Erika's Revenge

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Chapter 5
Lunch Time

Chapter Description: Rob has an accident.

A few days had passed, Rob hadn’t returned to school yet and was spending his time at home under the watch of aunt Barb. Not knowing that Erika spiked his gatorades Rob had continued drinking them and continued to wet himself regularly, he still had to use the restroom to defecate but there had been some close calls which no doubt please Erika. As a result; Kelly, Aunt Barb, & their father took a no nonsense approach to Rob needing to be changed. If he walked through the house he could track urine everywhere so now he had to lie down as whichever adult was in the room fetched a towel and a new depend to change him. Erika had even gotten some practice in as well with changing him, initially she was repulsed but knew she had to play along. Everytime she was tempted to talk to him in a baby voice but knew that would probably cause him to have a meltdown. Now there needed to be an adult nearby Rob at any time, which meant he couldn’t really exercise or be around Jenny and it showed, he was beginning to put some weight on. His pants had been replaced with elastics for quick removal for when he wetted himself, and he had to walk around with only a T shirt on at most for a top. 

Rob was miserable, but getting used to it; he had felt like all his agency had been removed out of nowhere. After one incident where he attempted to hide it he was forced to submit to hourly checks where he’d have to lie on his back, have his pants pulled down and his shirt lifted up, just to check and see if he was lying. He wasn’t allowed on furniture either after he urinated on a kitchen chair without telling anyone, leading to his parents putting a high chair that had the tray ripped off for him to sit on, meaning he had to sit on a little sheet in the living room if he watched TV. He hadn’t been on social media in a while nor had he spoken to Jenny, he was starting to feel like he was a filthy shut in. The night prior he had a nightmare where his mother put him in a stroller and took him for a walk in public, everyone took pictures and made fun of him throughout it, and it ended with her changing what looked like a massive diaper on him. But the monotony of daily changings starting with the morning had certainly taken the sting off, he started every day being woken up by an alarm clock set next to a baby monitor so someone could come in and make sure he was in a fresh depend before he started walking around. Because he was spending his time in a depend his father, who was a bit germaphobic, banned him from using kitchen appliances and utensils for cooking, only what could be given to him to eat. Meaning someone else would have to prepare every meal for him. Rob was effectively being treated like an actual baby, except for the fact that he could talk and stand and walk around.

Erika looked down from the stairs as rob watched TV and slipped into his room, she opened the minifridge with the intent to make sure she had spiked his gatorades when to her surprise there were none left. She then remembered that Rob now had to ask for any drinks in case he wet himself, and that he’d probably been slipping the gatorades through unbeknownst to his parents. Looking around his room she couldn’t find any, which meant that now Rob was on his own. If he wet himself again, this meant that Rob naturally couldn’t stop himself and needed to be in diapers all the time unless he was retrained. Now she just had to sit back and wait, and pray she didn’t need more diuretics.

In the living room Rob sat zoned out at the tv, his hands were idle and his right had managed to find its way to his mouth to which he was chewing on his fingers. pinkey, ring, middle, then index, he was gnawing at them in anxiety. Partially cause he knew that he was about to wet himself and couldn’t hold it in. Then his thumb went in his mouth, at first he was chewing, then he started using his thumb to poke at his gums, then to suck. He let go of his urine, he let it fill his depend and sat in it. He began to rock back and forth, and Erika watched it all from above.

She knew her mother had just gotten the DR. Herschell’s set in to start, but part of her was starting to think that Rob didn’t even need it. To her it seemed like he was now starting to truly desire being a baby again, but nevertheless she knew what she needed to do, so she yelled out, “Mom! I think Rob needs a change!” which snapped Rob out of his daze.

“W-what! Uh, no I dont!” as he realized that he had filled his diaper with urine, he then let out a small, “oh no” as Kelly approached with a fresh depend & baby wipes.

She put her arms on her waist, before kneeling down, “come on now lets check” and removed his shirt and pants to see a soaking went depend.

She scoffed, “Really rob? You’re acting younger than your baby cousin!” and began to change him. Rob stared up at Erika who looked down at him with a smile, feeling deeply embarassed he tried to cover his eyes as Kelly talked while she changed him, “You know I’ve been thinking that this is only getting worse, and I’d like to stop any worse accidents from happening or spilling over onto the carpet.” she paused for a bit, then continued, “a while ago I ordered proper adult intontinence diapers for you just in case, I think it’s time for them.” 

