The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023

In order to combat crime and out of control teen pregnancy rates "The Reckless Youth Prevention Act" was passed. Colloquially called "The Diaper Law" young men were placed in the same status as infants. One of such men is young John who now faces life as a diaper clad toddler. Inspired by the "Diaper Law".

Chapter 1
The New Normal

Boys and young men within society now occupied roles comparable to toddlers, since the introduction of what was colloquially known as the "Diaper Law".

Crime and skyrocketing teen pregnancy rates demanded action, and the newly elected governor was swift to act. Reasoning that males didn't mature until twenty five years of age, it was thought that maybe the answer was to keep them "mentally regressed". If they could train them to be more child-like and compliant perhaps they could curb the youth's rebellious streaks. Young males below the age of twenty-five would be relegated to the role of infants. As such male youths regardless of status were confined to diapers; and other babyish fashions. Even the pampers they wore required a resemblance to an infant from color to pattern.

All males under the age of twenty-five were required to wear diapers and baby clothes. Furthermore, they were forbidden to dress or change themselves.  As only an adult of age or a female could change and dress them. Potty training boys was banned and it couldn't begin until their early twenties.  As males ware required to use their diapers until they have reached legal age.

Any females over the age of fifteen could act as authority figures for boys, even males in their early twenties. This also extended to jobs and home life. If a boy had a younger sister she was treated as the older sibling, and head of  the house if her father or mother were absent.

Mealtimes required boys to eat specially made baby food with an ever-present bottle. Of course, older boys could drink out of sippy cups, but all were forced to sit in highchairs. Meals revolved around a specialized formula handed out in baby bottles. The official line was that the milk contained a lot of proteins for boys and teens, but everyone knew the truth. It effectively made older and young teen boys docile with a decreased libido. Resistance to authority was greatly diminished with most boys complying without a single argument.

The "side effects" were far more severe. Young men eventually found themselves shrunken around 4"8 and quickly burnt fat. Body hair also ceased production with only the tops of their heads spared from this fate. The same could not be said for females, as it simply tasted repulsive to them and had no effects.

Even more humiliating were the activities thrust upon them by a "well-meaning" government. From baby bouncers to baby toys  All boys' entertainment was restricted only to what was deemed appropriate for toddlers. They were even denied access to the internet until the age of eighteen. Cars and bicycles were no longer a luxury they could afford. Instead, boys were forced to take buses with specialized baby seats to carry them back and forth.

All job prospects for boys were relegated to the newly growing "diaper industry", from modeling new diapers to baby furniture. Even girls and older men saw new work in this industry, as laborers, professional diaper changers,  and, babysitters. After all, with no public restrooms for boys they were in need of an adult to change them.

If the law was broken more severe measures were taken. Boys would be sent to reeducation camps where they would be rendered permanently incontinent.  They would be forcefully mentally regressed until even their speech matched their attire. Spankings were not only for punishment but a daily means of discipline and were dolled out before bedtime.



End Chapter 1

The New Normal

by: Stolas | Story In Progress | Last updated May 21, 2023


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