From Soccer to Paci Sucker

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In six months, two soccer teams are going to have the game of their life, the winners will get opportunities that may never come again. Two best friends, Iyad and Oliver are playing for different teams, what lines will be crossed to secure the win? [Includes descriptions of messing] [New chapters every week]

Chapter 1
Defeat is not an option; Prologue

Chapter Description: Oliver knows Iyad’s soccer team will most definitely win. There must be a way to stomp the competition, right?

“I need the opposite of steroids” Oliver said to the drug dealer

“Huh, weed? That's 20$ per-” answered Geoff. He was known to hold every kind of legal or illegal substance, most people come to him for weed or md, not Oliver, not this time.

“No, no. Not weed. I don’t want him to get high. I want something that will…you know, make him a bit less focused, maybe gain some weight but something temporary” Oliver said

“That still sounds like weed, dude. Munchies can give some weight, you just need a lot of weed. That’s 20$ per-”

“For fuck’s sake. NO WEED.” Oliver yelled

“Shh shh you dumbass, you want to bring the cops here!? Be more specific. You want to poison someone? What’s the deal?” Geoff was really perplexed about Oliver’s intentions

“Remember Iyad, from school?” It’s been almost 2 years since they graduated

“Yeah, yeah, your boyfriend” Geoff wanted to end this conversation and go on to sell more weed to kids

*sigh* ”We are friends. That’s not the point. There’s a huge game in several months, and my scholarship depends on it. The problem is Iyad is on the other team, and he is sooo good. Even though his team is lame, he motivates them.  Now…If he go out of commission for several months, not forever, just a bit, to let me rise to the top, that’ll be great”

“You know you can just hire a juicy bird to seduce him and then break his heart 3 days before the game” Geoff suggested, “I know someone, she’ll do it for weed, that’s 20$ pe-”

“Shut up about the weed!” Oliver snapped “He’s not really interested in girls”

“O.K then hire a beefy hawk to seduce him and break-”

“I don’t think he’s interested in guys either. He only cares about soccer. I just want some chemical that’ll solve this issue, you know?” Oliver said desperate

“Sounds good. So when you’ll be in prison, will you snitch on me?”

Geoff said calmly, with a clear sub sarcastic tone

“What? I won’t be in prison”

“Best player in the city, maybe even the country, is knocked down suspiciously and you think they won’t do blood tests or other exams?”

“Just give me something untraceable and cheap. You’re a pharmaceutical  legend Geoff, cmon, no one else would be able to solve this issue” Oliver hoped his praises were actually true

“Well…It’s not as good as weed, but it’ll do. I got a shipment of long term sphincter relaxers from this weird psychiatric clinic. They do age regression therapy on troubled people”

“I have no idea what you just said” Said Oliver

“A sphincter relaxer will weaken the muscles around the sphincter, this in turn will make the subject mostly incontinent”

“So he’ll piss himself?” Oliver questioned

“Also shit, yes” Geoff saw Oliver's intrigued look and hoped he would finally get rid of this box of pills.

“It…may work” Oliver said

If he can’t control his bladder and bawls, he probably wouldn't want to embarrass himself during a long exhausting game!” Oliver thought to himself

“Wait, Geoff, how the hell anti-aging is connected with a pill that makes you piss yourself?”

“Also shit. It’s not anti-aging, it’s age regression. They help depressed or traumatised people by making them think and feel a lot younger, like, baby younger. Allegedly, it helps them process their past or whatever. Part of the treatment is removing their potty training with this pill” Geoff explained

“Woah, wild. So how long will these pills last?” 

“Depends on the dosage. One pill per month, 6 pills for about 6 months. The effect of the pills mostly wears off by itself, but if you give more than 10, it’ll be 10 months of incontinence and the subject may need to re-potty train from scratch, even after the substance leaves the body.”

“Ok, take my money, I’ll take 6 pills”

“You buy the entire pack” Geoff knew no one would want these pills. This is an opportunity to clear some storage 

“I only need 6,” Oliver said. There was silence. Geoff just looked at him without even moving “Fine. Jerk” Oliver surrendered and paid for the entire pack


“You’ve been here all day, why don’t you rest a bit?” Abdel said to his son, Iyad. 

Iyad was training in his small home gym his father made for him. Iyad never remembered a time where he wasn’t interested in sports and exercise, but his biggest passion was soccer. He trained most of his life, every game mattered and nothing stopped him from advancing.

“Just a couple of minutes dad. Oliver is coming over anyways, I don’t want to smell like a sweaty pig for my friend” Iyad said as he brushed his glistening forehead. Iyad had short brown hair, light brown skin tone and deep green eyes.

“Oh, so I don’t deserve to know when your friends are visiting the house now?” Said Abdel, half jokingly.

“Don’t be a drama queen. You told me that after high school the second floor is my house as far as you’re concerned” Iyad stopped, took a towel and started wiping his sweat.

“Well, true that, but it’s not a separate unit yet. Friends are fine, strangers: you tell me. And don’t work out so hard, you don’t want to hurt yourself” Abdel said. As a single parent for most of Iyad’s life, Abdel was very protective of his son. He felt like Iyad was so goal-oriented, he may miss the finer moments of being young. 

“Yes, dad. I've been doing it all my life, I can be a gym coach if I wanted, I know how to not hurt myself” Iyad had a deja-vu, well, not really, as he actually told his dad this exact same phrase every month or so.


“We can watch France-Portugal if you’d like,” Iyad suggested to his friend Oliver. They were sitting in Iyad’s huge living room on the second floor. Trophies and prizes were shining on almost every surface, it almost looked like a golden room if you squint your eyes. The only thing not covered in gold was the tv. 


