Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024

Chapter Description: Daniel feels like his situation is hopeless and no matter how much he begs for mercy he isn't getting any. Just when he is ready to give up hope perhaps there is a lifeline about to be thrown his way...

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The new diaper was opened and slipped under Daniel’s butt. The padding was pulled up between his legs and taped closed. He was picked up yet again and snuggled against Sarah’s chest. As he was taken out of the nursery he felt like he had to try and argue that none of this was necessary.

“Now that I know the tru-…” Daniel was cut off as Sarah pressed his head deeper between her breasts.

“Yes, we have a lovely dinner for you.” Sarah said loudly. She was answering a question Daniel hadn’t been asking.

Daniel could barely hear his mother as both his ears were being pressed into by his Mommy’s large breasts. He heard enough to know that his mother wasn’t listening to him. He was carried through to the kitchen and lowered on to the padded seat of his highchair. The tray was closed and he was trapped there.

As Sarah went over to the counters to get the food Daniel saw Amber already waiting at the table. He pouted as she smirked at him. Dinner was served and although the two women had a very nice looking carbonara Daniel was given a steaming bowl of baby food that looked exactly the same to what had been fed to him at lunch.

“Open up for the train.” Sarah said as she reached over with the spoon and lifted some of the food up towards Daniel’s face.

“Can I feed myself?” Daniel asked. After his huge lunch he wasn’t particularly hungry but if he had to eat he would at least prefer to be doing it himself.

“You’ll make a mess, baby.” Sarah said. She started making train noises as she moved the spoon towards Daniel’s face again.

Daniel turned his head away just as the spoon reached his lips resulting in the food being spread against his cheek. As some of the lumps dropped off his face and on to his clothes he heard Amber giggle.

“Daniel!” Sarah chastised her son, “Stop being difficult.”

“Let me feed myself!” Daniel argued, “No other boys are fed like this!”

“Baby boys are.” Sarah countered.

“I’m not a BABY!” Daniel shouted the last word in frustration.

“Sounds like something a baby would say.” Amber said between laughs.

“It’s just easier if you let me do it, baby.” Sarah said as she dipped the spoon in the food again.

Daniel didn’t know how having his Mommy feed him would be simpler than just doing it himself. He pouted and kept his face turned away. He was determined that he was going to get some concessions, even if they weren’t going to treat him like a total adult the least they could do was give him something.

As the spoon was lifted towards his face again Daniel saw it coming out of the corner of his eye and he lifted his own hand to grab it. He tried to pull it away from his Mommy but he was weak and all that happened was the spoon turning over and dumping its contents on the white tray of his highchair.

“Now look what you’ve done.” Sarah said with a sigh, “Honestly, I don’t know why you’re being so difficult when you’ve had such a long nap.”

A nap? Was that how Sarah was justifying leaving him tied down in the crib for so long? Daniel had certainly slept but he had also spent hours alone and staring at the ceiling. He felt his frustration building and it wasn’t helped by being so restrained, he had no way of releasing the anger that was quickly bubbling over.

“Open up, baby.” Sarah said as she held up another spoonful of food, “The train is pulling into the station. Choo-choo!”

The spoon came close and Daniel lashed out again. This time he hit the small plastic spoon at the right angle to cause it to flip out of his Mommy’s hand. It clattered on to the kitchen table and some of the food ended up hitting Amber in the face.

“Daniel!” Amber shouted as she pushed her chair back and started trying to wipe the food away, “Ugh, gross…”

Daniel felt a little satisfaction but when he heard Mommy’s chair scrape on the floor as it was pushed back he knew he was in trouble. The small smile that had been creeping across his face was soon replaced by a look of fear. Sarah had a face of thunder as she stood up and opened up the tray.

“No!” Daniel squealed as he was roughly lifted out of the padded seat.

Daniel’s legs kicked in the air helplessly as he was held in the air. It was humiliating that his mom could do this to him so easily but he was more concerned with what was going to happen next, his mom looked angrier than he could remember ever seeing her. Sarah turned him around so that he was over the table before putting him down roughly. Daniel rolled on to his front and got on his hands and knees hoping to crawl away.

“No you don’t.” Sarah said as she reached down and grabbed Daniel’s ankle to keep him in place.

“Mommy!” Daniel squealed childishly, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“You’ve been a naughty little baby.” Sarah said, “Amber, could you help me?”

Daniel was red in the face as Amber stood up and leaned over the table. She put each of her giant hands on Daniel’s sides to hold him in place. Daniel tried to wriggle free but he was stuck in place. When the first spank landed against his rear end he yelped in surprise. His bottom half tensed up just before the second spank pushed him forward slightly.

“You do not make a mess!” Sarah exclaimed crossly, “Mummy put a lot of work into your meal.”

“I’m sorry!” Daniel cried out.

More spanks landed on Daniel’s rear until he was sobbing like a helpless infant. He wasn’t in pain as much as he was humiliated by what he now knew was very unusual treatment for people his age regardless of gender.

Daniel shuddered and howled with each spank until he didn’t feel any more hits and Amber’s grip on him slackened. He flattened himself on his front on the table and reached behind with his hands to rub his stinging butt.

“What are you?” Sarah asked from behind him.

“I’m…” Daniel sobbed as he looked down at the table where his tears were forming pools, “I’m an adult!”

There was silence in the room after Daniel shouted the truth. He may be shorter than the women but that didn’t mean he was any less of an adult. He had seen that all this treatment was totally illegitimate, he wasn’t going to let the women keep him as a baby if he could help it.

“What did you say?” Sarah asked sounding completely shocked that Daniel would say such a thing.

“I’M AN ADULT!” Daniel shouted again. He started loudly crying and hitting the table with his hands and feet.

