Teen Cutie

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Chapter 6
Cutie gets "with it", man!

Chapter Description: All power to the collective! The stuffed shirts won't know what hit them as Cutie travels to the swinging sixties!

With the rushes from the Brownie caper in, the producers were raking in the cash and couldn’t be happier. They asked Teen Cutie what she needed for upgrades. She replied that she could use the ability to selectively pick a person in a large crowd and regress them but no one else in the crowd. They granted it, and Cutie could regress a large gathering or a single individual if she so chose.

The producers then put their heads together and asked if she’d like to go anywhere in the past century and do a shoot there. Cutie thought about it and agreed to give it a go.


Downtown San Francisco, circa 1967, Haight-Ashbury district: Teen Cutie was digging to the scene, man! The hippies were out in force today as tie-dyed shirts in rainbow colors were worn by several passers-by. A bearded hippie was passing out little stamp-sized pictures of Disney characters to anyone that would take them. An impromptu music band of stoners played out-of-sync to each other and laughed uncontrollably between forgetting their next lines to sing and playing their instruments. A long-hair was grilling “Love Burgers” and selling them for a quarter each. The smoke from his charcoal grill filling the air around him with a smoky smell.

His meat patties which were out in the open in his stall were covered with flies. If he didn’t cook the meat well done, there would be several sick people by day's end as the flies had feasted on the feces that littered the gutter from several love children who had no access to sanitary facilities.

The residents of “Hashbury” were a mixed bag of young families, retirees, and shop owners that had settled in the area previous to the hippie invasion to live the American dream, raising their children, and happily retiring. The district had been a sleepy, white-bread square space before the vibrant color that descended on it in the form of the dropout culture that now thronged its once tidy streets.

On a corner, a Head Shop sold various amounts of marijuana and hash along with a vast array of implements that allowed one to handle the burning substances more easily while ingesting them.

Teen Cutie, in disguise as a 17-year-old Hippy with a bandanna, small circular dark blue-tinted sunglasses, crows foot peace symbol t-shirt and matching costume jewelry necklace, (also in the form of a crows foot), a woven bead wristband with various Hopi Indian glyph characters on it and wide bell-bottom pants that engulfed her black ankle boots held up with a wide black leather belt that clasped at the front with a gold-colored belt buckle.

She marveled at the mass of humanity arrayed before her, some were balding early thirties, others were in their late teens to mid-twenties and the vast majority were children aged 13 to 17 who had heard of the “happenings” back in their hometowns and swayed by the “glamorous” lifestyle that they could participate in, had run away from home.

The Diggers, an establishment that provided food, shelter, medicine, and entertainment for the masses of hippies provided they continued to receive a steady stream of donations. Their credo of “Everything is free. Do your own thing.” would be kept alive until 1968 when the scene and movement would end when reality crashed the years-long block party.

It was in the Diggers that Cutie met a group of counter-culture revolutionaries who were gathering young, idealistic, and passionate people to help them overthrow the capitalist pig system that had enslaved so many Americans with the promise of proper education, a good job, house, car, spouse and 2.5 children in a vanilla suburb that was patrolled by the man’s peacekeepers.

The head of the group, a twenty-something firebrand named Darrin, looked at Teen Cutie and liked what he saw: Another prospect for a notch on his belt of sexual conquests. He had several tens of illegitimate children throughout the Haight and used his revolution to avoid the responsibility of supporting their mothers.

Oddly enough, Darrin had treated the women so badly after they were impregnated that they formed a commune on land that was out in the countryside and owned by a wealthy businessman. (The businessman turned out to be Darrin’s Father, but that’s another story). Once a year, another conquest would be added to the ranks like clockwork as Darrin liked to do it naturally, and “The Pill”, Enovid, was often too costly. The commune was called “The Place” officially, although several of its inhabitants referred to it as “Darrin’s bastard’s happy hangout”.

