The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023

Chapter 7
Daycare Blues

Chapter Description: John's life takes yet another turn as he embarks on his first trip to daycare. What new hell awaits him there?

Dressed in hues of blue and white the daycare sat imposing before him. A massive square covered in windows and surrounded by a wall of brick, it seemed more a prison than a daycare. The twin security guard’s ushering cars into its expansive parking lot only furthering that sentiment. John cringed inwardly at the sight beyond his window. Did he really have to spend his day here? He queried to himself. What about school, his life? Was all of that just gone? Before he could further think about his new reality Jennifer derailed his thoughts.

 “We are here honey. Time for daycare. I bet you are excited to make some new friends.” Still awash in questions it took John a second to acknowledge his mother. He hadn’t known why he waited until that moment, but he seized the opportunity

 “I know I was fired from my job because of this law, but what about school?” Unlike before his tone lacked the petulance of adolescence. It was instead a very adult question that even Jennifer had to acknowledge.

 “Well…the daycare will replace schools for boys.  All boys are to attend them, and girls will attend schools. I believe today will be my final mixed gender class. I don’t know all the details, but it should be explained today. So, lets hurry and get you in before you’re late.”

 John’s head was spinning and he had more questions than answers. As he sat helplessly in his car seat. John could only wonder where this all was heading. Why were they separating girls from guys? Just how much had his reality been uprooted by the government? These thoughts plagued him as he sat in the overgrown car seat.

When he was finally released from the car seat John was ushered into a line with other boys. They were mostly eighteen to twenty years old like him. They varied in size from short to tall, but they all wore a babyish onesie with a noticeable diaper bulge. They all seemed embarrassed and annoyed to be there. Misery loves company so maybe he could find some friends after all.

“Bro, this is bullshit. I should be running track right now.” Complained a blond, his slender body concealed by the onesie save for the bulky diaper he wore. His friend who looked about nineteen needed in agreement before complaining about his own woes. He was an aspiring e-sports player, and with the new laws passing games were an impossibility for him. His dark skin contrasted with the light blue garment that enveloped his form, but the diaper he wore was just as evident. It was clear to John that these onesies weren’t just his mother’s idea, but a type of uniform.

“Hey” John said nonchalantly. The two boys returned John’s greeting with a “hey”, of their own before the blond asked John if he knew anything about this. What John would have said is “No”, but before he could open his mouth the line began to move forward. Faculty on either side of the line told them it was time for them to go inside. Annoyed, but helpless to do anything further, the trio moved alongside their diapered peers. John didn’t know either of the two boys that escorted him, but he was glad to have company in the madness that overtook his world.

Slathered in trappings befitting a daycare, the building’s innards were typical of such a place. Cartoon animals stuck to the walls and childish decorations hung from the ceiling. Colorful toyboxes and other accessories made for infants lined the walls and shelves. Tables with large, but nonetheless babyish chairs sat before them whilst giant playpens stood ominously in the center of the room. John shivered at the sight of it all. Here he was, an eighteen-year-old man in a onesie being walked through a giant daycare. Mercifully John’s trek through his infantile hell ended when they finally reached a set of double doors. They lacked the childish appearance of everything else he’d seen before, but even that failed to put him at ease.

 Beyond the intimidating doors the boys were treated to a vast auditorium with a stage at the forefront of it all. It was here that the trio along with the sea of other males were seated. “What happens ne-“John’s words were cute short by the nipple of a pacifier. Its lengthy woolen tail was clipped onto John’s onesie with such speed and precision that he hadn’t any time to process it.  Rather than fight against the insanity he submissively began to suckle the soother’s teat. It was humiliating, but at least his newfound buddies were doing the same he thought.  It seemed misery truly did love company as the experience wasn’t as hellish as it could have been without them. As usual things were happening too quickly for John to process as before he could think any further a voice cut through the air.

 “I see you are all dressed in your uniforms along with your pacifiers. Now I know this has been a big transition for all of you, but I assure you it’s for the best.  First off, my name is Coraline Bridges. I am the administrator for this daycare. The staff and I will see to your every need and education. Now I am sure you all have questions, but those can wait until after we have gone over everything. ” The woman announced, and while she looked the part of a stocky principal in her fifties she was nonetheless commanding in her speech.

 “From this point onward, you will no longer be attending your schools. Instead, you will all report to Daycare 309. This is the designated facility for boys in this county. In conjunction with the new law everything belonging to your academics will be frozen until you reach thirty years of age. This includes college as well as any job you might have held.” Despite the sea of faces irate at losing their lives to an unjust law the administrator continued without pause.

 “While this is a daycare, we will be educating you. Rather, we will be helping you to unlearn behaviors that landed you here in the first place. When we are satisfied by your progress you will be transitioned to kindergarten where you will be taught domestic skills.” John was speechless by the end of her spiel. To think his whole life was put on hold for this and what did she mean by “unlearn bad behaviors?” This was much too fast and he just felt like leaving, but he knew there would be no point. After all where would he go? He was fired from his home and forced to live with parents because of the act. All he could do was listen to her prattle on, which she of course did.

 “Now I will go over some rules of the daycare.

 Rule One: You are never to remove or tamper with your diapers. Only a staff member may change or remove your diaper at their discretion. You will also report to the changing room at the designated time. You are also expected to use your diapers. They exist for a reason, and we expect you to acknowledge that.

 Rule Two: As I am sure you have noticed you have been given pacifiers. Those pacifiers are to remain in your mouth until a staff member removes them. However, if you place them in voluntarily you may remove them. You may also remove them during playtime when you can freely socialize with each other. “ What followed was a litany of other rules that you’d find in a school such as respect staff and don’t fight. Everything about John’s life had been turned upside down, and for the next ten years this would be his hell.





End Chapter 7

The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023


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