Erika's Revenge

by: RegressedJanitor | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 26, 2022

Chapter 4
"More wine please!"

Chapter Description: Kelly has a dream and picks Rob up from school.


Rob sipped his gatorade as he bounced his knee, still anxious about his mom. Completely restless he decided to check his phone again. Seeing the same messages from his mom he decided to look at her facebook to see if she posted something implying she knew something. The woman didn’t post much, the occasional shared meme about being a mother or a sister to her ten friends who laugh reacted at everything the other posted. “More wine please!” with a cartoon of tipsy women on a beach was the last thing she shared. This gave him some relief for some reason, and he sighed as he put his phone in his pocket. He could feel the relief throughout his body: his arms, his legs, his chest, and his crotch. In fact he felt a lot of relief around his crotch, and it was cold. 

He looked down in a panic to see that his pants were becoming drenched in his own urine in the middle of class. He began to panic, if he wasn’t fast enough then there would be a smell and everyone would know that Rob pissed himself. Imagine the jokes at his expense if he emptied his entire bladder onto himself, holding it in wasn’t working. Half a gatorade was rushing out of his system and he needed to act. As if on instinct he attempted to stand up and rush out of the room but upon looking down it was clear that anyone could see the piss through his khakis. So he sat back down, he had to think this through.

Soon he realized: his hoodie was in his bag. If he wrapped his hoodie around his waist he could use it to cover his crotch so no one could see it. So he pulled it out, wrapping it around himself as best as he could in his seat. He had to shimmy around to he could get the sleeves around his back and tie them. He had to make sure that he had stopped pissing or else this wouldn’t work, then he double- triple- quadruple knotted the sleeves together to make sure they wouldn’t fall. Then he grabbed his bag and stood up, he sprinted out of class as his teacher watched on.

“Excuse me Rob where are you-”

To which rob shouted, “BATHROOM!” cutting her off as he sprinted to the bathroom. He took refuge in a stall. He was sure that he had brought his gym shorts with them and didn’t leave them in his locker, so he rifled through his bag, checking every nook and cranny.

Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!

They were in his locker. 

The locker rooms were two floors down on the other side of the school, but the first floor was open and unoccupied right now. So he hatched a plan: sprint downstairs to the locker room, switch his pants, and skip the rest of English. Easy enough right? 

After reinforcing the sweater around his pants he sprinted to the nearest staircase, as he got closer he recognized a sign: “out of service”.


Ok so he needed to take the west side stairs, he turned right and immediately started running. However about halfway there he felt something: he was pissing again. What was worse, his hoodie began falling down. As it fell it became tangled between his legs and then he tripped and caught himself on all fours. He was panicking worse than he had before, if there was a trail of piss leading people to him he would have no way out of it. He was paralytic. Until he heard someone from behind him.


It was his teacher, Ms. Mandle. She gasped.

“Oh my god are you ok?”

He collapsed. It was over. As he rolled over, with tears in his eyes he saw the hall behind her. From behind a corner emerged a few students from his class, some put their hands over his mouth and some began to laugh. Ms. Mandle walked toward him, then crouched above him. He could barely speak between sobs. She put her hand on his arm.

“Do you need to call your mom?”

All Rob could do was nod. He could never show his face again.

Kelly held Rob in her arms as she nursed him, holding him with her left arm she slowly slipped her right hand under his crotch to feel his diaper. She could feel a warm mush as he pressed her hand against it, she smilled and giggled a bit. “Well someone needs a change huh?” she asked. In front of her was Erika, Jenny, Barb, Ethan, Thomas, and her own mother. All of them watched with warmth as Rob nursed from his mother.

Her alarm snapped her awake, and her headache was gone. She rubbed her eyes as she sat up, and answered her phone. Two texts and four calls from Rob. This couldn’t be good.


