trail behind him soaking into the carpet.

Daniel had urine all over his legs and feet as he slipped in his haste. He reached the potty and without pulling his panties down he pushed himself up, spun around and sat on the edge. Predictably the flow had stopped as he sat down.

“Oh dear…” Sarah said simply.

Between his sobs Daniel could hear pathetic little drips as the urine in his panties slowly fell into the plastic potty. For all his effort all he had to show was a few drops in the bottom of the large training toilet. In front of him was a trail of destruction. Toys had been knocked over and there was a long dark area where his urine had started to already soak into the carpet. Daniel put his head in his hands in shame.

“What happened?” Sarah asked as she crouched down next to Daniel.

“I tried to tell you!” Daniel whined, “I needed the potty but you and Amber-…”

“Me and Amber?” Sarah repeated with a tilted head and frown, “You wouldn’t be blaming US for your failure, would you?”

“But I…” Daniel started.

“I guess you’re not a big boy after all.” Sarah said, “For one thing, big boys don’t wet themselves like that, and for another, they don’t blame others for their own failings.”

Daniel felt like it was all just so unfair. He had given more than enough warning that he needed the potty. He felt like he would’ve definitely made it if his Mommy had been more prompt in her response. Instead he had made a big mess and had only succeeded in strengthening his family’s thinking that he was a hopeless little baby.

“Look at you…” Sarah finally said with a sigh as she stood up straight, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Daniel was lifted from the potty with ease and held against his Mommy’s chest. For a second he got to look down once more at the playpen. He had a feeling his accident would stain the carpet in the playpen and serve as a permanent reminder of what happens if he’s let out of his diapers. Meanwhile the potty looked untouched, he had barely got enough in there to form a small puddle at the bottom.

“It’s not fair!” Daniel suddenly blurted out. His frustrations boiling over, “Potty training is more than ju-…”

Daniel’s whiny protestations were quickly cut off as Daniel’s face was pressed into the crevasse between Sarah’s pendulous breasts. His words became muffled as his head was swallowed whole by his Mommy’s cleavage. He couldn’t see or hear anything, all he could smell was the slight sweat on the taller woman’s body as he was carried away.

When Daniel’s head was finally pried free it was to find he was in the bathroom. With urine soaking his lower half he was grateful to be lowered into the bathtub. He fell to his hands and knees and slipped on the smooth surface, the pee making things very slippery. Sarah started to unhook the showerhead from the wall and turned on the water.

As the two of them waited for the water to warm up Daniel felt a sudden building of pressure. His blood froze as he realised what he needed to do, but with the toilet so close maybe he could still show that he wasn’t a total baby!

“Mommy! Mommy!” Daniel suddenly squealed. He tried to turn around in the tub but ended up just slipping instead.

“Yes, I’ll clean you up in a second, baby.” Sarah replied as she tested the water again.

“No, Mommy!” Daniel squealed. He clambered no to his knees and his hands went to the back of the wet panties, “I need the potty!”

“I think it’s a bit late for that.” Sarah chuckled.

“No!” Daniel exclaimed. He didn’t know whether his Mommy was being deliberately obtuse or not but surely his discomfort was obvious, “I need to…”

Daniel was already losing the battle. As underdeveloped as his bladder muscles were it certainly felt like his bowels were worse. He was already straining but could feel his weak sphincter opening against his will.

“Mom!” Amber’s voice came from downstairs before Daniel could fully articulate his problem.

“Yes?” Sarah replied equally loudly.

“Come down here.” Amber shouted, “I need some help with something.”

Daniel watched Sarah stand up and whined. The toilet was right there in front of him and yet it was even more inaccessible than the potty had been earlier. He tried to climb out of the tub but the side was too high and his weak legs wouldn’t hold him up. Everything was sized for the giant woman so he really had no chance at all.

With a grunt of frustration Daniel gave up trying. He couldn’t get out. He knelt down and desperately clenched as he waited for his Mommy to come back. If there was a chance, however slim, that she might let him go to the toilet he had to try and hold on. Even as he pressed his hand over the rear of the panties he passed wind out of his control.

“Mommy…” Daniel whined. She still wasn’t back and he was inevitably going to let go within seconds.

Just as Daniel heard footsteps on the stairs his resistance finally gave up. He physically couldn’t hold on for another second. He closed his eyes as he felt the panties bulging out against his hand. Relief washed over his bowels as he pushed without control and filled his panties the same way he had filled innumerable diapers in the past.

“Amber just wanted…” Sarah had walked back into the bathroom. She stopped and her eyebrows rose as she looked down into the tub.

“Mommy!” Daniel was on the verge of tears, “Potty!”

Daniel knew it was already far too late to be taken to the toilet. There was another quick rise in pressure before he pushed involuntarily. With his Mommy watching on his panties pushed out even further as the material was pulled taut by his bowel movement.

By the time Daniel had finished he was panting and the smell was revolting. Normally his diapers held in most of the disagreeable scent but the thin panties did nothing. He sobbed as he fell forwards on to his hands and knees, his face ending up just inches from the plastic bottom of the tub.

“Oh dear…” Sarah said in a super sweet voice, “Did my little baby have a whoopsie?”

It was all so unfair. Daniel had tried to tell her he needed the toilet but she had walked away. He had told her he needed his potty downstairs as well but his Mommy deliberately put the potty too far away from him. He clenched his fists in frustration.

“It’s OK.” Sarah said as she walked over and opened the bathroom window, “You just weren’t ready for big boy underwear. I tried to tell you that you are just better off in diapers, didn’t I?”

Daniel just sobbed despondently. He put up no resistance as Sarah carefully removed the panties he had soiled and cleaned him up with the shower. When his naked body was towelled dry and lifted up he remained completely limp. He didn’t even raise his voice in complaint as he was taped into a fresh diaper and placed in his crib.

When the door closed Daniel looked through the bars at his nursery. It all felt so unfair. No one could be expected to go from wearing diapers practically every minute of the day to fully potty trained in a day and without any accidents. His Mommy and Amber both knew that but there was nothing Daniel could do to balance the odds. His only choice was to play to the rules set for him no matter how unfair they were.


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End Chapter 12

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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