Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel thinks life will just carry on as normal. After his milking he has little to look forward to in the near future. But a HUGE REVELATION is made by a glitch in the television and turns Daniel's whole life upside down.

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Daniel woke up early the next day. He stretched his arms and legs and felt the padding between his legs conform to his body as the onesie held it close. He sucked on his pacifier as one of his hands went down to his crotch. His diaper was very swollen and he idly thought to himself that it must’ve been a particularly wet night.

Using his tongue Daniel pushed the soother out of his mouth and reached around the side of his pillow. As expected there was a large baby bottle filled with milk right where his Mommy usually left it. He pulled it round and stuck the nipple between his lips. Daniel eagerly sucked out the sweet liquid as his mind went back to the previous evening. His milking had been fantastic and the only thing that brought him down is knowing he was probably some way from the next one.

It was clearly still very early outside so as Daniel pulled himself up into a seated position he looked through the bars at his nursery. He wanted to be out of bed and playing but he knew he was stuck until someone let him out and that could take quite some time. The women tended to go to bed and wake up whenever they wanted whilst Daniel was stuck until they wanted to lower the side of his crib.

Daniel did something he was always discouraged from trying. He used the bars to try and pull himself upright. His legs shook as they took his weight and before he could even straighten up he fell back on to the mattress again. His Mommy had always said men’s legs couldn’t take their weight and they were only good for crawling but that didn’t stop Daniel from quietly trying from time to time when he was alone. He’d never managed to stay vertical for more than a second though.

Laying on the mattress and looking up at his mobile Daniel sighed in impatience. He didn’t have much to look forward to but he wanted to play with his toys and watch his cartoons, anything would be better than being trapped in the claustrophobic cage.

After an indeterminate amount of time Daniel heard footsteps on the landing. His ears perked up as he looked through the bars towards the door. When it opened and he saw Mommy walking in he smiled toothily. Sarah was only in her thin robe and had clearly only just woken up, she yawned as she came across the room.

“Good morning, baby.” Sarah yawned as she spoke.

The side of the crib came clattering down and Daniel slid to the edge of the bed. He put his hands out to be picked up but Sarah’s hands went lower, to his crotch, and he opened his legs compliantly as the snaps on his onesie were pulled apart.

“Oh, baby, you’re soaked!” Sarah said as her eyebrows raised.

Daniel didn’t know what she could expect. If Daniel could’ve worn underwear like Amber or Mommy he would but it was repeatedly hammered into him that he couldn’t do that. Men wore diapers and women didn’t.

“This is why we have to keep you in these.” Sarah said as she patted the outside plastic of the disposable, “Otherwise you’d be making quite the mess!”

Daniel pouted but he understood Mommy’s point. As much as he would’ve loved not to wear the diapers it just didn’t seem like an option. He kept his arms up until Sarah lifted him up into the air. He was sat on her hip for the short trip to the changing table.

Once his diaper was changed Daniel was dressed for the day. The onesie he had worn to bed the previous night was taken away and instead he was given a simple white shirt with colourful smiling faces all over it. There was nothing to cover his exposed diaper.

Daniel was carried downstairs for breakfast and he was ready for a day like any of the thousands of others he had experienced growing up. He was put in his highchair and was spoon fed his breakfast by his Mommy.

Once breakfast was over Daniel was carried into the living room and placed in his playpen. The television was turned on and he was left alone as Amber was up in her room and his Mommy was in her home office. He crawled forwards to his toys and started sorting through them. On the TV was a loud cartoon, a re-run of something Daniel had seen dozens of times before. As the cartoon children broke into song Daniel started to absentmindedly join in.

“We like to play, we like to run, we like to dance, we have fun…” Daniel muttered in time with the cartoon, “We like to paint, we like to build, we li-…”

Daniel jumped as the cartoon was suddenly interrupted by static. He looked up from his piles of toys to see the screen flickering. He couldn’t hear the song anymore and the bright colours of the cartoon kept flashing to something else, it was just too quick to work out what.

Daniel stared at the screen as the cartoon warped and it started blinking to a different scene altogether. Finally a new picture appeared on the screen. Daniel gasped as he saw a completely different show. He crawled slowly forwards as he saw a bunch of men and women walking down a street behind a woman with a microphone. He put his hands on the edge of the playpen and pressed his face between the bars.

“We’re on the streets to ask what people think of the proposed new laws that…” The woman was talking but Daniel wasn’t listening. His attention was on the dozens, if not hundreds, of people walking around in the background.

Daniel stared at a man near the camera. He wasn’t wearing a diaper, he wasn’t dressed like a baby and he was holding two bags of shopping as he walked around without a problem. Daniel’s attention changed to another man who was similarly grown-up. His eyes flashed around the screen as he became almost desperate to see the people like him. The men that were babies forever that Amber and Mommy promised was the truth. He didn’t see any.

