From Soccer to Paci Sucker

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Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Iyad been crippled with his new condition, but decided to look at the glass half full. Oliver find Iyad’s positive outlook concerning for his own goals, maybe more extreme measures are needed

They put him in diapers!” Oliver tried his best to look serious and sad as Iyad and Abdel, but deep down he was jumping in joy “No.1. No. 1. No.1 That’s what they’ll call me

Meanwhile Iyad just sat at his seat with his hands on his head, trying to not feel weird wearing the thick crinkly diaper they gave him at the hospital. His shorts barely hid the bulging in his crotch. 

“Don’t worry, we will figure this out” said Abdel, trying to spark some hope in this seemingly depressing car ride home. 

“They ran every test… We paid for the best medical team possible, we saw 4 different doctors, we’ve been there for almost 24 hours, and they found nothing wrong” Iyad was pissed, quite literally. He didn’t even feel the need to go, piss just came out of him every several minutes and that’s not even the worst part. Pissing himself was barely noticeable, compared to shitting himself. The first thing he’d notice is the smell and some farts, and then, game over, his anus would start unloading shit without any input from him whatsoever. In the hospital, he just ran and hid in the stall until it was over, what the fuck was he suppose to do during a game!?

“It’s hard, I know,” Said Abdel. “We did find something, son. They found out the problem is probably not neurological and they have a strong suspicion it's in the nervous system. The doctors were very kind to us and gave us A+ treatment - it’s much more than most people get in the hospital. They gave you exercises to do and we have an appointment for a chiropractor next week, stay hopeful. The gods will provide, I’m sure of this” Abdel was always calm and collected. He never got angry, even when upset, he approached things rationally.

“Easy to say this when you’re not shitting your pants” Iyad commented, spitting with anger. 

“Even if it was me, I would have said the same. Giving yourself to anger just leads to more despair. It’s not a positive experience, looking at the bright side is not bright enough, but you must do what you must do, and anger won’t assist you”

If he knew it was me who'd done this, would he still feel this way?” Oliver thought to himself, starting to feel anxious. “Abdel paid for the top doctors you can buy with money, they might know something that Geoff doesn’t” He stayed quiet, but his heart raced.

Iyad was silent the entire trip after that. His father's words didn’t calm him, but gave him some food for thought. 


Iyad woke up at 4:00 AM, his dreams were interrupted by a vicious smell. Then he remembered. He’s in diapers, and…he shat himself in his sleep. The disgusting mess was everywhere, his ass, balls and even some of his lower back were covered in poop. His thick diaper wasn’t thick enough and leaked everywhere, his sheets were soiled and damp. “I’m so tired…Why is my body stupid!?” he said.

Hazzingly he managed to clean his bed and change to a new diaper. “Please let this one make it through the night. Damn, I should have thought about protective sheets…”

He still woke up in the morning with a heavy soggy diaper and some wet spots around his crotch. “Why even bother?” He showered and looked at his naked body in the mirror, examining his muscles and chiselled body “And now, to the ugly part” He diapered himself standing the same way the nurse showed him, trying to make it look as best as he can “I guess I can make everything look sexy with this body” he tried to find a positive outlook on this situation, and then remembered that those diapers weren’t just for show as liquid spurted from his dick into the absorbent lining beneath it.

Excuse after excuse. He called everyone he knew and cancelled every in-person plan or meeting. The hardest were practices with his team, he knew they counted on him. Even though they weren’t really close personally, at the field, they were brothers in blood. 

“Damn bro, this sucks balls, we need you here” Said Eran from their team

“I’m sorry, I’m very sick…It’s bad” He felt embarrassed telling anyone the real reason. “A good player should be in full control of his muscles, not incontinent and helpless

“... Cancer bad? Aids? You got aids from a slut, right?” Eran asked, only half jokingly

“Huh no. Haha. Not that bad. Don’t worry, I’ll live. It’s just a really bad sickness”

“Fine, don’t worry, won’t tell anyone you got slut aids” Eran said and hanged the phone

It may be over sooner than later right?” Iyad tried his best to hold onto any positive thought he had, but no matter what, stress started to build “What if it’s gonna be this way forever? Will I just hide myself my entire life?

Iyad spent the entire afternoon watching some old games his father recorded. No matter what he did, he couldn’t forget the fact he is in a thick diaper.  Every drip of warm piss made him jump to check for leaks “How can people do this without losing their mind!?”.

The only thing that made him feel better was the plays he made during the games. His coach always told them “horror” stories of the players that peaked in high school and never succeeded, and as he watched those old recordings from when he was 16,  a deep powerful feeling of pride took over him. “I’m…I’m really talented” He knew it before, but now, when the thought of quitting was looming over him like a dark diapered cloud, a new wave of self appreciation washed over him. “I’m unstoppable! Nothing! NOTHING! Will stand in my way!!! Fuck yeah!!” He was yelling so loud his father knocked on the apartment door

“Iyad? Are you ok? Need help?” Abdel was so worried the incontinence was a symptom for something more insidious he kept checking his son for any irregularity.

“I’m fine dad, I’m just unstoppable now” Iyad opened the door, trying to explain

“Of course! Oh how I love to see this smile! I really hope you rested enough, you remember what Dr. Kathrin said, right?”

“Actually no, there were like 100 doctors yesterday, I’m not even sure I remember any Kathrin…I remember Andrew or was it Darren…? Nevermind, I’m fine” Iyad rumbled

“I think you should rest a bit more. Stress is a disease like any other” Abdel said “Keep the good mood though”

“I’ll rest later, have some important stuff to do, I need to go shopping”

“Oh, outside?” Abdel was surprised, he knew Iyad was self conscious about the diaper situation

“Yeah.” Iyad said


It’s been a long week of tough practice games and hours at the gym, crafting the perfect diet and working his best to be number 1. Oliver felt like the seat at the top was reserved for him, he just needed to grab it. 

