Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel's Mommy is home and that means he is saved from his sister's attentions. He spends the day being impatient before he FINALLY get his reward for being good.

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Daniel felt a small pressure between his legs. In his mind, still clouded from sleep, he assumed it was his bladder giving that small pang it sometimes did before releasing. He didn’t even try to hold it back and hot urine poured into his already wet diaper. His feeding from before his nap certainly meant there was a lot of liquid to pass out of his system.

There was a giggling and Daniel reluctantly opened his eyes. He was lying on top of his covers and he let his head fall to the side. As his vision cleared up he looked through the bars to see his Mommy reaching in and prodding his diaper.

“I was just checking to see if you were wet.” Sarah said as she squeezed the spongy padding, “I guess you answered that question in your own way.”

“Mommy…” Daniel smiled. He was grateful not to be alone with Amber anymore.

The side of the crib came down and Daniel sat up. He crinkled loudly as he did so and it was only as he looked down that he realised just how wet he was. He put his arms out for his Mommy to lift him up and as he left the mattress he felt the diaper that had been hugging his skin falling a little with gravity.

Daniel was snuggled against Sarah’s chest. His head was lost between the two large globes on his Mommy’s chest as he was carried across to the changing table. He could hear her humming happily as she patted him on the back. He was gently laid down on the padded top of the changing table and Sarah took a few moments to gently stroke his tummy.

“You’re nap was a little longer than I would like.” Sarah said with a small sigh, “I guess you were just a very sleepy baby and didn’t wake up. Amber said she was listening out for you on the baby monitor.”

Daniel let out a yawn. He had no idea how long he had been asleep but since he had such an ignorance of time it didn’t really matter to him. He could have been napping for fifteen minutes or fifteen hours and he wouldn’t really know for sure. His Mommy picked up a pacifier from the shelf underneath the table and gently pressed it between Daniel’s lips, he didn’t resist it at all and when the amber teat filled his mouth he sucked on it lazily.

“What a good boy.” Sarah said as she stroked Daniel’s hair a couple of times.

As Sarah went to the foot of the table Daniel sighed and turned his head to look out the window. He heard the tapes ripping from the front and then felt the cool air of the room swirling around his crotch. He shivered slightly.

“Hmm.” Sarah frowned.

Daniel looked over to his Mommy just in time to see her reach down. He jumped as she prodded his caged genitals and blushed when he caught his Mommy’s eyes.

“This is your punishment cage.” Sarah stated, “Why are you wearing this?”

“Amber put it on me…” Daniel mumbled around the pacifier that filled his mouth.

“And why did she do that?” Sarah asked. Her eyebrows rose to her hairline, “Were you naughty?”

Daniel looked back to the window guiltily. He didn’t feel like he had been naughty but Amber did and if he had been brought up to know one thing it was that the women were always right. He shrugged his shoulders and just wished his Mommy would finish the change.

“Well, I dare say you’ve served your time.” Sarah said.

As his Mommy’s hands went down to his crotch Daniel felt sweet relief. The tight rubber toy relaxed its grip on him and then came away. He let out a sigh of relief as his balls were freed as well and his diaper area was freed. The hated constricting cage was put away and Daniel got to enjoy the wonderful but rare feeling of nothing caging his manhood. As an almost automatic reaction to having the freedom to do so he could feel his penis twitching and growing bigger as blood flowed into it.

Daniel’s crotch was wiped clean and then the old diaper was pulled away. By the time the new diaper was pulled out and placed underneath him Daniel’s dick was nearly fully hard. A fact that his Mommy seemed to notice as she smiled indulgently.

“I think someone is getting ready for their milking.” Sarah chuckled.

Daniel let out a little moan as his Mommy’s fingers lightly brushed along his length. His milkings were rare events which meant that whenever he was touched it took very little to get him into a high state of arousal. He felt Mommy’s fingers touch the head and as he writhed on the table he felt sticky liquid oozing out of his penis.

“Does that feel good?” Sarah asked softly.

Daniel quickly nodded his head. He felt her other hand go down to his balls. He felt her holding their weight and very gently stroking them at the same time as the other hand trailed up and down his penis with such a light touch it was almost non-existent.

Daniel always likes when his Mommy paid extra attention to his balls and as both hands moved down to his sack he let out a long moan. The touch was exquisitely gentle and erotic. His dick twitched and moved in desperate need for attention.

For several minutes Daniel was kept in a state of moaning and writhing. His whole crotch felt like a sticky mess from everything he was leaking and soon he could feel the orgasm starting to build. His pacifier fell out of the side of his mouth as he pushed his hips up in a desperate attempt to get more contact.

