Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024

Chapter Description: With his Mommy needing to head to work Daniel is left in the care of his "sister", Amber. He becomes anxious as teasing him is just about Amber's favourite thing in the world.

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Daniel’s padded rear landed on the hard wooden seat of the baby seat and the tray was brought around and locked into place. His legs dangled uselessly beneath him as he waited. A bowl of mushy cereal was placed in front of him whilst Amber got some toast.

“Have to be quick this morning.” Sarah said as she sat down in the seat next to Daniel, “I have to go into work this morning.”

Daniel was rather surprised to hear that his Mommy was going in to work. She worked from home most days but had to go into the office every so often. Daniel never liked it when she went into the office because it usually meant he was left at home with Amber.

“Open up, baby.” Sarah said sweetly, “Open the hangar for the airplane!”

Daniel had an almost Pavlovian response to the commands and he opened wide for his Mommy to spoon feed him. He mechanically opened his mouth and chewed everything that was shovelled in, it was all rather tasteless but he was used to bland food.

With a sudden jump Daniel felt a pressure against the front of his diaper again. He looked across the table to see Amber smiling snidely as she slowly munched on her toast. She never missed a chance to tease him. If his Mommy noticed what was happening she didn’t say anything as she distractedly and hurriedly continued to feed him.

It wasn’t long until Daniel was feeling very frustrated. The toy wrapped around his genitals kept everything very contained but he still felt the pressure, he still felt the rubbing on his ultra-sensitive balls. He was soon blushing as he found himself pushing his crotch out towards the foot for extra stimulation. The desperation clearly funny to Amber who simply withdrew her foot as she finished the last of her toast.

“Right, be good and do what your sister says.” Sarah said as she shovelled the last of the baby food into Daniel’s mouth, “I’ve got to go or I’ll be late.”

“See you later, mom.” Amber said as Sarah gave Daniel a quick kiss on the forehead and hurried out of the room.

Daniel looked at Amber with worry. She would never intentionally mistreat him but like all older “sisters” she seemed to enjoy teasing her younger brother. Daniel was still in his highchair when he heard his Mommy leave the house. He looked up at Amber as she pushed her chair back noisily. She went over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle which she banged on the tray of the highchair.

“Here.” Amber said sharply, “Drink this.”

Daniel reached out his hands but Amber simply pulled the bottle away. He should’ve known better. He let his hands drop down on to the plastic tray and opened his mouth. Amber smiled wolfishly and pressed the bottle forwards. The nipple filled Daniel’s mouth and Amber angled the bottle so the diapered man was forced to look up at her as he noisily slurped on the teat and drank the milk. By the time he was done Daniel was feeling pretty full.

Amber unlocked the tray and Daniel automatically reached out his arms. With a sigh Amber  leaned in and picked Daniel up with ease. He was sat on her hip with his head against the side of her breast and the front of his recently warmed diaper against her side. He knew she could feel what he had done because she gave him a quick smirk before walking towards the hallway.

The pair had only gone a few steps when Daniel felt an urgent need of a different kind. His tummy was feeling full and just like his bladder his body reacted in an automatic and reinforced way. Pushing down with his tummy muscles Daniel pushed his butt out a little. His hands grabbed Amber’s clothing and he screwed up his face. The last thing he saw before closing his eyes was Amber looking at him with sudden disgust.

“No, no, no!” Amber exclaimed.

There was nothing Daniel could do even if he wanted to. Daniel pushed down and the rear of his diaper began expanding. The sticky mush emerged into the seat of his pants and spread around as he kept pushing. He softly grunted as he pushed again, the back of his underwear pushed out a little and he exhaled.

“Ugh…” Amber moaned, “Why couldn’t you do that when Mom was here?”

Daniel’s cheeks were a little rosy. It wasn’t like he wanted to poop himself like this. If he had the choice he would’ve used the potty just the women did. He didn’t know what to say in reply so he settled for hiding his face against her arm.

“I bet you did it on purpose!” Amber accused.

“I didn’t!” Daniel replied honestly.

Amber clearly didn’t believe him. Daniel winced as he was carried down the hallway, he could feel the slimy mess in his disposable painting his butt and acting as a lubricant causing it to slide around. He could smell what he had done as well, it was a stink he knew well.

Daniel expected to be taken up to his nursery but Amber turned the other way and went into the living room. She held him away from her body causing his legs to kick out underneath him before he was lowered into the playpen. Daniel tried to stand but his leg muscles were practically useless since he wasn’t allowed to use them. He wobbled on the spot before dropping backwards.

“Ugh…” Daniel grunted as he fell on his backside. The poop in the seat of his diaper splattered all over his butt.

Daniel looked up from the floor just in time to see Amber leaving the room. Daniel felt suddenly panicked and quickly flopped forwards on to his hands and knees and crawled up to the fence of the pen. He grabbed two of the bars and put his face against them.

“Amber!” Daniel called out desperately, “I need a change!”

“As if I’m changing THAT!” Amber snorted as she turned to face her brother, “You can wait for Mom to come home.”

Daniel whined and moaned but Amber was already walking out of the room. He reached out a hand but it was obviously useless. He didn’t know how long his Mommy would be at work, he had only the faintest idea how to tell the time and there were no clocks in the living room that he could see. All he knew was that it would be a long time before he could expect Mommy to come rescue him.