There were even children. Daniel saw kids running around and they were obviously not diapered either. He was entranced by what he was seeing. There were no big babies on the screen, no obvious diapers or anything that he had always been told was common. His hands clenched on the bars of the playpen and he could feel himself shaking.

Just as quickly as the screen had changed to this program it started flickering back to the cartoons. Daniel remained in place and staring at the screen until it had fully flipped back over to the children’s television. He slowly slumped down feeling confused.

Daniel tried to process what he had just seen. His view of the world had been turned on its head. He had always wished he could be like Amber. He had always wished he could walk around and wear grown-up clothes, he had dreamt of going to school and getting a job, he’d long held a deep desire to be able to go out and explore the world. Daniel had always been told it was impossible, that he would always be like a baby because that’s what men were like. Had it all been a lie?

There was a flush of warmth in Daniel’s diaper as he wet himself. He was too lost in his thoughts to even register the fact. He thought about calling out for one of the women and tell them what he had seen but he decided not to. He wanted more evidence in case what he saw was just a one-off.

Daniel tried to go back to playing with his toys but his mind was elsewhere. He couldn’t forget about the images he had seen on the television as he sat there in his increasingly wet diaper. The only time he saw anyone else was when his Mommy brought him a fresh bottle and checked his disposable. Daniel didn’t say anything on these occasions.

Daniel was listlessly stacking blocks when he felt something light hit the back of his head. He turned around to see Amber leaning in the doorway. A balled up piece of paper was on the floor next to him. He frowned as Amber giggled.

“It’s nap time.” Amber said as she walked in and opened the pen’s gate.

Daniel crawled over and was lifted into Amber’s arms with ease. As Amber’s arm rested under his diaper he felt himself sinking into the wet padding. She looked annoyed as she shifted Daniel until he was against her chest. Daniel’s head rested against Amber’s breast.

“That better just be wet…” Amber muttered as she carried Daniel up the stairs.

Daniel was laid out on his changing table and the tapes of his diaper were pulled off the front. The front was lowered and Amber looked visibly pleased it was only wet. She started cleaning him up like usual whilst Daniel looked up at the ceiling still thinking about the television.

“I bet these feel better after yesterday.” Amber smirked.

Daniel jumped and whined as he felt Amber’s hands on his balls. She gave a couple of little squeezes which made Daniel squeal. He wished she would just finish the change and leave him alone.

“Nice and empty.” Amber remarked, “Though if it were me I’d have kept your punishment cage on. It’s not like you’re using it for anything else.”

Daniel hoped this wouldn’t lead to the hated cage being put on him again. The usual one was bad enough but the smaller one seemed to be designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. When he didn’t respond to Amber’s taunts she seemed to lose a little interest in her teasing. She pulled the old diaper out and replaced it with a fresh one. Daniel remained limp as Amber lifted his legs and slipped the new disposable underneath him. He only relaxed completely when it was taped up and he didn’t need to worry about Amber doing anything else.

Daniel was lifted up and deposited in his crib. The side came up and Amber left without another word. In the silence the diapered young man could only obsess over what he had seen on the screen. There had to be some sort of explanation though, the thought that his family had lied to him all this time was too scary and big to think about.

Not a lot of sleep was had that nap time. Daniel was too preoccupied and though he drifted off a couple of times it was never for long. He was still staring through the bars of his bed when his Mommy slowly opened the bedroom door. She had her customary smile on her face as she came over and stepped on the release for the crib’s bars.

“Good afternoon, baby.” Sarah said as she reached into the crib. Her hand went straight to Daniel’s diaper and she pressed against the padding assessing its wetness. Daniel was damp without being soaked.

Daniel sat up and was promptly lifted out of the crib. He looked at his Mommy’s face the whole time. There was no way she had lied to him for his entire life, she couldn’t have made everything up. But what Daniel had seen on the television couldn’t be denied.

“Dinner will be ready soon.” Sarah said oblivious to the turmoil in her son’s head.

Sarah kept talking as Daniel rested against her chest. He wasn’t listening at all on the way down the stairs and into the living room. As he was lowered into the playpen, he saw Amber was reclined on the couch. The television was showing childish cartoons as usual.

“Is everything OK?” Sarah asked once she had stepped back and closed the playpen’s gate, “You’re being even more quiet than usual.”

“I’m OK.” Daniel replied. He wasn’t but that was beside the point.

“Keep an eye on him.” Sarah said to Amber.

Daniel heard Amber sigh in annoyance but he didn’t turn away from his Mommy. There was something behind the smile that remained plastered on her face, something he hadn’t noticed before. There was a hardness and when she spoke to Amber, he thought he saw it for just a moment. Maybe he was imagining it, perhaps he had crazy ideas in his head and now he was seeing things that weren’t there.

This was all so complicated. Daniel wished he could go back to the world he had known before the weird television glitch; things had been so much simpler then. Ignorance was bliss.


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End Chapter 5

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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