Rob almost jumped up and looked at her, “No mom I promise! I’ll be good I’ll use the bathroom again!” now pleading, eyes welling up with tears, “can we please just stick to the depends?” 

Kelly smiled, putting her faith in Rob, “Ok sweety, but if this gets worse we’re gonna need you in real diapers, ok?”

Rob nodded with a smile on his face, as Erika retreated to her room.


She jumped in the air celebrating, Rob needed Diapers from now on and there was no stopping it. With the DR. Herschell’s in tow this meant that Rob had less than a month until he was babbling and drooling. She could just imagine it: playdates with their baby cousin Billy, sleeping in a crib, the changing table, everything. Rob was done for, and she made it happen. The best part? No one was any the wiser. Rob was too distracted to notice that she had been slipping him diuretics, and their mom wanted a baby back so badly that she looked past every sign that it could be her to get a baby back.  Then she remembered the next step: she opened her desk drawer, removed the false bottom from it and pulled out the pack of laxatives. It was time for Rob to be in real diapers.

Two hours after she changed Rob, Kelly returned to her room and entered her closet to see the box from DR. Herschells, she had spent the past few days thinking of the right way to start Rob on the retraining process now that it was obvious that he needed diapers and would need potty training again regardless. She contemplated the tapes that sat in the box in her closet as Rob sat and watched TV. Should she lie? Rob was clearly becoming less opposed to the idea of having himself changed since it looked like he was starting to expect it, and if he started going number two in his diapers they would probably need to go full potty training anyway. Ethan had shown some hesitation to the idea, partially cause he had changed Rob and didn’t enjoy the idea of having to reraise his son from infancy, but he was willing to do whatever Kelly wanted.

So she picked up Tape One, it showed a teenager sitting in a diaper doing simple math, and contemplated putting it on while giving Rob the substance to make him receptive to it’s contents. The back read as: “Take that pesky independence away from your child as they learn that simple tasks, such as food, bathroom, baths, and bedtime are to be taken care of by their mommy and daddy.” She opened the case to find a disk with a plain white graphic labeled “1” on it. As she took it out and expected it, her alarm rang.

The note on it read “ROB LUNCH TIME” and she exited her room to see Erika standing on the railing looking down on rob, Kelly paused and stared at Erika for a bit as She watched him obsessively. Kelly put her hand on Erika’s shoulder which made her jump. “Hey, what’s up?”

Erika nervously laughed, “Oh you know, making sure he’s behaving.”

Kelly smiled, “Look, like I told you for now he’s still your big brother, he doesn’t need you watching him like a baby yet.”

She smiled, “Yeah I know.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to make his lunch, you know how dad is.” 

Trying to act natural but failing, Erika blocked her path, “Oh well, if you want I can make it for him.”

With a prideful smile Kelly asked, “Really?” she paused then said, “That’s so sweet. I’ve got potato soup in the cupboard. If you don’t mind im gonna take a shower.”

She shrugged, “Nah I don’t mind, go ahead.”

And with that Kelly walked back into her bedroom to grab her robe, and Erika headed downstairs to cook for Rob.

She prepared the bowl of potato soup as Rob sat on the sheet watching TV, she looked over her shoulder to make sure that her mom wasn’t watching as she prepared Rob’s lunch for him. She unwrapped the laxative under her waist, between her legs and the countertop as she watched the soup cook, that was she could toss it in quickly as the soup boiled, making it indistinguishable. She eventually unwrapped it and after taking a quick look around, dropped it in, and stirred the soup all the while looking at Rob. She killed the fire below the pan and drained the soup into a bowl, stirring with a spoon she looked up with a smile, “Rob, your soup is ready!”. Rob picked himself up from off the ground and she placed the spoon inside the soup, and handed him the bowl. She then went to sit at the couch and as she sat she craned her head back to see that Rob was now gorging himself on the soup. She had done it, now all that was left was to wait for Rob to finish up and within the next thirty minutes fill his depend.

