Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel has discovered the truth about his strange life. However, now the women of the house know. It is time for some explanations.

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Daniel jumped and fell sideways. He immediately felt the rear of his diaper expanding, the fright making his body react in an instinctual way. The medication given to him meant that everything started pouring out and a rush of semi-sold faecal matter poured into his disposable. Acting with the learnt behaviour reinforced since childhood Daniel grunted and pushed down to empty himself.

The light flicked on and Amber walked into the room. She was looking down at Daniel as his cheeks went red from his effort. Soon the back of his diaper was bulging out but he finally felt like he had finished. Amber bent over and picked up the remote control. She turned the television off.

“Did I scare you?” Amber asked mockingly as she sniffed the air. She reached down and patted Daniel’s butt, when she felt his bulging diaper she snorting with derision.

“You… You lied to me!” Daniel desperately tried to maintain his composure.

“I told mom she couldn’t keep this up forever.” Amber sighed. She was talking to herself more than Daniel.

With effort Daniel rolled on to his front and raised himself up to his hands and knees. His limbs were shaking from weakness and shock. Although he had suspicions ever since the television glitched to have proof that everyone had lied to him was still deeply shocking. He found himself questioning whether it couldn’t all be some mistake.

“I’m going to guess you’re upset.” Amber shook her head.

“W-Why?” Daniel demanded as tears ran down his face, “Why lie to me? Why keep me like… this?”

“Aside from you being utterly adorable as a helpless little baby?” Amber mocked her brother.

Daniel couldn’t take it anymore. He crawled forwards and lifted one of his weak hands. He swung it at Amber’s leg and although he made contact it was clearly barely enough for her to even react to. He started sobbing from every emotion that was flooding his system. He felt embarrassed, humiliated, upset, angry, frustrated and a dozen other things he just didn’t have names for.

“Hey!” Amber bent down and her own hand swung through the air. Her palm smacked into the thickly packed rear of Daniel’s diaper making him wince, “No hitting!”

Daniel sat back on his butt. He didn’t care about his poopy state and as he sunk into his mess he looked up at Amber and cried. He beat his hands on the floor in impotent anger. He wanted to be taken out of diapers and allowed to be a regular man like the ones he had seen on TV!

“You lied to me!” Daniel yelled.

Amber sighed. Daniel was looking up at her through his tears and noticed she didn’t seem upset or in any way conflicted, she just seemed annoyed that she had to deal with him. She started walking away and Daniel thought she was just going to leave him in front of the television. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

“Mom!” Amber shouted, “You need to come down here!”

Amber walked back into the living room and tightened her dressing gown before sitting on the couch. She yawned and checked her nails as if there wasn’t a twenty-year-old baby wailing on the floor. This devastating revelation for Daniel seemed to be little more than an annoyance to her.

Daniel made a concerted effort to calm his crying enough that he heard footsteps moving down the landing. He shivered as his Mommy came down the stairs and into the living room, she looked annoyed to have been woken up. When she saw Daniel sitting on the floor she frowned.

“What’s going on?” Sarah demanded to know.

“Why!?” Daniel wailed as he hit his hands on the floor again.

“Could someone not having a tantrum tell me what’s going on?” Sarah said as she looked towards Amber.

“The baby got out of his crib and came down here. He got the television on and…” Amber waved her hand as if the rest was obvious.

“Ah.” Sarah sighed, “My poor baby! That must’ve been quite a shock!”

As Sarah advanced on Daniel and tried to pick him up he batted her hands away. He didn’t want to be comforted like a baby. He didn’t want Amber and Mommy to even be there with him. He wanted to leave and find the police or someone who could help him.

“Now there’s no need to be petulant.” Sarah said admonishingly.

Daniel disagreed. If ever there was good reason to be upset it was this. He had just found out his whole life was a lie and he was being kept basically imprisoned by these two Amazonian women. As Sarah leaned in to try and pick him up again he turned on to his hands and knees and crawled away with his mushy butt swaying in the air.

“I suppose you’re going to want an explanation.” Sarah said with a condescending smile, “Though I fear you won’t understand. Your poor little brain just won’t get it.”

Sarah walked over to Daniel and this time he couldn’t swat her away. She lifted him up so he was suspended in the air in front of her. His legs kicked out and he scowled angrily but he was simply too weak to be able to make much impression on the much larger woman. He was carried over to the armchair and as Sarah sat down he was turned sideways and laid across her lap.

“Amber, could you fetch me a bottle please?” Sarah asked.

“Sure.” Amber replied as she left the room.

“I don’t want a bottle!” Daniel angrily exclaimed, “I want a normal cup! I’m not a baby! I shouldn’t be a baby!”

“Hush, baby.” Sarah replied. She sounded far too cheery for the situation, “Let the adults explain what’s been going on.”

Daniel curled his fists up in frustration but he couldn’t get off his Mommy’s lap. A minute later Amber returned with a fresh bottle of cold milk that she handed to her mother. Daniel shifted uncomfortably in his messy padding. He wished he could be arguing his case with a clean diaper, trying to say he wasn’t a baby was rather difficult when he was sitting in his own poop.