When Iyad called him for another hang out night, he was surprised and a bit afraid. “He got better already? I’m gonna behead Geoff and his ‘10 month and re-potty train’ bullshit”. He really hoped he was gonna see Iyad starting to lose muscle mass and in full, big embarrassing diapers not being able to go play from shame. He knew that week won’t really make a difference, yet he fantasised about it a lot.

Abdel opened the door, he looked a bit worried but welcomed Oliver warmingly into the house. “If his father looked a bit upset, maybe things got worse? Not…too ‘worse’ I hope…” He wanted Iyad to be a loser, not hurt or dead, especially if that would lead to his involvement.

Where are his diapers??” First things Oliver thought  when he saw Iyad. “He looks completely and utterly fine!

“Hi, wow you seem healthy haha…The doctors fixed you?” Oliver gulped, trying to seem innocent as much as he could.

“What? No, still incontinent” Iyad said as he raised his shirt to reveal a thin diaper line picking over his trousers “I just found this really good brand. They are less noticeable yet still absorb anything”

phew…” though Oliver

“Oh sucks you still need those though…” Oliver said, trying to sound sad and comforting

“Yeah, it’s rough, but I found true power” Said Iyad with a grin “Shake? This time they won’t smell like sewage haha” Iyad joked.

“Huh no…” Oliver started to worry. “True power…?” His pulse began to raise

“Yeah yeah yeah. Marathon runners figured this out years ago, and I’m gonna do the same. “

“Marathon runners?” Oliver was very confused now. “Is he having a mental breakdown?

“They shit” Iyad said like it was nothing

“Duh, everyone shits” Oliver thought his friend lost it, or worse, found a way to get around the setback.

“No no no. Look.” Iyad opened some pictures on his phone 

“Ew what the fuck!?” Oliver grossed out by the dozen of photos of runners with shit running down their legs

“Sorry. The point is, they don’t care! They run anyway! So that’s what I’ll do too. I’ll keep training and playing with or without diapers, it doesn’t matter. It actually created a real challenge for me, with the heaviness of the diaper, it keeps me on my toes”

“Ok, let's say you play with diapers. No’ 1 is fine, what about no’ 2? Do you think the other players won’t mind if they need to play with a very stinky player?” Oliver hoped to sway Iyad away from this idea, and fast

“I actually made an appointment with a specialist dietitian, she thinks it's possible to time my meals and sugar intake so that I will always no’ 2 in the late nights”

“Gross” Oliver said

“Yeah my situation is gross no matter what Oliver! But this way I can be gross out of the field and be a super player on the field”

“What if people find out?” Oliver thought this may be the only chance

“Let them. I have a problem, it’s not my fault. They want to make fun of me? Have a laugh. See them laugh when I score the most out of any of their players. My team been really supportive of my condition so far”

Oliver couldn’t believe it. Not only he wasn’t eliminating Iyad from the competition, he actually made him stronger and better. Should he talk to Geoff again? Try another solution? Maybe get some weed. 

Oliver was quietly upset the entire night. He was so close, and everything was ruined now. Seeing Iyad wearing a comically big and puffed diaper before sleep couldn’t even cheer him up. He just grumped his way through the night until bedtime.


The next morning Oliver snuck outside before Iyad had shown signs of waking up. 

“Oliver” Abdel said just as Oliver tried to leave through sneakily through the front door

“Yeah?” You can still hear the deep disappointment in Oliver’s  voice.

“I need to talk to you, privately” Abdel took Oliver outside and closed the door behind them. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you are one of Iyad’s closest friends, if not his only true friend”

“I..huh” Oliver never thought about this too deeply. “Is he suspecting of something?

“So. I wanted to ask if he seemed… a bit… too ok lately?” Abdel said

“Huh…Well…” Oliver had trouble figuring out where this was going

“While I like to see him so confident, I have a feeling this recent issue is not something localised. All these high pressure games are must be getting to him, I suggest this incontinence thing is a result from all of that”

“Yeah…wow,” Oliver had his cogs turning rapidly. “You know, I think that you’re right. He DID seem like he was through a mental breakdown, talking about pooping marathons and being unstoppable”

“That’s really concerning,” Abdel told Oliver. “Some part of me thinks I was a bad father. I let him train day and night, through weekends and holidays, and he never really experienced a real childhood. Maybe this recent behaviour is a direct result of him missing something there…” Oliver never saw Abdel so sad about something

“Yeah, you know, this makes perfect sense when you say it” Oliver’s mind was working overdrive, a wicked idea sprung to life in his mind

“I wish there was a way to fix this” Abdel said, utterly disappointed of himself

“Well. You know, I have a friend that underwent this experimental psychiatric treatment and they really helped him. Their entire MO is people that go through what you just said” Oliver had a golden ticket to stardom. “It’s weird but it had GREAT results” Said Oliver to the interested Abdel. “I’ll get all the info and send it to you, sounds good?”

“Of course, that’s promising! Thanks a lot Oliver, you really are a great friend to my son.” Abdel said and went inside the house.

Oliver made a quick call

“Hi Geoff, I need some help. Can you send me the dits about the origin of our last transaction?”

You can’t be a great soccer player if you’re a drooling baby. If everything goes as planned Iyad would rather watch Paw Patrol than join a soccer game.” Oliver had the most satisfying wide grin of his life.



End Chapter 2

From Soccer to Paci Sucker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated May 13, 2023


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