Time passed slowly when Daniel was in a poopy diaper. The only way he could really measure time was through the cartoons on the television. After two cartoons he was starting to feel uncomfortable, by six he was trying desperately not to feel the itch that threatened to consume him. When the tenth cartoon came on and Daniel ran out of fingers to count them on he knew he had to do something. The slimy feeling in his diaper had spread all over and he was about ready to try anything to get out of it.

Daniel crawled to the edge of the playpen and hesitated. The biggest thing keeping him in was fear. He could see the latch his Mommy or sister used and he knew how to open it. He had only done it once before out of curiosity and it had resulted in a spanking he wasn’t soon to forget. He felt like he had to risk that though. He would crawl upstairs and change himself, it wouldn’t be easy but if he spent any more time messy like this he was sure to go mad.

With his tongue between his teeth Daniel reached the pen’s gate. The latch was high above him and his weak legs wouldn’t allow him to stand for long but he used his hands on the metal of the playpen just long enough to pull himself up and flick open the latch. He lost his balance and fell back but not before the gate swung slowly open.

Daniel winced as he felt the mess all over his rear get splattered against him yet again. He half-expected some alarm to go off as the gate opened, it almost seemed anti-climactic when nothing happened.

After a couple of seconds Daniel flopped forwards on to his hands and knees. He started crawling towards the stairs with his bulging rear raised behind him. He tried to keep his eyes out for Amber but in reality if she saw him now there would be nothing he could do about it.

The stairs were like a mountain range to Daniel. The stairs, like everything else, was made to the scale of the women which meant that each step was huge a challenge, especially when Daniel’s only mode of movement was on his hands and knees. Regardless Daniel started his trek.

By the time Daniel had reached the top of the stairs and crawled on to the landing he had to wipe a sheen of sweat off his brow. He could hear Amber in her room, to be more accurate he could hear Amber’s television. Daniel was pretty certain his sister wouldn’t be able to hear him crinkling past but he tried to be as quiet as possible anyway.

Thankfully Daniel’s nursery door was very slightly ajar and he was able to push it open until he could squeeze inside. Daniel saw the floor-length mirror on the opposite side of the room, he was drawn towards it. When he turned around and looked over his shoulder he could see that the rear of his diaper was very discoloured.

The changing table was Daniel’s final destination but he knew he was never going to be able to get up there on his own. The shelves underneath were accessible though and he crawled over to gather a spare diaper, wipes and powder. He had seen the women in his life change him countless times, he was sure he would be able to copy them.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” Amber’s voice startled Daniel and, for the third time, he fell back on his butt.

“I… I…” Daniel stuttered.

“Were you going to change yourself?” Amber asked. It was clear from her smirk that she found the very idea of that happening laughable.

“N-No…” Daniel lamely lied.

“Liar.” Amber chuckled as she walked in.

“You wouldn’t change me!” Daniel complained.

“You disobeyed my instructions.” Amber shook her head, “I’m afraid you’re going to have to be punished.”

Daniel let out a pathetic little moan. Amber walked over and pulled the diaper out of his hand and put it on top of the changing table. Daniel winced as his sister knelt down to him but she simply slipped her arms underneath his arms and lifted him into the air. Daniel was sat on the edge of the changing table and undressed. He noticed Amber wrinkling her nose as she stripped him, the smell was something Daniel was used to and he thought she was making a big deal of it.

When Daniel was stripped down to just his diaper he was laid back on the changing table. It seemed that his little adventure was going to benefit him in one way, he was getting that change he was so desperate for.

“And on your Milking Day as well…” Amber tutted and shook her head, “Maybe I should tell Mom to cancel.”

“No!” Daniel exclaimed.

Daniel was genuinely worried until he saw Amber giggling. She had no intention of getting his special treat cancelled, she just liked watching him squirm. She took several minutes to clean him and Daniel wasn’t allowed to participate at all, his legs were moved by Amber as she wiped him. To his surprise he could feel Amber fiddling with the chastity device around his genitals. When the rubber toy came off Daniel almost gasped as parts of his penis and balls that had remained locked up was suddenly exposed to the air.

“You do need to be punished though.” Amber said with a sigh.

Amber turned away from the changing table and Daniel was left alone and naked. With Sarah over by his chest of drawers Daniel lifted his head up and looked down his body. His dick looked so weird unrestricted, he wasn’t used to it.

When Amber came back over to the table she lifted up something that, at first glance, looked no different to the chastity cage that had just been removed. It didn’t take long for Daniel to realise exactly what was happening. He made a weak attempt to cover himself up but he couldn’t stop Amber from doing what she wanted.

This new chastity device was smaller and had tiny little bumps along it. Daniel recognised it from the various times it had been used in the past, it was typically for when he was naughty. He shivered when he saw it and whined as Amber lowered it down to his crotch.

Amber was none too gentle as she started to affix the new rubber toy to Daniel’s crotch. It was generally too small so to get it on and Amber had to really shove things in. He squirmed and whined as his dick was forced against the tighter rubber toy. The tiny bumps felt like spikes as he was shoved inside the tight confines.

“It’s too small!” Daniel whined.

“Nonsense.” Amber replied, “We’ve got it on you before and we will do so again.”

Daniel winced but eventually he felt the tip of his dick hit the end of the rubber tube. Next came the part that wrapped around his testicles. He felt Amber fondling him as she tried to wrap the tight rubber ring around the bottom of his hairless sack. When his balls finally popped through he gave a little yell as he felt a momentary pinching feeling. When Amber stepped back his crotch was tightly wrapped in the tight prison.

“See?” Amber said as she stepped back and smiled, “A perfect fit.”


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End Chapter 2

Training Daniel

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024


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