“Open up.” Sarah said as she turned the bottle upside down.

Daniel immediately closed his mouth and turned his head away. He didn’t want to be fed like an infant anymore. He had never wanted it and now he had found out that most men weren’t treated like this. The crushing knowledge of all the time he had lost was threatening to overwhelm him even before anything was said.

“Don’t be a baby.” Sarah said rather hypocritically.

“You want me to-…” Daniel couldn’t hold his tongue and as he started to shout he found the nipple of the bottle getting shoved between his lips essentially silencing his argument.

Daniel didn’t want to suck on the mouth-filling teat but it was an almost automatic reaction. A lifetime of habit had his tongue pressing against the latex causing milk to squirt into his mouth. He swallowed and automatically took more of the sweet liquid into his mouth. He hated drinking this way and he hated the smile his Mommy was giving him.

“This all goes back to when you were a few years old.” Sarah said with a sigh, “I organised a few little playdates for you and the same thing happened every time. The other kid bullied you. Even if you were older than the other kid they would always end up making you cry.”

Daniel sucked on the bottle and frowned. He didn’t remember this at all but the way Mommy described it he would’ve been very young indeed. He had no idea if he could even trust her anymore.

“You were just so painfully shy...” Sarah smiled wistfully, “I saw the other boys your age developing and branching out but you just didn’t. You stayed in your shell, you were scared of other people and new experiences. Even taking you out of the house would have you crying non-stop until we got home.”

Again, Daniel could remember none of this. Was it true? Had he blocked it all out? Did it happen? He glanced over at Amber who was sitting back on the couch. She looked entirely neutral and gave no indication to Daniel one way or the other.

“What I decided to do was a kindness.” Sarah continued, “You’re not like the other men. You’re soft and sensitive, you couldn’t play rough like the other boys. You never wanted to go out and do sports or anything, you always wanted to stay home with your Mommy and your sister. So… I decided that the best thing for you was to keep you safe. There’s nothing safer than a little baby!”

Daniel was horrified. Even if what his Mommy said was true it surely wasn’t justification for the way she had kept him as a baby his entire life. How could she possibly know what he would have been like had he been allowed to grow up like a normal boy?

“And you’re just the sweetest baby boy.” Sarah said as she wiped a little dribble of milk off Daniel’s chin, “Isn’t that right Amber?”

Daniel swivelled his eyes to look at Amber again. She didn’t really look like she knew what to say. In the end she settled for a non-committal shrug and leaned back in the chair. It seemed to Daniel that her answer to the question was whatever would cause the least hassle. She clearly just wanted to go back to bed and didn’t seem to care too much one way or the other.

“And you’ve been happy.” Sarah said to Daniel again, “With all your toys and being looked after. Not to mention your little milkings…”

As Mommy said that last part Daniel felt her hand resting on the front of his diaper. Deep inside the underwear, underneath the padding, the thin layer of spreading poop and the rubber chastity cage Daniel felt the sparks of electricity that he always did when someone played with him in that way. As he sucked on the milk the rubbing continued and Daniel found himself concentrating more and more on what was going on down between his legs.

It was more frustrating than anything. Daniel’s dick swelled to fill the cage but couldn’t get any bigger. He could feel the pleasure of what was happening but it wasn’t enough to really get him going and as he sucked the last of the milk down he knew this was all just an attempt to distract him.

“Stop it!” Daniel whined, “You can’t do this!”

“Can’t do what?” Sarah asked with a frown.

“Any of this!” Daniel’s face blushed as he let out a little involuntary moan as he finished speaking. He knew Mommy was just distracting him and yet he couldn’t bear to push the hand away.

“Boys…” Amber said from across the room. Her tone of voice was very dismissive.

“I want to be a big boy!” Daniel exclaimed finally.

Daniel had always wanted to be a big boy. For as long as he could remember he had wanted to go outside more, to experience life. He saw things in his cartoons like kids going to school and he always wondered why he didn’t do that. Mommy’s answer was always that it was just a cartoon and that boys didn’t go to school in real life. He now knew that had all been a lie.

“You see?” Sarah shook her head, “This is why we couldn’t tell you the truth. You’re just not emotionally capable to hear it.”

Daniel’s emotions had been simmering since he turned on the television but now they truly bubbled over. He started wailing inconsolably and tears streamed down his face. Amber, annoyed at the noise, left the room with her hands covering her ears. Sarah stood up with Daniel in her arms and followed shortly afterwards.

It was a bit of a blur for Daniel. He was carried upstairs and finally changed out of his messy diaper. He cried and wailed the whole time. He was put back into the crib but before she left Mommy removed a lot of the blankets, soft toys and pillows. Finally she took the restraints in each corner of the mattress and attached them all to Daniel’s limbs.

“You’ll see that I’m right.” Was the last thing Sarah said as she raised the bars of the crib, “Sooner or later you’ll see that everything I did, I did for you.”

Daniel barely heard the words as his Mommy turned and walked away from the crib. She flicked the light switch on the way out leaving Daniel crying loudly in the dark.


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End Chapter 7

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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