Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Sarah finally gives in and offers Daniel a chance at proving he is a big boy. For Daniel this could be a once in a lifetime chance, the only question is... Is he ready to grab it?

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Normally this was where Daniel would be dressed but today he was taken to the rocking chair in the corner of the room. Sarah sat down with Daniel being cradled in her arms in front of her. Her enormous chest threatened to get in the way. Daniel was about to say something when Sarah started talking and he was keen to hear what she had to say.

“I guess I can’t pretend things haven’t changed.” Sarah said sadly, “I wanted to go on like everything was normal but it’s obvious I can’t do that now.”

Daniel noticed that as Mommy spoke she was starting to unbutton her blouse. He wanted to protest because he knew what that usually meant but at the same time he didn’t want to interrupt his Mommy right when it felt like he was on the verge of a breakthrough.

“You’re my special little guy, you know that right?” Sarah smiled down at him as her blouse opened up. Her voluptuous breasts were barely contained by the bra that held them.

“Mommy, I…” Daniel started as he eyed one of the fleshy mounds with trepidation. He hated that his mouth was watering at the prospect.

“Quiet, baby.” Sarah hushed Daniel gently.

Daniel was a little put out but he stopped talking. Sarah leaned forwards and he watched as she used the arm that wasn’t cradling him to reach behind her back. There was a moment of fiddling and then the bra visibly loosened. Sarah shook her shoulders a little and the straps slipped down her arms revealing her chest.

“I have truly kept you as a baby because it is what is best for you.” Sarah said as she looked down and stroked Daniel’s hair, “I needed to protect my little guy from the big scary world.”

Daniel was having flashbacks to two nights previous when he had originally found out the truth. This seemed to be how Sarah liked to deliver news to him now. His head was raised slightly until Sarah’s engorged nipple was poking at his lips. The sweet taste of her thick milk invaded Daniel’s senses. He hesitated before opening his mouth.

The tit popped into Daniel’s mouth and he could feel it filling the area above his tongue. Its fleshy warmth provided a comfort his pacifier and bottles never could. Almost instinctively his eyes closed as he started nursing like the baby he was desperate to prove he wasn’t.

“But I spoke to Amber and she’s right.” Sarah let out a deep sigh and as she did so Daniel felt his mouth fill with Mommy’s milk, “If I don’t give you a chance you’ll resent me forever.”

Daniel was listening even as he reflexively sucked and swallowed on the teat in his mouth. The milk was tastier than he ever wanted to admit to anyone. He could feel the warmth spreading around his belly as he relaxed into the feeding, Mommy’s arm held him close to her mounds at all times.

“So I want to give you a chance to prove to me you can be a big boy.” Sarah finally stated.

Daniel nearly choked on the milk that was filling his mouth. His eyes opened wide and he tried to push back from the massive breast his head was being pushed into. He coughed and spluttered causing some of the milk to dribble out of his mouth and down his face.

“Careful…” Sarah said softly.

Daniel couldn’t remove the nipple from his mouth so despite his shock and excitement he went back to sucking at the nipple whilst eagerly hoping for more details. Unfortunately his Mommy didn’t seem overly rushed in spilling what the plan was so Daniel was forced to impatiently wait.

With Sarah humming a happy song and rocking back and forth in the chair Daniel felt his belly fill up. Soon he was groaning as his body protested the constant stream of thick milk that he was swallowing. It almost seemed like Mommy’s chest had an infinite supply. When he was finally allowed to bring his head back he could see that the boob he had been feeding on was now smaller than the other. He barely had time to let out a milky burp as he was turned around and pressed against the other tit.

“When you’re done we’ll get you ready and then see if you are truly ready to be a big boy, OK?” Sarah asked as she stroked Daniel’s hair.

Daniel couldn’t really speak around the nipple that was filling his mouth with deliciously sweet milk but he nodded his head as much as he could. He felt so full but he was keen to finish as fast as possible so he could get on with proving it was time that he was allowed to grow up.

After a couple of minutes dutifully sucking on his Mommy’s breast Daniel’s bladder relaxed reflexively and he started wetting himself. As the warmth flooded into his padding and spread around the front and back of the disposable he considered how silly he must’ve looked. Here he was looking forwards to proving he wasn’t a baby whilst breastfeeding and helplessly pissing his diaper.

