The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023

Chapter 6
You Big Baby

Chapter Description: John's humiliating regression into babyhood continues.

When John’s mother arrived, he could only sigh in defeat. Both palms covering his face the beleaguered youth refused to even watch. Not out of some final act of defiance, but shame. Wearing a diaper was its own hell, but having to use it was another humiliation altogether.  


“Be a good boy and raise your legs.” She said in the sweetest tone the woman could deliver. Jennifer could be stern, but she wasn’t without empathy. John’s reaction was understandable given the situation. Rules were rules, however; and the idea of him “being made to submit” by the state terrified her. Thankfully for them both John while a rebel was not unreasonable.


“Ok…jeesh” Legs held high, Jennifer unfastened the straps of his diaper with expert efficiency. As a teacher Jennifer was responsible for changing the boys’ diapers at her school so it became second nature. After the garment was no longer secured to his waist she pulled the front away from his genitals. Bulked up from urine it harbored a wretched odor even John couldn’t handle. Jennifer having been somewhat desensitized to the stench simply began to clean him up.


“Is it over yet?” John asked hoping his stint in purgatory was over. Jennifer simply responded with an “almost” as she continued cleaning him. His body naturally relaxed when he felt the dry padding slide under him. It was at that point that the boy knew his newest indignity would come to an end. His relief was short-lived when his mother informed him that he’d be attending daycare tomorrow.


“I am eight-“ Predicting what he’d say she cut him off. She explained that the state no longer classified him as an adult, but an infant. Since both his parents worked John had to attend daycare because he could no longer look after himself. As such he needed to be under adult supervision at all times.


“Man…this sucks.” A deflated vocalization of his misery was all John could muster.  “It will work out, baby.” She said before pressing the nipple of a baby bottle to his lips. Her words held an understanding and kindness that she reserved for times like this. Jennifer mentally vowed to make her son’s transition into babyhood as painless as possible. She was sure he’d be happier this way like the other boys his age.


“Drink up, Johnny.” Wry smile in tow as she peered down at him. In no mood to fight he submissively began to suck the baby bottle. Even after she left the room he continued drinking. The formula was so rich and creamy that he couldn’t stop from gorging himself on the concoction. As he drunk of the formula thoughts of what tomorrow would bring danced in his head. Before he could ponder any longer his Dad came in to remind him it was time for bed. For a second he didn’t recognize his dad. The normally bulky man was starting to slim down. He would’ve said something if he weren’t so sleepy. All he could do was summon up an ok before passing out.


“I see someone needs a change.” John awoke in confusion, having realized that he’d fallen asleep. Once again, he’d wet himself, but before he could panic his mom settled him down. He found it strange how surprisingly well his mom calmed his nerves. What would have usually been earth-shattering to him didn’t seem as bad. He still hated it and felt ridiculous, but he felt a little better. He started to wonder if it was that stuff he kept drinking, but he couldn’t be sure. Whatever it was he decided to put off drinking the formula until he could decide if it was affecting him or not.


“Go and take a shower and after you are out, I will get you dressed. Things are going to be different starting today. First, I am going to take you to daycare and pick you up after work. In the meantime, your father will be setting up your new furniture in your room. Now I know you don’t like this, but we are putting your games away until you reach the appropriate age.” Before she could go any further John objected to this upheaving of his life. He didn’t want his games taken, his life, controlled, and he didn’t want to go to daycare.


“John, not now. We will talk about this later. I must get you cleaned up and get to work.” She left without even waiting for him to respond.  Left to seethe in a wet diaper John was determined to make his mom see reason. Disgusted at the idea of stewing in his own juices any longer, he got up and headed for the shower.


“I gotta call James. I need something normal after dealing with this crazy shit.” The shower was relaxing, but he needed to get his phone. He needed to talk to his boyfriend before he had to go to “daycare.”  After getting out he looked for his phone, but it was nowhere to be found. Desperate to hear his lover’s voice he asked his mother who only said it was being “fixed.”  After a short yelling match, the verbal bout ended after his father intervened and promised that it would be returned to him. His dad explained how smart phones belonging to young males had to be modified so they could only receive and send calls and texts. While it stung that even more of his freedoms and entertainment were being stripped, at least John had the knowledge that he could talk to his boyfriend soon.


“Johnny, it’s time to get dressed.” Jennifer said as she headed up the stairs to meet him. John could only roll his eyes before going back into his bedroom. He laid on his back in preparation for his routine change into a diaper. While he still hated diapers, he could still hide them. What his mom had in store for him, however, was something he couldn’t conceal. Painted blue and white with a button up crotch that he could only assume was for diaper changes was a onesie that read “Baby Boy” on the front.


“Mom are you serious?! You want me to wear that in public?” It was bad enough to wear a diaper, but the boy was being forced to dress like an actual infant. Like always there was a screaming match, but eventually his mother won out. After reminding him that it was required by law for him to dress that way. His father’s reassurances that it would also work out proved effective in calming the rebellious youth down as well.

With the same efficiency as before Jennifer managed to get her son dressed in his adult-sized onesie. She even commented on how adorable he looked and took a picture. James was then ushered to breakfast where, yet another horror awaited him. Sitting pretty in all its infantile glory was a highchair. John knew this moment was coming but was much too demoralized to fight it. He just meekly sat in the strange chair to wait for what was coming next.


“We have got to get going soon so I am just going to feed you some special baby food and formula, ok?”  There was that weird formula again. It was so good, but he just knew something was wrong with it. Maybe the rumors about it were true after all. And this special baby food. What the hell was that? All these thoughts and more raced through his mind. He didn’t have time to process them before a spoon full of orange mush collided with his mouth and dug its way in. He was so lost in thought he hadn’t noticed the large jar of baby food in his mother’s hand. It was unusual in that instead of featuring a baby the person on the cover was a boy who looked about seventeen. Before he could react the bottle of mystery formula also found its way between his lips.


“Someone likes their yummy breakfast. Now let’s get you off to daycare” He hated to admit it, but his mother was right. He enjoyed every bite and the formula tasted even better than before.  It even put him in a slightly better mood. Was he feeling better or was this stuff his mom feeding him modifying his behavior. Again, time was at premium because before John could even think his mother rushed him off to the car. To add to his further humiliation was a giant car seat that he was buckled into. His parents climbed into the front and they were off to work while he was taken to daycare.



End Chapter 6

The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023


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