From Soccer to Paci Sucker

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Chapter 3
Father’s Love ft Rival’s Jealousy

Chapter Description: Iyad’s dad and Oliver were teaming up for a joint goal. One wish to help, the other sabotage

“So how long have you been incontinent?” The psychiatric Dr. Lauren said. After a long discussion of past experiences with Iyad, she felt it was time to touch on the current issues. Even though it was their first time meeting, she felt a very good connection with Iyad.

“A month I think. Maybe a couple of days more” Iyad answered. This conversation was tough for him, he never told anyone some of the things he shared with the Dr, they were too painful to put into words. She made him feel it’s ok to share, her demeanour was inviting and kind, even if her office looked weird, it was designed like a paediatrician's office with baby blue walls and pictures of smiling sun and stars.

“I see.” She said and scribbled something in her notes “Have you been tested? Do they have any idea what happened to you?”

“...” Iyad was quiet. Even though he managed to get through the days with this condition, the fact the doctors couldn’t solve it was depressing “They have no clue. They checked every relevant part of me. One doctor even suggested I was making this up”

“Sounds like a terrible experience” She set her notes aside. “I don’t want to sound too cliche, but how did it make you feel?”

“The only thing I want is a lead, some info or anything. Even though I manage pretty well, I don’t want to be like this forever…” Iyad said. Talking about it made him feel extra aware that he’s diapered. He was already pretty wet, he knew he’d probably need to change soon.

“Well, I think it’s time to talk about what we can do here to help you,” She said. “It’s not a guarantee but according to everything you told me today, I believe the problem may be psychological. Due to stress or anxiety, or both, some people that had traumatic experiences like you, sometimes develop medical symptoms. Incontinence is actually quite common in this kind of situations”

“Really? So can you help make it go away?”

“I can try my best. It’s not a magic solution, you need to work” She said and sighed

“I will do anything” Iyad said, feeling more piss drip into his diaper.

“We use unconventional yet effective means to tackle those issues. We use age regression techniques to make people re-live their childhood from scratch, in a more healthy and supervised way. Considering the awful things that happened to you in your youth and the fact that your body already made itself un-potty trained, I think this kind of treatment is a good option for you”

Iyad had a tough time finding faults in her reasoning. His hope that this treatment will heal him masked the embarrassment of considering going back mentally to a younger age.

“How much younger will I be? How does it even work?” Iyad asked. He wasn’t 100% convinced yet, but wanted to hear more.

“Well…Taking the incontinence problem into account, I think that a potty training age will be appropriate. I think 3 years old is a good option” She answered, trying to examine Iyad facial expression and reaction to her suggestion

“Oh. That’s, like, a toddler! I’ll think like a 3 year old??” The thought made him gagged a bit

“It’s not how our hypnosis works” She explained “You see, every second you make choices even if you don’t notice those choices. You wake up in the morning, and you have a choice, to act like an adult or to act like a kid. Society imprints this adult behaviour on us, and makes us not notice those little choices anymore. Our hypnosis makes the patients more inclined to choose acting the proposed age, but it’s still completely their choice to do so.”

“So if I don’t want to act like a child, this won’t work?” Iyad was more interested now. There’s no way in hell he wanted to be 3 years old.

“Exactly. In those cases, we reexamine the suggested age and try again, or let go. It’s not for everyone, we acknowledge that” She sounded rational

“So how long does that last? Hypothetically, say I choose to start, how much time I’m going to spend as 3?” Iyad started to ease into this idea. 

“When you’re done, your mind will start to grow up again to an age that’s more suitable and necessary to spend time there. Sometimes people grow back naturally to their original mental age within a day.”

“And if they don’t…? They’ll be stuck forever as big babies?” Iyad was really worried about this.

“No, we have a cutoff time of 2 years. Less if there’s a problem with the caretaker. We snap them to an adult state, and let them have a cooling period of several months before reassessing their state of mind and whether or not this therapy is for them. We can set the cutoff time to be less in your case, but I won’t recommend it, some people need their time.”