Rob sat with his hands covering his own crotch, he sat on towels in the passenger seat of his mom’s car as the two sat in awkward silence. She had barely said anything, but it was clear that he would need to take a few days off school. Kelly sat there with both hands on the steering wheel, herself in a daze as well. First the pamphlet showing up and now this? She didn’t believe in coincidences and this definitely wasn’t one. What she knew was for certain; rob would need some depends or something akin to it. If Rob couldn’t hold it in in bed or at school she couldn’t trust him to hold it in while driving. So they pulled into walmart, and Rob began to panic.

“What are we doing here?”

She put her hand on his knee and in her most soothing voice said, “I need to get a few things, you can sit in the car.” and then parked. She exited then did a little jog as she moved toward the walmart. Rob sat there on the verge of tears. 

I can’t believe I pissed myself. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’ll never be able to go back to school. What’s Jenny gonna think of me?

He had turned his phone off ever since his mom came in, even as he sat in wait he got texts making fun of him. It kept him crying until his mom came up and if he hadn’t shut it off he’d still be crying. He couldn’t think of turning it on, and he couldn’t think of logging onto social media to see what people would be saying. So he sat, twiddling his thumbs as his mom ran through walmart. Eventually he looked up at the rear view mirror to see her approaching his window. She knocked on it and gestured for him to come out. Rob shook his head no, and she opened it herself.

“Honey, I know it sounds bad, but I can’t let you wet your underwear in the car.” Then she gestured down. In the bag was an Adult Medium size Depends. Immediately Rob started crying.

“Mom please no!” he begged.

She put her hand on his face, “Baby I need you to do this, until we can be sure that it’s not a problem again.” 

He yelled, “DON’T CALL ME BABY!” and slapped her hand away from him. 

She grabbed his shoulder and moved her head closer. “You need to put this on.” 

He shook his head and she took a step back, thinking to herself. She needed to make him put them on but how? She was getting angry, and realized the only way she could get him to do it. So she walked up, grabbed the bottom part of his face and put her head no less than two inches away from his face. “If you don’t put this on I’m going to make you go to school wearing nothing but depends tomorrow.”

Rob’s crying turned voiceless, he was silently sobbing as he dealt with a cocktail of embarassment. As he went on he could only eek out one small sentence. “Ok mommy.” and he entered the back of the family van, lying down he took his briefs off and pulled out a single cotton depend. The sight of it made him sick but he didn’t know what else to do. So he slowly worked it over his legs and brought it up to his crotch. He slipped his brieds over them to they wouldn’t be noticable. Then he stood up, and re-entered the passenger seat. He let his mother know he was done, and they backed out of the parking spot.

They drove hom in total silence.

Rob spent the res of the night in his room as Erika spent it sitting on the couch. Her plan had gone off without a hitch, now Rob was at home in what was essentially a diaper, and all she had to do was get him to urinate on himself enough that his body did it reflexively. When that happened she could slip the laxatives in and truly reduce him to a helpless baby, never did she ever stop to think that she was going too far. For her it was fair. Rob was a liar who only got away with stuff because he was Seventeen, and she had to be treated like the baby since she was fourteen. So it was time to turn the tables. Only issue now: making sure Rob drank the gatorade. 

So she walked upstairs to check on rob, smiling the entire time. She knocked on rob’s door, to which she heard a sad, “come in”. 

Upon Erika entering she saw Rob lying on his side with just a shirt and a depend on, she looked around to see that there was a single half drunken gatorade on his desk, to which she smiled. Then she looked at him, not knowing what to say but needing some kind of in. “So uh, no pants?”

He continued lying on his side with his face to the wall, “mom says she wants to see them when she checks in on me.”

Erika looked away, “Wow, that’s rough.”

Rob sat up angry, looking at her, “If that’s it you can leave!” he huffed.

She shrugged, “Alright, I get it.” then turned around and walked out.

Her mom was readying the pasta for dinner in the kitchen. Erika approached and looked at the front door, her dad’s shoes werent there so she asked, “So no dad?”

Kelly smiled, “Oh yeah he said he’s gonna be at the office late tonight.”