By the time the breast was drained of its delicious milk Daniel felt very full. Twice more his caged penis spurted a little more urine into his diaper as his body processed all of the liquid that had flooded his system. As his face was moved away from the breast Daniel could feel liquid all around the lower half of his face, a mixture of milk and sweat.

“Right, let’s see if you are the big boy you say you are.” Sarah said as she took a nearby tissue and wiped Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel was excited. It was a huge swing in emotions for him. Just minutes ago he had been at the bottom of a pit of depression thinking he would never get the chance to be normal and now Mommy was granting him the chance. As Sarah stood up he could hardly stop himself from wriggling excitedly in her arms. He was determined not to fail.

Daniel was laid down on the changing table. He was in need of a new diaper after soaking the one he had been wearing. The tapes were pulled away and the padding lowered just like always. He was wiped clean and then the diaper was taken away. That was when Daniel realised something was different. There was no new diaper.

“Mommy?” Daniel frowned as he looked up and saw Sarah smiling and holding what looked like one of his sister’s pair of pink panties.

With wide eyes Daniel watched as the thin panties were pulled up between his legs. He lifted his butt as Sarah pulled them over his ass. She had to manually pull the front of the panties up and over his caged genitals. The thin material was pulled up until it sat snugly around Daniel’s crotch. The surprised young man sat up and looked down, he could still see his dick through the stretched material.

“You’ll have to forgive me.” Sarah chuckled, “We don’t have any men’s underwear after all.”

“I don’t understand…” Daniel replied.

“Well, you want to prove you’re a big boy, right?” Sarah answered as she picked Daniel up, “Now you can. Babies wet their pants, big boys don’t. So you are going to come downstairs with me and if you can keep yourself dry then you’ll be a big boy.”

“But…” Daniel was confused. He had never worn anything other than a diaper for underwear. This felt weird.

“But what?” Sarah asked as Daniel was carried towards the stairs.

“Isn’t potty training something that takes time?” Daniel asked. He remembered the cartoons he had seen with little girls’ potty training and it always seemed like a long process.

“You said you’re a big boy right now.” Sarah replied, “So surely you’ll be fine. I mean, we can go back upstairs and put you in a lovely fluffy diaper if you like…”

Daniel didn’t know what to say. He definitely didn’t want to be put back in diapers but he didn’t know if he could stay dry. If he concentrated really hard maybe he would be able to make it, spending all his time clenching little-used muscles didn’t sound like fun but maybe it was the only way. He knew that if he asked to be put back in diapers he would never get out of them, it would be an admission that he was just a little baby.

“What’s it to be?” Sarah asked as they reached the middle of the stairs.

“I can do it.” Daniel quietly replied, “I’m a big boy.”

“We’ll see.” Sarah chuckled as they continued downstairs.

Daniel was placed in his playpen and he dropped to his hands and knees. He felt so strange. The lack of bulkiness between his legs was an alien feeling, the fact he could see his private area through the panties was even more bizarre, he saw that area of himself so little it almost felt like it wasn’t even a part of him. He reached down and ran a finger against the thin panties over the rubber cage.

“Playing with yourself already?” Amber came into the room with a quietness that belied her giant size.

“N-No…” Daniel guiltily snatched his hand away. He wasn’t lying, he hadn’t been playing with himself. Diaper or not he was still locked up in his prison and he wouldn’t have been able to do something down there even if he wanted to.

“You better not.” Amber said as she sat on the couch with something large and yellow next to her, “Those are my panties and I don’t want you leaving a mess.”

Daniel blushed bright red. He looked to the side of his sister and saw the object she was carrying. He frowned, he had never seen one in real life but plenty had been featured in the children’s shows he’d watched over the years.

“Oh this?” Amber said as she saw when Daniel was looking. She tapped the front of the plastic, “This is to help you.”

The large yellow potty was placed just outside the pen. Daniel was torn between embarrassment and curiosity. It looked big and Daniel suspected it was designed for the much larger girls than the boys. It only belatedly occurred to him that it was likely used by Amber herself all those years ago.

“If you need to do wee-wees or poo-poos you have to come and tell me or Mom, alright?” Amber said as if she was speaking to a three-year-old, “We’ll help you use your potty like a big boy.”

Daniel nodded his head even as he felt shame burning through him again. He didn’t realise there would be a training potty involved, all of a sudden this whole endeavour felt a lot more humiliating. It was still better than the alternative, Daniel reminded himself, and it was the first step to being the adult he craved to be.


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End Chapter 11

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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