“What about my training? I don’t want to lose weight or be a slob baby for a year and then be completely out”

“Don’t worry, we can insert your training regime into the hypnosis, you will snap only for a workout couple of times a week. You’ll find that our treatment is very flexible. We can find a workaround for almost any case”

“I must say, I’m not against it as I thought I would be” Iyad confessed

“You can think this over as long as you want, and it’s not set in stone. If it’s not for you, your mind will free itself very quickly. I just want to warn you..”


“For this to work, everyone around you will need to treat you like your perceived age. In any way possible. Diapers are already present in your life, but they will be more colourful, thick and babyish. It means clothes that match your age, accessories, furniture, the all deal. For any intent and purpose you will be a 3 years old toddler”

“Will…I be aware..?” Iyad started to shake.

“Yes. Completely. In the case that the treatment works on you, you won’t mind, you’ll find it appropriate and fun”

Iyad left the meeting with a lot to think on. While this treatment was pretty extreme, it was the only treatment that offered any kind of foreseeable solution to his diaper problem. Taking it may put him in a weird situation for a year, but not taking it may keep him diapered for his entire life. He tried to think of positive ways this could be good. He at least will be more relaxed, not have to worry too much about games, work or anything. It would be like a long vacation. He liked this idea, as he tried to remember any vacation he ever took… none of them really made him calm or relaxed, there was always stress involved.


Oliver couldn’t believe what he heard. “Iyad is really going for it!” He was ecstatic, his master plan worked amazingly. For several days, while Iyad still had doubts, Oliver tried his best to convince him this treatment would be the better option. “He’s going to become a stupid baby, while I - will become the Messi of this town”.

Oliver was on his way to Iyad’s house. His friend wanted them to hang out together one last night before the hypnosis. Oliver couldn’t wait. It’s one thing to make plans and another to actually see them come to fruition. 

The things he saw while entering the house was making butterflies scoot inside him like crazy “I’m a genius!!” Oliver thought, barely able to hide his smile.

The entire living room was baby-proofed, large baby bottles were hanging to dry on the kitchen counter, with an adult sized high chair near the table. The TV area was designed for a toddler, complete with a styrofoam puzzle floor and a large play pan, filled with toys, plushies and pacifiers. “This is too good to be true,” Oliver thought to himself.

“Must be weird to see the house like that, huh?” Said Abdel to Oliver. Abdel looked somewhat happy, yet not as thrilled as Oliver.

“Yeah, sure…It looks like you have a small kid living here” Oliver said, trying to look a bit less happy about the thing.

“Well, it might as well by tomorrow…” Abdel said. “I really appreciate that you agree to stay with Iyad through that”

“Yeah, sure! I don’t mind babysitting him when I have the time. Anything for my friend! I don’t even mind changing him if needed”

“You are really a good friend, I’m sure Iyad thinks that too. His hypnosis will take effect as soon as he wakes up tomorrow. The psychiatrist encouraged us to start with clothing and food from today, to help the transition so-”

“Don’t you worry, I’ll be cool”

Iyad came down the stairs with a long sleeved footed pajama decorated with teddy bears, clouds and pacifiers. Something else drew Oliver’s attention. Two things actually, the large pacifier in Iyad’s mouth, tied by a snap to his pajama, and the big puffy diaper bulge that made it really hard for him to walk properly. Iyad waddled down the stairs, snapping the pacifier from his mouth as soon as he saw Oliver. 

“Those things are not really comfortable… I doubt I’ll like them tomorrow.” Iyad said to Oliver, blushing.

“Don’t sweat it. It’s fine if you want to suck it, I don’t mind” Moreover, Oliver really enjoyed all of this. “Plus, you told me the hypnosis has a chance to not work at all, so, this all thing could be for nothing” Oliver tried to sound comforting even though deep down he hoped the treatment will work extra well, let Iyad stay a baby for two years for all he cared.

“Well, yeah,” Every subtle movement created loud crinkles coming from his diapers. “Part of me doesn’t want it to work, because staying a baby for a long time really freaks me out. The other part just want it to work so I could be out of diapers and back in the playing field, you know”

“You just need a little bit of hope, son” Said Abdel. “I’m glad to see my little guy back, but I want you to get better as soon as possible. You’ll be re-potty trained as a baby, and fortunately it will carry over when you’ll be back”

“Yeah, like a long vacation.” Said Oliver. “Therapeutic vacation” He emphasised.  