Erika nodded before sitting down at the kitchen table. She looked around, her posture fidgety due to the question she was bringing herself to ask. She couldn’t look too obvious or else it might spoil the ruse, and if she got caught she feared being back in diapers which her mother may well do as an act of retaliation on Rob’s part. So she went over it in her head until she found the right way to phrase it. 

“Hey mom I saw a pamphlet, something about a ‘Doctor Henry’, did you see that at all?”

Kelly nodded, “You mean DR. Herschell?”

Erika snapped her fingers, “That’s it yeah. What was that anyway?”

Kelly sighed, “Well, they take people who are having a hard time and help them feel younger.”

“What do you mean feel younger?”

Kelly cleared her throat, “Well they use hypnotism and other stuff to make them think they’re younger.”

Erika could barely contain her smile, “So like, they could make me think that I’m like, a baby again?”

“Well-” Kelly paused, “They could, yeah.”

Erika then looked at Rob’s door, then back, and in a whispered tone asked, “Is that’s what’s happening to Rob.”

Kelly looked at her, “Well no not ye-” and paused. She thought to herself, then continued. “No sweety your brother’s just sick right now, that’s all.”

Erika nodded before letting out an “ok.” and then Kelly approached her.

In a hushed tone Kelly said, “Listen, honey, if you could not bring this up around Rob I’d really appreciate it. He’s having a hard time.”

Erika smiled, “Yeah sure mom, whatever you say.”

Kelly smiled then rubbed Erika’s face, “Good.” before turning around to Rob’s room. “Rob! Dinner’s ready!” and watched as Rob labored to the door. He emerged in nothing but his T shirt and depends and noticed Erika looking at him.

He put his hands over his crotch and protested, “Mom can I please wear briefs at least!?” 

Kelly sighed, “Sweety I’m sorry but I need to know if you go again, this could be a serious problem that you need to see someone for, ok?”

Rob tensed up before releasing, and slowly moving downstairs to his meal. 

They ate in an awkward silence: Erika waiting to see if Rob would wet himself again, Kelly unsure of how to breach conversation, and Rob wishing he was in bed. As it went he scarfed down his food so he could return, but in his rush he ignored a sensation from earlier: something was building up inside him, and then it burst. 

At first rob didn’t feel it he naturally let go of his bladder and it began to fill his depend, he didn’t pay the cold any mind originally as he was in a pair of depends in his kitchen. But then it started to feel a bit warm, which he then realized. He jumped up, knocking his chair back as Kelly and Erika watched on as his depend filled and began to drip. He began to cry, “not again!” he yelled as Kelly ran to grab a towel from the laundry room, anything to clean the urine up. Meanwhile Erika looked on in awe, her brother had already been reduced to a crying child in front of her as her mom rushed to clean him. The plan was a success. A few more days and she could slip the laxatives in. 

Kelly walked by Rob’s room to find him asleep, the emotional toll from the day had finally wore him out and he passed out. She peaked into his room to find him shirtless with a depend on, it gave her flashbacks to him sleeping with only a diaper during the summer.

She exited the room and moved to her own, sitting down on the bed and opening her nightstand, she looked down at the pamphlet. She picked up her phone to make a call, as she went to dial she heard a knock at the door. “Erika?” she asked.

Erika peaked in, “Yeah, it’s me.”

Kelly looked back, “What’s up?”

“He’s not going to school tomorrow?” She asked with raised eyebrows.

Kelly put her hands in her palms, inhaled, then looked back. “No, and he’s probably not going back for a while, I’ve gotta make some calls about some changes.” and started dialing her phone.

Erika tilted her head, “What kind of changes.” 

Kelly put the phone down, “I’ll explain soon, just go to bed ok?”

Erika smiled, “Ok mom, love you.”

Kelly smiled, “Love you too.”

And Erika exited the bedroom, she returned to her own and lied in her bed. She pressed her ear to the wall, waiting eagerly for the coming days.



End Chapter 4

Erika's Revenge

by: RegressedJanitor | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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