Bed Wetter

by: RegressedJanitor | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 10, 2023

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: 4 months later

    "I did it!" Maggie called out from within the bathroom as Lindsay and Abby watched, she had finally started to use the potty like a big girl and was getting close to being out of diapers. By this time Maggie had turned 3 and they were getting ready to enroll her in school for the next year, something they were both excited for and dreading, after all they were gonna lose one of their babies very soon.

    "You did!" Lidsay and Abby responded to with high pitched squeals, they were so excited to see the little girl before them grow up before their very eyes despite their dread.

    Monica sat in the living room while cartoons ran on the tv, she called out to the bathroom where Lindsay and Abby were congratulating Maggie for using the potty on purpose, "Well look who's the big girl!" she said, standing up to approach the bathroom. She moved around the playpen and entered the bathroom which now contained Maggie, Abby, and Lindsay and began clapping to encourage the little girl.

    The group celebrated for a minute until Abby looked up to Monica, "When are we gonna potty train Jojo?" 

    Monica kneeled down and put her hands on Abby's shoulder, "Oh sweety, whenever Jojo wants to be potty trained, after all she can speak like the rest of us, whenever she wants to be a big girl she can tell us."

    Abby spoke again, "What if he-" she paused, "She never wants us to potty train her?"

    Monica smiled, "Well then I guess she'll be our big baby forever, huh?"

    Abby smiled and exited the restroom and Lindsay hugged her daughter before turning to Monica and the duo exited the bathroom, then they walked toward the playpen where Jordan laid on her back with a pacifier in her mouth. The two walked to the play pen and leaned over it, Jordan stared blankly at the two in the way that babies do and Monica removed the pacifier from her mouth. She was wearing a pink My Little Pony T shirt and her hair was in pig tails, her diaper was now pink and she was wearing pink socks.

    "How about it Jojo? Ready to potty train?" She asked in that way adults speak to babies.

    Jordan shook her head and spoke, "Bah bah" and reached out to her mother.

    Monica smiled and reached over to the baby bottle at the other end of the playpen, then handed it to her daughter who began to suck on it.

    Lindsay looked over to Monica and spoke, "You're really comfortable with raising her like this?"

    Monica looked over and smiled, "As long as she's happy, I'm happy."

    Lindsay shrugged, "I guess it can't be helped." she leaned in and softly tapped Jordan's nose with her finger, "But I guess she's happier now, huh?"

    Monica nodded her head and smiled, "My baby girl, my Jordan."

    Jordan smiled as she felt a familiar pressure in her groin, she knew that meant it was time for mommy to change her and get her cleaned up; so she gladly pushed and filled her diaper with her excrement, giggling the entire time. Monica giggled and leaned in, "Someone's a messy girl isn't she?" and Jordan nodded.

    She was happier now as a baby girl, and no matter what happened she was mommy's little girl.  



End Chapter 2

Bed Wetter

by: RegressedJanitor | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 10, 2023


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This just came out of nowhere.

Stolas · Jan 11, 2023

Why didn't you tag this as a TG story? You gotta elaborate on stuff like this in the future.

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