The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023

Chapter 3
Baby Dayz Ahead

"Why would I need formula? I am eighteen years old not a baby." He questioned, not so much in defiance, but curiosity and embarrassment at the very notion of it. The feel of the diaper rubbing against his inner thigh only adding to the feelings of shame he felt.

"Because it's a special formula made for young men like, you honey. Other boys have it every day and they seem to love it." She said matter of fact, having seen the results for herself. As a professor she'd seen so many rowdy students turned into sweet little angels. In fact, the curious brew seemed to have a positive impact on youths of all ages. She'd heard about the stranger side-effects, but they'd been eradicated, at least that's what they'd all been told.

"Yeah, but those guys are pussies now."

"John!" His mother Jennifer yelled. She and his father hated "foul" language, especially his dad.

John instinctively rolled his eyes at her reprimand, a habit he'd developed throughout the years. Still, he obliged like always and apologized in a way that only a rebellious boy could. "Erm..sorry."

Before she could forgive the wayward lad, a blaring horn overwhelmed them. "That must be your father." Jennifer muttered.

"Yeah, yeah I am on it." John sighed, waddling past his annoyed mother. The diaper was much larger than he'd imagined. Each step felt like an eternity as he crept closer to the doorway. The crinkling garment he wore a painful reminder of the future that awaited him. Hopefully, he wouldn't end up like some of his buddies from school. They were still fun to hang with, but they were all so weirdly docile and immature now. He was a loyal guy though, so he had no plans to abandon them anytime soon.

John's trip to the driveway seemed longer than usual. Ages seemed to have passed before he escaped the shag carpeting leading to his parent's front door. The bulky diaper snuggled gently betwixt his bony thighs an ever-present reminder of what awaited beyond that wooden portal. "Fuck. This diaper is so big my pants can barely hide it." Cursed the boy, his attention momentarily diverted from the entrance to the garment that encased his buttocks. His mind wandered back to the window, as he pondered if escape was on the table. Technically, John was an adult and if it weren't for this stupid law, he'd be well within his rights to just leave. Further exploration of the unfair state of things would have continued if a knock had not liberated him from the prison of his mind.

"Hey! Could I get some help with these things? They are kinda heavy." Yelled his dad from behind the door. Joe, his dad, was a patient, but an intimidating guy who'd worked out all of John's life so hearing him have any trouble was strange to say the least.

"Oh! Sorry, Dad!"

Trapped in his own thoughts, the youngster had completely forgotten what he'd even been doing. Despite the wretched underwear John hurriedly opened the door, revealing his father's struggling frame. In the bear of a man's arms sat boxes of all kinds, from diapers, clothes, to baby food, it was no wonder Joe was having a hard time of it. Partially blinded by the mountain of infantile goods, he shakily stepped forward in search of a surface to unload his burden.

"Hey, Johnny be a good lad and move that table out of the way. Yeah."

With zero hesitation the boy did as his father asked. Being on the scrawny side moving something as large as the old coffee table wasn't an easy task. Eventually, the table heeded his command and found itself closer to a nearby wall. After a short breather, and a few silent complaints about the oaken beasts' girth the boy returned his gaze to his father. With the obstacle removed, Joe was free to dump his cargo, which he did albeit carefully. Though overwhelmed by such a weighty payload Joe still made sure to be as careful as possible.

"There we go."

When Johnny laid eyes upon the plastic mound of infantile wares before him his heart sank. At that moment his future finally became real to him, and he realized there was no turning back.



End Chapter 3

The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023


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