Erika's Revenge

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Chapter 2
Gatorades and Diuretics

Chapter Description: Everything's going according to plan for Erika while Rob has a crisis.

    Erika rifled through the plastic Walgreens bag, inside were as many diuretics and laxatives as $40 could buy. While it was embarrassing for her to buy this in her opinion it was worth it to get her revenge on Rob. She could only imagine his confusion when he starts to wet the bed. While she admitted to herself that the laxatives were going a bit too far once she got him in diapers. It wouldn't really matter to many people if Rob was back in diapers by that point. Would he be embarrassed by it? Without a shadow of a doubt. But would it guarantee his mother deciding to treat him like an infant again? Hopefully. So she set out to plant everything perfectly, she retrieved the pamphlet from the garbage and cleaned it off before setting it between bills made out to her mom so that she would be guaranteed to see it. Then she snuck upstairs to Rob’s room, inside was what she needed to start this operation: his minifridge. Inside were a few gatorades that Rob would keep around for when he was exercising or needed something to drink late at night. Eventually she found an opened one and popped a few diuretics into it, making sure that when he came back he would drink the open one, leading to him wetting the bed. 

If he had to wash his sheets due to piss it would all but guarantee setting mom’s alarm off and doing what she does best: exaggerating, dominating, and infantilizing. 

All that was left to do was wait, so she went down stairs and booted up youtube. A few hours later Rob came home and immediately went upstairs, after he closed the door Erika walked up to his bedroom door and put her ear against it. She could hear him chugging gatorade and she prayed that he had grabbed the one that she spiked and retired to her room. After Rob brushed his teeth and washed his face he immediately headed to bed, she knew that since it was a sunday that Rob would be up at about 8AM for his morning run. Looking at her phone clock she saw that it was 11PM, and that she needed to set her alarm for 7AM to hear if he had wet the bed. As she scrubbed her teeth to prepare for bed she heard the front door open and close, followed by two sets of footsteps. She looked down from the stair railing to see her mother and father enter the kitchen and sit down on the stools surrounding the counter. 

“Jeez mom you’re home late.”

Her mother looked mildly confused, “I told your brother I wouldn’t be back until tomorrow morning, but we decided to head home early instead to make sure you kids were alright.”

“He never told me that.”

She sighed; frustrated, “Well, he should have.” she took out a cigarette and lit it, “By the way it’s almost midnight, shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“I just brushed my teeth, was heading to bed anyway.”

Her mom rubbed her eyes, “Ok, well… goodnight honey.”

Erika smiled, “Night mom.” and turned away to enter her room. As she entered she stopped, hearing her mom fiddle with the mail.

“Bill. Bill. Bill.” she paused, elating Erika, “DR. Herschel’s Teenager Retraining Course? I’ll read it later.” Erika heard the sound of a kitchen drawer opening and closing, then retired to her room. 

As she lied in bed she smiled, awaiting the coming morning.

Rob awoke that morning, for some reason he was covered in sweat despite it being 70 in his room, and he sat up. However upon sitting up he felt a pool of coldness around his crotch, butt, and thighs. He removed his blankets to find that he was sitting in a dampened pool of his own urine, immediately speechless before muttering, “what the fuck?” and slowly removing himself from his bed. 

Shit I gotta wash these sheets before mom sees it.

He cautiously opened his bedroom door and looked to his right, down the staircase, then he looked to his left to see his mother exiting the restroom. 


His mom looked a bit puzzled, “Hey baby what’s wrong?”

He stuttered, “Oh uh, nothing I thought I heard a bird in here.”

She chuckled, “A bird? Baby are you sure everything is alright?” and approached him.

“Y-yeah mom.” 

She put the back of her hand to his head, “Well it looks like you don’t have a fever.” she gave him a gentle smile and ran her hand across his cheek, “Maybe don’t go for that run baby.” 

“That’s what i’m thinking mom.” he paused, “I think i’m just gonna go back to bed.”

“Good idea.” she said, then continued down the stairs.

Rob retreated to his room, exhaling as if he dodged a bullet. If his mom had come in to seeing soiled sheets he wouldn’t hear the end of it for months, he would have to deal with his mother thinking he needed depends or some other form of incontinence control when this was definitely a fluke. As his thoughts raced he noticed the sheets still lying on his mattress, realizing they were going to stain he rushed to pull them off and ball them up and throw them to a single corner of his room. He rested his back against the wall, looking at the balled up sheets, questioning to himself how he could have wet the bed. Like a child.

As he contemplated on one side of the wall, on the other in her own room Erika struggled to not bust out laughing. She had done it, all she had to do was slip in at night, put a diuretic in a gatorade, and slip out. So she sat down and planned.

If today is sunday then he’s gonna drink one gatorade before bed, so i need to slip it into one. But I don’t know which one he’s gonna pick for tonight, so how can I make it so he wets the bed?

Then it occurred to her.

  If I spike one then I might miss, but if i spike all of them i’m guaranteed to hit. Which means that I need to show mom the screenshot tonight. If he gets caught tomorrow she’ll have the screenshot and the wetting to use on him. So all I have to do is get him out of the house tonight.