Some time passed and Kelly sat on the couch next to Erika as Rob sat on his sheet, Erika spent the time bouncing her eyes back and forth between Rob and the TV, waiting for any tells that Rob might blow soon. Cartoons had been on for about an hour, and normally Rob would have protested by now but he was too lost. This probably had something to do with him not leaving the house in a while, he hadn’t encountered anyone outside or been on social media so there wasn’t much of a reason to still feel embarrassment over TV habbits. This didn’t matter to Erika, all that mattered what that Rob was acting younger and younger which was going according to plan. She was considering putting on baby cartoons but felt that would be overplaying her hand, so she sat and watched as Rob sat there watching spongebob and giggling to himself. And then it happened; Rob let out a massive fart that made Kelly break out into laughter, he then gripped his stomach and stood up. Clearly needing the restroom, he turned around to see his mom laughing as Erika stared on. The laxatives had started to work finally, and he had no time to make it to the bathroom before he let out another fart that would fill his depend. So he took a staggered step forward, then another one, then it happened. His depend began to fill with a warm brown mush that smelled absolutely foul, and it didn’t stop. Soon it was dripping down his leg as he pooped his depend in front of his mother leaving her absolutely shocked. Snapping out of it she stood up and rushed for another towel to put below him but it was too late, one final push sent him falling to his behind, with the depend colliding with the floor causing the poop to spread onto the sheet. 

Rob began to scream as he felt another part of him had been taken out of his control, first it was his bladder but now it was his colon. What was worse there was no way out of it, his mom would have him put in real diapers and he’d be stuck in them until he learned better. Kelly returned with a child to see him sitting in a ring of his own excrement sobbing, not knowing what to do she dropped to her knees and pulled him close to hold him. She didn’t know what was up with her son but he was uniquely distressed, which caused her to feel a level of distress as well. Meanwhile Erika was trying her hardest not to look on at the site as the poop made her want to vomit, she held her nose and closed her mouth as her mother comforted Rob. Despite her nausea she was feeling satisfied; after a few more meals she would have him filling his diapers instinctively. Plus with their mom showing him his first DR. Herschell tape soon he would likely do it of his own accord, everything was finally in place and there was no stopping here. She had won.

Using baby wipes Kelly managed to finally clean Rob off before having him shower to clean himself off fully, as Rob stood in the shower kelly threw the soiled sheet that rob sat on out and sat down in the kitchen. She rubbed her temples as Erika walked by before pausing, Erika walked up to her and put her hand on Kelly’s shoulder, “Is he gonna be ok?”

She put her hand on Kelly’s hand, “Yeah yeah. He will be, just a little shaken up.” Erika nodded then walked away before Kelly stopped her, “Oh yeah, and the DR. Herschell thing, I’m gonna start it tonight with him. It’s gonna be a weeks wait before the next step but we’re gonna do it tonight.”

Erika smiled as she looked away, trying to hold in laughter, “Yeah, thats probably smart.” And then she retreated to her room. In the living room, Kelly readied a fresh new diaper for Rob and a t shirt as he stepped out. He looked down from the bathroom and saw the diaper and t shirt and pouted, but immediately relented knowing that there probably wasn’t any use in protesting. So he walked back downstairs, laid down naked in front of his mother, and let her put a diaper on him. 

After they were done Kelly lied down next to him and the two stared up at the ceiling, Rob curled into the fetal position and rolled over, placing his head on her chest and softly sobbed into it. As Rob cried, Kelly pulled him closer and pushed his head deeper into her chest, she imagined breastfeeding him right then before snapping out of it. Meanwhile Rob was desperate for anyone to hold onto- anything that could ground him as he slipped backwards in time. He was drowning amid his own anxieties and fears. The nightmare came back in full force as Rob imagined a future where he would be nothing but a giant baby. 

And so he sobbed into his mother’s bosom, as she contemplated the right time to show him the first dvd on his road to being retrained.



End Chapter 5

Erika's Revenge

by: RegressedJanitor | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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JustinTime · May 28, 2022

Cant wait for more updates. I really love your story.

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babygeek44 · Oct 16, 2022

When are more chapters coming? I can't wait to read more.

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This is how ends?

Stolas · Jan 9, 2023

That was disappointing, tbh.

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