“I..huh…-” Iyad mumbled. 

“We are here for you buddy, no matter what” Said Oliver

“Umm..I ju-” Iyad mumbled even more

“Really, son” Said Abdel.

“I need a change”. Said Iyad, blushing heavily. 

“Oh, OH! Sorry son” Abdel soon hurried to bring a changing mat and laid it on the floor. “Do you mind if Oliver will stay? He really wants to help, it could be useful to have another set of hands”

Iyad didn’t want his friend to see him like that, but he preferred to make his father and friend happy than himself. 

He set his butt on the changing mat, and let his father unfasten the snaps of the pajama, exposing the huge cartoon diaper Iyad was wearing, clearly wet to the brim. Oliver noticed something odd,

“Are you smooth?” Oliver asked, Abdel started to remove the diaper and clean Iyad private parts, exposing a smooth and comically tiny penis and balls. “What’s up with your junk?” Oliver thought things couldn’t get better, yet they were far exceeding his expectations. Iyad was bright red.

“Yeah, they have treatment to remove the hair completely and make ‘the junk’ tiny so it won’t bother the diaper stuff. It is also supposed to help get into baby headspace.” Iyad explained as his father powdered his tiny nub of a dick.

“Wow. That’s extreme” Oliver said

“Nah, it’s only temporary, they put it in the formula. It will grow up pretty instantly the moment I stop drinking it. Plus, I’ll be a friggin’ baby, why would I care?” Said Iyad. Sure he cared now, but he knew full well it might not be this way in the morning when he’ll wake up a new person.

Abdel finished taping Iyad into a new silly diaper, covered in smiling suns and clouds. 

After they watched some games, they went to sleep. Oliver slept on Iyad’s adult bed while Iyad slept in his new crib in the guest room they re-decorated to be his baby room. Both had trouble falling asleep, Iyad was afraid of what’s to come while Oliver was completely thrilled about it.


Oliver woke up completely hazy. He barely managed to get sleep, but he had important things to check: Iyad state.

He walked slowly into the baby room “Iyad?”

“Dada?” Oliver saw Iyad sitting in his crib, with the pacifier in his mouth “Owibor?” Iyad mumbled

Victory has never been sweeter” Oliver thought to himself.

“Yes, sport, it’s me, Oliver” Oliver said as if he talked to a toddler

“Want dada” Iyad put his sleeves up his face, his eyes started to water

“No need to cry buddy, dada will be right here, I’ll call him. Ok?” Oliver tried to calm his friend as best as he can

Iyad just nodded and plopped to the crib, making the plastic sheet crinkle under him.

“Hey, Abdel, you have a very wet baby boy upstairs” Said Oliver with glee.

“Oh Shucks. I need to get in shape for this, I barely managed to prepare breakfast!” Said Abdel as he ran upstairs, grabbing a large baby bottle with white liquid and a fresh diaper. “Oliver, can you please watch the eggs?”

Oliver gladly agreed. He set the table with eggs for Abdel and the high chair for his, now toddler, friend.

Abdel found Iyad in bed playing with some plushies, his pacifier stuck in his mouth “Good morning, son”

“Dada!” Iyad noticed his dad and left his plushies alone.

“Oh someone really needs a change, huh?” Abdel said to his adult son

“Did bam bap” Said Iyad, barely speaking coherently

“Yeah, yeah you did,” Abdel said, even though he had no idea what he tried to say. He assumed by the smell that maybe it means poop. 

Abdel did worry, according to the doctor Iyad should have been able to speak as a 3 years old, but Iyad was a bit un-expressive. He lowered the bars of his crib, and Iyad tried to walk, only to plop on the floor on his hands and knees 

“Dada wok hard” Iyad tried to say

“Oh, Can you crawl?” Abdel suggested. Again, Abdel suspected something was of. “He should be able to walk…” He thought to himself.

“Tourds” Iyad flipped to lay on his back. “Baba”

“You know what, I can change you here” Abdel said. He brought Iyad the bottle, which he gladly took and started to suck on, as though he has done it for years. “Do you like it?” Iyad just nodded.