Having formulated her plan she became confident in it, the only problem with it was simple: how to get rob out for long enough to spike the gatorades and show mom the screenshot?

It was 7PM, Rob had managed to wash the sheets without alerting his mom beyond “wanting fresh sheets”. He had basically forgotten it at this point besides a mental note to empty his bladder before bed. He sat with his family as they watched the newest Marvel movie. Rob stared at it bored while Erika’s detention was divided between it and Rob, he typically goes to bed at 10PM on school nights and she had 3 hours to get him out of there for 10 minutes minimum. She decided to take her shot with dinner, “Hey we should get a pizza.” she said to the group. Their mom looked apprehensive while their father seemed to be in on the idea. “Pizza and a movie?” she asked a bit meekly.

Their dad smiled, “Honestly, doesn’t sound to bad right now.” 

Their mom looked at everybody, “I don’t know guys, haven't you been eating a bit unhealthily lately? I’ve got some leftovers, how about that?”

Their dad chuckled, “Come on Kelly, it’s just a few slices.” 

Kelly sighed, “Ok fine.” after some consideration she spoke again, “Who’s gonna pick it up?”

Immediately Rob volunteered himself, giving Erika the perfect chance to plant the diuretics in his gatorade. After their mom made the call Rob left and Erika slipped away. In Mark’s fridge there were 12 gatorades, which means she would need to drop 24 diuretics in total. So she unwrapped as many as she could, she then checked out of the door to see that her parents had gone to their bedroom which meant it was free game. She creeped across the walkway like a cat and slipped into his room, opening the fridge she opened one and dropped two in, then she opened another and dropped two in. She kept going and going until she had managed to spike every gatorade and slipped out. “Enjoy your bathroom break tonight Rob.” she said to herself with a chuckle, then continued downstairs as if nothing happened.

The family ate dinner and finished their movie, after they were dont they cleaned up as they discussed the movie.

“It was alright I guess.” Rob said.

“What? I thought it was fun!” their dad pleaded.

“I told you we should have watched Frozen.” Kelly said in a somewhat frustrated tone.

“Yeah I agree with mom.” Erika chimed in.

“Ok but I don’t really wanna watch a Disney movie or the superhero stuff, it’s for kids.” Rob said in a somewhat dejected tone.

“Rob it’s just a movie.” Kelly responded.

“Well yeah but I want to watch something for adults.” He was kind of frustrated.

Kelly crossed her arms, “Oh so you think you’re an adult. You’re Seventeen, Rob. Still a baby.”

He huffed, “No. I’m not. I’m just sick of family movies being the same two things. They’re either kids movies or superhero movies. That’s it.”

She slightly raised her voice, “And maybe there’s a reason for that.”

He chuckled, “oh yeah, like what?”

“Because you’re still a kid, and whether you like it or not we’re gonna watch movies that are appropriate for you. Now drop it. Ok?” She stared rob down, almost challenging him to an argument, but he knew better.

So he sighed, looked down, and said, “Ok mom.” and continued cleaning in silence. 

The rest of the night was awkward as everyone headed to bed, Erika setting her alarm to wake her thirty minutes before Rob so she could hear his reaction in the morning. She lied down, smiling at the thought of what could come tomorrow.

Rob pounded another gatorade and then went to the restroom to flush out any and all urine lying in wait, he wasn’t going to have a repeat of this morning especially after that argument with his mom. He wasn’t a baby, or a kid. He was Rob.

Rob wanted to scream, two days in a row and he had pissed his sheets, he couldn’t leave them cause his mom would certainly find them. So he did the only thing he could think of, he ran down to the washer as quick as he could and threw them in. Praying his mom wouldn’t ask questions but knowing she would, he took a shower and got dressed. He stared at himself in the mirror, hyping himself up, telling himself that he wasn’t gonna blow the final few weeks of school and graduate. He needed a few more credits and he wasn’t gonna mess this up. He and Jenny were gonna go to Miami, and they were gonna have a blast. So he grabbed his backpack, his folders, everything he needed, and then he grabbed his gatorade. 

He went downstairs where he saw Erika waiting for him at the dining room table with a barely contained smile, she spotted the gatorade as he grabbed his keys.


She paused before stuttering out her answer, “uh-uh yeah lets go.” as they stood up to walk to the car their mother came down stairs in her robe.

“Have a good day guys.” She said in a voice that read as she had woken up five minutes ago. She sat down at a stool located near their kitchen counter and opened a drawer. Erika looked back as she pulled out the DR. Herschel’s pamphlet despite looking for something else. The duo overheard a quiet “oh yeah” from her, as they closed the front door.

Erika smiled as they walked to the car. Upon entering the car they sat down and Rob pulled out his gatorade, took a swig, and started the car. 



End Chapter 2

Erika's Revenge

by: RegressedJanitor | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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This great so far! ^^

JK Andrews · May 15, 2022

I can't wait to see more, I'm loving this so far ^^

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New story on my waitlist

JustinTime · May 21, 2022

I love your story. Cant wait to know what will happen to Rob.

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