“Dude, we saw this game so many times this year, I could probably reconstruct every frame with popsicles if you’d made me” Oliver said, trying to find excuses to make Iyad leave this room, to spike his drink. “What about umm…France-Germany?” Oliver suggested

“Which one? I have ‘17 but not ‘14” Iyad said, worryingly. He doesn’t have a lot of close friends who share his interests, so he was extra nice to Oliver, always giving him what he wanted.

“Oof. I wanted to see ‘14, such a great game…Too bad you don’t have it. Maybe I could go home and watc-”

“No, no, don’t worry, I’ll go to my computer and download it. It’ll take several minutes though. You can take whatever from the fridge, get more beer if you want” Iyad ran to his room

Bingo” Oliver thought. He took the pills from his backpack and slipped 6 in his friend’s beer cup. “Well. 6 months are nice…There might be other games this year. Maybe I could be number one for more than 1 game…”. In an impulsive pulse, he dropped 4 more pills to the cup “I’m so good at this, after I’m retiring I should become an assassin

Oliver couldn’t focus on the game. He wanted to see the consequences of his actions. 

“Yeah!!! GOAL!!” Iyad jumped when the ball touched the net. Oliver just sat there, staring at the air. “Dude, that was an amazing play, are you ok?” Iyad said to Oliver, wondering why he didn’t jump with him

“Yes, yes, sorry, I was…um…Thinking about how I’ll never be as good as these guys” Oliver tried to seem innocent

“Sure you will! Just practise more, It’ll happen” said Iyad. Oliver hated to hear this. He practised a lot, but he got to his skill’s plateau. “If I was the only good player in this town, I would look a lot better…” Oliver thought to himself

“Yes, of course, you are right” Oliver said

“I know I’m right. You want to keep watching? We can go to sleep early, I don’t mind”, Said Iyad. Oliver nodded and they hit the sack. Oliver slept in the living room, surrounded by the trophies he didn’t have, dreaming of the trophies he’ll get once the competition would be out of the picture.


Iyad woke up with a fuzzy feeling. His head hurt and something was a bit off. He tried to readjust himself in bed, when a damp feeling hit his legs “Oh no, did I have a fever last night? I really can’t be sick, I have practice today” Iyad thought he was sweating in his sleep, until he noticed the smell and the intensity of the liquid. “Did…did I wet myself?” He soon jumped up from the bed and saw the massive wet spot on his bed, right around where his crotch laid.  The smell was subtle, yet distinctive as piss. 

In panic, Iyad took the sheets and started folding them into a ball “Thank gods I have a separate washing room, no one will notice…wait Oliver is here” Iyad swapped to a new boxer, and picked his head to the living room to make sure Oliver is still asleep 

THANK THE GODS for this sleepy dude”. Iyad changed his clothes, sheets and mattress, “Every evidence of this ever happening must be eliminated! I must have drank too many beers. Dad was right, my body is really not used to alcohol

“What are you doing?” Said Oliver, trying to brush his teeth after waking up. Iyad was on his knees scrubbing the bathroom floor with bleach, while the washing machine and the dryer howled. 

“Uhh the bathroom was really filthy…I didn’t want you to see it, so I clean it up” 

Was it working? Did Iyad wet the bed?” Oliver thought to himself. He didn’t want to raise his expectations too much, so he just went with it. “Huh why not, yeah, thanks for the cleaning. It’s really shiny in here”

“Haha yeah…” Iyad laughed nervously “Do you want spinach and kale shake with extra fibres or vanilla protein shake with no sugar?” Iyad tried to move the conversation away from anything remotely related to bathroom

“Both suck, just give me something sweet” Oliver started brushing his teeth “Something sweet like watching you soil yourself live, that’ll be great

“Vanilla is sweeter, less earthy, I’ll make two” Iyad left the cleaning supplies on the floor and went to the kitchen.

Iyad opened the sports channel, they both sat down on the sofa, drinking their shake

“How do you drink these? They smell like sewage” Oliver held his nose and drank the white paste

“They aren't supposed to be smelling like that…” Iyad said, “Maybe the powder spoiled?” Iyad felt something strange about the seat of his sofa, was it mushier? “What am I sitting at, leftover food or something?” Iyad stood up, and then he felt it, the backside of his boxers expanding rapidly. Shit was coming out of him, loading his boxer briefs with the smelly goo. Iyad felt nervous, he had no control of his ass, it just kept filling his briefs. “I have to go” Iyad ran to the toilet, holding his backside, as though he was afraid of his ass running away.

YES! It worked! He literally shat himself!” Oliver thought to himself with triumph “Should I play it cool or acknowledge it happened? Decisions, decisions

“Dude, are you ok there? This smelly shake almost made me throw up too” Oliver said through the bathroom door.

“Yeah…yeah…” Iyad wanted to throw up, but for completely different reasons “List, Oliver, I feel really sick…Why don’t you le-” Iyad's sentence was stopped by the sound of running waters hitting ceramic “C’mon seriously!?”

“No way I’m leaving you out like this. Do you want to go to the hospital?” Oliver suggested, trying to act supportive and less suspicious.

Iyad opened the door, revealing him standing butt naked, dirty messy boxers are thrown on the ground near a yellow paddle of fresh piss. “I think I need to see a doctor”



End Chapter 1

From Soccer to Paci Sucker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated May 13, 2023


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vended · Mar 24, 2023

This is actually quite well written! :] Please continue! I wonder if there will be actual AR, and how it will turn out whether there is or not.

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