Daniel was too emotional to see the how ironic it was that he was proclaiming his adulthood whilst having such a tantrum. He had tears and snot running down his face as the hand that had been holding him down finally left his back. He wasn’t free for long though as he was picked up by his Mommy.

“Clearly you’re still overtired.” Sarah said.

“I’m not!” Daniel cried.

Daniel’s further complaints were muffled and cut off as his head was pressed against Sarah’s chest. The outside world seemed to be cut off as his head was pushed into the valley between his Mommy’s breasts. He could feel her loose shirt enveloping him as he was almost smothered. After a couple of minutes he felt movement and realised Sarah was walking with him held against her chest. He tried to pull his head away but Sarah’s grip on him was too strong.

When Daniel was finally moved away from Sarah’s chest he could see he was back in the nursery. His Mommy held him away from her and over the crib. Daniel’s legs kicked out and his diaper crinkled loudly as he was lowered inside.

“No!” Daniel cried, “Not again!”

“You need to think about what you’ve said and done, little one.” Sarah replied with pursed lips.

After spending so much time in the crib Daniel was desperate not to be left in there again. His feet hit the mattress but Sarah didn’t stop lowering him until he was resting on his padded butt. As soon as the arms that had carried him were withdrawn Daniel scooted up against the bars and reached out.

“Wait!” Daniel was still crying. His chest heaved from the sobs that continued to wrack his body, “I’m a baby! Don’t leave me here!”

It was too little too late. Daniel could only cry louder as Sarah left the room and closed the door behind her. For Daniel being back inside the bars of his bed was almost intolerable. After being in there for so long he had only experienced the briefest of time out of it, he was like a prisoner in solitary confinement desperately begging for five more minutes outside his cell.

When it became clear that Sarah wasn’t coming back Daniel rolled over on to his back. His face was wet from all his crying and he used one of his stuffies to dry his eyes. He felt bad that he had shown weakness. With the prospect of spending more time in his baby bed he had loudly begged for mercy and told his Mommy what she wanted to hear, he deeply regretted it. Not only had it meant he hadn’t got what he wanted but it also worked to invalidate his whole argument.

Daniel hadn’t liked his life as a baby before finding out this wasn’t normal but it was so much harder now. Every second he spent as an adult baby was another second he wasn’t getting to do the normal things adults did. He felt like he could hear a clock in his head and each tick of the second hand was another moment wasted.

Daniel clung on to the hope that this was a short punishment until he heard the women heading to bed. It was only then that he realised he was trapped in the crib for another night. At least he wasn’t tied down this time, though that meant very little when his range of movement was limited to his baby bed anyway.

Eventually Daniel laid back with his head on his pillow and closed his eyes. It wasn’t easy to sleep given he hadn’t really expended any energy but he managed to fall into unconsciousness even if he woke up several times throughout the night.


Eventually Daniel could sleep no more. His eyes fluttered open and he immediately sighed. He felt depressed. Daniel had assumed that finding out the truth would suddenly change everything and that Amber and Mommy couldn’t possibly continue to treat him like a baby if he knew it wasn’t right but nothing could be further from the truth. His Mommy hadn’t budged an inch.

Daniel sat up and leaned against the headboard of the crib. Things were worse for him now than ever before, well in truth they were no different but it felt a lot worse knowing what he now knew. Whilst he waited for the nursery door to open he wet his diaper. He stared down at the white padding as a growing dark patch crept its way towards the front along with the familiar heat.

When the door opened Daniel was somewhat surprised that it was his Mommy coming in. He had suspected it would be his sister and that he would be left in the crib all day again, that didn’t seem to be what was on the cards.

“Good morning, baby.” Sarah said with her usual warm smile as she walked over to the crib.

Daniel didn’t reply. Just because he felt like his situation was hopeless didn’t mean he had to like it. He was perfectly prepared to sulk forever if he had to. His bottom lip stuck out and he swivelled sideways so he was looking away his guardian.

“Come on.” Sarah said as she reached the crib and leaned against the top of the bars, “There’s no need to be like that. It’s really not a big deal. You’re just overreacting.”

Daniel folded his arms across his chest. It may not be a big deal to her but it was huge to him, literally everything in fact.

“I was going to make you an offer but if you aren’t interested…” Sarah said airily.

“An… offer?” Daniel repeated without turning around.

“Yes, baby.” Sarah replied, “But you’re not interested, that’s fine. I’ll go wash up and come get you later.”

“W-Wait!” Daniel turned around with interest. For once his Mommy did indeed stop when he asked her to, “What is it?”

“That diaper looks like it needs to be changed.” Sarah said as she looked down at Daniel’s crotch and changed the subject, “I’ll tell you what the offer is if you stop sulking and let me change you.”

Daniel was wary. He wouldn’t have been at all surprised if this was just a ruse to get him out of the crib. Regardless he slowly nodded his head and turned around as the side of the crib rattled down. He reached his arms out allowing Sarah to pick him up and sit him on her hip.

“So what’s the offer?” Daniel asked as he was laid on the changing table.

“Let’s just get you changed first.” Sarah said as she started pulling at the tapes on Daniel’s diaper.

Daniel couldn’t do anything as the front of the padding was lowered. He breathed in sharply as he felt the cold touch of baby wipes on his genitals, the cage did little to protect his sensitive organs from the temperature change. His legs were gathered at the ankles by one of Sarah’s large hands and he was rolled back so the used diaper could be slipped out from underneath him.

A new diaper was put in its place and pulled up between Daniel’s legs. As his butt was lowered on to the soft material he eagerly awaited what his Mommy had to say. The new diaper crinkled loudly as it was pulled up and then taped closed.

“So… what is the-…?” Daniel started.

“In a minute, baby.” Sarah replied as she scooped him back up in her arms.


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End Chapter 10

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 14, 2024


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