“Good boy.” Sarah practically whispered before she removed her hands completely.

Daniel’s moaning turned to groans as he suddenly lost all contact with his crotch. The climax that he felt had been building suddenly retreated and its stead there was just an aching need as his erection twitched desperately for more contact. He wanted to move his own hands to finish himself off but he felt that if he did that he would have this milking and future ones cancelled. He was so frustrated he could almost cry.

“Won’t it feel nice when you get all your milkies out later?” Sarah soothed her twenty-year-old baby.

For several minutes Daniel and his Mommy were kept in position as his genitals slowly deflated back to their regular size. Some baby wipes were pulled out to clean up the sticky pre-cum that had got everywhere and then Daniel saw his chastity cage being moved into place. He let out another groan as he pouted behind his pacifier that Mommy had stuck back in his mouth. He felt desperately horny.

The rubber ring was slipped underneath Daniel’s testicles and the rest of the cage was brought up and over his flaccid sexual organ. The diaper was finally pulled up over his crotch and his dick was safely tucked away in its padded prison. Daniel sighed as it was taped closed. The teasing was always ratcheted up several notches on milking days but today had felt almost non-stop for him.

Daniel was lifted off the changing table and placed on his Mommy’s hip. His legs and arms wrapped around the much larger woman as he was carried out of the nursery and back downstairs. He was carried into the living room and placed in his playpen.

“You have a nice little play with your toys.” Sarah said as she patted Daniel on the head, “Dinner will be ready soon.”

Daniel yawned as his Mommy left the room. Thankfully it seemed that Amber was elsewhere so he was getting a little alone time, something which didn’t happen very often unless he was in his crib. Of course he was never truly alone, there was a baby monitor on the mantelpiece that would pick up any noise he made. Regardless, he turned around and crawled into the middle of the pen to find something that would occupy his time.

A little while later Daniel was collected by his Mommy. She walked in, opened the gate of the playpen and picked up the diapered man. He was placed on her chest and his head practically disappeared between her breasts. He couldn’t see nor hear much as his head was smothered by his Mommy’s chest. It was something he was used to from being carried around by both his Mommy and Amber.

When his was finally plucked out from between Sarah’s two fleshy globes he was placed down in his highchair. Amber was already in her seat and tapping the table impatiently. The straps were pulled up between Daniel’s legs and across his middle before the tray was locked into position assuring that he couldn’t go anywhere. His legs swung in the air as he waited for food. When his Mommy finally pulled the pacifier out of his mouth it came away with a long trail of saliva.

“Here you go.” Sarah said as she put a bowl of mushy baby food on the table.

Daniel had been hoping for something more grown up for his special day but the choice wasn’t his to make. Sarah scooted her chair close to the highchair and stirred the sloppy food with a spoon. Daniel pre-emptively opened his mouth as his Mommy lifted the spoon up. The mushy food was very bland but it wasn’t like he was used to lots of spice and flavour.

Daniel had to patiently wait for each mouthful of food because his Mommy was eating her own dinner in between spooning his into his mouth. After several mouthfuls of food Daniel felt a foot pressing on the front of his diaper again. It was no surprise to see it belonged to Amber but the already frustrated man groaned as he felt the foot press against his sensitive crotch.

By the time the last of the food had been spooned into his mouth Daniel was desperately trying to push his crotch into Amber’s foot. She was a master at this teasing though, there was no way she was going to let him enjoy things too much. She pulled her foot away as Sarah stood up and took the cutlery to the sink, if Daniel’s Mommy had noticed anything happening she certainly didn’t let it show.

Once out of the highchair Daniel was picked up and carried back to his playpen. After being placed inside his Mommy and Amber sat down on the couch. Whilst he listlessly played with some toys designed for someone much younger than himself the two women started gossiping about things going on out in the world, things Daniel practically never got to see.

More than anything Daniel was impatient. He had been teased all day and had been promised a milking and now he just wanted it done. The sun was setting outside and he worried that his reward had been forgotten about. He kept anxiously looking up from his blocks to see if either of the women were showing any signs of recognition but they were chatting to each other and didn’t spare a second glance for Daniel.

“Well, I suppose I should put the baby down to bed.” Sarah finally said. She stood up and stretched.

Daniel immediately crawled to the gate causing the women to laugh. Amber made a comment about him being eager for some reason and Daniel could only try to ignore the barbs as the gate was opened and Daniel was picked up. He was so worried that his Mommy had forgotten that she was going to give him a milking that he almost felt like he should ask. He stopped himself though, he didn’t want to speak out of turn and have his “bad behaviour” lose him his reward.