“Good boy” 

Abdel soon unsnapped the footed pajama and carefully cleaned Iyad parts from the brown gunk. After he was done, he powdered him and put on a new thick babyish diaper. 

“There there, all good. Can you walk for dada?” Abdel said, a bit concerned. “Maybe something went wrong?” He asked himself.

Iyad just put his feets near his belly, playing with them.


Oliver couldn’t believe what he heard. “So, instead of acting like a 3 year old he regressed more? Why?” Oliver asked, barely able to hide his grin. 

“They say it sometimes happens in extreme cases. I’ll need your help more than I thought. First we need to move his crib and stuff down here”

Oliver was glad to help. He felt awesome seeing this development, or rather anti-development of his friend. He looked over Abdel’s shoulder to see Iyad playing on his belly barely able to crawl, sucking a pacifier. His diapers are so big, you can see the huge diaper butt through the silly dinosaur onesie he was wearing. 

…And so Oliver helped babysit and co-raise Iyad for several months. Iyad was a happy big toddler, playing with baby toys, sucking pacifiers. He helped feed him mush and refill his bottles with formula.  Oliver found all of this extremely exciting, even arousing. He even enjoyed changing dirty diapers, something about it made him feel so powerful.

After six months, the game was over - Oliver’s victory was so sweet. The plan worked, his execution was amazing. What a better way to celebrate than visiting the guy who made all of this possible?

Still sweating he came with his bags to visit Iyad and Abdel.

“Just in time!” Abdel greeted Oliver with a huge hug. “I want to shower, can you make sure Iyad doesn't get in trouble?”

“Of course!” Oliver went to the tiny living room area Iyad that turned into Iyad’s room. There were plushies everywhere, and Iyad was sitting on a baby blue blanket, wearing a space onesie, eyes glued to a silly puppet cartoon. “Hi there buddy” Oliver said condescendingly. He was used to talking to Iyad as a baby now, and hoped he would have trouble getting used to treating him otherwise once he got out of the baby phase.  “I would pay good money to keep treating him like a baby forever, whether he thinks like one or not”

“Oiiver” Iyad exclaimed and crawled towards him awkwardly with his big diapered butt. Oliver crouched and hugged him.

“Guess what happened today?” Oliver asked him. “We won over your team. 3-1. Was pretty brutal”. Iyad just looked at him confused.

“Can you count to 3 Iyad?” Oliver asked him

“Yeth” He said through his pacifier

“Yeah? Show me”

Iyad put his fingers up, but four of them “dis ma?” He said looking confused

“Close, close. You’re so cute like this” 

“Tanks” Said Iyad smiling


The rest of the evening was really uneventful, now Oliver felt like the unstoppable one. 

When Oliver got up to leave, a small plushie was standing in the way, unnoticed to him, he was tripping and falling, his backpack pouring on the floor, his soccer clothes and all of his belongings were scattered on the floor.

“Oh no! Oliver, are you ok?” Abdel said, starting to collect the stuff from the floor and into a big pile. 

“Yeah, damn it. My leg got a bit scratched but I’m fine”

“Stay there! I’ll clean everything up for you. It’s been a long day, rest before you go”

“Thanks, ok” Oliver said. Abdel folded all the clothes and the small change that was dropped to the floor and also.. A small orange plastic vial of…Abdel was reading the prescription, something caught his eyes. He didn’t return the orange box back to the backpack. He played it cool and let Oliver leave, while examining the thing closely…


Author’s Note: Hi everyone! Hope you liked this chapter. I’m sorry it took me longer to release it, I was busy doing irl stuff. 

Please, if you liked this story and want to read more like this, please write in the comments. I’m starting to get to work on a new story, and I’m open for suggestions.

This story has one more chapter, so if you didn’t like something, I’d love to hear so I can improve and deliver better stuff.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story, hope you enjoyed it :)



End Chapter 3

From Soccer to Paci Sucker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated May 13, 2023


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Pierry · Apr 11, 2023

Really liked this chapter ! I guess abdel just found the culprit for his son state so I think he gonna make Oliver being his son baby brother I hope

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