After his Marxist speech which emphasized the impoverished victim class overthrowing the oppressive capitalist class, he homed in on Teen Cutie to begin his new campaign of singular female conquest. Cutie was no fool and gathered all the information that she could while Darrin wooed her in the following weeks. After she had a clear picture of what Darrin was and what he was up to, she went out to “The Place” and conferred with the prior victims of Darrin’s “hobby”.

Over a lavish dinner consisting of T-bone steak, cruciferous vegetables, and several bottles of Chateau Latour, Darrin felt that Cutie was sufficiently buzzed and pliant to his advances. He guided her to his secret digs at the Fontana Towers, a luxury condo paid for by daddy.

As he plied his particular charm to Cutie, she couldn’t resist slowly regressing him in small increments to keep him unaware of what was happening for as long as possible. They made passionate love quite a few times as the late evening dragged on into the wee hours. By the time that Darrin had realized what had happened to him, he had awoken from his blissful slumber as a horny 13-year-old cuddled up next to Cutie. He reached over to fondle the boob in front of him and realized that everything was a lot bigger including the tit he fondled.

In a panic, he rushed into the bathroom and examined the just pubescent, scrawny boy that he had become. A small tuft of thin pubic hair here, a bare chest with a few wisps of hair there, and his bare, smooth ball sack greeted him in the mirror. The peach fuzz on his face interspersed with acne was a horror to look at. Darrin couldn’t believe what had happened to him. He went to Cutie and woke her up.

Cutie woke up and kissed young Darrin on the cheek. If he was expecting her to be shocked, he was shocked to find her unfazed by his youthful transformation.

“Morning Darrin, I see that you slept well after our lovemaking last night. In fact, you look positively rejuvenated!” she teased.

“This isn’t time for jokes, Cutie!” said a worried Darrin “I don’t know how but I’ve become a teenager again and I can’t lead a revolution as a child. They’d all laugh at me!”

“Maybe you just need some time to grow back up again,” offered Cutie “spend some time on the farm and see what happens in a few weeks, maybe?”

After a morning of convincing, Darrin agreed to go out to the “The Place” and feel out the ladies there and see if they’d accept him into their good graces for a while. Cutie drove his Corvette with Darrin in the passenger seat to “The Place” and they met with Darrin’s former “Old ladies”.

An impromptu Farm meeting was called to order by the leader of the Commune. A woman of medium height and 20 pounds overweight named Abby called the meeting to order. In attendance were a few dozen women, some of which eyed Darrin suspiciously. The leader addressed several hot-button issues that she felt were important and cleared the table for the issue of the now 13-year-old Darrin. Should the ladies accept the pimply teenager or should they cast him out into the California sunshine to find his own way?

“What about taking him to his father?” Asked Agatha “Surely, he’ll take him in and put up with raising him again, right?”

Darrin looked aghast and shook his head at the prospect of going back to his father’s mansion. The coldness of his parents, the overzealous nature of the staff were just too much to contemplate. Several of the ladies heard his plea and nodded in agreement. Abby remarked that it was that environment that had created Darrin, sending him back to it would probably be like throwing gasoline on a raging fire.

Several more ladies realized that this would be their chance to “raise” Darrin properly and beat the proper respect for women that he lacked into him. The room buzzed with thoughts that ranged from love to painful revenge. The commune agreed to take Darrin in as long as he would abide by their rules and be willing to pitch in and work hard.

Darrin reluctantly agreed.


Upon her return to the present day, Cutie was informed that her Sixties docudrama was much appreciated by her loving fan base, and would she do some more moments in history?

Cutie replied she’d think about it. Visiting the past was novel at first, but the chauvinistic attitudes and the position of women in society were far worse than what she was used to. She wasn’t an enthusiastic scholar that would happily offer up a body part to experience the past and she didn’t know of many other periods where she’d be able to be herself.



End Chapter 6

Teen Cutie

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 18, 2021


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