Daniel was carried into the nursery and straight over to the changing table. Sarah didn’t even bother to check if he was wet, it was just assumed he needed a change and, quite frankly, that was a correct assumption to make.

The tapes on Daniel’s diaper were pulled away from the front and the padding slumped down between his legs. Sarah used a handful of baby wipes to clean around his genitals and then came the moment Daniel was nervous about. He was terrified she was going to take the old diaper away and dispose of it, tape him up in a new one and leave him frustrated in his crib.

When Daniel felt his Mommy tinkering with the rubber cage he let out a sigh of relief. She had remembered after all. As soon as the constricting material was removed his penis began to swell. By the time his testicles were also released he was ready to go and straining to be touched.

“You seem very impatient.” Sarah said with a chuckle as she very gently poked Daniel’s dick.

Daniel’s penis seemed to nod in response as it twitched a little. He was more than ready to be milked. He had been ready for hours and having to wait all day had been very trying to his patience. Even now he was having to display remarkable calmness as Sarah massaged his dick in the lightest possible way. She didn’t seem in any particular rush and instead studied his penis as she gently stoked it, watching the way it reacted to her touch.

“You’re leaking already.” Sarah commented unnecessarily. Daniel could feel the sticky clear fluid coating the head of his dick and slowly spreading.

Daniel couldn’t lay still as Sarah wrapped her hand around his penis. She still wasn’t employing much pressure and was moving maddeningly slowly. Every small movement sent tremors of pleasure through his body and he was groaning and moaning wantonly. Sarah seemed to be in no rush and although that extended the pleasure Daniel had grown desperate to finish. His mind was consumed with the need to release.

Daniel’s dick was as hard as steel. He didn’t think he could experience any more pleasure but when Sarah’s other hand went down to his sack he was quickly proven wrong. Just like earlier in the day Daniel felt his balls being gently held and stroked, he gasped at the extra stimulation. His mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water.

“Look at you being Mommy’s big boy.” Sarah said, “Good baby.”

Daniel didn’t want the praise from his Mommy to turn him on but it did. As one hand continued to fondle his balls the other stroked up and down his dick. After the activities of the day Daniel was almost constantly on the verge of orgasm but Sarah’s consistently slow pace kept his just short. He was lifting his hips off the wet diaper as he tried to force his Mommy to hurry everything up!

“Are you ready?” Sarah asked in a soft voice, “Do you want to make milkies?”

Daniel nodded quickly. Thankfully his Mommy was watching because she almost immediately took a bit of a stronger grip and started moving a little faster. Now he was barrelling towards the orgasm that it felt had been building for hours. His breathing became short and sharp and he moaned loudly enough that he was sure the sound was carrying out of the nursery.

The muscles inside Daniel tensed and he was finally brought to the edge. He could feel his balls contract in his Mommy’s gentle grip as he was finally allowed to spurt. With a final moan that was cut off halfway Daniel’s orgasm crashed into him like a truck. His dick started twitching and pulsing, his balls pushed his milkies forwards and long, thick sticky strands shot out of him. The first landed on his chest but the second flew even further and hit him across the face, with his mouth hanging open he got a taste of his salty ejaculate. Not that Daniel was paying much attention as his climax continued.

After the first two pulses of his cum Daniel’s orgasm continued but his milk didn’t go as far. Finally the last few efforts almost just dribbled out of him and down his dick. When Sarah finally let go of him he sunk back on to the diaper in exhaustion.

“That was a big one wasn’t it!” Sarah said with a chuckle, “Just stay there and let Mommy clean you up.”

Daniel didn’t need to be told twice. He was panting and feeling his heartrate slowly coming down as the cold baby wipes were cleaning his skin. He could still taste himself and Sarah giggled as she wiped his mouth.

With the cleaning over Daniel’s rubber cage was put back on. He winced slightly with his private parts feeling very sensitive to his Mommy’s touch. He was completely limp as he was taped up into a fresh diaper and a large pacifier was pressed between his lips. He let Sarah move his arms as she pulled a onesie over his head. The stretchy baby blue material went down over his belly and the two flaps between his legs were popped together. He was lifted up and taken to the crib.

“Have a goodnight, baby.” Sarah said as she stroked her son’s cheek, “Right where you belong, in your crib.”

Daniel was too sleepy to really listen to anything being said. He was practically asleep the moment his head hit the pillows. He was unconscious before the light in his nursery had been turned off.


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End Chapter 4

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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