Teen Cutie

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Teen Cutie fights for viewer ratings in her never-ending quest to avoid responsibility.

Chapter 1
Teen Cutie: The Tween Sensation

Chapter Description: This is the origin story of our dynamite damsel and her rise to fame.

Up in the sky, a lone figure swoops and soars among the various species of birds and insects. She wears a set of red spandex tights and a form-fitting long-sleeved shirt over her lithe tween form, yellow boots, yellow gloves, and a yellow skirt that comes down to mid-thigh. On her chest, a pink and light blue pacifier is surrounded by a circle of white that is in turn accented by a light green border.

She is Teen Cutie, a chestnut-haired slip of a girl with amazing powers that were granted to her by beings from another dimension. Her origin story has much in common with the other superheroes she occupies her version of the earth with and is of some interest to her adoring fans.

She began her super-powered career as a frumpy 62-year-old spinster named Grace Frump with no relatives and a much regretted melancholy that she never found true love or a lover to have a romance with and bear children.

Her longing for a second chance at romance was answered one day, when she got off a mid-town bus and was approached by a young female, dressed in black and sporting many piercings. The female took her hand and guided her to a subway entrance and led her down to the lower level where a door appeared out of nowhere and they both entered a corridor of light which ended in a boardroom where several beings sat around a long table made of strong gray plastic and motioned her to a seat that she gratefully sat her aged bones in.

The head of the table spoke up: “We are Zim Zam productions. I am the elder and these two are my executives. We produce videos of your earth dimension to show on our video distribution network.”

Grace sat back and took it in. She didn’t have anything to say at this point as she was still adjusting to her situation.

The head continued “From time to time, we create a bit of fiction by giving a subject from your dimension an ability or two and letting them create their own story for us to capture and distribute. Yours is an interesting premise and we believe that if we gave you a few gifts in addition to your augmentation, you would be able to provide us with the story material that we desire.”

Grace nodded, she didn’t see any reason to object at this point, only to question just what the other dimension producers had in mind. She asked them “What would you have me do?”

The head pitched his script to her, it involved giving her several superpowers like flight and invulnerability in addition to adjusting her age to one more suitable for the age range of the audience that would watch their video production.

“What about my real identity? Would you give her a more youthful appearance as well?”

The head responded “Of course! We figured that a young woman in her early twenties would be perfect for the audience’s age range. We note that you were quite lovely in your youth and wouldn’t have to change anything cosmetically. You’ll need to become a reporter for a major news outlet on your earth and we will arrange for that as well.”

This deal sounded very good to Grace. She’d get a semi-glamorous career, travel, and the possibility of meeting a nice person of the opposite sex to have a romance and maybe even marry! “Sounds good,” she said “Flight, invulnerability, a costume, and my youth returned. What would my main ability be?”

“You shall have the power of changing a person’s age up or down. You shall also have the ability to modify their clothing to suit their age. You can also change your secret identity’s fashion to whatever you desire. As a perk, it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run!” enthused the head.

Grace was thrilled! This was a golden opportunity and in her excitement, she didn’t think to ask about the small print in her contract. She agreed with the Zim Zam productions terms and gave a thumbprint on an electronic steno pad.

“Now then,” Stated the head “You’ll need a secret phrase that will activate your powers and change you into a super-power outfit to match. We have decided ‘It’s time for a change!’ would be suitable. Give it a try and we’ll adjust whatever doesn’t fit your character to meet your needs.”

“It’s time for a change!” said Grace enthusiastically and with a small pop and a bit of fanfare, Teen Cutie appeared. Grace went to admire herself in the mirror and stood aghast at the 12-year-old that stared back, dressed in her red and yellow super suit.

“Where are my boobs! I can’t be much older than a young teenager!” she shrieked as she felt the puffiness of her flat chest. She had assumed her super-powered alter ego would be the same age as her secret identity. Unfortunately, her contract stated otherwise.

“You’re age 12. We need that age to grab the young female demographic and possibly interest the young male demographic as well.” Said the head.



End Chapter 1

Teen Cutie

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 18, 2021


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