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The New Normal

by: Stolas Last updated May 21, 2023

In order to combat crime and out of control teen pregnancy rates "The Reckless Youth Prevention Act" was passed. Colloquially called "The Diaper Law" young men were placed in the same status as infants. One of such men is young John who now faces life as a diaper clad toddler. Inspired by the "Diaper Law".

The New Society

by: Stolas Last updated May 11, 2023

In the future alien machines led by a mysterious techno-organic entity known as The First Ideal have enslaved humanity. The only thing left to stand in its way are resistance cells led by Elijah Hightower. After he’s captured the rebel leader learns what’s become of his kinsmen.


by: Stolas Last updated May 4, 2023

Join Boston, a beleaguered young executive through a mind-bending tale of humiliation and regression.


by: Stolas Last updated Jun 23, 2021

Anthony finds himself the victim of circumstances beyond his control,

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RE: ABDL Video Game Patreon Research

Stolas Feb 27, 2023

I find diaper girl stuff kinda repellent, but I will recommend it to my freinds bc POS is an excellent artist.

sexual orientation

On story: Some bullies go unpunished - chapter 1
Stolas Feb 19, 2023

I think you mean sex or gender not his sexual orientation. LOL Anyway, it's an interesting story, but I'd add the TG tag as well.

Some Advice

On story: My wife’s abdl and a witch! - chapter 1
Stolas Jan 30, 2023

I recommend spacing out each paragraph. This will make it easier to read and you can use free programs like Grammarly to help with proofreading.


On story: The Diaper Man - chapter 4
Stolas Jan 26, 2023

I am guessing the mark gets passed on to the bullies and they turn into babies?

RE: No, age regression

Stolas Jan 20, 2023

I will work on it for you.

RE: No, age regression

Stolas Jan 20, 2023

I don't like female mental ar, but I can write one up if someone asks. I don't mind doing it for free either. I just need an idea of what they w ...

RE: No, age regression

Stolas Jan 20, 2023

Most of the mental regression stories have been about women. There are a few male oriented ones, but most have been female.

This just came out of nowhere.

On story: Bed Wetter - chapter 2
Stolas Jan 11, 2023

Why didn't you tag this as a TG story? You gotta elaborate on stuff like this in the future.


On story: Bed Wetter - chapter 1
Stolas Jan 11, 2023

Why is Jordan a girl now? Did I miss something?

That's fair

On story: Erika's Revenge - chapter 5
Stolas Jan 11, 2023

I was pretty hooked, but that's understandable. I am curious what you had in mind for the story though.

This is how ends?

On story: Erika's Revenge - chapter 5
Stolas Jan 9, 2023

That was disappointing, tbh.

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